Best Hair Removal Creams

The 21st-century human is all about grooming and there are now plenty of product in the market catered just for this. From tooth whitening gels to fairness lotions and anti-wrinkle concoctions, the list is endless. Amongst these are hair removal creams, which for women, in particular, is a big part of their beauty routine. Once upon a time, razors were the go-to tool where hair removal is concerned and though it was effective and is still used by some, it is not exactly the safest option. Plus, over time your skin gets affected too. Which is why the introduction of hair removal creams is seen as a godsend. These high-powered creams now have the ability to not only effectively get rid of hair, but also protect your skin from damage. Which should you go for, though? Have a look for yourself.

1. Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream


If you have not heard about Veet, then you first need to pry yourself out from under the rock you have been living in. Veet happens to be one of the biggest hair removal brands in the world. They have a wide range of products all designed to achieve the same purpose, but with varying characteristics. Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose the one that is right for you. This happens to be a gel as opposed to a cream. At a very affordable price, it packs in quite a lot of benefits. Infused with aloe vera and Vitamin E, there is no question of nourishment. These ingredients also contribute towards hydration which is also incredibly important. It comes with a pump which makes it easy for you to dispense it how you want. For those of you who have been using razors all this time, ditch them. This product is a keeper.

2. Avon SKIN SO SOFT Hair Removal Cream


Avon is a name that is been around for as long as we can remember. They are most famous for their expansive collection of makeup and is now offering a line of highly effective hair removal cream as well. The name of this one ‘Skin So Soft’ is pretty much a self-explanatory description of what you can expect. It is a bit more expensive that some of its competitors, but is still a quality product nonetheless. Make sure to read the instructions, and follow them exactly. It glides on easily just like lotion, but do not rub it in. As it is quite a thick cream, you only need to use very little which means that you can use it for some time. Its unique combination of properties ensures that you can enjoy results for up to 2 weeks, unlike shaving. The odor is a bit strong, though, so if you are sensitive to that sort of thing it is worth remembering that.

3. Surgi-Cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula


Perhaps a lesser known name because it is not as prominently seen on the shelves as others, but one that does not compromise on quality because of it. This hair removal option by Surgi-cream is another you can consider. It is specifically meant for use on the face and comes in a 3-pack, where each tube contains 1 ounce of product. Furthermore, it is particularly suited to those with sensitive skin. You can use it safely on your upper lip, cheek, and chin, and it takes less than 10 minutes to work. So if you are strapped for time and are always running out the door, this could be a great option. It also contains aloe vera and cucumber for extra nourishment and hydration. They have also thought about the smell, incorporating a pleasant fragrance. This too is a little more than some options out there in terms of price but is worth looking into.

4. Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit


Sally Hansen is yet another well-known name in the beauty industry and it does not disappoint with this hair removal cream. Do note though that this is designed for use on the upper lip and chin. Fast-working and pain-free, it is simple and easy to use. Plus, it is also safe for use on sensitive skin. Not only is it a hair removal cream, it also doubles-up as a moisturizing lotion loaded with Vitamin E. It is also infused with an enticing vanilla scent which makes it pleasing to the senses. Most impressively, whilst getting rid of existing hair growth it also helps reduce the appearance of regrowth as well. So you can enjoy results for a longer period of time which is quite beneficial. The price depends on the type of package you opt for; one tube is less than $5 whilst 3 tubes are at over $30.

5. WOW Hair Vanish for Sensitive Skin


This is quite an interesting product when considering hair removal creams on the market. For starters, it can be used by both men and women. Secondly, it consists of 100% natural ingredients straight from the Himalayan Natural Springs which is quite unique. Furthermore, it is also paraben free and is suitable for use on any type of skin as well as hair thickness. Even better this is not a cream that works only to remove the hair that is present at the time. With every use, it works to reduce your hair growth for weeks and even months. So when your hair does grow back, it is actually thinner and lighter than it was before which is a huge plus. In fact, the formula has been specially designed for this purpose which it does quite successfully. It also includes natural plant extracts to soothe the skin and provide nourishment. Definitely a keeper.

6. Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal


Olay is a widely respected and loved brand for their high-quality products and streamlined, beautiful packaging. This one is no different and is suited for those with fine to medium hair. It comes in a classic gold shaded tube that makes it a stylish addition to your beauty routine. It incorporates a specialized formula that works in two steps. You can effectively remove the hair on your upper lip and chin without any irritation which makes it great for those with sensitive skin. Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for longer as well! Plus, it works within eight minutes so you can even apply it while you are getting ready. What is more, since it has been tested by dermatologists, as far as safety goes you are covered. It is not as expensive as you would expect it to be. If you want one for thicker hair, you can choose the medium-coarse option.

7. Nair Cocoa Butter Hair Remover Lotion


Here is another global product that has made a reputed name for itself. If you are looking for a high-quality, safe hair removal cream that you can use over a long period of time, this is it. It is suitable for use on your legs and arms as well as underarms and the bikini area. Not only does it easily remove the hair with a smooth glide, it also leaves your skin looking radiant and fresh. Since it has been dermatologically tested you need not worry about safety. What is more, it is perfect for the time-strapped modern day woman as it works within just three minutes. It also gives off an indulgent chocolate smell since it is infused with both cocoa butter and Vitamin E. Both of these are important for restoring your skin’s hydration and also for keeping it moisturized longer. This one is a bit more expensive than other options though so just remember that.

8. Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit


For those of you who prefer organic products, this is a great option to look into. This hair removal product by Moom is 100% natural and features the goodness of tea tree. Tea tree is an antiseptic and works as a successful antibacterial agent. Plus, this has been certified by the USDA and most impressively, will leave you hair-free for up to two months. Any skin type can use this without a problem; it is also suitable for use on sensitive areas. Whether you have coarse hair or finer hair it does not matter since it is effective against both. You can easily wash it off your skin seeing as how it is water soluble and therefore does not leave any residue behind. It is not all that pricey, but still more expensive than other options out there. However, it is a completely natural option so you are getting a good deal in that sense.

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