The curls are back! A beauty trend has been transpiring for a few years now and it appears to have gathered enough steam to be worn by even the Hollywood elites. These days it is not unusual to see models and actresses sporting beautiful, luscious curls on the red carpet and in real life. This is not surprising considering just how sexy and wild curly hair can look on anyone.

Unfortunately, few people are gifted with strands that lie in perfect, natural curls. This is why you need a bit of help from your friendly curling iron. Now, if you have tried out various options, you know that it isn’t all that easy to find the right curling iron. There are all too many out there that leave you with dented locks or curls that fall flat after only a short time.

Well, to make sure that your curls are always springy and full of life, we have taken it upon ourselves to find the best models out there for you. Here are the ones that will help you to keep your hair bouncy and lively each time: