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A gardening hose is something you will probably find in every household that has a garden. The main purpose of a gardening hose is to be used as an extension for transferring water from your faucet to the plants. When selecting a garden hose, you will first need to find a suitable length that will be appropriate for use in your garden. This can be determined from the distance between the nearest faucet in your garden to the plants that you will be watering. The size of your garden is another factor to consider when selecting the appropriate length. When selecting the hose itself, the quality is the top most factor as the hose will most likely be bent when using it, so it should be able to withstand this. Here are some of the best garden hoses that we could find.

1. Camco 22853 Premium Drinking Water Hose


If you plan on getting a hose that offers total hygiene in being able to deliver drinking water as well, this is one of the best garden hoses out there. You have the options of selecting the length of the hose that you require, with the minimum being 10 feet and the maximum being 50 feet. The special feature of this hose is that it does not have harmful chemicals and materials used in its build, hence why it is called a drinking water hose. The hose has been thoroughly tested and it complies with all the federal laws in being safe to use in your household. The only real drawback that we found with this hose is that both ends are fully open so there is no hose gun which lets you control the outflow of water. The hose may not be the best choice if you only plan on watering your plants with it, but is certainly the best if you want to use it as an extension to a water filter or faucet for drinking water.

2. LawnPRO 50’ Expanding Garden Hose


This the best hose to get if build quality and after sales service is the top most priority for your garden hose. This hose does not offer you the choice of selecting the length as it only comes in the 50-foot size. This could be sufficient for most gardens and it doesn’t hurt to have a longer than necessary hose even if your garden isn’t all that big. The standout feature of this hose lies in the woven wrap on the hose which makes it one of the strongest garden hoses that we could find. Though it is strong, it is still light in weight and has a compact size. This makes the hose quite unique when compared with the typical rubber garden hoses that are available out there. LawnPro gives a lifetime warranty with the product which makes it a definite value for your money. The hose is a tad bit on the expensive side, though, as it costs more than $50.

3. Rino 50 Foot Kink Proof Triple Latex Core


If you don’t mind spending close to $100 on your garden hose, then this is one of the better options out there. You get the option of choosing either the green or black version of the hose, but there is no option of choosing a different length other than the 50-foot standard size that it comes in. The build quality of the hose is quite strong as it is made of a triple layer of latex core. This makes it heavily resistant to being damaged regardless of how much it bends. The connectors are also made of a high-quality brass material which is rust proof. Care has been taken in every little detail of the hose to ensure that it never leaks. Another advantage of the hose is that it is light in weight so you won’t feel the weight when watering your plants. There are also bonus components that you get with the hose such as the nozzle and a high-quality carry bag.

4. VicTsing 50ft Expanding Hose


The VicTsing garden hose is a great option if you want a strong garden hose but don’t want to spend all that much on it. This is one of the best-selling hoses on Amazon and it really is no surprise why. The 50-foot hose costs less than $35 which is one of the cheapest you will ever be able to find. The hose consists of brass fittings which are tightly fitted and offers very strong durability from cracking or breaking apart. The hose can easily withstand a variety of temperatures without breaking or causing leaks. The other great feature of this hose is the great degree of flexibility that it offers. The hose can extend up to 3 times its length. It can also retract to its original length with ease. There are built-in brass valves on the hose which lets you control the water flow through the hose to when you need it only. There are no choices for selecting the length of the hose as it comes in the standard 50 feet length.

5. Treeco Expandable Hose, 50-Feet


This is another $100 hose that is of very high quality. The hose is quite different to other hoses out there in that it comes with a built-in hose reel which could come in handy when using the hose in your garden. This makes it easy to store the hose as well as it can fold up to a very compact size. It becomes so small that you can even fit the hose in a bucket. The build quality of the hose is also quite satisfactory and Treeco gives you a 60-day return policy with the hose in case of any leaks or damages. The connectors are made of plastic, however, the plastic used is quite strong. The hose comes with a built-in metal sprayer which allows you to control the outflow of water. The hose is tangle free and extremely light in weight making it well worth its expensive price.

6. Legacy HFZG550YW Flexzilla


Since all the hoses we have listed so far span a maximum of fifty feet, we featured one on our list which lets you choose for an even longer length hose. The Legacy Flexzilla has a maximum length of 100 feet, which should be sufficient for even the biggest gardens. You have the option of choosing the lowest length of 3 feet as well. The hose is quite cheap as the 50-foot hose costs only $35. However, the quality isn’t good as the other hoses we reviewed on our list, but it is still not all that bad. The hose is safe for using with drinking water as well making its usage quite versatile. There are no options of choosing a different color other than the green color that it comes in by default. The material uses in the construction of the hose is a high-quality rubber which is weather resistant. The fittings used in the hose are made of high-quality aluminum which makes up for the rubber material used for the hose.

7. NaturoHose Expandable Garden Hose


The NaturoHose Expandable Garden Hose is another hose which is made of woven fabric. The hose is quite strong and is kink free and resistant to tangling or twisting. Another advantage of fabric hoses is that they tend to be light in weight compared to the rubber hoses. The inner hose is made of a latex material which prevents the water from leaking out. The connectors used in the hose are made of high-quality alloys which are corrosion-resistant and offer great durability. You get four different size options for the hose, with the longest being the 100-foot hose. There is a spray nozzle that comes with the hose which justifies its slightly expensive price. The nozzle looks quite good and has a comfortable grip. Naturohose gives you a one year warranty with the product so you can expect it to last without any damages or defects.

8. Apex 8695 All Rubber Hot Water Hose


The Apex Hose gives you the option of selecting the size with three different size options to choose from. There is the 25 feet hose which is the smallest size and the largest being the 100-foot hose. The hose is made entirely of rubber, which doesn’t give it the best build quality compared to the others on our list but is still quite cheap. The 50-foot hose costs only $50 when not on sale which is significantly cheaper with some of the others on our list. Though the hose comes with a rubber based build, it is guaranteed to be leak proof. Apex gives a lifetime guarantee with the product so you can use the hose worry-free. The fittings on the hose are made of brass, so you can expect it to be leak proof and resistant to rusting. Although it is quite cheap, you might want to consider some of the other, more expensive hoses on our list if you are willing to put in a few extra dollars.

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