Best Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads

If you are a gamer, chances are you have noticed just how easily your laptop can get hot during normal usage. When it comes to those intense gaming sessions, “hot” doesn’t quite describe it, some gaming laptops feel like they might burn your legs or burst whatever your laptop is sitting on into flames. That heat isn’t just uncomfortable for you, but can be extremely harmful to your laptop. Extreme heat can fry your hardware, and we aren’t talking about the good kind of frying. Not just that, but once your laptop temperature reaches around 90° Fahrenheit you run the risk of lowering your battery life and causing your hard drive to physically expand, creating irreparable damage and potential data loss. In short, extreme heat kills your laptop, so you want to avoid it. Luckily for you, there are a lot of great products designed to help you with just that problem while improving your gaming experience in other ways as well. Don’t make yourself sweat trying to find which cooling pads work and which work best, we love our gaming laptops and went out of our way to make sure we found the top 10 very best on the market so you can keep gaming as long as you want in comfort.

1. E-PRANCE X5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad


The E-PRANCE X5 Gaming Laptop didn’t reach the number one spot on our list by accident. This lightweight beast excels at just about everything it does and we certainly aren’t the only ones who have noticed it. Slim and with a portable streamlined design that can easily fit in your laptop bag, whisper quiet with four large 125mm fans that cool excellently, high performance multi-directional metal mesh to secure your laptop on a stable environment, two USB ports, an adjustable height, and one of the lowest prices on the market means that this awesome looking gaming laptop cooling pad checks off every one of our boxes for what makes a great cooling pad.

Think we’re over-hyping it? Click the link on our table and think again. Averaging 4.8 stars over almost 100 reviews at the time of writing, this cooling pad is by far one of the crowd favorites. Almost no one has ever had a serious problem with it and many users such as Larraereyes will attest to its quality with quotes like “Cools like a champ, perfect size, great quality, whisper quiet (I forget that its on!). Highly recommend!” Give this cooling pad a test and you won’t regret it.

2. Opolar Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad


Brandishing one of the most unique and effective designs, Opolar is surely going to be a top choice for many. To begin with this cooling pad offers six different adjustable angles ranging up to 45 degrees and collapses quickly for portability afterwards, a high-speed USB 3.0 fifteen faster than the USB 2.0 ports offered by most competitors, a unique U-shape cooling system that creates unimpeded air flow and accelerates the cold and hot air circulations improving cooling performance 30% higher than similar products. Not only that, but with an anodic oxidation metal-mesh panel, pure steel stand, and two anti-slip stoppers Opolar will be more than comfortable, it will be secure in keeping your laptop firm and steady on any surface. With an average of 4.8 stars after dozens of reviews we could hardly find a single person who didn’t love it. If you have a gaming laptop under at or under 15.6” we recommend trying the Opolar Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad and seeing its quality first hand.

3. ThreeLeaf@T200K 13-17″ 3in1 Cooling Pad


Solid construction, quality materials, and a plethora of features means the ThreeLeaf@T200K Laptop Cooling Pad is prepared to support even the hottest of gaming laptops for the longest durations. Inside this model you will find five powerful fans spinning at 1200-2000RPM glowing with the attractive blue LEDs gamers have grown to love in their devices. Not a fan of LEDs yourself though? No problem. This cooling pad has thought of it all and supplies a one touch button to turn off all LED glow and a dim-speed switch for the fans so that you can save energy when you aren’t needing the full strength of that 2000RPM speed. Of course, no top placer in our list is complete without the standard 2 USB ports, one to replace the port taken up by the cooling pad and another to make sure you can use all your favorite gaming mouse and other peripherals at the same time.

4. BUJIAN T90 Gaming Cooling Pad


Featuring one of the coolest looking designs in our top 10 list, the BUJIAN T90 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is a great choice for the stylish gamer who wants more than just efficiency but supremacy in features as well. Offering an almost frightening EIGHT times fan speed adjustment these two turbine fans can provide a max speed of 4,000 RPM. To say that will keep your laptop cool is an understatement. Featuring dual USB ports to give you a net-gain of a new precious USB slot for your gaming peripherals, four anti-skid footpads to prevent the laptop from dropping to the ground, and almost impeccable reviews everywhere we looked such as user Link’s feedback “Excellent laptop cooling pad. Lightweight and nearly silent. Much better than ones I have purchased in the past.”, this cooling pad will meet all of your needs. Best of all, if you are the rare gamer who has even the smallest problem with this product BUJIAN offers 24/7 professional customer service and a 100% money-back guarantee.

