So, your 16 year old just recently got their driver’s license and they’re eager to take your car for a spin. Though you prohibited them from using your car for the night, they ignore your request and take your car out for a drive anyway. Luckily, you installed a GPS tracker on your car and so you immediately find your car and your teen at their ill-conceived party.

GPS trackers can be used for more than just locating misbehaving teens. They can be used to track a stolen vehicle or, if you work for a car dealership, can even be used to locate someone who may have missed a car payment. Whatever you use it for, many GPS trackers are capable of providing exact location and even vehicle speed information.

With that said, you may be wondering what GPS tracker to get. It all depends! Many GPS trackers have different features, come in different sizes, and of course range in budget. Some even support real time location and speed tracking while others simply store this information to view later. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Take a look at our list of some of the best GPS trackers around!

1. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

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Why we like it: This bluetooth GPS tracker can locate practically anything. This tracker is easy to attach to a book bag, a set of keys, and more!

We move on to the next product on our list that takes on a different design than the previous products we mentioned. This GPS tracker by Tile Mate is not only different due to its miniature yet trendy design, it’s also different in the fact that it uses bluetooth to locate almost anything you need! The Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker is clearly an Amazon Choice product for its many cool features. The bluetooth tracker easily loops onto keychains and is able to attach to anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it quickly. This tracker is perfect for finding many items especially keys, cellphones, and small objects.

If you’re one who leaves your phone on silent (not speaking from experience), simply double press the button on your Tile Mate tracker to make your phone ring, even if it is on silent! Paired with its easy-to-use Tile Mate app, the tracker’s app is able to remember the last time and place it saw your tracker, so if you left it somewhere, you can easily find it. Though we can’t imagine this small device being able to attach to a vehicle, it does come when a long lifespan with a battery that can last for up to a year. The tracker, compatible with iOS and Android devices comes at an affordable budget, making it worth our recommendation!

2. Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator for Keys

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Why we like it: This convenient tracker is perfect for attaching to your keys, slipping into your wallet, and even hooking up to a cellphone. Never lose your things again with the Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator for Keys.

One of the most common nuances that every adult faces at least once a year is having to figure out where they put their keys or cellphone. One of the handiest tools to have on hand when this happens is the dependable, practical, and portable Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator for Keys. This key finder works to alleviate the stress you feel when you lose something of value because it works with Bluetooth technology to help you locate it right away. The Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator for Keys is one of the most lightweight and thinnest key finders on the market. It measures in at 1.5 inches by 1 inch and is only .2 inches in thickness. Because of these compact dimensions, it slips effortlessly into your wallet or purse. To keep track of your phone, you can conveniently grasp it onto the back of your phone as well. When you need to locate your item, you simply log onto the app that your device was previously paired with, and with the click of a button, you will be able to track it. You do not have to worry about the life of your Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator for Keys failing you because each tracker will last you anywhere from 8 – 10 months.  When the battery does die, it is super easy to replace it. Currently, the Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator for Keys works with both Apple and Android devices (yet there are some limitations on which devices). Additionally, the Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator for Keys is currently compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 as well.

3. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker

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Why we like it: This real time, vehicle GPS tracker is backed by Google maps and can accurately display the location, directions, speed, and traffic.

If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective GPS tracker then look no further! MOTOsafety steps up to the plate with their GPS tracker that is winning in both features and budget. Sure, the MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker may not be able to be used for tracking assets or individuals, but it excels in tracking vehicles! The GPS tracker is powered by Google Maps and is able to monitor driving activity with 100% accuracy. This device can track the location, direction, speed, traffic, and more of a vehicle. This GPS tracker is made to monitor risky driving behaviors and will even send you real-time alerts for after-hours and unsafe driving.

This GPS tracker is beneficial in coaching young and/or inexperienced drivers. With this handy tracker, you will also get a comprehensive teen driving education course with driving report cards that score safe driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration to improve driving habits (clearly, this device is all about safety!). You can use this tracker to review driving routes, set geofences around key locations such as school, home, or a friend’s house and know when the vehicle is in use after curfew. For all the parents out there, this is the perfect device to ensure the safety of your teens!

4. AMERICALOC GL300 W Real Time GPS Tracker

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Why we like it: Another fantastic GPS tracker that tracks in real time! This GPS tracker even comes with a long lasting battery life.

