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Eyeliners have been in use since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. In fact, it was not something reserved for women only. Men too were popular wearers. Over time as cultures and traditions changed and new civilizations came about, this situation changed. Makeup became a more predominantly female subject although this is still argued about a great deal. Eyeliners have the ability to provide depth and definition to eyes, in a way that nothing else can. Whilst black was once the only color available, today there are so many varied and exciting hues to choose from. Be it metallic, neon or glitter, it is there. Gel eyeliners happen to be even easier to use than pencils or liquid liners and are now a very popular option. Have a look at some of the best gel eyeliners on the market in 2017.

1. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner


Maybelline is one of the world’s most famous makeup brands and a household name. They have quite a hold on the market with their expansive range of items. From mascara to lipstick, you name it they have got it. This is their Studio Lasting gel eyeliner, which insinuates that it is excellent for shots. In fact, it boasts 24-hour wear so if you are the type of person who is always on your feet rushing from one meeting to the next, you have found your savior. Best of all, it is not only smudge-proof but also waterproof which means double-power. It is the perfect addition to any girl’s makeup kit and its compact size means that it is easily portable. Fit it in easily anywhere in your handbag or clutch. At less than $10 you have got quite the bargain. Though this is black, you can also choose from brown and charcoal.

2. Silvercell Gel Eyeliner Makeup Cosmetic


At less than $5 and 2 pieces included in the set, this is great if you are looking for something on a low budget. If you are the sort of person who hates having to rush out looking for supplies at the last minute, this fits quite nicely. When you run out of the first tub, you still have the second till you re-stock. It is also waterproof so you can get longer wear out of it. The angled brushes provided makes it easy for you to apply with precision. You also get one black gel eyeliner and a brown one so you can switch and use based on your requirements. It is also conveniently compact, making it easily transportable. If you travel often, then this is your mandatory travel buddy; especially if you travel for work purposes and need to look impeccable at all times. Definitely worth the buy.

3. Tonymoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner


The elegant, sleek shape of this gel eyeliner by Tonymoly instantly catches your eye. It is very much suited for the 21st-century girl that is polished yet minimalistic. This one is quite a handy option since it functions as both an eyeliner and an eyeshadow. For the latter, you just need to dab it on your eyelid and then spread with your finger evenly to get the desired shade. Do it quickly, though, as it dries quickly. The special gel ingredient included ensures a smooth application every time and ensures that the liner stays put. You need not keeping running to the restroom to touch up. It also contains a silicone ingredient which makes it waterproof and also prolongs the length of time it remains. For those of you who work long hours, this is a great option. At under $10, it is extremely affordable and is worth every cent.

4. Celavi Cosmetics Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencils


If you are far too attached to your pencil liners and cannot even think of letting go, then why not opt for something like this? The Celavi gel eyeliner does not come in a pot; it comes in pencil form so you get the best of both worlds. This set comes with 2 gel eyeliner pencils, one black, and one brown. Since it is under $10, it is great for someone who wants options on a budget. Unlike regular eyeliner pencils, this one gives off a smooth, velvety result. It is also safe to use because it does not tug on the gentle skin of the eye. Most impressively it is not only waterproof but also smudge-proof and resistant to sweat and humidity. So no matter what sort of environment you are in, you can be rest assured your eyeliner will not budge. Perfect for the girl that is always on-the-go.

5. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner


Rimmel is another brand that needs no introduction. A seasoned name in the industry, they have some of the enticing makeup products around. This gel eyeliner is made out of rich pigments, which results in a deep color. It offers 24 hours of smudge-free and smear-free wear. This makes it perfect for use on models especially as they often need to spend many hours of the day on a shoot which can mean many hours spent in makeup. Investing in products like this cuts that time in half. You do not need a professional to apply this, though, it is very simple and made easier with the brush that is included. It has been designed in a way that it allows you to exercise utmost control and precision no matter what shape you are trying to achieve. Choose from purple, blue and black or get all three since they are colors that complement each other very well.

