A golf driver does not necessarily refers to someone driving the golf cart, as the name suggests. In this article, we will be talking about golf drivers, one of the standard golf clubs, which are usually used for tee shots where the ball is teed up. You can identify a golf driver because it has the biggest club head and longest shaft. To better your game, you might want to choose a golf driver that provides the lowest amount of loft. However, with the advancement of design continuously evolving, you may find yourself spoiled for choices. The 2018 best golf drivers list will show the cream of the crop, and hopefully, the golf driver just for you.

Adams Golf Blue Driver

This golf driver by Adams sounds and feels great on contact. It boasts an Easy Launch System, which makes it easier to hit straight. The system features the patented Velocity Slot Technology where the sole slot gives golfers of different levels more flex and speed as it now has a larger face area. It also features Low/Back CG.

This means that the centre of gravity is kept low and back in order for you to get more spin and speed on your shots. Furthermore, it features a SimTech Shaft that allows more kick and easier launch. The shaft is made from graphite. It is currently available only for right hand orientation. You can choose from Regular, Senior, Stiff, to X-Stiff flex options, and the loft degrees available on this driver ranges from nine to 12.

Bullet Golf B-52 Bomber Driver

With the B-52 Bomber model, Bullet Golf aims to assist you with avoiding the slice, which can be tricky when it comes to shots off the tee; it claims to use a proprietary anti-slice design. This golf driver is also designed to limit side spin and provide a solid, straight ball flight via strategically fitted weights inside the club head; you should be to achieve impact square to the club face.

For swift swing speed and longer distance cover, the shaft is made of lightweight graphite material fitted with long-lasting Bullet Golf grips, and a durable club head with a large sweet spot. The loft is nonadjustable at 10.5 degrees. It currently comes available for right-handed players with the flex on Regular. On the affordable range, it can be a great buy once you figure out the swing.

Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Draw Driver

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The driver of the future is here thanks to Callaway and their new Men’s Rogue Draw Driver, which promises to blow away any driver the competition has to offer. Founded in 1982, Callaway has been the largest manufacturer of golf clubs in the United States and around the world for decades, so they know what they are doing. This driver is no exception and it offers a wide range of options for golfers of all experience levels. Weighing in at just one pound, the club is incredibly lightweight and easy to swing, and is particularly designed to reduce slicing. Its top feature is the Jailbreak Effect, which improves elevated ball speed and distance, and X-Face VFT Technology, which allows for a more efficient energy transfer into the ball.

On top of that, Callaway worked with aerospace company Boeing, resulting in the Boeing Aero Package to optimize weighting and aerodynamics and promote head speed. So you know this driver means business. Available for left-handed and right-handed golfers, the club comes with a variety of weight and shaft options, including Synergy 50G, Even Flow Blue 60G and Quaranta 40G. You can also adjust the loft by selecting 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees or 13.5 degrees depending on your preference. The flex is available in regular, stiff and senior.

This club gives golfers the ball speed and forgiveness they have been looking for, and that makes the higher price well worth it, especially since it comes with a special 6 month financing offer so you can pay for the club over time instead of all at once. This is a seriously cool looking driver that will strike fear into your opponents from the moment you step up to the tee.

Cobra Fly-Z Golf Driver

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The Fly-Z golf driver is a game-improvement club that Cobra tailored more towards mid-high handicapper. The features of this golf driver aims to deliver a very forgiving performance while maximizing ball speed. The Speed Channel Face feature was engineered to allow speed performance to increase by building a trench that thins the wall structure throughout the perimeter of the club face.

With the Crown Zone Weighting technology, Cobra was able to remove weight from the crown and instead have it in a fixed, low and back CG location, allowing golfers from all levels to get mid-high launch angles. Also, the Forged E9 Zone Face Structure reduced unnecessary weight from key points around the face and hosel to allow an increase in the size and speed of the sweet zone. This will give you more speed on off-center hits. Another reason why it is listed as one of the best golf drivers is because it employs the MyFly8 with the SmartPad technology that allows you to customize loft and trajectory settings to eight different levels between 9 degrees and 12 degrees.

