It’s Mother’s day, Father’s day, or your friend’s birthday and you want to make them something special. You pull out some fabric, wooden boards, and other fancy decorations in an effort to make your parent or friend a self-made craft from the heart. In the middle of mending the fabric to the wooden pieces, you realize you need a crafting tool to hold them in place. You look through your drawer and see only a stapler and tape which you know won’t hold those items together.

Here’s where a glue gun would come in handy. For DIY fanatics, glue guns are the ultimate tool to have for all your project needs. A glue gun is simply a device where glue tubes, placed inside, ooze out from the press of the device’s trigger. Unlike regular glue, such as your typical white paste Elmer’s glue, the glue in a glue gun is clear and typically works best for crafting projects. For crafters, a glue gun is the go-to option over other adhesive tools, due to the fact that it is efficient, mess-free, and keeps things more organized.

One special thing to note about glue guns is that they come in either low temperature or high temperature guns, known as hot glue guns. Both types of glue guns serve different purposes, and it is for the consumer to know which type will best suit their need. Based on that alone, it can be a tedious process deciding which glue gun you should purchase based on temperature, budget, design, and most importantly the need. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best glue guns, allowing you to select the best one for your needs.

1. Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun

Attican Mini Hot Glue Gun with 15 Pieces Melt Glue Sticks, 20 Watts...
  • Heavy duty 20 watts mini hot glue guns for craft building and repair
  • Light weight yet sturdy, comes with 15 melt glue sticks
  • Uses glue sticks in 5/16"

Why we like it: A lightweight glue gun that heats glue fast, is equipped with a generous amount of glue sticks, and is very affordable !

Looking for a general lightweight glue gun of good quality for an affordable rate? Want a glue gun that’s good for any type of craft? The Attican Black Iron glue gun may just be the right glue gun for you! This glue gun is lightweight yet sturdy, making it a great tool to use for your crafting needs. With its moderate heating temperature, this 20 watt glue gun is versatile for professional and beginner crafters. With this glue gun, you can surely repair ceramic bowls or even build a wooden boat! This hot glue gun is suitable for any standard craft building or repairs.

Did we mention the glue gun comes equipped with glue sticks? Enjoy not having to make a separate purchase as this glue gun already comes stocked with 15 glue sticks. You can get right to your project! Some customers have expressed concerns with this product such as it having issues with dripping glue from its tip and not being the best for heavy duty projects. Nevertheless, this glue gun is good overall, and we value it for its usability and affordability.

2. Surebonder PRO2-220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Professional Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2-220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Professional Heavy...
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 220 Watts of Power
  • Lighted On/Off Switch

Why we like it: This glue gun offers adjustable temperature control so you can work with both low and high temperature glue depending on your needs.

The 220 Watts of power allow for a powerful glue gunning experience that is capable of working with even the most difficult of gluing tasks. This paricular glue gun is 50% more powerful than standard glue guns.

Light indicators show whether the glue gun is on or off for safety. It also features a 30-minute auto shut off function and side fins allow the gun to lay safely on its side, preventing any form of glue back up.

The ergonomic rubber trigger and handle design ensure that you remain comfortable when using this device.

This particular gun uses 7/17-inch diameter glue sticks and there are a variety of special interchangeable nozzles available so you can find the right nozzle for the particular job you are doing.

If you are looking for a powerful glue gun which offers great safety features and features temperature controls then this is the perfect option for you!

3. Blusmart 100-Watt Industrial Hot Melt Glue Gun

Why we like it: A high-tech glue gun that features quick heating, an ergonomic (and attractive) design, and 100-watts of heating power!

There are only a few times when you encounter a product that has almost everything you need. The Blusmart 100-Watt glue gun is one of those products and it has so many features that make it a great addition to our list. The glue gun features PTC heating technology, allowing for glue to heat up in approximately 3 minutes. The industrial hot glue gun also comes with an ON/OFF power light, and ergonomic designed trigger, and an insulated and interchangeable nozzle. This glue gun is noted as one of the best industrial hot glue gun choices for its 100-Watt heating power and high temperature.

This glue gun is also versatile in what it can be used for. It is noted as an ideal tool for any home, office, or factory project including glass, metal, ceramic, fabric, and more. This glue gun also comes with 10 glue sticks featuring strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties. Some customers have stated, however, that the gun gets too hot and that at times the glue tends to not squeeze out properly. Nevertheless, most people view this product in a positive light for its versatility and industrial standards. So many people like it, it’s an Amazon Bestseller!

