Everyone wants beautiful, strong and healthy hair. No one wants to brush their hair each morning and find handfuls of strands stuck on the brush. Hair loss is a serious issue that affects men and women alike. If you are experiencing hair loss, it’s important to stop using regular shampoos and start using special hair loss shampoos.

Hair loss can have many causes, including genetic proclivity, diseases, scalp conditions like dandruff, and using regular shampoos with harsh chemicals. Regular shampoos are filled with compounds like sulfates that create lather and strip the scalp of its natural oils. This results in excessive dryness, which in turns causes hair loss.

Hair loss shampoos address these multiple causes of hair loss with unique and diverse formulas. Some contain treatments like biotin, which strengthens naturally thinning hair. Yet other formulas contain powerful moisturizers like argan oil that keep the scalp and hair follicles nourished. There are shampoos with vitamins that revitalize hair follicles as well. If you are suffering from hair loss due to whatever reason, consider switching to one of the following shampoos instead:

1. Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo

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Why we like it: Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil [amazon link=”B01GP6MGD6″ title=”shampoo”] is completely natural and contains no sulfates. It does contain a generous amount of argan oil, which reduces DHT blockers on the scalp that are associated with hair loss.

This is one of the best selling shampoos, and that’s for a very good reason. Art Naturals Organic is a completely organic shampoo, which means that it does not contain any sulfates. Sulfates and similar chemicals are used to create lather and strip oils from hair. Sulfate containing shampoos can dehydrate your scalp, making hair loss even worse. What makes Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil shampoo practically a magical potion for hair loss is the lack of sulfates combined with the presence of argan oil.

Argan oil preserves the natural moisture in your scalp stimulating hair growth. The oil can revitalize dried up hair follicles, so your scalp is less prone to developing bald patches. An excessively dry scalp can lead to conditions like dandruff too, which can cause hair loss. Some say argan oil blocks DHT, the arch enemy of hair growth. This shampoo is great for remedying thinning hair as well. This all natural shampoo will nourish your scalp and increase hair volume with regular use. Plus, a bottle is highly affordable.

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2. Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Growth Shampoo

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Why we like it: This ultra amazing [amazon link=”B007SZCG0C” title=”shampoo “] uses caffeine to stimulate hair growth and health.

Ultrax hair surge shampoo is surprisingly affordable considering the benefits it offers. This shampoo was ranked in 2016 as one of the best shampoos for facilitating hair growth. The secret here is micro blended caffeine. That’s right, the same chemical that helps you stay awake in the morning can slap your hair awake to grow out. Caffeine is a compound scientifically shown to be able to assist with the growth of hair, so this is not just a marketing claim either. This is one of the few shampoo brands to contain caffeine.

Caffeine has been shown to increase the amount of testosterone on the scalp when applied onto the skin. Testosterone levels are strongly linked to balding in men as they age. This shampoo can stimulate the hormone production to alleviate the effects of hair loss. But it is not a substitute for hormone therapy of any sort. Therefore, women can definitely use the shampoo as well without fearing any side effects. This shampoo is also gentle on the scalp so you can use it regularly without experiencing nasty irritation or peeling.

3. Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Set

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Why we like it: Shea Moisture [amazon link=”B0157K2GZO” title=”shampoo”] is an all natural product with Shea butter and keratin proteins that help keep the scalp clean and hair in place.

Shea Moisture is a well-recognized brand in the organics beauty care sector. The company is best known for making African black soap that helps with many ailments such as acne. This shampoo from the brands stays true to the organic branding. You won’t find any sulfates, parabens, or other harsh chemicals that can exacerbate hair loss in this product. The ingredients are all natural and holistic, such as apple cider vinegar, black castor oil, Shea butter and keratin proteins. The Shea butter moisturizes the scalp and the keratin strengthens the roots of the hair.

This shampoo is also very cleansing, thanks to the vinegar, so you can use it every day after going to the gym. The acidic properties of vinegar also help battle dandruff, a known culprit of hair loss. Vinegar is also a disinfectant that can protect your scalp against infections that cause hair loss. The ingredients are gentle on hair strands, and once dried, the hair flows smoothly without resulting in tangles. If you are experiencing hair loss due to scalp issues like dandruff, or rough strands, then this is the best shampoo to use.

4. DermaChange Hair Growth Vitamins Shampoo

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[amazon box=”B018RDGCO4″ template= “horizontal”]Why we like it: This [amazon link=”B018RDGCO4″ title=”shampoo”] nourishes hair follicles with vitamins to promote hair growth. It gradually heals hair follicles so hair can grow back naturally.

This is a formidable hair loss shampoo. One big reason to like this is because it’s suitable for all types of hair, including curly, straight, frizzy, tangly or smoothly thin. This shampoo is also gentle on color treated hair and won’t ruin your highlights. DermaChange is intended for people suffering from moderate to severe hair loss. This shampoo is definitely free from sulfates and other harsh chemicals that can make your condition even worse. Rather, the formula is enriched with various vitamins that promote hair growth and prevents loss and breakage.

This shampoo works directly on the scalp. It removes dead skin cells and other impurities and delivers essential nutrients that make hair follicles healthy. Dead skin cells can accumulate on the scalp and lead to dandruff, which causes hair loss. It may not be able to reverse the damage that’s already occurred but will prevent the hair loss from worsening. The shampoo is great for preventing hair loss caused by extra frizziness of hair strands. The manufacturers are so confident in this formula they are even offering a 30-day money back guarantee with each purchase.

5. Jason All Natural Organic Biotin Shampoo

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Why we like it: One of the best anti-hair loss [amazon link=”B014VLOD24″ title=”shampoos”] for longer hair. It will prevent hair from getting too frizzy and tangled up.

