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Regardless of what computer game you’re playing, the mouse is easily your most important controller. From Overwatch to League of Legends you depend upon that mouse. In order to play at your best, it’s critical you find the right gaming mouse. Luckily, we’re here for you.

A gaming mouse will differ from your standard computer mouse in several ways. Firstly, ergonomic design is more important with gaming mice since you’ll need to use the mouse often and for long periods of time. Secondly, gaming mice generally have more controls that allow you to optimize your gaming experience.

Here, we’ve compiled a collection of great gaming mice. With so many entries in the market, it’s hard to sort through them all. This list includes both wireless and non-wireless options, but everything is designed for an ideal gaming performance. We’ll go over their features and help you make an informed decision on which gaming mouse is right for you.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Why we like it: A fast gaming mouse that’s comfortable and lightweight with great features.

Logitech makes a comeback on our list with this ultra-fast gaming mouse. Logitech strips down their G400 mouse to rebuild this faster, better quality G402 gaming mouse. The mouse features an exclusive, Fusion Engine with speeds over 10 meters per second and offers tracking speeds so quick that you’ll knock your opponents out in an instant. This gaming mouse is also equipped with Delta Zero sensor technology for ultimate accuracy and features a 1-millisecond report rate, the fastest possible rate over USB. Gamers can truly get the most out of this lightning fast mouse with its powerful 32-bit arm processor and onboard memory for profile storage.

Users can freely use this gaming mouse with its comfortable, lightweight design and PTFE feet designed for high-speed moves and less friction. This mouse also features 8 programmable buttons and 4 On-the-fly DPI settings (ranging from 250-4000). The product has a maximum acceleration of 20G and a maximum speed of 420 ips. With its durable buttons, users can get a total of 20 million clicks out of this product. Do note that some customers have expressed concern with the product’s design and button placement, saying they wished the sniper button was easier to reach. Nevertheless, this product, costing $45, that’s really contains outstanding features and we’re happy to recommend it.


Logitech G502 Proteus Core

Why we like it: This customizable mouse is fully programmable and packed with handy features.

Logitech continues to show us that it dominates in the gaming mice industry with this optimal mouse. Evidently, Logitech knows that customization is a plus for gamers with their G502 Proteus Core gaming mouse. Although it isn’t ambidextrous like the previous Logitech mouse we reviewed, it features a comfortable design with textured grips and a convenient button layout for extended game-play sessions. The mouse’s physical attributes include: a height of 5.2 in (132 mm), a width of 2.95 in (75 mm), and a depth of 1.57 in (40 mm). Considering these specifications, the mouse is indeed on the larger side, but contains a solid, durable build. Feel free to adjust the mouse to suit your needs with its tunable weight and balance, repositionable to 3.6G in weight for the perfect fit and feel.

One of the many great features about this mouse include its advanced optical gaming sensor. Its accurate and responsive optical sensor precisely translates hand movements on-screen. The mouse also comes with easy-to-program Logitech Gaming Software which allows you to customize its many features including: lighting, surface tuning, and button macros. Not to mention, the mouse comes with RGB customizable lighting of up to 16.8 million colors. It also contains an adjustable, super-fast scroll wheel for quick, accurate maneuvers. This positively rated gaming mouse will cost you about a moderate $50. Nevertheless, this comfortably-designed, customizable, and durable mouse is great for the ultimate gamers and thus we recommend it to you.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Why we like it: A high quality, ambidextrous mouse with a superior battery life.