6. Shany Cosmetics Masquerade Gel Eyeliner


This set of gel eyeliners by Shany Cosmetics is a makeup enthusiast’s dream. With 12 wondrous colors included, you can pretty much try out any look you want. Experiment and create new ideas whilst using them for any occasion. These gel eyeliners last for over 12 hours so you get good wear out of them. Furthermore, since they are waterproof, they can be used over a range of scenarios, even a day at the beach or in the pool. Since it includes 12 separate shades, it is more expensive than the others on this list so far, however, is worth as a whole. If you love makeup and enjoy playing around with it, this is an ideal buy for you. It is also great for budding makeup artists or thespians who often need exotic and unique colors in their work. Made from safe ingredients, you can use it with peace of mind.

7. L.A. Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil


L.A. Girl is yet another brand you will recognize. This purchase includes 3 very black, gel eyeliners so you are sorted for a while. It is great for those who use eyeliner frequently since they need to replenish their supplies quicker, as well as those who like to keep one in different bags. This too is one that is suited for those who are too used to their pencil liner to completely let go. It offers a smooth, creamy finish that is jet black and stands out well. Go for a smoky eye and enhance the features you want to. Interestingly, this one can be sharpened too, much like a regular eyeliner pencil. Though it glides on easily, once applied it does not smudge or smear ensuring a neat look at all times. It can also easily fit into any pouch which makes it an awesome travel companion. Its affordable price makes it even more lucrative.

8. NYX Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner and Smudger


NYX too has earned its name in the cosmetics industry, and their gel eyeliner does not disappoint. Jet black in color, it offers a beautiful definition and enhances your eyes. It features an exceptionally smooth formula, which allows you to apply it with ease. The compact pot is also easily portable and can be put into any bag. This too can be used as a more precise eyeliner as well as for blending depending on what you need. It’s dark, rich pigments shine through after application, allowing your eyes to ‘pop. On the downside, it does not include a brush so you will need to get that separately. Gel eyeliner cannot be applied without one. So it might also work out to be more expensive than if you were to go for one that provides a brush as well. It would be a good idea to compare costs and see whether you want to spend the extra bucks for this one or not.

9. Hourglass Mechanical Gel Eye Liner


Going by the shade Obsidian Ultra Black, Hourglass offers a very sleek and elegant option for a gel eyeliner, which is why it is featured on our list of best gel eyeliners. It is a mechanical eyeliner, so you need not fiddle about with brushes and tubs or sharpeners for that matter. 1.5mm in thickness, it is quite thin, thereby offering you a very precise and fine result. Aside from being incredibly soft so as to not tug or pull at the sensitive skin around the eye, it is also waterproof. At $18, it is most definitely one of the pricier options out there, but given the quality and guarantee of it, it is worth it. Unless of course, you are on a budget, in which case you should opt for something else. Since there are many choices available at a reasonable price, you have nothing to worry about. Consider convenience and portability too.

10. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner


Who has not heard of Bobbi Brown cosmetics? This beloved line of makeup and everything related to it has made a substantial mark on the world. With impeccable quality and a sophisticated panache for everything they do, they are quite easily some of the most coveted items for any girl fond of makeup. Their gel eyeliner is no exception. This one comes in a tub, so you would need to get a brush to apply it. Additionally, though this one comes in a shade they call ‘Black Ink’, you can choose from a range of interesting hues such as Denim Ink, Cobalt Ink, Caviar Ink, Black Mauve Shimmer Ink and more. If that did not catch your attention, then we don’t know what will. Aside from gliding on quite smoothly, it dries fast too so it is perfect for the time-strapped woman of today. It does mean that you would have to rectify mistakes fairly quickly, though. Long-wearing and dependable.

11. Jolie Gel Eye Liner Pencil


Again, if you are someone who prefers to use eyeliner pencils as opposed to liquid liners or tubes, this pencil gel eyeliner by Jolie will do quite nicely. It does cost a bit more at around $17. However, it is quite resilient. Not only is it vehemently smudge-proof, it is also long-lasting so you need not keep touching it up. The eyeliner contains an infusion of chamomile, as well as vitamins C and E. They have been specially included to provide hydration to the skin around the eye so it remains soft and undamaged. Gel eyeliners are, in fact, one of the best options for eyeliners as it does not stress the skin out. The combination of soybean oil and safflower seed oil allows this eyeliner to be creamy and therefore easy to apply. No stains or streaks to worry about, as it holds well against the skin. Convenient in size, it can be popped into any bag for easy portability.