Jason All Natural hair loss shampoo has an interesting combination of ingredients, which include Jojoba seed oil, biotin, vitamin B5 and vitamin E. If you think that sounds like a vitamin cocktail for illnesses, it kind of is. These ingredients work together to battle hair loss. The jojoba seed oil keeps the scalp moisturized and encourages hair follicles to grow. The vitamins make hair strands stronger and thicker. The biotin further strengthens hair strands and plays a crucial role in minimizing hair loss. The biotin also boosts hair repair, especially from breakage.

If you have medium length to long hair, then this shampoo would be the perfect solution. We all know how easy it is for long hair to be prone to tangles. Use the shampoo with the conditioner to prevent tangles, a minor cause of hair loss. Your hair will feel thicker and a lot smoother after using this shampoo. It will be easier to brush hair without fearing breakage and further hair loss. The shampoo is really good at cleansing the scalp too. You can use this product for everyday use after a hard day at work.

6. Nourish Beaute Hair Loss Treatment and Conditioner

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Why we like it: Scientifically proven anti-hair loss [amazon link=”B00WTPVQDY” title=”formula”] suitable for both men and women. It can reduce hair loss by as much as 60 percent!

Anti-hair loss shampoos can make all sorts of claims. Nourish Beaute is one of the few that has actually been tested to prove marketing claims. Scientific testing with this shampoo has proven it to reduce hair loss by as much as 60 percent with regular use. It cannot completely reverse hair loss but can boost hair growth and repair damaged strands. The formula for this shampoo contains many proven natural ingredients and vitamins that promote hair growth. It will nourish hair and reduce symptoms like DHT blocking that can lead to hair loss.

Nourish Beaute treatment shampoo is suitable for all types of hair, and also for both, men and women. The shampoo makes hair more manageable and easy to brush without losing strands. If you have a medically diagnosed hair loss problem, then this shampoo might be able to help with it. You can get advice from your doctor before use if needed. This shampoo and conditioner will eliminate your need to use multiple hair care products to control hair loss. You will be able to experience visible results in a matter of weeks.

7. Active Wow Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo

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Why we like it: Wow [amazon link=”B01HATRQOG” title=”shampoo”] has a tested and proven formula that promotes the natural hair growth mechanism on your scalp to treat chronic hair loss.

Wow is a new player in the hair loss scene. This Indian-American company makes fully natural hair treatments at affordable budgets. This hair loss shampoo is made with a breathtaking combination of argan oil, biotin, caffeine, and pumpkin seed extract. It’s a triple whammy of hair loss prevention. Argan oil is proven to work against age-related hair loss. Plus, argan oil is known to offer many other benefits for scalp health as well. Biotin strengthens hair, and pumpkin seeds deliver essential nutrients. In combination, this formula works like a miracle.

You can experience the power of this formula with results you will get within a matter of weeks. This shampoo also works instantly. It means that you don’t have to leave it on the scalp for several minutes for it to work. The formula has been rigorously tested, and is made without animal testing. This product is completely cruelty free. It’s a responsible product that actually works! This Wow shampoo promotes your scalp’s natural ability to grow hair back, so you can enjoy benefits long after ceasing to use the shampoo.

8. HairGenics Pronexa Hair Regrowth Therapy Shampoo

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Why we like it: This [amazon link=”B01GW3R9NY” title=”shampoo”]  has a strong biotin formula that gradually treats underlying problems causing hair loss, leading to more effective results over time.

HairGenics Pronexa treatment shampoo can be slightly expensive for some buyers. However, the results are well worth the money you spend. The strength of this shampoo comes from its uniquely diverse formula. If a compound has been known to prevent hair loss, you will likely find it in this shampoo. The most notable ingredients include biotin, aloe vera extract, seaweed extract, and vitamin combinations. This shampoo works by strengthening hair follicles and keeping the scalp well moisturized. There are no unnecessary chemicals, so this shampoo is ideal for those with sensitive scalps.

The biotin, the main ingredient for hair regrowth in this shampoo, works slowly. You will have to use this shampoo for at least 6 months before you can notice the results. It takes that long because the formula strengthens hair strands from the root. No good hair loss shampoo will work instantly, so patience is a must. The shampoo lathers well too, so it’s easy to apply every day. It has a gentle, non medicinal smell that users can come to love. You should use this product exactly as instructed to enjoy the benefits.

9. Just Natural Hair Loss Shampoo

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Why we like it: A wholly naturally [amazon link=”B001A6N5GE” title=”shampoo”] that prevents hair loss caused by harsh chemicals in regular shampoos, and treats causes of chronic hair loss.

We know that all hair loss is not caused by biological factors such as aging. Most cases of mild hair loss are caused by environmental factors, such as using shampoos with harsh and harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. Just Natural hair loss shampoo offers a completely organic formula that cleans hair without the use of horrible chemicals.

This shampoo is completely free of harsh mineral oil, detergents, and petroleum. It cleans the scalp without stripping off natural oils that keep hair follicles hydrated. As a result, your scalp remains moisturized throughout the day.Excessive dryness caused by sulfates in regular shampoos can cause hair to tangle and become thinner. When that happens, hair loss is inevitable.

Sulfates and similar chemicals also cause the scalp to dry out and flake, harming hair follicles. This shampoo eliminates all those problems. It’s recommended to switch over to this shampoo for regular use to significantly reduce hair loss caused by thinning and breakage. Your scalp will stay well moisturized and feel better than ever. There will be no flaking caused by excessive dryness that exacerbates hair loss either.