5. HAVIT HV-F2063A Laptop Cooling Pad


Gamers looking for an excellent lightweight laptop cooling pad needn’t look further. If you are someone who likes to take your cooling pad on the go with you a lot, after seeing the HAVIT HV-F2063A Cooling Pad you will be thinking you must have it. Okay, we know the pun was bad but the product is great. Lighter than any other cooling pad on the list the HV-F2063A weighs only 1.55 pounds which is remarkable considering all of its features. Four ultra-quiet 110mm fans optimized for the best heat dissipation effect while displaying a brilliant eye-catching blue LED light, you will find that not only is the design cool and comfortable but adjustable to be just the way you like it as well. That’s right, it is equipped with an adjustable fan-speed controller but more than that it has two shielded anti-skid arms you can use to adjust the height and stability of your cooling pad as well. And of course it almost goes without saying you can expect the standard of our top 10 list which means 2 USB ports, great reviews all around the web, and ergonomic comfort designed to let you game all day and night.

6. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad


The Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad earns its place on our list by excelling in all areas, but most notably Kootek gives us a product that is potentially the single most feature-rich in our entire list while still being affordable even on a budget. Able to accommodate most laptops with a 12 to 17 inch recommended size, this model has it all. Five built-in fans with high quality blue LEDs, two on/off switches to control the five fans and LEDS separately (which is a rarity among even the best laptop cooling pads), a dual USB hub gamers will cherish, an ergonomic stand with six adjustable height settings so you can play games at the most comfortable angle, plug & play ready (no software or external power needed!), and to top it all off an extremely well-established reputation with over 250 reviews on Amazon alone averaging over 4.4 stars at the time of this writing.

7. EGOGO Laptop Cooling Pad


Our top 10 list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the EGOGO Laptop Cooling Pad. While costing equal to the cheapest cooling pads on the market EGOGO offers an amazing choice for nearly any laptop with the wide range of laptop sizes 12 to 17 inches. Featuring four ultra-quiet 140mm fans with blue LEDs, two USB ports, 2 adjustable switches that allow users to control fan speed, and a design that is both ultra-portable lightweight and incredibly stylish, it is no wonder the product has near flawless ratings and glowing reviews such as user Samantha’s which says “I love this thing! It’s super light weight, looks cool, is quite, gives you extra USB ports and plugs right into one of your USB ports on your laptop. There is no down side to purchasing this laptop fan.“

8. PWR+ Laptop Cooling Pad


Perfect for smaller to mid-sized laptops, the PWR+ Laptop Cooling Stand Pad is specifically designed for laptops 7 to 15 inches. With a finely constructed high strength aluminum tray this light weight cooling pad can adjust to nine different height positions with a unique raise and lock stand mechanism to allow air flow beneath the stand even when used on top of thick blankets. Just because this cooling pad is equipped with two fans doesn’t mean it has to be solely used for laptops either, enjoy it as a mini-desk for any activity! The only downside of this model and why it ranks lower on our list is because it lacks the extra USB slots other laptop cooling pads sometimes offer. That being said, if you have a gaming laptop with a spare USB port already, this is definitely still an all-around great product that will keep your laptop cool anywhere in any position you want it.

9. LotFancy 12R-2697-S Cooling Pad


We aren’t quite sure who at LotFancy came up with the product name 12R-2697-S, but while the name isn’t easy to remember, the quality and features are. Available for laptops of nearly any size the LotFancy 12R-2697-S Cooling Pad comes equipped with five ultra-quiet fans that will ensure you never damage hardware or endure a forced crash due to high temperatures, two USB ports, an epic futuristic LED design and the ergonomic comfort of having six-level height adjustable settings that let you use your laptop at the most comfortable view possible. Averaging an excellent rating after over 500 reviews on Amazon alone and sporting radiant reviews such as user Jon‘s praise “Alright, I never do reviews but this thing is awesome. My laptop runs hot, REALLY hot. Any type of cpu usage will send the built in fans to full speed. I put this thing on and I thought there was something wrong with my cpu heat sensors it performed so well. … A nearly 30 degree difference under load! Amazing!” this cooling pad has been around long enough to be tested thoroughly and it passes every expectation with ease.

10. Tecknet Laptop Cooling Pad


Frugal gamers looking for the most affordable solution to their overheating needs will love the Tecknet Laptop Cooling Pad. At the lowest cost on our list this excellent model offers an impressive amount of features such as two large 110mm fans on a well-designed vented platform that provides optimal airflow at nearly inaudible levels, stunning blue LEDs that will both help you see while looking stylish at the same time, 2 USB ports (a net gain of one since this laptop cooling pad can be used directly from USB, no separate power connection needed!), an on/off switch, and more. Vastly popular across the internet receiving among the best reviews and ratings Tecknet provides a lightweight solution ergonomically angled to put the computer in the best position to use and utilizing a comfortable metal mesh that can support all but the largest laptops you will feel at ease throughout even the longest gaming sessions.

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