12. Julep Long-Lasting Gel Eyeliner


At $16, this too is more expensive than some of the others features here on our best gel eyeliners list, but it is quite effective. As it turns out, this one does work well on the waterline which is a difficult task with gel eyeliners normally. It dries quickly too, so you need not worry about smudges; unless of course you intentionally want to smudge it, in which case you will have to do it before it sets. Choose from a variety of exciting shades, such as Radiant Amethyst, Silver Shimmer, Electric Teal Shimmer, Forest Green Shimmer, Gilded Gold Shimmer and more. This too is an easy addition to your makeup bag and frankly, routine. It applies quite thickly too, so you get a nice dark color as a result. Your eyes really ‘pop’ and the gentle texture ensures they are not stressed. Definitely, one to consider, even as a gift if you like.

13. it Cosmetics No-tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

This one is quite steep in price as far as eyeliners go, and especially as far as eyeliners on our best gel eyeliners list go at almost $30. It is specifically engineered to not tug at the skin, and it is waterproof. You can enjoy long-lasting wear at a time. Though this one is black, you can opt for brown, highlight, navy and silk taupe. You could even get it in each color to mix-n-match. It holds up very well against sweat and humidity, so it is perfect for use throughout the year, even during the hot summer months. Soft in texture makes it easy to apply, and thereby quite convenient, especially if you tend to do your makeup on the go and need quick results. Though it stands up against the elements, though, it might fade off as the day progresses so you might need to do a quick touchup. You will need to weight out the pros and cons before you decide to invest in this rather pricey option.

14. Inglot Matte Eyeliner Gel


If you are a girl who loves the matte look, then this is for you. Inglot offers a beautiful, matte finish gel eyeliner which made us want to include here with the rest of the best gel eyeliners. It is waterproof and lasts for a long time, whilst drying within a minute. You need not worry about any creasing or smudging with this; it is as smooth as a glove. The soft, creamy texture ensures its easy application with minimal hassle and strain to the skin. Pick and choose from a wide range of shades. The first layer along is quite rich and deep so you can use it for longer since you do not need much. Best of all, if you want you can use it as an eyeshadow too, which is great news for the minimalistic girl. Paraben free, it is completely safe for use and a very convenient choice.

15. NARS Eye Paint, Mesopotamia


This highly saturated eyeliner by Nars was added to this best gel eyeliners list because, not only can it be used for multiple purposes, it stays on for ages too. 18 hours to be exact. Which means that you could get through a hectic workday and events afterward, looking as fresh as you did in the morning. Streaky, smudgy eyeliner has a way of making you look more tired and worn-out than you actually are, and even age you a couple of years. So a weightless eyeliner option like this that also applies smoothly is a real treasure. When you need to remove it, use an eye makeup remover to do the job since it is the safest. Opt for a Nars eye makeup remover since they also have oil-free options if you want to look into it. At around $12, it is quite worth it; if you have been looking to try a different eyeliner, might want to give this a go.

16. Avon SuperShock Gel Eye Liner Pencil


Avon is another well-known brand in the cosmetic universe and a rather famous one too. This is a simple, no-fuss gel eyeliner that is just like a pencil. It is a deep and intensely black, making its name ‘Blackout’ quite an appropriate one. You need not apply much since it is quite thick. So if you want something a bit lighter for the office, use just a little. Grey and plum are two other colors this eyeliner is available in if you want to have a look. Do remember to sharpen it, though, since it is not mechanical. You do not want any wood pieces poking your eye! For a super fine application, sharpen the point to a tip carefully. It does not smudge easily, allowing you to enjoy an extended wear. At around $9, it is most certainly a bargain buy. Cost-effective, convenient and no-nonsense; simply easy to use.

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