4. MELTOX Dual watt Hot Melt Glue Gun

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Why we like it: This glue gun features interchangeable wattage! It’s also equipped with an overheating case, a free e-book, and most importantly, glue sticks all while being affordable!

MELTOX shows that it takes home projects and crafts seriously with this glue gun and kit. This glue gun comes with a dual wattage heating option that makes it a low and high temp glue gun at the same time. The glue gun is also protected with thermal insulation, preventing it from overheating. Featuring two LED lights to indicate which wattage it is set to (green light for 60W and red light for 100W), it’s easy to read. The MELTOX glue gun comes with a lengthy 4ft 7 inch cord and includes 12 extra long glue sticks in standard diameter!

Did we mention this glue gun kit comes with a complimentary e-book? If you’re in need of a new project idea or want to do a cool DIY, you can refer to your new e-book for new things to create with your glue gun. The only concerns some customers have noted are that, though long in length, the cord isn’t to their liking and the three prong plug the glue gun features isn’t very accommodating to consumers looking for an easy plug-in process. Nevertheless, this affordable product shows how versatile and well-equipped it is, making it a great addition to our list!

5. Metronic International Electric Melt Glue Gun

Metronic International Electric Heating Hot Melt Glue Gun DIY Art...
  • Glue Gun:20W
  • Apply to Glue Sticks Size: 0.28" X 10"
  • color:blue

Why we like it: This durable glue gun is perfect for domestic uses, is equipped with a safety fuse and wire stand, and is very affordable!

Okay, so we’ll get the negatives out of the way first by saying this glue gun is fairly new in the world of glue guns and certainly isn’t the gun you need if you’re working on a heavy duty project. With that said, the Metronic International glue gun still proves itself worthy in the industry for domestic uses and in-home crafting projects. The electric melt glue gun provides a reasonable 80-Watt heating power, meaning it provides a commendable high temperature. This glue gun even comes equipped with a safety fuse for enhanced protection, showing it can be quite the dependable little tool.

The currently product creates a great bond with many of your projects including paper, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics and more! The only problem we’ve noted is that it must be unplugged immediately after you are finished using it and does not feature any anti-overheating mechanisms. Regardless of that, this glue gun is the perfect tool for your home and school projects!

6. Stanley Bostitch GlueShot Dual Melt Glue Gun

STANLEY Glue Gun, Dual Melt, High/Low Temperature (GR25-2)
  • The hot glue gun offers the versatility of high and low-temperature gluing in one gun
  • The high/low temp glue gun uses standard dual-temperature glue on both settings and hot-melt formulas on high setting
  • The full size hot glue gun heats up quickly and bonds within 60 seconds

Why we like it: A versatile glue gun with a one-touch temperature control, quick heating, and a lifetime warranty all at a great budget!

Looking to finish up those crafts at a faster rate? Stop looking and get the Stanley Bostitch glue gun. This glue gun features the fastest heating rate among all of the products we’ve reviewed so far. The glue gun only takes a single minute to finish heating, so you can say goodbye to waiting around. The product also conveniently features a one-touch, high/low selector switch so that you can easily choose between low or high temperatures with just a single press. The product also features a trigger feed and nozzle check valve to promote even application on your projects.

This glue gun also comes equipped with a fold-out stand for safe storage while it’s in use. This versatile glue gun also allows you to use standard dual-temperature glue for either setting, providing you with more freedom while you working. However, some customers have expressed disregard for the glue gun’s lack of an ON/OFF switch (meaning you have to always unplug), and its nozzle that isn’t drip-proof. Nevertheless, most customers considered this product reliable and affordable and many are satisfied with its inclusion of a limited lifetime warranty.

7. PAM Fastening Technology Temperature Glue Gun

Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun for UX8012 Hot Melt...
  • Reaches maximum temperature in 5 minutes or less
  • Adjustable High Temperature 285°F – 428°F (140°C – 220°C)
  • Powerful 220 Watt heating element designed for fast, continuous use

Why we like it: This powerful glue gun comes equipped with a whopping 220 watts of heating power, has adjustable temperature settings, and can be used for long periods of time.

Looking for a glue gun to complete that long-term project of yours? Tired of searching endlessly for a quality, long-lasting glue gun? Look no further! PAM proves that its fastening technology temperature glue gun is in it for the long run as it can be used for hours on end. With this glue gun, you can feel free to control its temperature as well. This advanced glue gun features an adjustable temperature setting, ranging from 285 to 428 degrees fahrenheit and heats within 5 minutes. The glue gun also features an adjustable, ergonomic trigger, allowing for maximum output and reduced fatigue.