Logitech goes all out with this gaming mouse. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum mouse is certainly a forced to be reckoned with for its amazing features. This professional-grade gaming mouse provides an ultra-fast, lag-free wired or wireless connection option. Many eSports gamers get a kick out of this mouse’s wireless rechargeable function that allows you to gain a battery life of up to 30 hours on just a single charge! The mouse also features exclusive battery-saving Clock Tuning Technology to ensure longest-lasting, wireless gaming connectivity. Although Linux and Mac users will miss out, this mouse works with a multitude of Windows versions such as Windows 10 or later, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

The design of the mouse is fairly ergonomic with its customizable physical button layout. However, what really sets this mouse apart from the products we reviewed thus far, is its ambidextrous capabilities. This mouse, great for righties and lefties, features a comfortable ambidextrous design no matter what hand you choose and has a versatile mouse grip style. This mouse also has optimizable RGB lighting, adjustable up to 16.8 million colors, brightness, and breathing light patterns. The only downsides about this product include its price, which will cost you a pricy $115, and its high lift-off distance as reported by some customers. Besides those factors, this product can do it all and we recommend it for professional and avid gamers.

ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: A sleek, quality mouse with plenty of features and is fun to play with.

ASUS is known for its laptops and computers, but now it’s about to be known for its mouses. The ASUS ROG Spatha is a gaming mouse that’s a force to be reckoned with for its superior design and features. The gaming mouse comes with a 12-programmable button design and swappable Omron click switches for customizable click resistance. The mouse also features a ROG Armoury interface to customize buttons, performance and RGB. The product is also equipped with built-in flash memory for profile storage. Want the ability to use or not use a cord? This versatile gaming mouse has wired or wireless modes of up to 2000Hz polling!

The mouse is made of a durable, smooth magnesium alloy foundation which can easily glide across a multitude of surfaces and easily attach to the magnetic charging dock. The gaming mouse also features an 8200 DPI laser sensor for the ultimate control. The mouse comes equipped with 3-Zone RGB lighting as well as a variety of effects such as static, breathing, trigger, battery, color cycling, and more. All of these options can be assigned to unique profiles, stored on the gaming mouse’s built-in memory. Some downsides about the product include its loud clicker (as stated by some customers) and its hefty price at $160. Still, the majority of people who bought the mouse were very satisfied with it and how fun it was to use. If you don’t mind a pricy mouse with an easy-to-hear clicker, the ASUS ROG Spatha is a strongly recommended option.

Corsair M65

Why we like it: A durable, customizable gaming mouse that has plenty of features at a great price

Corsair takes durability and optimization seriously with this product. The Corsair M65 Pro gaming mouse is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum structure. The unibody aluminum frame structure provides a lightweight body, supreme durability and optimal mass distribution. Additionally, the mouse features an advanced weight tuning system. Users can set the center of gravity to match their play style. In addition to tuning, the gaming mouse comes equipped with surface calibration tuning. This function optimizes sensor precision and responsiveness for your playing surface. The mouse also features glide pads designed with low-friction contact points to ensure a great feel and precise movement with minimal effort.Gamers can enjoy playing with a quality-made mouse without the heavy lifting.

The mouse also features a 12000 DPI high-accuracy sensor that provides accurate pixel tracking and advanced surface calibration support. The mouse is also equipped with a gaming-grade, PMW3360 optical sensor, custom tuned to give you superior performance no matter what surface you use. Did we mention the longevity of this product? You can enjoy this mouse for a while as it offers 20 million clicks. The mouse also comes with 8 strategically placed buttons that lets you customize your game play and a high-mass scroll wheel. Do note, however, that this mouse is apparently shorter than most other mice and has been called too stocky and wide buy some customers. Nevertheless, if you like a durable, optimal mouse for a reasonable cost (of just about $40) we’re happy to recommend this product.

Mionix Castor

Why we like it: A wide-functioning gaming mouse with multiple color options and an ergonomic design.

The Mionix Castor mouse is certainly a mouse of versatility. The RGB mouse features multi color lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options. You can choose from colors such as ice cream blue, frosting pink, or french fries yellow. For this review, we selected the black color option. You can illuminate your Castor scroll wheel and Mionix logo any way you want. This optimal gaming mouse also features an ergonomic design to support palm, claw and fingertip grip style. Unfortunately, the mouse is developed for the use of right-handed people so left-handed folks won’t find suitability with this mouse.