Next up on our list is another real time GPS tracker only this time, it’s by the brand AMERICALOC. AMERICALOC proves to us that it knows how to make a quality GPS tracker with this durable product. The AMERICALOC GL300 GPS Tracker is packed with great features and an even greater battery life. The GPS tracker features a battery life that is measured in days and weeks, meaning the tracker can last for several days at a time. More than having a reliable battery, this tracker is very reliable in locating vehicles, people, and assets! Just like the previous GPS tracker, this tracker sports a small, compact size making it easy to attach to any person or object.

This nifty GPS tracker utilizes real-time tracking and can provide 1 year of tracking history. With this device, you can track from your computer, tablet, or phone by downloading the compatible Android and iPhone app. One of the best things is, this tracker will work in the US, Canada, and almost every other country in the world. The tracker is able to provide 1 minute location updates while it’s on the move and can send you alerts related to: item or person movement, parking of a vehicle, vehicular speeding, the device being on/off, low battery, entering or leaving zones, or if its front button is pressed. Though this tracker offers an affordable monthly service plan and even gives you 2 extra months to your first service purchase, the device itself comes at a steep budget. Still, with its reliable features, this is a solid option!

5. Vyncs Car GPS Tracker

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Why we like it: This sleek, real time GPS tracker is supported by AT&T and features 3G wireless connection and optional roadside assistance.

We arrive at the last GPS tracker to be featured on our list by the brand Vyncs. Vyncs delivers a product that would surely “wow” its users with how user-friendly it is. The Vyncs Car GPS Tracker is not only sleek in design, it also contains some sleek features. To start, this GPS tracker offers real time GPS tracking, with 3 minute real time interval location updates. Note, you can upgrade the GPS to send location updates in 60, 30, or even 15 seconds if you desire. The tracker also supports geofencing and notifies you when someone or something departs or arrives at a geofence zone.

This GPS tracker contains no monthly fees and will even ship to you for free! There are no contracts with this tracker and the SIM card you need to use this tracker is included, providing you with 1 fully year of data and 1 year of service. Do note, you will have to pay a one time fee for the sim card usage and its renewal after 1 year if you choose to do so. Certified by AT&T, the tracker supports a 3G wireless connection in all 50 States, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada. With this device you can get driver speeding/braking/rapid acceleration alerts via push notification/Email as well as view trip history and driving scores. You can also opt for this device’s optional roadside assistance. This is a product worth considering!

6. Dangchu Smart Finder Bluetooth Tracker

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Why we like it: Another bluetooth GPS tracker that can be attached to many objects. This tracker can also be used as a pet tracker alarm, voice recorder, and even selfie taker!

We keep the list going with another bluetooth tracker with an attractive design. Dangchu makes it known that when it comes to a GPS tracker, it should be stylish and multifunctional. The Dangchu Smart Finder Bluetooth Tracker is equipped with remarkable features and an even more remarkable budget. The bluetooth tracker is easy to use and great for finding keys, pets, phones, wallets, bags, luggage, kids, and more! More than that, this tracker is compatible for use with iOS devices of 7.0 or above and Android devices 4.3 or above. You can also use this tracker seamlessly with your mobile bluetooth of 4.1+.

Even if you become separated from your tracker, it has a smart function that alerts your phone so you are able to locate it. The tracker has a working distance of 0-49 ft. max (though this range is adjustable). The distance, however, can go up to 76ft in the open air on-connection status and if your tracker has lost connection with your phone, the phone will ring. The bluetooth tracker is not only good for locating lost items, it also acts as a pet tracker alarm, meaning you can monitor Woofie all day long. Not only that, this tracker can also be used as a voice recorder and a selfie taker. Yup, you heard that right. Again, though this tracker isn’t intended for vehicles, with its affordability and a colorful design (note, you can’t choose the color you want) this is a worthy option!

7. JIALEKANG Real-time GPS Tracker

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Why we like it: This durable GPS tracker can be used to locate vehicles, pets, and people, has a long battery life, and has a high waterproof level.

We make our way back to real time GPS trackers with this next device by the brand, JIALEKANG. If you’re looking for a product that tracks in real time, has a durable build, and a lasting battery life, then this product is it! The JIALEKANG Real Time GPS Tracker is a no-nonsense tracker packed with solid features. For starters, this GPS tracker supports a range of 5-15 meters (Outdoor), 10-50 meters (when using indoor WiFi signal), and LBS within 50-1000 meters. The tracker also supports geofencing, allowing you to set location boundaries and can protect elderly people, children, pets, or any non-family-member valuables with its real precision and safe location tracking.

