Have you ever tried working out only to find yourself ridiculously sore the next day? Well, this means that you will not be exercising for a couple of days at least, although it is likely that you have sworn off working out for good. If this is your only experience with physical activity, there is good news for you – this isn’t something that you have to deal with.

Thanks to the wonderful invention of foam rollers, tight and painful muscles can be a thing of the past. Think of this little beauty as being able to give yourself a full-body massage, no extra hands needed. Using a foam roller before and after your workout can revolutionize your post-exercise experience.

Of course, since these rollers have become more popular, they are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, not all foam rollers can live up to your expectations. To make sure that you are not disappointed by your experience, check out some of the options we have listed here: