It can be really scary when you start noticing hunks of hair clogging up your drain every time you shower. You may also find that your hairband doesn’t encircle your ponytail as many times as it used to. The bad news is that you may be experiencing hair loss, but the good news is that there are shampoos that can help with the problem.

In most cases, hair loss occurs due to some sort of scalp imbalance. This is why you need to tend to your scalp first to cut down on the amount of hair you are losing, and maybe even help some of it grow back. As you can see, you really can’t skimp on the perfect shampoo.

It is easy to get misled by all the marketing hype that some of these companies put out. We, however, have taken the time to research the shampoos that will actually work for you. Here is a list of what you should consider:

1. Botanical Green Care Anti-Hair Loss Natural Therapy

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Why we like it: The Botanical Green Care Anti-Hair Loss Natural Therapy uses natural ingredients to curb hair loss and promote healthier strand growth.

It is always nicer to use natural ingredients on your skin, especially if they need to be absorbed right in. If you feel this way too, you’ll be really glad you stumbled on this shampoo. It only uses natural, and sometimes organic ingredients, to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is the main step in preventing hair loss. The shampoo also improves blood circulation in the scalp area which encourages your hair to grow and overcome the earlier hair loss.

In addition to encouraging your hair to grow, the shampoo has another huge impact on your follicles. It ensures that they remain in a longer growth phase. So, not only will your hair grow, it will also be a great deal more noticeable, allowing you to see the results faster. You will also be able to notice that your hair growth is thicker and that you have greater volume as well. This shampoo is also good for treating a variety of other scalp conditions such as irritation and dandruff.

2. Pure Biology Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

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Why we like it: The Pure Biology Hair Growth stimulating shampoo uses your body’s system to cut down on hair loss and improve hair growth.

The best way to deal with hair loss or thinning hair is to make sure that your body’s natural system is involved in the healing process. This way, not only will the solution be more organic, it will also last much longer. Well, this is precisely what the Pure Biology shampoo does for you. It stimulates your body’s cells to not only prevent further hair loss but also to improve future hair growth. Not only is this shampoo incredibly effective, it also begins to work really quickly. In less than a month, you will be able to see noticeable results.

In addition to this, the shampoo strives to improve the overall structure of your hair. It provides it with all the nutrients required to make it healthy, strong and resistant to breakage. Because of this, you will get to enjoy greater volume and fewer split ends to boot. This shampoo is also focused on ensuring that your hair is in a near-constant phase of growth. As a result, your strands will be able to grow longer and faster. As you can see, this shampoo helps to overcome many different hair-related problems.

3. Paisle Botanics Biotin Hair Loss Shampoo

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Why we like it: The Paisle Botanics Biotin hair loss shampoo isn’t just great at putting a stop to thinning hair, it also encourages it to grow back.

The great thing about the Paisle Botanics shampoo is that it gets to the root cause of the problem. In both men and women, DHT is a common reason for thinning hair. That’s why this shampoo works to block this problem and stop your hair from falling out. It also takes into account the fact that your hair loss may be due to a lack of nutrients. Thus, it contains all the ingredients required to nourish your scalp and to keep it healthy.

This shampoo is also focused on stimulating your scalp, which in turn encourages the hair you lost to start growing back. Since there are several natural ingredients in the shampoo, you can be assured that your locks are going to grow back stronger, shinier and better than before. Now, if you have a sensitive scalp, it can be difficult to find a shampoo that won’t irritate your skin. Well, this shampoo has been especially formulated to be safe for all skin types.

4. ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo 

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Why we like it: The ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo not only works to help stimulate hair growth, but this unique formula works to soften and strengthen the hair you already have.

Dealing with hair loss is no fun. That’s why having a powerful shampoo like the ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo can be so important. This shampoo uses the power of argan oil to help restore your scalps natural ability to grow hair. The power of argan oil has been all the rave in the beauty world and with the power it provides, it is no surprise why. The ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo locks into the power of argan oil so that your hair has the opportunity to return to its natural healthy state. In addition to the argan oil, the ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo uses a mixture of powerful key ingredients to help your scalp retain nutrients, vitamins, and hydration so that there is a healthy environment for your hair to grow. Other stimulating ingredients you can find with the ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo are aloe vera and rosemary. These two natural ingredients work together to help stimulate and hydrate your scalp.

The ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo not only works to fight against hair loss and replenish hair growth, but this unique formula works to strengthen the hair that you already have on your head. After continued use, you will find that thinning hair and split ends are not something that you will have to put up with much longer. Along with that, you can look forward to breakage in your hair being something of the past.

Lastly, many love how safe and effective the ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo is. This formula is free of any GMOs, sulfates, and parabens, and it is 100% hypoallergenic. The melange of these ingredients allows users to have the most rewarding and fulfilling experience with the ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo.

5. PhytoWorks Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

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Why we like it: The PhytoWorks Organic hair loss shampoo strives to prevent hair loss and to increase hair growth by improving the health of your scalp.