This glue gun is designed for professional use such as flooring installation, remodeling, and other repair applications. This glue gun is also equipped with a no-drip nozzle, ensuring your work is clean and free of mess. Be prepared, however, as this glue gun comes at a steep budget. Another issue facing this product is that the warranty is only good for 30 days, even though it is rather expensive. Nevertheless, with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, this product is rightly placed on our list for its great heating ability, long-term usage, and design efficiency!

8. SureBonder High-Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

PRO2-100 100 Watt High Temperature Professional Heavy Duty Hot Glue...
  • 2.5 times more power for maximum output
  • Heavy duty construction endures more industrial type applications
  • Uses Full size (0.43 in diameter) high temperature glue sticks

Why we like it: A durable, heat-resistant glue gun perfect for many household projects. This industrial glue gun is made in an attractive, ergonomic design.

Coming in with 100 watts of heating power, the SureBonder glue gun packs a heavy punch in the glue gun industry. This heavy duty glue gun is a high-temperature glue gun, equipped with a heat-resistant nozzle so it won’t succumb to any heat damage. Not satisfied with the nozzle it comes with or want a different nozzle for your project needs? This product’s nozzle can be easily changed out with a range of other specialty nozzles (not included). For your convenience, this industrial hot glue gun is also equipped with an ON/OFF power switch and a removable wire stand.

The SureBonder hot glue gun also features solid state positive temperature control heaters. As customers have expressed, you won’t have to worry about this gun having glue continuously dripping from its tip. Taking standard diameter length glue sticks, this glue gun is said to reach up to 380 degrees. Some customers, however, have expressed that the gun has the same wait time as cheaper models in terms of the glue heating up (about 3 minutes) considering it is also a bit expensive. Nevertheless, this lightweight hot glue gun features an easy-to-use trigger and is considered by many as an excellent crafting tool.

9. Surebonder H-195 Mini Detailed Glue Gun

Surebonder H-195F Specialty Series 20 Watt Mini Size High Temperature...
  • 20 Watt, 120 Volts
  • Uses high or dual temperature glue sticks; 5/16" diameter by 4" or 10" length
  • Safety fuse for enhanced protection

Why we like it: This affordable glue gun allows you to use dual or high temperature glue sticks for optimal use and comes equipped with an insulated nozzle and safety fuse.

Surebonder shows that it’s here to stay in the industry with this reliable glue gun, making this the second Surebonder product on our list. This Surebonder mini detailed glue gun provides versatility, durability and a comfortable heating power of 20-watts. When opting for its high temperature setting, the glue gun does have the ability to secure a good bond with a wide range of materials such as paper, fabric, ceramics and more. This detailed glue gun also features a lighted power light and comes with a detachable auxiliary stand, an insulated nozzle, and a safety fuse to ensure ultimate protection.

Many customers also love that this glue gun comes with an ON/OFF switch. The product is also lightweight and great for many household repairs and detail work. Some customers however, did take issue with the idea that this glue gun is most suitable for smaller projects and repairs and with the tip being a bit narrow. Nevertheless, many customers loved the product for its efficiency and reliability for detail work, making it a great addition to our list.

10. YutaoZ Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun

YutaoZ 120W Professional Adjustable Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive Glue...
  • Power Source: AC 100V-240V. 120W. Temperature adjustable range: 100℃-220℃
  • Compatible with the glue strips diameter between 10.5mm-11.5mm, 15-20g/min melting out.
  • Anti-overheating with ceramic PTC thermistor, automatic thermostat to save energy.

Why we like it: This sturdy glue gun is equipped with anti-overheating capabilities, adjustable temperature settings, and interchangeable nozzle, and two environmentally-friendly glue sticks!

The YutaoZ Professional hot glue gun proves it’s a worthy contender in the glue gun industry. This hot glue gun can wow any professional or beginner crafter with its great features. It comes with an adjustable temperature range between 212°F – 428°F, making it great for cold or hot applications. Unlike many of the glue guns we’ve reviewed so far, this hot melt glue gun also features a ceramic PTC thermistor to prevent overheating and even comes with an automatic thermostat to save energy! The nozzle on the product is also insulated, has a built-in leak-proof valve and non-drip tip, and is interchangeable.

This product gets even better. In addition to its energy saving feature, the glue gun also comes with two environmentally-friendly glue sticks. How’s that for crafting and protecting the environment? The additional extended cord is also a plus with this glue gun. The cord length comes in at an impressive 55.11 inch length! Some customers, however have expressed difficulty placing the glue sticks into the glue gun and a warranty isn’t readily presented upon viewing the product. Minus those errors, the glue gun has received overall positive views and is looked upon as a great tool for professional and home use.

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