If you are someone who engages in countless hours of gaming on your PC, then you will know the importance of having the right gaming gear. A gaming mouse may be the top most priority when it comes to gaming as it can give you the edge over the other gamers if you do tend to play multiplayer games. In order to compliment the gaming mouse, you will need a good gaming mousepad since it can be very important to have a consistent mouse movement speed especially for first person shooter games. The mouse pads themselves aren’t a very pricy investment, but they do make a significant different in terms of your gameplay experience. Here are some of the best gaming mousepads that you can buy.

1. MSI Sistorm Gaming Mouse Pad

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Why we like it: When you associate Gaming with MSI, you are guaranteed of quality and this holds true even for the Sistorm Gaming Mouse Pad. The mouse pad comes in a very sleek design that has curved edges which could make it quite the highlight on your table. The base of the mouse pad is made of silicone so that the pad does not slip to easily and also increases the comfort of using it. With a gaming mouse you will require that the mouse glides easily over it with minimal friction, and the texture of the Sistorm mouse pad ensures this. Accuracy will also be high since there is consistent movement of the mouse with the cursor on the screen. The material used is entirely waterproof so it wouldn’t retain water in the case of accidental water spills on the mouse pad.

2. Reflex Lab Mouse Pad

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Why we like it: Although it is given the term a mouse pad, this Gaming mouse pad by Reflex Lab spans about 3 feet in length, making it suitable to place more than just your mouse pad on it. The surface is frictionless so it will allow your mouse to glide over it easily and consistently, thereby allowing your muscle memory to train much easily. Comfort is another important factor when it comes to gaming mouse pads, so the Reflex Lab mouse pad is designed in order to ensure that it is supper comfortable for resting your arm on it. It weighs almost 2 pounds so it is a lot thicker than traditional mouse pads. The build of the mouse pad is durable and is made water proof and has anti-slip features in place. If you do need to wash it, you can still put it in your washing machine without it getting damaged.

3. Turtle Beach X-Large Gaming Mousepad

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Why we like it: Another choice for an ultra-wide gaming mouse mat would be the one offered by Turtle Beach . Turtle Beach is a high-quality textured surface for maximum control, to enable a players success at gaming. The traction mousepad is engineered to stay in place with an anti-slip rubber base and constructed to last with anti-fraying stitched edges, it ensures you get the best possible performance from your mouse. TRACTION pads come in 4 sizes Medium (10.63″x8.66″), Large (13.78″x9.84″), X-Large (17.72″x13.78″) and Wide (35.43″x11.81″). The Wide version is large enough to provide a surface for a mouse, keyboard, and gaming keypad.

4. KAZAIRA Gaming Mouse Pad

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Why we like it: The Kazaira Gaming Mouse Pad has a very premium look about it although it comes in just a plain black design. It is quite thick when it comes to gaming mouse pads but it does allow the mouse to glide over the surface quite easily with minimal resistance. This is a good mouse pad to get if you want precision with your mouse movement, ideally for first person shooter games. It is a lot heavier than the traditional mouse pads as well as it weighs about a pound and half. This should ensure that the mouse pad does not slip as it will tend to have a lower inertia. The size of the mouse pad is quite large so that you can keep other peripherals on it as well apart from just the mouse. Furthermore, the materials used in the making are eco-friendly as it is made of natural rubber and cloth. This makes the mat easily recyclable if you want to dispose of it.

5. MSI ThunderStorm Mousepad

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Why we like it: If you are willing to spend a few dollars more on a more premium looking mouse pad, then you could go for the MSI Thunderstorm. This mousepad is fully constructed of a solid aluminium which offers very little friction when sliding the mouse across it. The aluminium body does have a difference as opposed to the typical cloth material used for mouse pads so this will come off as a personal presence on which has the better feel. The dragon design on the mousepad with the words ThunderStorm written on it definitely gives out a very hard-core appearance to it. Another standout feature is the L shaped design of the mouse pad which comes off as being quite unique when it comes to gaming mouse pads. There are silicone feet on the base of the mouse pad that are resistant to slip. The build quality also offers protection against dust and water spills.

6. Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse Mat

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Why we like it: Lenovo is one of the leading brands when it comes to everything related to technology. They own a fair share of the mobile market with their android phones, but their main dominance comes in the area of laptops and computers. This particular gaming pad from Lenovo features a very sleek design especially due to the Y design pattern that is on the charcoal black mousepad. The pad itself has high resistance against skidding and is made of high quality material. The edges of the pad are braided so you won’t find yourself moving your mouse past the edges of the mousepad and onto your desk. The pad is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about damaging it due to accidental spills. The pure black background of the mouse pad gives it a classy gamer look and will definitely blend with the rest of your gaming gear.

7. SteelSeries XXL Gaming Mouse Pad (67500)

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Why we like it: SteelSeries is one of the most popular companies when it comes to everything gaming related. Whether it is about organising eSports events or producing some of the top notch gaming devices, they are the go to brand if you want something that is quality assured. The SteelSeries XXL Gaming Mouse Pad features a very smooth surface that is made of soft cloth. This allows precision of mouse movement and frictionless glide. This makes it easier to train that muscle memory of yours so that you will know exactly where to move the mouse according to where you want your cursor to be. The base of the pad is made of rubber which is quite resistant to slipping. The mouse pad itself comes in a very large size of about 3 feet in length as this is the XXL version of the mousepad. You will still have ample room to keep other devices on it as well if needed.

8. Vipamz Extended Mouse Pad

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Why we like it: The Vipamz Extended Gaming Mouse Pad spans a few feet in length although being just the right size to fit on most desks. You will be able to place all your peripherals on it, like a keyboard or your laptop apart from just the mouse, and still have enough space to move the mouse comfortably. The build of the mousepad is of a thick cloth padding that has just the right amount of friction to ensure accurate control when gaming. Although mainly designed with gaming in mind, you can still use it for other office tasks to ensure a comfortable experience. There is an anti-slip rubber base that comes with the mouse pad so you can even place it on a glass top and expect it to stay in place during usage. The padding of the mouse pad is extremely comfortable to rest your wrists on during prolonged usage.

9. Dechanic Extended Control Mouse Mat

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Why we like it: Most modern mouse pads tend to come in extended sizes so that you can place more than just your mouse on the mat. With the Dechanic mouse mat, you will also have a variety of colour choices that you can purchase it in and also different sizes to choose from if you prefer a smaller or larger size. You will experience the ideal amount of friction for your mouse to get a silky smooth glide over it, whilst maintaining its accuracy. The mouse pad has been tested with all different sensitivities and is optimised to delivery consistent responsiveness. The rubber base of the pad ensures that it wouldn’t slip while using your mouse on it. The edges of the mouse pad have been stitched in order to improve the lifespan of the mouse pad. You can easily place other peripherals such as your keyboard or laptop on the pad as well.