This nifty device has a high waterproof level of IP67 that you can use in any wet and rainy environment or humid environment without affecting the use of the tracker. It also contains a long standby time and when fully charged, can work about 5 complete days straight. The battery itself has an impressive lifespan of 3 to 4 years. The tracker has a call function and supports dual-call inter com/remote monitoring, SOS call, and voice monitoring, and has a no disturb mode. The best thing about this product is there is no service plan required or monthly payments. You will have to buy a GSM 2G network operator’s nano-SIM card to use the device. Nonetheless, with a reasonable budget for the black color option (blue color costs a bit less), we’re happy to recommend this product!

8. BARTUN Magnet GPS Car Tracker

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Why we like it: A wireless, vehicle GPS tracker that tracks in real time, contains a SOS alarm and Overspeed alarm, and is even waterproof!

We keep the list going with the next product on our list by the brand BARTUN. BARTUN creates a GPS tracker so well-built, it’ll surely impress its users. The BARTUN Magnet GPS Car Tracker is surely a force to be reckoned with for its solid design, but it also has some pretty solid features. Again, though this tracker cannot be used for people or items, this GPS tracker can be used on cars, motorcycles, and even heavy duty trucks. The tracker contains a powerful magnet, allowing it to effortlessly attach to any vehicle. This GPS tracker even has an impressive standby time of 60 days, allowing you to get the most out of your tracking.

The GPS tracker is nicely designed to be waterproof and even contains a shock sensor. The GPS tracker also features many alarms including a SOS alarm, Overspeed alarm, Shake alarm, Movement alarm, and a Low Battery alarm. The tracker also supports SMS Tracking and Geofencing and allows you to check the history of a route. This handy tracker also supports real time LBS positioning and online tracking. Do note that this tracker functions based on existing GSM/GPRS networks and GPS satellites. Nevertheless, you can locate and monitor any remote targets via SMS, the tracker’s accompanied app, or the internet. This product is worth considering!

9. Anki HappiGo Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker

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Why we like it: This small, bluetooth tracker can locate pets or be attached to many objects and is able to record and show location on its built-in map.

We make our way back to bluetooth trackers with this next product on our list by the brand Anki HappiGo. With a unique brand name like that, you can expect that this product will be trendy and unique in its own right. The Anki HappiGo Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker definitely sports a cool design, but it also sports some pretty cool features. The bluetooth tracker is super thin and lightweight, while also simple yet modern in design. This compact tracker is easy to place inside your wallet or purse and can easily be attached to your key rings, pet’s collar, and more. With that said, this tracker is great for locating pets, keys, wallets, and even laptops!

This reliable tracker contains a working distance of about 50m outdoors and 30m indoors. When the GPS tracker is attached to your car, you can record where your car is parked and be shown its location on the built-in map via the tracker’s accompanied app. The tracker contains two-way anti-lost functionality and connects easily with Apple and Android devices. The tracker is built for long periods of usage with it only consuming minimal amounts of power. You can get this tracker in one of three simple yet attractive colors which are: Green, orange, and white. Best of all, no matter what color you choose, this tracker is affordable! Though you don’t get any fancy perks like water-resistance, this practical bluetooth tracker is worth considering!

10. BrickHouse Spark Nano 5.0 Mini Portable GPS

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Why we like it: A mini portable GPS tracker that can locate vehicles, people, or items, tracks in real time and is compatible with iPhones and Androids.

The benefit of a portable GPS like BrickHouse Spark Nano 5.0 is that no installation is required and can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. Instead, you simply activate it online after you find a tracking service of your choice which comes fairly cheap. And because there is no contract involved to be able to subscribe to the tracking service, you pay as you or whenever you need the service. Once you activate your tracking service, you will immediately be able to experience all the capabilities this sneaky mini GPS has to offer. Among those capabilities are providing detailed travel reports, speed alerts, and a panic button to send a danger or emergency alert. Additionally, you will be notified if your vehicle goes beyond a designated safe area that you set when you first customize your settings.

This handy mini portable GPS is designed to be smaller than a cell phone and conveniently serves the personal and professional needs of almost anyone, from concerned parents to private investigators. Spark Nano 5.0 is able to transmit its location as long as an internet connection, which is great because it has the best reporting coverage on Verizon’s network. Depending on the frequency of use, we recommend that you purchase this device along with backup batteries. The Spark Nano 5.0 has a two-week battery life with 1 hour of tracking per day. Now you can ensure the safety of people, vehicles, and other valuables with the help of this effective little gadget and its user-friendly platform.