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Gel eyeliners offer up the best of both eyeliner worlds. On one hand, it is more elegant and versatile than pencil liners. At the same time, it is not as terrifying as trying to paint on liquid eyeliner. So, if you want a winged liner that is on point, this is the best type of eyeliner to go with.

While gel liners aren’t as common as the pencil or the liquid versions, they are soon catching up. This is because they are so much more useful at creating your favorite makeup looks. Not to mention, they are easier to use as well.

If you go looking for gel liners online, you will come across hundreds of options, both branded and generic. So, what’s a girl to do if she’s trying to find the perfect one? Well, you can stop looking now because the list below reveals all of the best gel eyeliners that are worth your time:

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama

Why we like it: The Maybelline Lasting Drama liner goes on nice and smooth and then stays put for up to 24 hours after that.

Editor’s rating:

Do you love that kohl look but just can’t afford all that smudging? If this is you, then the Maybelline liner will be your rescuer. The great thing about this gel eyeliner is that it has intense color, so you get that amazing inky look. There is a greater number of pigments so the color is sure to pop. However, since it is an oil-free formula, you can say goodbye to your perfect cat’s eye smearing down your face. Instead, you get to enjoy your high-end look for the entire day.

This gel eyeliner is perfect for the summer. Since it is waterproof and smudge-free, there is no chance of a little sweat messing up your look. Even if you are trying to outrun humidity, it will be an absolute breeze with this liner. Whether you want a more structured look or are going for a dramatic look, you can be sure that your work will stay put. The eyeliner comes with its very own brush so you don’t have to invest any more money in your liner obsession.

Music Flower Gel Liner Set

Why we like it: You get two pots and brushes in this set. The liner glides on in a precise line and stays on for longer.

Editor’s rating:

What’s better than getting two items for the price of one? Well, four items for the price of one. The Music Flower gel set comes with two pots – one black, one brown – and two brushes. What’s great about the two shades is that you are covered for all events. The brown is perfect for a daytime, more toned down look. The black, on the other hand, makes your eyes pop and is ideal for night on the town. The two brushes help you create any look that you want.

Even someone who isn’t all that experienced with gel liner shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a beautiful line. The liner goes on really smooth so even an unpracticed hand can manage it. Once this gel liner is on, you can guarantee that it is going to stay that way. Water, sweat, and even absentmindedly rubbing your eyes will not put a dent in it. If you want to remove it, you are going to need to resort to makeup remover.

INGLOT AMC Gel Eyeliner 77

Why we like it: A little bit of the Inglot AMC 77 goes a long way, with the color being incredibly dark. The liner is also a stay-put formula.

Editor’s rating:

So, with gel liners, there is always the fear of running out just a short while after you have bought a new pot. If you are a daily liner fiend, this is quite a possibility. Well, this eyeliner can help with that. The AMC 77 is a concentrated formula. So, when you apply it, the line is strong and thick. There’s no need to keep dipping into the pot for more liner. This way, you can get a high quality look without having to break the bank.

If you are wondering just how well the liner is going to stand up to a work day or a night of partying, you won’t be disappointed. The gel eyeliner is waterproof and has a long-lasting formula. So, you don’t have to worry about touching it up every few hours – you will look perfect for longer. If you have sensitive skin and are worried about a reaction, Inglot has got you covered. This product is hypoallergenic. Despite the higher price, this product is absolutely worth it.

Shany Gel Eyeliner Set

Why we like it: There are so many colors to choose from. It is a smudge-proof set so that you don’t have to worry about the eyeliner spreading.

Editor’s rating:

Sure, black is classic, but wouldn’t it be fun if you had more colors to play around with? Well, with this Shany gel eyeliner set, this is exactly what you get. There are twelve different shades to choose from! It doesn’t matter what mood you are in, this liner will help to set the tone. The best part about all of this choice is that you don’t even have to pay all that much for it. This is an incredibly affordable set.

Ok, so there is plenty of variety, but what about the staying power of the liner? Well, there’s good news here too. These eyeliners are smudge-proof. So, even if you accidentally rub at your eye, your perfectly drawn line is not going to budge. Despite this, when you are first drawing on the line, you can smear it a bit for that beautiful smoky look. As you can see, there are lots of different looks you can create with this liner.

NYX Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner

Why we like it: With this NYX Cosmetics gel liner, there are a greater number of looks that you can create as the liner can be smudged.

Editor’s rating:

Unless you have a signature look, you probably enjoy trying out various styles each day. Of course, with most gel liners, this can be a little difficult. Most of them are made to glide on slickly for a cat eye or winged liner. Well, with this NYX gel eyeliner, you can also have a healthy dose of flair and drama when you feel like it. This is because, before the liner sets, you can smudge it a little so that you get a sexy smoky eye, perfect for the nighttime.

