A tween boy is defined as a child between 9 and 12 years old, though some people consider 13 and 14-year-old junior high boys to be tweens. These transitional years bring forth many changes, including puberty, harder school subjects, and different hobbies.

The best gifts for tween boys address these changes, but also retain the fun and playfulness of kids’ toys and games.

Comparison Table

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Product FAQs

Check out these answers to common questions about gifts for tween boys.

What Products Make Great Gifts For 9 To 12-Year-Old Boys?

Most products that young teen boys like should be fine for some tween boys, while other boys still prefer board games or toys favored by older kids. Most kids prefer gifts that are appropriate for a wide range of age groups, from older kids-young teens.

How We Reviewed

We checked out the most popular gifts on Amazon and other websites for tween boys, especially sites for junior high boys. We also checked out video game sites, and social media posts by tween boys find out what gifts they would like. Once we narrowed down our product list, we looked at the best-reviewed gifts.

Overall Price Range Of This Product

Gifts for tween boys may be inexpensive, like board games, or in the hundreds of dollars, like programmable robots or electronics. There are many gift-buying options for tween boys, regardless of your budget.

Top 10 Gifts For Tween Boys

The best gifts for tween boys consist mostly of games, electronics, role-playing games, and robotics, but there are lots of subtle differences among these products.

Coop Scatter Dodgeball Game

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All kids like Dodgeball.

Every player wears a different color wristband. You roll the dice to find out which player (color) throws the Dodgeball. The game is designed for four to six players. When other players hit a participant with the Dodgeball, they give one of their wristbands to that player.

Key features

  • The game includes color wristbands.
  • The package has a soft, safe Dodgeball.
  • Designed for ages five and up, so younger siblings can play, too.
  • You can play the game in a park, field, backyard or gym.
  • Includes six by six by six hard foam dice


  • Soft Dodgeball won’t hurt even the most sensitive player.
  • Players only use one Dodgeball for a safer game.
  • Great for indoor or outdoor play


  • Poor customer service from the manufacturer.

Dungeons And Dragons Starter Set

[amazon box=”B07D5ZL8WB” template= “horizontal”]

Tween boys will love this top-seller in puzzles and games. Enter the magical world of Dungeons and Dragons with this game set and book supplement. Choose from colorful characters, including a dwarf cleric, a noble fighter, an elf wizard or a halfling rogue.

This set is recommended for beginners by Gizmodo.

Key features

  • Six dice
  • Five ready to play DD characters
  • Character sheet
  • Rule Book
  • An adventure book for Lost Mine of Phandelver


  • The rule set is short but thorough.
  • The boxed set helps you get to Level Five.
  • Has all the spells, magic items, and monsters you need


  • Not for intermediate or advanced players

Nintendo Switch – Neon Blue And Red Joy-Con

[amazon box=”B01MUAGZ49″ template= “horizontal”]

This well-reviewed Nintendo switch is placed on a dock you attach to your TV. Remove the switch to use it as a portable gaming device. Flip the stand when you’re in the handheld mode to turn it into a multiplayer device.

Key features

  • You can add more Joy-Cons for new players. Additional Joy-Cons sold separately.
  • The package contains a console, dock, two strap accessories, and left and right Joy Cons
  • There are one Joy Con grip, an AC adapter, and HDMI cable
  • Clear, sharp graphics


  • Has 32GB of internal memory that you can upgrade with a Micro SD card
  • User guides and manuals available from Amazon
  • A player can take one Joy-Con in each hand, or two players can each take one Joy-Con
  • Goes up to 8 Nintendo


  •    Not as durable as Xbox or PlayStation

64GB Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation And Accessories

[amazon box=”B0187XXW8I” template= “horizontal”]

Use the iPod touch for more than music. The 6th Generation iPod can be used for photos, apps, iBooks, gaming, and even texting with some adjustments.

Key features

  • Compatible with Apps from the Apple Store and  iTunes
  • Functions like a phone when you download certain texting apps
  • Four-inch retina display
  • Share media and other photos with family and friends
  • Available in six colors


  • Available with 16, 32, 64, or 128GB
  • Includes Apple EarPods, user guide, and lighting to USB cable
  • Well-built; will last a long time
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent value for the money


  • Somewhat small
  • No large screen options

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set And Carrying Case For Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

[amazon box=”B01137DEEW” template= “horizontal”]

Any tween boy can enjoy laser tag during the day or at night with the Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set. The laser guns measure 17.5 inches wide by 11inches long by 6.5 inches high. Tap the blaster’s backside to reload. The gun’s built-in speaker will let you know it has been reloaded.

