Accessorizing your gaming laptop with the right equipment is a crucial aspect of ensuring smooth and comfortable gaming sessions. One of the most important of these accessories is the cooling pad, which prevents your precious machine from overheating and sustaining irreversible hardware damage.

There are tons of cooling pads you can buy for your laptop. However, gaming laptops require more power than what the average cooling pad offers. It’s best to choose a cooling pad with more than one fan that keeps the airflow cool. The more powerful these fans are, the better the quality of the cooling pad.

Gaming laptop cooling pads also offer another function: height adjustment. You can use a cooling pad as a mini-stand for your laptop to adjust the screen to the most comfortable eye level during playing sessions. Cooling pads can also keep your laptop steady on slippery surfaces, like granite on kitchen counters. Here is a list of recommendations for the best gaming laptop cooling pads you can buy online:

1. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: Quiet like a cat and cool like the winter wind, this is one of the best high-performance laptop cooling pads a gamer could own.

Some cooling pads are like a cool breeze on the hot stone that is your laptop when playing games. This cooling pad is like cold gale against your heated laptop, minus the moisture, of course. This pad has four large 125mm fans that mean business. The metal mesh on the cooling pad is multidirectional so heat is dissipated quickly. The pad can cool a gaming laptop quite excellently in a matter of minutes. The average-sized gaming laptop also fits snugly on the pad without adjustment issues. The design of the cooling pad is streamlined to make gaming easier when your laptop is mounted.

Other than stability and high performance, this cooling pad is also extremely lightweight. It’s easy to carry around in a backpack as it doesn’t weigh too much. The cooling pad is also really slim, so it doesn’t take up too much space. It comes with two USB ports to maintain the superior performance. The height of the cooling pad is adjustable. You can change it until the laptop is at a comfortable height that allows the best gaming performance. The quality is really impeccable. The cooling pad is durable and works quietly like a sleeping kitten. It’s all around one of the best products to own for gamers.

2. Opolar Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: This gaming laptop cooling pad is gorgeously designed and has two high-performance fans that are speedier than usual. The pad is also very adjustable as a gaming laptop stand.

The Opolar gaming laptop cooling pad is really easy to notice. It sports a truly unique design. The cooling pad is a work of art, really. It is beautifully designed with two fans that you can easily spot through the dark mesh wire of the device. The high-speed fans connect through faster USB 3.0 ports, so the performance is 30 percent speedier than the average cooling pad. There are other little quirks that enable better performance, such as the mesh panel made of anodically oxidized metal. The mesh effortlessly lets the hot air out and circulates cool air while you play your games.

While the performance definitely impressed us, there’s still a lot left to say about the design. This cooling pad also doubles as an adjustable stand for your gaming laptop. The pad has six different angles that can be adjusted up to 45 degrees each. You can easily get your laptop at eye level to play games really comfortably. This tilt will also help with comfortable typing and mouse control. It’s easy to adjust the pad and then collapse it afterward. It’s actually great for gamers and writers alike. The cooling pad also has rubber grips that secure well on any surface, so you won’t have to worry about any accidental slips.

3. ThreeLeaf@T200K 13-17″ 3in1 Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: This is a must-have laptop cooling pad for hardcore gamers whose machines get really hot. This pad has five high-speed fans, and also an array of lovely LED lights.

This is the ultimate gaming laptop cooling pad that most gamers dream of. It’s definitely designed just for gamers. The cooling pad has an astonishing five highly powerful fans rotating between 1,200 and 2,000 RPM inside. So this is the best cooling pad for high-performance laptops that play 4K games. The fans can keep on going for hours on end. We highly recommend this cooling pad, therefore, for hardcore gamers. The speedy fans are not the only perk. The cooling pad has LED lights all over that light it up like a Christmas tree.