These adjustments are easy to be made and the set comes with the tool and head cover. There are a variety of colors to choose from. You can also get one that caters to left or right hand orientation. The shaft is of graphite material. It is available in four flex options from Regular to X-Stiff.

Medicus DA Dual Hinged Driver

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The hinged golf driver is unique to Medicus, and is great for practice; it has been designed to identify and correct flaws in your swing, regardless of whether you are an amateur golfer or a professional. It is also the No. 1 swing diagnostic and training tool since the 1980’s. With this swing trainer, you can learn how to swing in tempo and on plane accurately, every time. It is also great for eliminating the slice or hook. With more practice with this driver, you should be able to train your muscle memory for the perfect, consistent swing.

To find out whether your swing is correct, you will need to make sure that the hinges bending plane is perpendicular to the swing plane. In other words, the entire length of the shaft, including the hinged section, should remain straight throughout the swing. In the event that the dual-hinge mechanism bends during the swing, then you are not doing it right yet. Kindly note once your swing has improved, it does not mean that this driver is no longer needed; the patented DualHinge technology lets you fine tune the hinge tension as your swing progresses. The manual that comes with it may lack proper instructions, but you can always refer to the web for more information. It is available for both left- and right-hand orientation.

Momentus Swing Trainer Driver

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The second driver that can act as a trainer on this best golf drivers list is one by Momentus. With a nice, hefty feel, it is great for warm ups as it effectively loosens and increases the flexibility of the arms, shoulders, and back before a round of golf. Each unit is designed to improve your swing; after proper training, you should be able to hit longer, straighter and more consistent tee shots. Please note that you will need to ease into it. Try using this golf driver for around two minutes before you get on the course. You should never overdo it; otherwise, you may risk injuring yourself. You can get it in either right or left hand orientation. The package will come with an instructional DVD.

Nextt Golf Green Monster XL Driver

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Another affordable option, the sleek Green Monster manufactured by Nextt Golf is quite sturdy for a golf driver in that price range. This model incorporates Power Cell technology with a long MOI design. With a 10 degree loft, it is very easy to hit with a slight fade. It has a fairly forgiving sweet spot. It comes with a custom head cover. Some reviews indicate that the length of the shaft means that it may be more suited for those on the taller side. Please bear in mind that this model may not be accepted in tournament play due to the 520cc club head. However, it is not a bad investment for a player in the beginner level looking for a decent golf driver without breaking the bank.

Nike Golf SQ Machspeed Square Driver

With a large, square-shaped aerodynamic club head, the Nike golf driver is designed with stability and forgiveness in mind, and should cater to all handicap levels. With each impact, it gives a high-pitched, satisfying sound on well-struck shots. The sleek, black design consists of a graphite shaft and a club head, which has been designed in such a way that air is forced to move quickly over and around it; this provides you a faster swing speed. It is also uses STR8-FIT technology, which gives you a more flexible option to adjust the face angle and lie to suit your need. The square version of this Nike golf driver is currently only available for right-handers on a Stiff flex and 10.5 degrees loft.

Paragon Rising Star Junior Driver

If you are looking for a golf driver suitable for children ages between eight to ten years or basically one with a 35-inches long shaft, then the Rising Star driver by Paragon will be right up your alley. To be more specific, it is made for those measuring 22- to 26-inches from knuckle to ground. It is light and well made, and perfect for small beginners. To get them started right, it is important to get the right club with the correct size and shaft, which is specifically designed and measured by size.

Do note that the Rising Star line is a Golf Digest Hot List 2010 Gold winner in the Junior Set category; so, you can be assured that every purchase would be a suitable fit for your child. The junior model consists of an over-sized club head of 340cc and is constructed from titanium. It boasts maximum forgiveness. It is also very affordable and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the graphite shaft. You can choose one that is suitable for either a left- or right-hander. A matching headcover will also be included.

