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How many times have you given up making something new and interesting, because of the tedious nature of gluing two parts together? When you see all those DIY projects, it is only natural to have an urge to own your own glue gun. As the name itself suggests, a glue gun is a device that gives you molten glue with a simple pull of a trigger. Not only does it make your life easier and more organized, but it also gives you a perfect and precise bond to make all your DIY projects stand out from the rest. A glue gun uses a solid rod of glue and melts it to give you a stream of molten glue. The importance of choosing the right glue gun is crucial since the market offers you a variety of hot guns and some are low-temperature ones while the other ones are high-temperature guns. Followings are the best hot glue guns chosen carefully through a variety of glue guns.

1. SureBonder High-Temperature Industrial Glue Gun


This handy tool is a heavy duty, High-temperature glue gun. It is rated with a 100W power and the design is attractive and carried out with the latest technology to ensure your safety. This device has a body made out of durable plastic and the nozzle is insulated to be heat resistant, making sure the high temperature of the gun does not harm you in any way. The trigger is made according to an ergonomic design to increase the efficiency and comfort of using the gun. The SureBonder PRO2-100 needs glue sticks of 7/16” diameter and they are widely available virtually anywhere. This gun is special because this is a heavy duty industrial gun but it is made with precautions that will let you use it with your household projects well. Also, you can buy separate nozzles that are specially made for different purposes.

2. BSTPOWER High and Low Temp Hot Glue Gun


A hot glue gun that is specifically made for your DIY projects would be an ideal choice if you are buying your first glue gun. This has a temperature control that is adjustable, making sure you have the ability to choose the temperature as you prefer for your cold or hot applications. It gives you different temperatures varying from 1000C to 2200C. This gun only takes less than 5 minutes, depending on your adjusted temperature, to heat up and it has a light to indicate you when the gun is ready to use. You can use standard 7/16” diameter glue sticks that are 10” long. This hot glue gun is equipped with a PTC ceramic thermistor that will ensure your safety by preventing overheating. And also it has an automatic thermostat that saves energy. It also consists of precise thermal insulation that improves its lifespan. The tip of the gun is also heat resistant and has a non-drip nozzle to ensure the flow of glue is steady.

3. PAM Fastening Technology Temperature Glue Gun


This glue gun is designed to be fast and can be used continuously for hours. It is rated to be powerful with a 220W power rating and is equipped with an adjustable temp. Control. You can vary the temperature in between the range 2850F and 4280F. The hot glue can take only less than five minutes to reach it’s maximum working temperature. You have the liberty of using UB8012, FMFLEX180 or FMFLEX40 glue sticks as the adhesive medium. The trigger of the gun is specially designed with an adjustable feature that reduces fatigue and also increases the efficiency of the output. The nozzle is also drip-free to ensure the work carried out is not messy.

4. Adhesive Technologies Two-Temp Glue Gun


This is a 40W power rated hot glue gun that is ideal for domestic use. It needs standard glue sticks with a diameter of 0.5 inches. It has two adjustable temperature controls, the high temperature is used for metal or glass while the low temperature is designed for fabric and lace etc. and also an ergonomically designed trigger to maximize the efficiency. This gun comes with a two-year material warranty from the manufacturer. The compact and simple looking design makes it easier to be used even by children. The hot glue gun is tested to be safe and secure.

5. MELTOX Dual watt Hot Melt Glue Gun


MELTOX hot Glue Gun is designed ideally for professional and experienced users with an attractive white color and some modern features. It is equipped with a dual wattage feature that allows you to switch between two power ratings. The lower rating is suitable for light works and the higher rating is for heavy duty works. This is powered by a 120-240 voltage and the trigger feed is 50-60Hz. Thermal insulation is designed precisely to overcome the overheating problem and it has two LED lights to indicate the wattage as well. The green light is for 60W whole the red one is for heavy duty, 100W. Once you purchase the hot glue gun, you receive an E-book for free and a bundle of 12 free glue sticks. The glue sticks are standard size, 7/16” diameter and 8” long.

6. Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun


Attican introduces you the Black Iron hot glue gun, a gun that is specially designed to suit arts and DIY projects. This could be used in heavy duty projects as well. It has a power rating of 20W and the gun is designed to be compact as well. The gun is very light but the strength and the durability are tested to be satisfactory. This requires 5/16” glue sticks and this melts the glue sticks fast, giving you a precise and a strong bond in lee time. The providers give you a money back guarantee and a bundle of15 glue sticks of 5/16” diameter.

7. YutaoZ Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun


This hot melt glue gun is powered by AC current, 110V-241V and can be used for household needs as well as industrially. It has a temperature range of 1000C to 2000C. The gun requires glue sticks of diameter between 10.5mm to 11.5mm. The output of molten glue feed is continuous and it is approximately 15-20g per minute. This glue gun is equipped with a ceramic thermistor that ensures the glue gun will not overheat during your work. Also, this has a thermostat that works automatically to save energy. The nozzle is insulated and it is interchangeable to suit your work as you prefer. It has a built-in valve to prevent leaks as well. You get two 300mm long glue sticks of 11mm diameter.

8. Arrow Fastener Lever Feed Glue Gun


This hot melt glue gun is a heavy duty equipment and is used by many professionals. The circuit of the melt gun is made to be durable and can resist high temperatures as well. The nozzle is also designed to be non-drip. The glue flow from the tip of the gun is steady and continuous and it is controlled by a check valve. The gun has a built-in tray stand. The conventional trigger is replaced by a lever mechanism that reduces your hand pain and fatigue. This glue gun uses the standard glue sticks, making the tool easier and convenient to use.

9. Stanley Bostitch GlueShot Dual Melt Glue Gun


GlueShot GR25 is designed to be versatile with its dual compatible temperature control that allows you to operate in a more accurate manner. You can choose between high and low temperature as preferred. Using a single selector. The gun provides molten metal that dries in less than 60 seconds, giving you a stronger bond and this heats up faster than the other hot glue guns as well. The trigger feed and the check valve are calibrated correctly to ensure a steady flow of glue. The nozzle is heat resistant and it the body is perfectly insulated and designed to be efficient and secure. The gun requires standard glue sticks and has a built-in stand that makes sure the gun is safe while you are taking a break from work. You receive a limited lifetime warranty with the purchase of this glue gun.

10. Metronic International Electric Melt Glue Gun


This handy tool is designed by Metronic International and it is rated with a 20W power rating, making this electric hot melt glue gun ideal for domestic purposes. The glue sticks used with the gun are standard and 0.28” in diameter and 10” long. The gun comes in an attractive blue color and it has an ergonomic design as well. This tool is equipped with an adjustable stand that is also easily removable. The tip or the nozzle of the gun is made out of heavy duty metal and the body of the gun is created to be very durable as well.

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