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You might ask yourself why you should get a food processor when you have a blender. Both kitchen devices have blades that spin. Both can mix and blend.

A blender does a better job at pureeing liquids while a food processor can slice and chop, shred, grind, knead, and mince dry vegetables without a problem, saving you a substantial amount of time preparing ingredients for your meals.

A food processor has a heavy motor which turns a rod that is fitted with disks or blades inside a bowl with a lid. The axle may stick up through a hole in the work bowl.  

Or the dish itself has a built-in gear which the spindle powers. Most models come with S-shaped blades and disks for grating and slicing.

Julienne disks, citrus juicers, and other attachments are often available. The work bowl twists onto the food processor’s base and is topped by either a twist on or lock down lid. The lid has a feed tube to insert ingredients without opening the lid.

Better quality food processors have heavy bases, so that tough mixing jobs like bread dough kneading don’t send them dancing across the counter. 

Lower-quality appliances are lighter. They often move during mixing. The motor might even seize up if the job is too much for it.

Depending on the type of food preparation you do, you might consider purchasing a mini-food processor. A mini-food processor is smaller, making it easier to move, store and clean.  Of course, a mini-processor also processes smaller batches.

They have bowls that range in size from 1 ½ cups to 6 cups. The best mini choppers should chop evenly, grate uniformly, slice cleanly and grind finely.

 How We Chose Our Ratings

making fruit dishes using  blender

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You want a food processor that can chop, slice, shred, mix, puree and is easy to use. So when we compiled this list of the best food processors, we looked at how well they performed these tasks under test conditions. We also considered their overall customer satisfaction ratings.

Pureeing done by a food processor, while not as smooth as a blender, should be consistently lump-free. A food processor should be able to produce well chopped and minced ingredients without crushing them.

A suitable quality kitchen device of this type should also be able to grate semi-firm cheese into long shreds and hard-cheese into shavings. Slices should be uniform in size without mangling the fruit or vegetable being processed.

Thorough mixing is dependent on the motor strength of the food processor. You shouldn’t have to turn it off and scrape the sides of the bowls or need to mix ingredients afterward manually.

Top 8 Best Food Processors

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor, Brushed Stainless...
  • Comes with 5 multi function discs and 3 blades out of the box
  • 5.5 inch super wide feed chute reduces the need to pre cut most fruits and vegetables
  • Includes 2 BPA free processing bowls: 16 cup (3.8 L) large bowl; 2.5 cup (600 milliliter) small processing bowl

The direct drive, high torque 1,200-watt motor on the Breville BFP800XL 16-Cup Sous Chef Food Processor is considerably more potent than most other models. It is also quite a bit more expensive.

However, the 16-cup bowl capacity makes this the perfect food processor when cooking for large groups. It can quickly chop and dice vegetables evenly, quietly knead dough, and ably shred mozzarella while excelling at slicing.

In addition to the 16-cup capacity work bowl, the Breville BFP800XL comes with a BPA-free 2 ½ cup small processing bowl and five multi-function disks including a reversible shredding disk, French fry disk, julienne disk, egg whisk, and emulsifying disk. The slicing disk is variable with 24 settings ranging from 0.3 mm to 8.0 mm thickness.

The accompanying three blades are made of stainless steel. The universal S-blade is micro-serrated which retracts when stored for safety. It also includes a dough blade and mini-blade to use with the mini-bowl.

It has a 5.5-inch wide feed chute with three feed options. The seamless design makes sure that no food particles get trapped making for easy clean-up. It has a unique LCD auto multidirectional timer.  

It stands 18 inches tall and weighs 26 pounds which makes it a bit cumbersome however it has retractable cord storage. It also comes with an accessory storage box which can be turned horizontally or vertically to fit in the space you have.

Both the 16 and 2 1/2 cup bowls fit flat on the motor base which allows you to use them with a kitchen scale to weigh ingredients when cooking by ratio. 

The ball bearing attachment fastens to the inside of the work bowl so that you can measure ingredients into the bowl with the blade attached then connect the container to the motor base. You do not have to loosen the lid to remove the bowl from the bottom either.

The directional arrows for the bowl and lid attachments make assembling the Breville BFP800XL effortless. The measurement markings in cups, fluid ounces and liters and a max-fill line on the outside of the work bowl facilitate your meal preparation.

Customer reviews indicate that the Breville BFP800XL 16-Cup Sous Chef Food Processor is versatile, durable and made from quality materials.  It has a one-year warranty and a 25-year warranty on the motor.

Magimix 4200 XL Food Processor

Magimix Compact 4200 XL Chrome 950 Watt Food Processor with Recipe...
  • Chrome color
  • BPA free bowls and stainless steel discs
  • Includes a main, midi, and mini bowl with mini blade

The 950-watt induction motor on the Robot Coupe Magimix 4200 XL Food Processor, one of the best food processors,  is quiet and efficient. It has an extra-wide feed tube. The chopping blade nearly touches the sides for complete processing.