Additionally, this mouse has a dedicated pinky and ring-finger support-groove, making it comfortable to hold and lift in various RTS games like League of Legends and DoTA. The mouse also suits low sensitivity FPS play styles in games like CS:GO, Overwatch, Battlefield, and Quake. Set at a native 5000 DPI, the mouse uses a PMW-3310 gaming grade optical sensor which has no positive or negative hardware acceleration. Gamers can also enjoy the mouse’s razor sharp accuracy and the natural fluidity when gaming at a high or low sensitivity. The mouse is available for the moderate price of about $50 on Amazon, but its optimal features makes it worth it. We’re happy to include the Mionix Castor Mouse on our list for its versatility and awesome colors.


Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Why we like it: This popular gaming mouse features an ergonomic design and is equipped with quality software.

The Razer brand understands how important comfortability is when playing a competitive online game. The Razer Chroma mouse features a superior, ergonomic shape design, made to fit firmly under your palm, and provide you with the most comfortable gaming experience ever, even during your hardest game battles. The mouse comes equipped with a native, 10,000 DPI 4G optical sensor. This resilient product is capable of mouse movement speeds up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration. Do note that the mouse has been said to produce clammy hands after extensive play. However, its additional features, such as its textured rubber side grips, make sweaty hands a factor that can be overlooked.

One of the great things about this mouse is that it is also available in a left-handed design. Left-handed gamers will want to take advantage of purchasing this mouse’s left-handed version, as it is quite the popular mouse. This versatile mouse features chroma lighting with up to 16.8 million customizable color options.Color options include: electric blue, pastel pink, or signature Razer green. You can easily illuminate the mouse’s scroll wheel and Razer logo any way you want. The mouse also features five, independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons and is equipped with 1000Hz Ultrapolling. We will say, however, that the weight isn’t adjustable and the price will cost you around $53. Nevertheless, for its plentiful features and quality design we highly recommend this product.

Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: This optimal gaming mouse features various DPI settings and is warranty protected.

Let’s start off with the negatives of this product first. It doesn’t include many programmable buttons (only featuring 5), and some users have said the left-side buttons are harder to press. Luckily, the mouse has plenty of other features! The Nixeus Revel mouse is one of the first gaming mouses to feature a PixArt PMW 3360 Optical Gaming Sensor with 8 preset DPI Settings. The DPI settings include: 400 (Red), 800 (Green), 1200 (Blue), 1600 (Yellow), 2000 (Purple), 3200 (Light Blue), 5000 (Orange), and 12000 (White). This customizable gaming mouse even has switchable polling rates that can be switched from 1000hz to 500hz, depending on your preference. The mouse itself is compact and lightweight in order to minimize fatigue and improve consistency during long, competitive game-play.

The mouse is designed with a low lift off distance, meant to stop tracking once the mouse is lifted a few millimeters off from its tracking surface. The mouse is also optimized to fully support PC gamers using low mouse sensitivity settings.The mouse features Omron switches and users can get a great usage out of this mouse with its 20 million clicks. The gaming mouse comes equipped with Teflon mouse feet to ensure you get the best tracking performance and a smooth glide. The product costs a reasonable $42 and comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. For all of its features and smooth performance, this mouse is a great addition to our list.

SteelSeries Rival 300

Why we like it: This quality built mouse has a customizable response time and is available for a reasonable price.

The SteelSeries brand makes it known that a quality mouse is all you need for the best gaming experience. The SteelSeries Rival 300 contains many sleek features including its Zero Hardware acceleration which offers precise tracking at various speeds. Although this gaming mouse is limited in button options, it still offers 6 programmable buttons (including CPI) that you can use for quick commands. Not to mention, this mouse is long-lasting, offering up to 30 million click switches and quick responsiveness. You can get the most out of this mouse with its fine tuning feature including angle snapping, acceleration, and deceleration customizations.