The LED lights definitely make this cooling pad stand out among all the other products. If you think the LED lights are wasting power, you can turn them off. When friends come over, you can turn them on to impress everyone. You can adjust the speed of the fans also with a switch of a button. It comes with standard inputs for 2 USB 2.0 ports. It works quite well with peripheral USB ports in case all of the ports in the laptop are taken. We were impressed by how the performance never let up even hours after intensive gaming.

4. BUJIAN T90 Gaming Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: This cooling pad has good looks and excellent functionality. The two turbine fans in this pad can produce eight times the fan power of the average cooling pad in combination.

If you want your gaming laptop cooling pad to look super rad like your gaming mouse and keyboard, then you have definitely found the right product. This cooling pad looks just awesome in shape and design. Don’t be deceived though; this cooling pad is not all about the looks. The cooling pad has two turbine fans, which, in combination, can produce as much as 4,000 RPM of cooling fan power. It is truly an amazing amount of power to keep your laptop cool. Even hardcore gamers will be impressed by the performance of this cooling pad.

The fan speed of this cooling pad is about eight times the power of the average laptop cooling pad. And the perks don’t end there. You’d think that considering the fan power, this cooling pad would sound like a train when in operation. Quite the opposite, it’s really quiet like a mouse. The fan noise definitely won’t bother you during game play or mess with the multimedia sound. The cooling pad has four-foot pads that ensure stability. The footpads have anti-skid properties that will keep your laptop in place on any surface regardless of how fast your hand movements are during gaming.

5. HAVIT HV-F2063A Laptop Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: Slim, lightweight, and quiet—this is the ultimate laptop cooling pad for gamers on the go. It’s super easy to travel with and is highly useful.

Let’s face it. Most laptop cooling pads are made for home, or stationary, use. This Havit cooling pad is made for gamers on the go. This product offers refreshingly new perks that you don’t usually find with most other cooling pads. This cooling pad sports four turbine fans, but it weighs only about 1.55 pounds. That’s practically weightless when compared to other cooling pads with similar designs and features. Not only is this lightweight, the 110mm fans also work very quietly, making this the perfect cooling pad to take to class, the library, or anywhere else with other people.

This cooling pad is designed to be highly adjustable. There’s excellent stability offered so your laptop will stay still on just about any surface. The cooling pad is slim as well and will fit in a backpack without much fuss. The fan speed can be controlled as you like. You can use a low speed that doesn’t consume much power for casual gaming, and a top speed setting when playing a hardcore game. It has 2 USB ports, which is rather standard. We have to say that this cooling pad also routinely receives good feedback from users. You can’t go wrong with this one.

6. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: This feature-rich cooling pad is ergonomically designed and is highly affordable. It has five fans and six height adjustments that gamers can appreciate.

We found this gaming laptop cooling pad to be surprisingly affordable, but also really feature rich. Those two aspects usually don’t go together so this is a refreshing change. Plus, this cooling pad can accommodate those larger gaming laptops up to 17 inches in size at the base. The cooling pad is equipped with five fans. That’s really important if you have a larger laptop, which can heat up much faster than smaller ones. The five fans are respectably speedy and are more than adequate at keeping the hot air out and the cool air flowing in.

The five fans can be manually adjusted as they come with two on/off buttons. It’s a very useful feature to have when you are trying to conserve energy. The cooling pad is also laden with blue LED lights that stunningly light up during game play. The dual USB hub is also connected to an ergonomic stand. The stand has as many as six height settings! You can play games at just about any possible angle for a cooling pad. This cooling pad not only ensures that your gaming laptop stays cool, it can also ensure that you can play comfortably.

7. EGOGO Laptop Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: This cooling pad has four quiet fans, adjustable switches, LED lights, a stylish design, and it is surprisingly affordable. What’s not to love?

EGOGO offers some of the cheapest gaming laptop cooling pads on the market. ‘Cheap’ here, of course, doesn’t mean low quality. While you won’t be able to enjoy some features that more expensive cooling pads offer, this product, nevertheless, comes with all the essential features dedicated gamers need. Let’s get straight down to the meaty parts. This cooling pad has four 140mm fans despite the affordability. That’s perfectly enough to keep your machine cool as you play a graphics-intensive game. The fans are speedy and also really quiet. Your sound system won’t be disrupted by these fans.

