It is a gardening hose after all. How complicated can it be to get one? There are plenty of them out there and they all perform essentially the exact same function. Or do they? Yeah, that is a good question.

As it turns out, not even the simplest devices are simple anymore. Of course, the primary reason remains that you buy a gardening hose to help you distribute water where it is needed more efficiently than you otherwise would. But with that purpose already satisfied, who’s to stop you from wanting a little more from your hose than just that? What if the water coming out of it was also drinkable? What if it was able to last you a lot longer than you would normally expect? What if it affords you varying levels of water temperature to suit particular environments and plants? And what if it would be a lot more compliant with storage, mobility, and maneuverability? Well, the modern range of top-notch garden hoses aspire to answer all those questions with real gusto.

The list we have given below features the most sought after and reputed garden hoses that are currently on the market. They have been brutally tested and tried to prove their worthiness to customers. Not only do they satisfy our strict standards for quality but do so with their own unique technology and design. So have a good look and see which one you would take off the shelf.