This gaming mouse also offers a customizable response time and an advanced optical sensor (PMW3310). The buttons on this mouse are also ergonomic so that clicks and movements feel natural and quick. Feel free to customize the color and brightness of this mouse as it offers two, independent lighting zones that are can produce 16.8 million colors. Colors can also be adjusted in each zone, per specific profile, game, or application. There are four brightness levels and three lighting effects to choose from which are: Steady, ColorShift and Breathe. Do note that one physical flaw about this product is its weight, as it is a bit heavy. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a great gaming mouse at a fair price of $44, definitely consider getting the Rival 300.


Zowie FK1

Why we like it: An ambidextrous, easy-to-use mouse with the perfect lift-off distance.

The BenQ brand knows how important it is to cater to right and left-handed gamers. The BenQ Zowie FK1 gaming mouse features an ambidextrous design with an additional claw grip usage capability. Users may freely use this mouth no matter which hand is their dominant hand, as this mouse comes with two thumb buttons on both sides to comfortably serve all users. Speaking of hands, users won’t have to fear their hands getting all sweaty while playing, due to this mouse’s rugged, textured plastic exterior which also allows for a good grip.This mouse has also been noted to have durable buttons that provide a great amount of click resistance.

This gaming mouse also comes with the perfect lift-off distance. The mouse’s low lift-off distance is of key importance for any serious gamer. The mouse has an easily adjustable DPI setting of either 400, 800, 1600, or 3200. The mouse is a plug-and-play device with no requirement of additional drivers. While simple in usage, this does limit your ability to customize this mouse. The mouse also features just 5 Huano switches which are not suitable for everyone. Nevertheless the mouse features adjustable USB report rates of 125, 500, and 1000 Hz, has an advanced Avago 3310 optical sensor, and is compatible with many OS platforms. If you want a straight-forward, well-performing mouse, it can be yours for a moderate price of $60.

The mouse is designed with a low lift off distance, meant to stop tracking once the mouse is lifted a few millimeters off from its tracking surface. The mouse is also optimized to fully support PC gamers using low mouse sensitivity settings.The mouse features Omron switches and users can get a great usage out of this mouse with its 20 million clicks. The gaming mouse comes equipped with Teflon mouse feet to ensure you get the best tracking performance and a smooth glide. The product costs a reasonable $42 and comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. For all of its features and smooth performance, this mouse is a great addition to our list.

What the Pros Use

In the field of competitive gaming, saying that a mouse is important is a gross understatement. A mouse is the primary weapon in a gamer’s arsenal, and as such, they want their mouse to be an extension of their hand. Long gaming sessions with a high-intensity level of movement and clicks requires a mouse of exceptional caliber.

Best Gaming Mouse – Buyer’s guide

Modern mice have a lot of technology in a small package. Most of the technology behind these peripherals come with a host of numbers, some meaningful, and some vastly misunderstood. Here, we break down some of the important concepts about mice, with the goal of helping buyers determine the best gaming mice for their needs.


Sensitivity in mice is more commonly referred to as the “DPI” or “CPI” number. “DPI” stands for “dots per inch” and “CPI” stands for “characters per inch”. These acronyms are used interchangeably to represent the same thing: the number of pixels of movement across the screen per inch of mouse movement. Generally speaking, a higher DPI means the mouse moves across the screen faster, depending on the screen resolution size. Lower DPI has the opposite result. Sensitivity is usually measured in steps of 100, with numbers ranging from as low as 100 to extremes of 8,000.

Mouse speed is important. Some gamers find that too low a speed will result in a mouse that does not move across the screen fast enough. While some games require a slower speed for more precision, others require a faster speed for quick movements across the screen. Realistically, ultra-high sensitivities are not only unimportant, but detrimental.

Many companies advertise their high DPI settings, which can only be achieved through firmware and software changes. These changes create a false effect to increase DPI rate, while also resulting in compatibility problems with some computers. High DPI settings can also negatively impact sensor performance. It’s best to avoid companies that advertise purely based on DPI numbers. Instead, check for what DPI settings are typically best for the games you play, and locate the best gaming mice for covering the settings necessary for those games.