Now if you are concerned about just how much smudge you can expect with this eyeliner, don’t be. Once the liner has set, it is going to remain precisely where you drew it (or smudged) it on. So, you can quite happily walk around all day or night, in unfortunate weather, and still look fabulous at the end. Also, despite its fluid-like nature, this eyeliner doesn’t crack. So, if you want a smooth, winged look, you can be sure of a strong, steady line that will last.


Hourglass Mechanical Gel Liner Pen

Why we like it: The Hourglass gel liner pen is ideal for more subtle looks or for individuals who aren’t comfortable with pots and brushes.

Editor’s rating:

One of the downsides of dealing with brushes is that the line on your lid always comes out a little thick. Even with the most angled of brushes, you have to struggle to draw a dainty line. The Hourglass mechanical gel liner is a pencil so it doesn’t have this problem. The point is just 1.5mm thick. So, if you want a subtle, corporate-type look, you can now achieve it. This is a great eyeliner for daytime when you want your makeup to be more muted.

This gel eyeliner goes on so softly, that it is easy to be concerned that it will smudge right away. The good news for you, however, is that the liner is waterproof. So, you will not have to worry about dark smudges that slide across your face when you least expect it. The other great thing about this liner is that it is quite forgiving. So, if you do happen to mess up your first attempt, you can fix it without much of a fuss.


Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

Why we like it: The Bobbi Brown gel liner goes on smoothly to create a sophisticated look. It stays on until you decide to remove it.

Editor’s rating:

When it’s Bobbi Brown, you can’t go wrong. This iconic makeup brand has done it again with this long-lasting gel liner. Just by looking at the liner in the pot, you can tell how beautifully it will go on your lid. The liner is deep, inky, and has a gorgeous gloss to it. True to form, the liner glides on beautifully. The color is incredibly dark so that all it takes is one swipe and you are good to go.

The other amazing thing about this eyeliner is that it stays on for so long. If you are the kind of person that is always on the go, then this liner will be a great companion. Even if you have to venture out into humid conditions and sweat all day, your liner will be fine. It will be as smooth and as intact as when you first applied it. While the black liner is great for a dramatic look, there are other colors that you can choose from as well.

Jolie Gel Eyeliner Pencil

Why we like it: The Jolie eyeliner pencil can be used on your waterline as well and is incredibly gentle on all skin, especially sensitive areas.

Editor’s rating:

It is easy to feel like you are missing out with certain types of gel liners. Since you are only able to draw a line on your upper lid, you are often limiting yourself to a specific number of looks. Well, this Jolie gel liner pencil is chock full of gentle ingredients including vitamin E and chamomile. So, you can go ahead and use it on your waterline without fearing a reaction. This way, you get to try out more dramatic looks and expand your makeup horizons.

While this gel liner pencil may look rather basic, it is actually anything but. It is completely smudge-proof, which is why it is perfect when you want a liner that is going to last ages. The formula guarantees that you are not going to need to keep touching your makeup. So, if you want to party all night long, then this is the eyeliner that is going to help you do it. The liner goes on quite smoothly as well, so there are no jagged or spotty lines.


Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Why we like it: The Rimmel Scandaleyes liner is excellent for creating bold, dramatic looks. It simply pops when applied and stays on well too.

Editor’s rating:

One of the best things about black eyeliner is being able to create those bold looks such as thick wings, cat eyes, and more. Thanks to the gorgeous color available with this Rimmel liner, this is exactly what you can do. If you love drawing on intense lines, then this is the eyeliner for you. It also has the added bonus of lasting longer since you don’t have to use as much. You get a great brush along with the pot so you can’t start using it right away.

Now, one of the biggest fears with a liner that goes on dark and bold is that it will smudge easily. After all, the more pigment there is, the greater the chance of it spreading. Fortunately, with this Rimmel product, you don’t have to worry about it at all. It has a waterproof formula so you can stand in the rain and the liner will still prove to be the winner in the end. Also, you get all of this for an incredibly low price.

Celavi Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencils

Why we like it: The Celavi gel liner pencils allow for greater precision while remaining on your lids for a longer time.

Editor’s rating:

Let’s be honest, not everyone is graced with unshakeable hands and an ability to draw perfect lines with a brush. One of the best things about pencil liners is that they are easy to use and mistakes are easily fixed. Well, these are precisely the advantages offered by these gel liner pencils. It looks and feels like a gel liner but with none of the hassle of pots and brushes. Instead, you can get to swipe on that gorgeous curve even with the shakiest of hands.

Then, of course, there is also the fact that you get two shades to choose from. You can go au naturel with the brown pencil or vamp it up with the black pencil, it is up to you. Now when this pencil liner says that it will stay put, it really means it. Whether you need to face off against sweat, humidity, or water, you will be well-equipped. With these liners, you are sure to look put together for hours on end with very little effort.

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