A third-party safety tester determined these laser guns give off less than 1mW power.

Key features

  • Kids ages ten and up can use this game
  • A Class 1, child safe laser
  • Has four different team settings and colors – play on different teams or one on one
  • All settings have different range, reload and stoppage requirements.


  • No vests needed
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Accurate at most distances
  • Great customer service


  • Needs 12 AA batteries

Lego Mindstorms Robot Kit For Kids

[amazon box=”B00CWER3XY” template= “horizontal”]

Any boy who is fascinated with robots, computers or coding will like the Lego Mindstorms Robot Kit for Kids. Builders can make a robot walk and talk using the programming app. Kids will learn valuable coding lessons to help them with a STEM career.

Key features

  • Control with an infrared sensor system
  • Three interactive servo motors
  • A USB port provides Internet and WiFi connections
  • The robot has more than 550 LEGO Technic parts


  • Drag and drop programming interface
  • Four motor ports
  • Comes with remote control, color sensor, and touch sensor
  • The EV3 Programmer App is intuitive to make building easier
  • Has a Micro SD card reader
  • Download installation and user manual PDF from Amazon


  • Difficult to use for some boys who aren’t technically inclined

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

[amazon box=”B007EA4UBY” template= “horizontal”]

Kids can have electronic-free fun with the Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game. This award-winning game consists of a wood base, and 24 thin rods players connect and balance from the base. Players take turns hanging the wire rods from the stand. The tower’s balance shifts as you add each piece to transform the game. The tower will fall if a piece is added in the wrong location.

This game is fun for the whole family, but it also improves cognitive function and interpersonal skills.

Key features

  • Recommended for ages eight to 15, but adults can play, too.
  • The game contains 24 rods, four frame rods, a wooden base, wooden connector, and colored die
  • For one to four players


  • Great for developing hand-eye coordination
  • No batteries or electricity needed
  • Helps kids develop fine motor skills


  • Set may be missing some pieces.

 Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit By OWI

[amazon box=”B01CTJ01PI” template= “horizontal”]

Any boy who likes engineering and building things will enjoy working with this robot. Your tween boy can discover hydro-mechanical technology by building a robotic arm. This robot arm doesn’t need a computer program for kids to work with it – just elbow grease and dedication.

Made in Taiwan with instructions in English

Key features

  • Recommended for ages eight to 15, but adults can play, too.
  • No batteries or electronics needed
  • Has 229 parts to assemble
  • Water powered


  • Kids will learn firsthand about hydraulics
  • The gripper and suction components let boys pick up objects with the arm
  • The arm can lift up to 50 grams
  • The lever controller features a braking system


  • Made with plastic parts some reviewers found to be cheap and breakable

CuberSpeed Rainbow Ball

[amazon box=”B01E7GR3OS” template= “horizontal”]

CuberSpeed Rainbow Ball is a large ball with 12 holes and 11 balls inside it. Tween boys fidget with the rainbow ball to get the little balls into the proper color holes.

This ball is white with multi-colored slots – red, purple, blue, brown, orange, green, and other bright colors.

Key features

  • Ball has foam inside
  • Good game for memory retention and motor skills
  • Baseball-sized puzzle a tween boy can take to school or camp
  • Great for passing the time while traveling, waiting for a friend, etc.


  • Great Christmas stocking stuffer or grab bag gift
  • Inexpensive
  • Challenging but fun


  • Cheaply made, according to some users

4M Solar System Planetarium

[amazon box=”B000HGJJ7W” template= “horizontal”]

Kids assemble and paint this model to learn more about planets and the solar system. Kit measures eight inches wide by four inches long and five inches deep when assembled.

Key features

  • This set has string, rods, stencils, a wall chart, planets, and a glow paint pen, and a list of questions for kids
  • Planets move in orbit after kids assemble the model
  • The orbs glow in the dark
  • For eight years and older


  • No batteries needed
  • Easy to assemble
  • A hands-on, fun way to learn astronomy


  • Pluto not included

The Verdict

The best gifts for tween boys entertain them while they learn about science, robotics, or other interesting subjects. Programmable or water-powered robots, that teach curious boys about STEM subjects, but may be too expensive for some folks to buy as gifts.

Therefore, we recommend the 4M Solar System Planetarium as our first pick for tween boys. This model kit is fun to assemble and glows in the dark. This kit doesn’t require computer or electronics knowledge, so it’s great for all boys, not just tech experts in the making.