Similarly, the sensitivity for a mouse is based on the operating system’s own settings, the settings in the mouse’s software, and, occasionally, DPI settings that can be set within the actual game. Most users find that in-game settings are the best, particularly when paired with a mouse setting of 6/11 when using Windows. This setting will help provide a 1:1 ratio between physical mouse movement and cursor movement. This relationship makes it easier to predict where the mouse will actually end up.


Acceleration is how fast or slow the mouse moves on screen in relation to how fast the user’s hand moves. Mouse speed is measured in Gs, with one G equivalent to 9.8 meters per second. Higher sensitivity players will not notice acceleration as much, as screen movement will require less motion. However, lower sensitivity users will definitely notice mouse acceleration.

There are three types of acceleration. “No acceleration” means that a given mouse movement moves the cursor at a given speed. “Positive acceleration” means that a normal motion will result in the cursor moving faster than the hand motion. Increasing the movement speed raises the speed of the cursor. “Negative acceleration” means a normal hand motion will result in a slower realized speed of the cursor.

Gaming mice are designed to move faster on screen than a user can move the mouse. As such, buying mice with high acceleration is not just unnecessary, but detrimental. For gaming, a consistency in acceleration speed in relation to mouse speed is important. High acceleration on mice hurts the precision required for competitive gaming.


Many modern mice are built with prediction software to compensate for the sometimes erratic hand motions which prevent the mouse from moving in an exact, straight line. While this is positive in most cases, it can be a negative for gaming. Particularly, mouse correcting may result in a loss of precision. Another common terms for prediction is “angle snapping”.

Polling Rate

The polling rate refers to the data transfer rate between the mouse and the computer. As a mouse is a peripheral, it sends data to the computer, which has to be processed before the computer can determine what action to take. Polling rates in mice are measured in hertz, typically ranging from 250 to 1000 Hz. The higher the polling rate, the more responsive a mouse will be.


Modern mice use either an optical sensor or a laser sensor. Optical sensors are better at tracking on rough surfaces, as the optical LED does not scatter across the ridges, while laser tracking sensors are better on glass or other smooth, reflective surfaces. Laser sensor also provide higher natural DPI, due to quicker response times.

Programmable Buttons and Profiles

Gaming mice distinguish themselves from regular mice through the use of programmable buttons. The best gaming mice have several buttons that can be programmed as hotkeys to make in-game actions much faster. Different games require different amounts of hotkeys. Some mice have buttons designed for very specific purposes, such as sniper buttons for FPS gaming. Other mice have different layouts for the programmable buttons to make the mouse more applicable to different gaming genres.

On a similar note, many mice allow for different profile settings for the programmable buttons. This allows for changing characters that require different button specifications within a game, or moving across games with the same mouse.


Many gamers point to the weight of the mouse as a key factor in precise, competitive gaming. Some mice come with adjustable weights. Fine-tuning the mouse weight aids in making comfortable, predictable mouse motions.

lift-Off Distance

The lift-off distance is how high a mouse can go before the sensor begins to lose its ability to track mouse movements. Fast paced, competitive gaming often involves quick mouse lift-offs and landings. Lower lift-off distances are generally preferred, as having the mouse stop tracking during that lift-off period prevents the cursor from continuing motion during these adjustment periods. Mice with high lift-off distances may continue tracking, resulting in unwanted cursor movement.

Lift-off distance is generally determined by the quality of the sensor and the software. The best gaming mice come with the ability to adjust lift-off distance.

Generally speaking, a lift-off distance under 2 millimeters is considered to be good. A distance between 2 to 2.5 mm is average. Anything above 2.5mm is a bit high, and at that range might begin negatively impacting gameplay, especially for those who have a tendency to lift the mouse frequently.