Best Hair Conditioners

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In the harsh and pollution filled environment, our hair takes a major hit. It dries out and becomes frizzy. The flyaways are a whole other problem that is hard to tackle. Even if you style your hair, straighten them, curl them, flatten them down with a mousse, it still does not feel the best that you can be. Your hair looks best when they are naturally healthy. They don’t require to be styled or treated with harmful cosmetic products that may give you the desired results temporarily but end up damaging your hair further. When you are a party girl and love going out and dressing, it is natural to use products in your hair while styling them, these products also damage your hair. You need a good conditioner to undo the effects of pollution and styling products. A good conditioner would keep your hair from becoming dry and unmanageable and also give it a healthy shine.

It’s A 10 Leave-In Conditioner Plus Keratin


Keratin is what our hair is made of. This Keratin gets degraded when our hair gets damaged, just like skin cells. When we are exposed to the harsh weather conditions or pollution, our skin starts to show its effects on our face, the same way this also affects the Keratin which shows its effects on our hair. Just like we apply a good moisturizer and help restore the dead skin cells, it’s A 10 Leave-In Conditioner plus Keratin helps replace the Keratin in our hair. The conditioner is a leave-in conditioner which allows you to do anything possible to your hair without damaging it. The conditioner forms a protective layer on the hair and this protects the hair from the harsh environment or your styling products. It is heat protective so it will protect your hair when you use flattening irons and curlers on your hair for styling. It will even protect it from sun and pollution keeping it safely guarded against any harm and keeping it naturally healthy.

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil


When your hair is damaged and brittle, It easily breaks off when combed and brushed, this broken hair then gives rise to fly aways and the frizzy look. To prevent the hair from breaking, it is imperative to increase its elasticity, the higher the elasticity of the hair, the stronger the hair shaft. This Leave in conditioner makes the hair soft and easy to detangle. It promoted elasticity while nourishing and moisturizing the hair. The leave in conditioner forms a protective coating on your hair and makes the hair look better by taming split ends and also helps prevent damages from styling products and the environment. The conditioner also contains peppermint extract that gives the scalp a stimulating and revitalizing feel. It is suggested to be used after a shower. Apply a generous amount and comb through to evenly spread it out. Leave it in or use it as a rinse out conditioner.


PURA D’OR Lavender & Vanilla Conditioner


This conditioner is the most popular conditioner amongst its users. They swear by the all-natural ingredients that this conditioner provides. It makes no sense to use chemical based conditioner to wash out the harmful effect of other chemicals. The PURA D’OR Lavender & Vanilla Premium Organic Argon Oil Healing Conditioner consists of natural oils and plant extract. The 99% composition of the Argon Oil Healing Conditioner are plant extracts such as the Argon oil, coconut, lavender, Almond, and more importantly, it is free of any paraben and sulfates that further damage the hair. Argon oil is a known ingredient for providing shine and moisture to the hair. It treats dandruff, frizz, split ends and everything in between that is wrong with the hair. The conditioner also contains coconut oil, also an all-rounder for hair solutions. The Conditioner is an amalgamation of everything good and is sure to save your hair from any harm no matter what type your hair is.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics


It is coconut oil, only in its purest form. Coconut oil is a known ingredient for providing shine and moisture to the hair. Remember when you were younger and your mother insisted you should oil your hair, well this brings back that phase but with an added advantage of being extremely pure and unrefined, this means it is 10 times more effective and concentrated. The Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky can also be used for face and body to get skin like a baby’s bottom. You can also use this versatile oil in cooking and baking to have gluten free and a cholesterol-free meal that is healthy and possibly the only oil that will aid in weight loss. Most of the products we use are loaded with antimicrobial properties that kill the microbes after penetrating the skin, coconut oil will do this naturally and without any chemicals. With the Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, you will have both healthy skin and hair that will be the envy of all around you.


As I Am Coconut Cow ash Cleansing Conditioner


CoWashing is essentially cleansing the hair while it gets conditioned. It works as a makeup remover for the hair. When you have used a lot of product to style your hair, this product is difficult to get rid of, and then a shampoo does not suffice. This is where the As I Am Coconut Cow ash Cleansing Conditioner comes into play. This gentle cream, when spread evenly across the hair catches all the build-up of harmful chemical rich styling products and washed it away, leaving behind soft, smooth, healthy hair. The all natural blend of ingredients work to restructure the hair; right from the follicles all the way down to the tip. The cream spread easily without sticking to your hands and washes off easily as well. Your hair will have retained its natural glow and moisture once washed. The all natural ingredients make it safe for regular use and are also safe for color treated hair.

It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask


Restoring shine, Health, elasticity and the overall natural bounce is a miracle. Especially when you have styled our hair over, and over, and over, and damaged them beyond repair. The It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask is your miracle worker, your fairy godmother but for the hair. With a swish of its wand and a sparkle of premium ingredients like Oat, Apricots, almond and linseed, it will transform your dull, damaged, and brittle and lackluster hair to hair that is soft, silky, elastic, tangle free, lustrous, shiny, vibrant and bouncy. Your long locks will never tell the story of its style damaged days, it will give out healthy and a happy bounce.

HSI Professional Argon Oil Leave-in Conditioner


It is a leave-in elixir. Elixir is the water from the fountain of youth. It makes you youthful and immortal. The HSI Professional Argon Oil Leave-in Conditioner does just that to your hair. It will restore the youthfulness of your hair after it has been damaged and made brittle by excessive use of styling products. The leave in conditioner masks the hair against the harmful effects of styling products and the environment. Our surrounding is dense with pollution and dirt which eventually finds home in our hair. This causes build-up and the build-up then diminishes the quality of our hair. The leave in conditioner from HIS professional will protect the hair against all of these harmful environmental effects and also prevents build-up. The hair will also find solace against the heat from styling equipment and products. The conditioner will work to restore and maintain the health and shine of the hair. The main ingredient in the conditioner is Argon Oil which by itself is a miracle extract for the hair.


Ultrix Labs Hair Solace Caffeine Conditioner


Caffeine is excellent for hair loss. The Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner is used to treat thinning hair. The caffeine extract and essential oil content of the conditioner provide unrivaled hair conditioning. The caffeine helps hair regrow and restore the hair follicles, while the essential oil extracts moisturize and deep conditions the hair. Both together results in a healthy and shiny lock of hair that envious to everyone around you. The conditioner also contains eucalyptus extracts that strengthen the hair from the roots to give it additional volume and bounce. The Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil clears the scalp of any dead skin cell that would otherwise clog the pores to prevent hair follicles from breathing and hair from being healthy. The Chamomile Recutita content prevents scalp irritation and inflammation allowing you to have a healthy scalp