Although simple to use with stop, auto, and pulse buttons, the assembly is a bit more complicated especially when processing liquids with the addition of a blending ring.

This professional kitchen appliance dream comes with three work bowls, 14, 12 and 6-cup capacities.

Accessories include Stainless steel Sabatier blade, a smaller S-shaped blade for mini work bowl, 2mm and 4mm slicing disks, 2mm and 4mm grating disks, dough blade, and egg whisk. It also comes with an accessory storage box to keep everything in its place.

The Magimix 4200 XL weighs 27 pounds and stands 21 inches high. Robot Coupe guarantees the motor for 30 years. It is one of the more expensive food processors though.

Ninja NJ100 Express Chop

Ninja Express Chop, Red
  • Effortlessly mince, chop, grind and blend a variety of ingredients for easy meal preparation or final touches

If you are looking for something more straightforward than the average countertop food processor that still gets the job done, consider a mini-processor, also known as a chopper. Our recommendation for this category is the Ninja NJ100 Express Chop.

It has a dishwasher-safe and BPA-free two-cup bowl. The 200-watt motor is mounted on the top. It’s best with less dense food textures and does an excellent job chopping, mincing and pureeing.

Customer reviews indicate that it is both easy to use and to clean. It has one-touch pulsing for absolute control. The splash guard also functions as a storage lid. It weighs just 2.4 pounds. Ninja offers a limited one-year warranty for this product.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel -...
  • Includes stainless steel Standard slicing disc (4mm), medium shredding disc and stainless steel chopping/mixing blade....
  • 720-Watt large-capacity food processor with intuitive "on" And "off/pulse" Buttons
  • 14-Cup Lexan work bowl; extra-large Feed tube; small and large pushers

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor, one of the best food processors, has a 720-watt motor which is powerful enough to blend the densest textures. It has an extra large feed tube with small and larger pushers, so you don’t have to spend time hand chopping before processing.

The 14-cup capacity bowl ensures you don’t have to prepare your meal in batches. It comes with a 4 mm slicing disk, an S-shaped chopping blade, and a medium shredding disk. All three are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.  

This food processor has a pulse and on/off options with seven functions for easy food preparation. The maximum liquid level is 2.75 cups.

This kitchen appliance weighs eighteen pounds including the bowl which means the base remains in place even while kneading dough.

In test situations, the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor chopped vegetables and herbs evenly and made a more consistent puree than other food processors tested. It also performed well at shredding cheese uniformly.

Blades and disks can be stored inside the mixing bowl. It is both easy to clean and easy to use. Its hollow handle reduces the build-up of food and moisture. It measures nearly seventeen inches high making it small enough to fit in most cupboards.

This particular model has received excellent customer ratings on versatility, material quality, and durability. Cuisinart also provides a 3-year warranty for manufacturer defects.

Hamilton Beach  Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper with Bowl...
  • Bowl scraper attachment: Special attachment scrapes the sides of the bowl to keep ingredients close to the blades for...
  • 10 cup capacity: The generous 10 cup bowl can handle large volumes of foods without having to stop to empty it
  • Large feed chute: Can fit large foods like a whole block of cheese for quick, easy processing and less prep time

If you are looking for a food processor that won’t cost an arm and a leg, check out the Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor. It has a 450-watt motor making it great for handling thicker textures.

Also, it has a pulse button as well as two-speed controls. The 8-cup bowl capacity is large enough for most families.

It comes with a dishwasher-safe stainless steel S-blade for pureeing, mixing and chopping as well as a reversible disk for shredding and slicing. The feed chute is ample enough to reduce the effort of pre-cutting ingredients.

The lid flips in to minimize height and make for more accessible storage. It weighs 5 pounds which is a bit light; however, it has a sturdy suction cup on the bottom to hold it in place.  

Customer reviews rate the Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor high on versatility. It does especially well with thorough kneading and uniform slicing functions.

However, there were some mixed results with softer texture processing, like cheese. Hamilton Beach provides a one-year limited warranty on this model.

KitchenAid KFP1333OB 13-Cup Food Processor

KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice System - Onyx Black
  • The first ever externally adjustable slicing, KitchenAid ExactSlice System gives you precise slicing and accuracy for...
  • Ultra Wide Mouth Feed Tube accommodates tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes with minimal prep work required.
  • The UltraTight Seal Features a specially designed locking system with leak-resistant ring that allows you to fill the...

The 360-watt motor on the KitchenAid KFP1333OB 13-Cup Food Processor With ExactSlice is a little smaller than some other models. However, this appliance works wonders with soft textured food. There are quite a few color options as well.