If your scalp isn’t healthy, there is a good chance that you will experience a number of problems. This includes hair loss, damaged hair, breakage and strands that simply will not grow. With the PhytoWorks shampoo, you will be getting a treatment that targets all these issues and more. It actively heals your scalp by getting rid of any skin conditions you may have. At the same time, it provides your cells with the necessary treatment they need to improve the future condition of your hair.

Now the most obvious advantage of this hair loss shampoo is that you will put an end to thinning hair and start growing hair that is thicker and more beautiful than before. This is not the only benefit of this shampoo, however. For one thing, it actually works to reverse any damage that has been done to your hair. So, existing strands are treated and improved, allowing them to grow out faster and more lusciously. This way, you get to tackle many different problems at once.

6. ArtNaturals Hair Growth Treatment

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Why we like it: The ArtNaturals Hair Growth treatment contains DHT blockers as well as nutrients to encourage luxuriant hair growth.

What stands out about this shampoo is that it doesn’t just contain one DHT blocker, it contains many. This increases the chance of the DHT conversion coming to a halt and you being able to prevent your hair from falling out. It also helps to cut down on the amount of damage done to your hair. So, within a short period of time, you will be able to notice that you are not losing as much hair as you did before. Soon, the excess loss should come to a halt completely.

This treatment takes things one step further as it works to improve the state of the hair that will begin to regrow. First and foremost, the shampoo stimulates the hair follicles on your scalp which, in turn, causes hair to start growing. The shampoo nourishes the strands so that they grow to be shiny and beautiful, with a much smaller chance of frizzing. You will also begin to see that the overall texture of your hair has greatly improved with time. This is the trick for beautiful hair.

7. Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Hair Loss Shampoo

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Why we like it: The Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals hair loss shampoo is a great option for those who want to cut down on hair loss but also have a delicate scalp.

This hair loss shampoo contains no less than fourteen different DHT blockers. These all work in harmony to put an end to your hair loss fairly quickly so that you will be able to enjoy thicker hair much sooner. What’s so great about this effect is that the shampoo is also incredibly delicate. This makes it suitable for all skin types, meaning that it is gentle enough for daily use. Even if you have delicate or sensitive skin, you will be able to safely use this shampoo.

The Majestic Pure shampoo isn’t just concerned with hair loss alone. It also works to improve the overall condition of your hair. What’s more, it does so with the help of herbal and natural extracts. Due to this, the ingredients are more readily absorbed into your scalp, making the shampoo all the more effective. In addition to hair growth, you will be able to see that your hair strands are beautiful, shiny, and most importantly, healthier than they were before.

8. Pura D’or Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

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Why we like it: The Pura D’or Anti Hair Loss shampoo targets the different reasons for hair fall, resulting in a healthier scalp and a fuller head of hair.

There are actually many reasons why you may be experiencing hair fall. For one thing, your scalp may not be as healthy as it should be. Due to this, the hairs that are growing may be weak or may not be able to last on your scalp for too long. One of the other causes of hair fall is brittle hair that breaks off easily and prevents your hair from growing. What makes this shampoo so impressive is that it tackles all these issues and more.

This shampoo uses natural ingredients to drastically improve the state of your scalp. It provides you with all the nourishment that your follicles and your hair need to grow in a much better state. The shampoo also works to get rid of any build up or skin conditions that inhibit hair growth. This treatment also ensures that the hair that does grow will not only look better, but be much healthier too. This way, it will not be prone to breakage or any other issue.

9. Green Touch Botanical Hair Growth Therapy

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Why we like it: In addition to being natural, the Green Touch Botanical Hair Growth Therapy also deals with various different types of hair loss in people.

Each individual is different, which is why they may begin to experience hair loss at different points in their lives. For instance, some people will notice that their hair is thinner after a certain bout of illness. Or, they may realize that they are losing hair due to testosterone. What’s great about this therapy is that regardless of the reason behind your hair loss, you will be able to overcome it. You will be able to notice that your hair is thicker and more beautiful in no time at all.

The reason why this shampoo is so great at solving these issues is due to the ingredients it’s made of. They are well equipped to deal with a variety of issues. For instance, if testosterone is your main culprit, this shampoo contains DHT blockers that can prevent this. If it is an illness, this shampoo has natural antifungal and antibacterial agents that can kill off all the harmful agents and restore the condition of your scalp. So, as you can see, you will be in good hands regardless of your problem.

10. Pure Body Naturals Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

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Why we like it: The Pure Body Naturals Anti-Hair Loss shampoo not only reverses hair loss caused by DHT, it also leads to healthier hair.

If you are looking for a shampoo to tackle your hair loss head on, you should give this product a try. It contains around fourteen different DHT blockers, which is one of the main reasons for hair loss. This shampoo blocks this almost immediately so that you will soon be able to notice a positive difference in your hair volume. Within a short period of time, you will see that there is more hair to run your hands through.

One of the advantages of this shampoo is that it is absorbed into the scalp fairly quickly. This allows it to begin taking effect that much sooner. This is why you will not have to wait too long to see results. With this shampoo, you can also guarantee that your hair is going to be a lot healthier, allowing you to treat any strands that are damaged. So, not only will you have more hair, but the hair you do have will be healthier and a lot more beautiful too.