The cooling pad also comes with lovely blue LED lights and the standard two USB ports. The fan speed can be controlled with two adjustable switches, something traveling gamers can really appreciate. In addition, the cooling pad is also amazingly lightweight. You barely feel it in your hand, despite the sturdy construction. Speaking of construction, this cooling pad is also incredibly stylish. No one will know that you bought it on a budget. The design also verges on the ergonomic. Overall, it works wonderfully and meets all the needs of the average gamer strapped for cash.

8. PWR+ Laptop Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: A unique find, this gaming laptop cooling pad is made for smaller laptops. It has an alloy tray that can be adjusted to five different height positions.

If you have a small laptop, you know how difficult it is to find a cooling pad that fits snugly. Larger cooling pads can make typing and other activities uncomfortable. Also, the laptop may teeter on the stand. This PWR+ cooling pad is the perfect solution for all those problems. It’s specially designed for laptops on the smaller end of the size scale, starting from 7 inches. This cooling pad, however, can accommodate laptops up to 15 inches in size. It fits smaller laptops wonderfully and we can attest that the pad provides excellent stability and comfort.

This cooling pad is constructed from high-strength aluminum. The metal makes the stand incredibly sturdy, but without adding extra weight. It’s lightweight enough to travel with tinier gaming laptops. The tray can also be adjusted to five different height positions so that you find the most comfortable one. The highest positions allow excellent airflow even on soft surfaces like mattresses. You can game right on your bed without fearing the covers catching fire, or worse, the fibers from getting into your fan. It’s like a mini desk that keeps your gaming laptop cool and in position.

9. LotFancy 12R-2697-S Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: True to its name, this cooling pad is designed to be super fancy. But looks are not the only feature to like about this super sturdy product.

Fancy, like the name, this cooling pad offers pretty awesome features. The biggest perk we loved was the any-fit size. The tray of this cooling pad can fit a gaming laptop of any standard size, except the very small and the very large ones. More amazingly, the tray is made from a really sturdy material that doesn’t easily get damaged. The pad has five cooling fans that are super quiet. You will barely notice that the fans are on. Despite the quiet operation, the fans can rotate quite powerfully and aren’t built to be small.

When you have this cooling pad connected with its dual USB ports, you will never have to worry about your laptop overheating in the middle of a game. It will protect your hardware without a doubt. The cooling pad is highly functional and also stylish. Don’t fear looking like a complete geek lugging this cooling pad around with your gaming laptop. It sports a fancy design complete with an LED bulb light show. You can turn it on or off as you like. The pad is, of course, height adjustable as well. You couldn’t go wrong with this cooling pad.

10. Tecknet Laptop Cooling Pad

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Why we like it: This cooling pad is a favorite of frugal gamers with laptops that tend to get quite hot. It’s cheap, but it certainly doesn’t look cheap.

The Tecknet cooling pad is one of the most affordable gaming laptop cooling products on the market. So frugal gamers rejoice, your prayers have been answered. It is inexpensive, but the features are not. This cooling pad is powered by two rather large 110mm fans placed under a vented platform. The fans work fast and quietly. You can place your palm over the fans to understand how powerfully they perform. Your laptop will constantly get a cool gust of airflow that strips all the heat away. Hardcore gamers with older laptop models will particularly love this cooling pad.

The fans are nearly inaudible when in operation, so your gaming soundtrack will never be interrupted. It has adjustable switches and two USB cords. The cooling pad is also lightweight and easy to carry. The metal mesh is really gush-worthy because it provides really excellent support and keeps the laptop from sliding off. It will keep the laptop in place and at ease throughout the longest gaming sessions. The design of this cooling pad is also really dashing. No one will ever know this LED bulb-embedded beauty is dirt cheap.