Everybody loves a picnic or just even something as simple as enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee throughout the day at work. In many ways, this helps us feel comforted and able to make it through the bad days and appreciate the good days. Although yes, obviously you could get a cup of anything at a café, but for those times you simply cannot leave your desk, these little things go a long way. Naturally, there can be only one thing particularly useful in this scenario. Flasks. They might remind you of your grandmother’s days perhaps, but they are still very much in use today and with good reason too. It’s always nice to have some warm water to sip on in the middle of freezing winter or better yet, hot chocolate. There are just so many to choose from though which is why this list could be helpful.

1. Thermos Stainless King Flask

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Why we like it: At 1.2 litres, this flask is as sleek as it is robust. You have elegant colour options such as Midnight Blue, Cranberry Red and Matt Black depending on which you prefer. You can keep both hot and cold drinks at their temperatures for 24 hours unlike others in the market. Furthermore, if you want a flask that will last and not have you running back to store, this is the one for you. With a 50 year warranty period to its name, you can ensure that both you and your kids get good use out of it! If you are also someone who is always and the moves and travels a lot this will definitely come in handy. For all its features, it is not at all bulky making it convenient to transport about. Also good if you are the type who keeps running into things since its stainless steel exterior is quite tough!

2. VonShef Thermal Airpot Beverage Dispenser

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Why we like it: As far as reliable flasks go, this one is quite handy. With a 5ltr capacity, you can carry around a generous amount of whatever beverage you like both hot and cold. If you are ever running late and need a quick and nutritious breakfast, pour in a smoothie or a soup. They will keep you energised until you can get some food in. As it can store quite a bit, you can always have some handy throughout the day. Equipped with a safety lock for extra protection, it also comes with a handle that allows you to take it anywhere you want with ease. A prominent name in this category, VonShef is a brand that is trusted in all households. Enjoy a 2 year warranty which makes this an even more sturdy option. Its stylish design by no means compromises on performance which means that you win both ways. A definite nominee.

3. Wentworth Pewter- Plain 6oz Pewter Cushion Pocket Flask

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Why we like it: This is a great minimalistic flask that is perfect for both men and women. The 6oz capacity is perfect for holding your favorite drink and is also perfectly small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s great for hiking, day trips, walking, and is the perfect size for taking with you on a variety of different activities.

This particular flask would make a great gift since it is supplied readily in a gift box. It would make the perfect gift for birthdays, christenings, weddings, retirements, and awards, etc.

If you are looking for a classic flask with a simplistic design and one that can easily be transported then this is perfect for you.

4. AVOIN Colorlife Vacuum Insulated Flask

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Why we like it: The Avion Colorlife is able to store upto 1.8 litres which makes it quite a reliable option. Vaccuum insulated, is it well-built to keep all your drinks just how you like them. Its construction comes with an exterior that is cool even though there might be a hot drink inside it whilst any cold drinks will not form condensation. Along with a carry handle, it also comes with a shoulders trap that you can use to easily sling on when you need to carry a few extra bags. What is more, you need not worry about forgetting cups again as its lid also functions as 2 cups. A 7.5 cm mouth means that your plop in extra-big ice cubes and makes it also incredibly easy to clean. It is odour free, and also a good friend of the environment as they significantly cut down on the usage of plastics. Fits in wherever you want to take it.

5. Laken Thermo Stainless Steel Flask

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Why we like it: Vacuum insulation and stainless steel makes this flask a great choice. It’s toned down but eye-catching red is perfectly in sync with its impressive features. It also come with a lid that doubles-up as a cup making it even more convenient for use. This also means that you can take it along with you for road trips and travelling in general. It is lead free and therefore completely safe. Though a little more expensive than other flasks on the market, it is worth the expense. If red is not your colour so much, you can also opt for the black so you can take it to the office as well as picnics with friends and family. As far as having a reliable, functioning flask goes, you cannot go wrong with this. Store not only your teas and coffees, but also juices and other healthy drinks. Designed for easy transportation, it does not get in your way.

6. Airpot DL164 Giant Pump Action

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Why we like it: It might be hard to immediately think of uniqueness when it comes to flasks, but this one really is and it is obvious from the first impression. Its design is built in a way that makes it easy for you to dispense drinks wherever you may be. Instead of having to lift and pour, you just get to press a button. It also comes with a 5ltr capacity which makes it all the more reason to be considered. The stylish silver colour makes it the perfect professional addition to your office. Make your coffee or tea just the way you want and enjoy it throughout the day. It is built to withstand rigorous use so you need not be afraid about taking it along for a camping trip for example. If you are the active type and always needs a bottle of water at hand such as at the gym. Stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day!

7. OUTAD Portable Camping Bottle Flask

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Why we like it: This handy flask is great for when you want hot and cold drinks. Whilst your cooler drinks will be kept cold for 24 hours, your hot beverages stay that way for 12. Although it is natural to automatically assume that it is bulky for such a feature, it is on the contrary extremely stylish. It also comes in black, red and white which you can pick based on your personal liking. Its double-walled vacuum technology is behind the flask’s dual functionalities, both vacuum and thermos. What is more, you can take it everywhere. Take it to work, carry it around in your car, as well as on more adventurous trips such as hikes. Not only can you transport water, coffee, tea and juices you can also look forward to some wine or beer. You can even add some ice cubes as it also has a 3.3 cm wide mouth. They are also completely safe.

8. Grunwerg Drinkpod Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

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Why we like it: The ‘Drinkpod’ is attractive to both kids and adults alike. Although its storage capacity is 0.2ltr and is considerably less than other flasks, it is perfect for when you just need to keep a small bottle with you permanently at your work desk or at home instead of carrying it around. You will always have your own bottle at either place and it comes in a range of fun, exciting colours that will make you hard pressed to choose one. Reasonably affordable and highly trendy, they will make you always want to keep hydrated. Made of stainless steel, it is not only hardy but also safe for storing drink for consumption. If you are looking for something that is not too bulky to have around when you want to drink your favourite tea or maybe just some hot chocolate with marshmallows, it is the perfect companion. Perfect to keep anywhere.