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

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The golf driver by PinemeadowGolf boasts offset anti-slice technology that will help you to square the ball at impact for a straighter and longer shot, as well as a massive sweet spot, 460cc club head to be precise, which gives maximum forgiveness. With a matte black finish and a graphite shaft, it is one of the cheaper options on this best golf drivers list. It is currently only available for right hand orientation with regular flex and 10.5 degree loft.

It has been reported that it may not be as forgiving as expected. And with long-term use, you may find that the paint will chip. So, this model is best for beginners perfecting their swings or fixing their slice who may not be ready to invest heavily into golfing at that stage. It is also perfect if you are looking for a backup driver. The head cover is included.

Srixon Z-545 Golf Driver

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Another model on the best golf drivers list is the Srixon Z-545 unit, which has been designed for maximum distance and mid-high launch for golfers of all levels. With a nice metallic ping with each swing, it utilizes the Dual Speed technology to maximize rotation efficiently and increase kinetic energy on impact. It looks great with the sleek, black design, and consists of a titanium club face with variable thickness and a Kuro Kage graphite shaft fitted with a red Lamkin UTx full cord grip for added forgiveness.

With the adjustable hosel, you can select the degree of the loft easily between the ranges of 8.5 to 10.5 degrees for a more precise performance. The Quick Tune system also allows you to adjust the lie, face angle and CG. You can select three flex options from Regular to X-Stiff. It is currently available only for right hand orientation. The set includes a head cover.

TEC Plus Golf Driver

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With each clean, good hit, the TEC Plus golf driver’s main aim is to provide players with low spin coupled with high launch, preferably used for most tee shots. It features a deep, 460cc club face and a large sweet spot; the components of this unit is made of graphite and titanium materials. For good performance, the velocity of transfer of energy from the club head to ball should be as high a possible.

This model aims to maximize this efficiently. One of the most affordable model on this list, you should not expect too much out of it. The design is not the best. It has been reported that this golf driver may be too lightweight, and consequently, not as long-wearing. Although it may not be of Tour material, it may be more suitable for beginner to intermediate golfers for practice purposes only.

TaylorMade M2 460CC Driver

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The M2 by TaylorMade, a subsidiary of Adidas, boasts lower spin and higher launch for a hot trajectory. It has a great feel and weight to it. The newest 2018 addition to the family is designed for maximized distance and forgiveness, built with proven multi-material technology from its M1 predecessor. The reconfigured internal geometry allows forgiveness and keeps the center of gravity (CG) ultra-low.

One of its special feature is a multi-material crown with carbon fiber, whereby the weight distributed allows you to reach a massive sweet spot while attaining the highest MOI (moment of inertia). The design also includes more curvature on the sole, which means a clean and mellow sound upon impact. The set comes with a Fujikura Pro 50 shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. It is available for both left and right hand orientation. And the shaft is made of graphite. You have the option to select the flex from Regular, Senior, Stiff, to X-Stiff. The loft is adjustable from 9.5 degrees to 12 degrees, depending on the hand orientation.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver

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Easy to swing with straight shots, this new model by Titleist still has the look and feel of the classic golf driver. Unlike most golf drivers, the 917 D2 model uses a different weight mechanism instead of the common movable weight. With an adjustable CG, it provides serious golfers the Tour experience on any golf course. It is also suited for golfers of other levels with the balanced design. And with each impact comes the satisfying, crisp sound that a true golf enthusiast would really appreciate. It consists of a graphite shaft and a 440cc club head. The unit currently only comes in right hand orientation with the flex on Stiff. The loft is fixed at 9.5 degrees.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Driver

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Another competitor for golf drivers is Tour Edge. It’s Hot Launch 2 model boasts quality engineering and performance, now with an adjustable loft options with one degree increments between 8.5 to 12.5 degrees. This model consists of a four-piece titanium head, with a deep cup face with varied thickness that allows maximum launch speed on more points on the club face. With a slice-fighting control, the offset hosel design gives better straight shots. What is more, it provides deeper CG, which means higher launch and even greater forgiveness for off-center contact. You can get the model in either left or right hand orientation, and for a consistent shot, the graphite shaft will go a long way. The flex options are only available in Regular, Senior, and Stiff.