It comes with a 13-cup capacity work bowl, a 4-cup work bowl, a slicing disc that is externally adjustable, a reversible shredding disc, a dough blade, a multipurpose blade, and a mini-multipurpose blade.

It also has an accessory storage container to keep things neat and tidy. The KitchenAid KFP1333OB excels at chopping and shredding although it had some problems with nuts. It has ultra full mouth feed tube.

It has a locking system and leak-resistant ring to reduce spillage. It has high, low and pulse speeds. Also, it weighs 16 pounds and measures nearly 17 inches.

Clean up is a little more labor intensive as food gets stuck in crevices and on the blades. It also tends to be a bit louder than other models at 95 decibels.

Customer reviews indicate it is easy to use and very durable. KitchenAid provides a one-year limited warranty for its product.

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful motor,...
  • It's used for chop, slice, whisk and knead, or even get a vitamin boost with the juicer attachment
  • DualControl system with variable speed: The pre-set speed function ensures immediate and very even results, without...
  • Easy to clean: Every part (except the base with the motor) is dishwasher safe

The Braun K650 Multiquick Food Processor has a 600-watt motor. The variable speed dial allows you to control the speed from 300 RPM to 2,000 RPM for custom food preparation. Learning to use the fourteen different speeds may take some time.

It has a sealed 9-cup capacity bowl and a universal chopping blade for blending, mixing, and pureeing.

Other accessories include: a dough hook capable of kneading up to 3 pounds, a whipping attachment, coarse grater, fine shredder, fine slicer, cheese grater, citrus press, and juicer.

It features a dual safety lock to keep the lids from flying off when the appliance is running. It weighs 6 pounds, and it measures 24 inches in height. It is a quiet, sturdy, easy-to-assemble device.

Some notable drawbacks include the fact that this model is a little more difficult to clean than some food processors because the food sometimes sticks to the blade although the components are dishwasher safe.

There have also been some complaints of uneven mixing on occasion depending on the density and texture of the food being prepared. Braun offers a one-year limited warranty.

BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup Food Processor

BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup Food Processor, Black, FP1600B
  • Stainless Steel Chopping Blade, Slicer, Shredder
  • 8-Cup Work Bowl - Plent of room to work with
  • Food Chute with Pusher - Helps guide food towards the slicing/shredding disk while the processor is going, for...

The 800-watt motor on the Black & Decker FP6010 Performance Dicing Food Processor is more than adequate for all your food preparation needs. It has an extra-wide food chute. The touchpad controls include three speeds and a pulse button.

The Black & Decker FP6010 Performance Dicing Food Processor weighs 14 pounds and has skid-resistant feet making it a stable appliance during processing.

It comes with 11-cup and 4-cup capacity bowls. It also has adjustable stainless steel slicing and shredding disks, an 8 mm dicing disk, a chopping blade, and a dough blade. Also, it comes with a storage container.

It is somewhat inconsistent when processing soft foods. Sometimes food particles get stuck on the blades, making clean-up slightly more difficult, although all the parts are dishwasher safe.

Buyer’s Guide

KitchenAid food processor

Image via Flickr

It is also one of the more complicated models to set up and break down. Black & Decker offers a three-year limited warranty for their product.

Finding the best food processors for your culinary needs doesn’t have to be overly complicated. A few things you should consider before buying include:

  • Capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Multifunction accessories
  • Speeds


If you have many hungry mouths to feed regularly, consider getting a 16-cup capacity model. However, most home users are just fine with a 14-cup capacity model.

Also, if you have a smaller kitchen, a 12-cup capacity model might take up less counter space. If you cook for more than two people, you won’t want to get anything much smaller.

Easy to Use

Your food processor should have a wide feed tube so that you don’t have to spend time cutting up ingredients before adding them to the mix. Look for a liquid “max” line on the mixing bowl.

This marking will let you know how much liquid the processor can hold. Knowing this reduces the chance of overfilling and leaking.

The attachments should be able to be swapped out easily. Some models have directional arrows to help you with the assembly and tear down processes. Lids should fit securely. Disks and blades should be easy to attach and remove for cleaning.

Easy to Clean

Touchpad controls are easier to wipe clean than buttons. If your food processor has many attachments, a storage case is an excellent way to keep these accessories clean. Some accessories are dishwasher-safe.

Multifunction Accessories

Most food processors come with shredding and slicing disks. Some have additional attachments or interchangeable blades for a variety of jobs. A dough blade is a nice addition if you regularly make your pizza or bread.

A juicer attachment will keep those smoothies coming. Knowing what you plan to use your food processor for will help you decide which accessories would be the most useful.


A food processor only needs on/off and pulse settings. Pulse runs the motor for brief periods for more control. Mini-processors might have high and low pulse settings. Other speed variations may seem attractive but aren’t required for efficient food processing.

Now that you’ve seen our choices for the best food processors, it’s time to begin cooking! Bon appetite!

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