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Winter is something that at least half the world’s population has to deal with. And as a result, those same people will require the operation of a fireplace. It is an essential home commodity to have in any residential area prone to cold weather conditions. But of course, a fireplace is more than a mere apparatus to keep the circulation going. It is also steeped in culture, that great tradition of sitting in front of the fireplace and enjoying a nice, warm cup of cocoa and reading a book, or perhaps chatting with a friend or relative.

But perhaps the not-so-celebrated activity in all of this is actually keeping the fire running. This means constant replacing and adjusting of the combustion materials, mostly wood. For that, you are going to need a fireplace tool set, and a mighty good one at that. But how would you know, unless you are an expert? As it turns out, choosing a good fireplace tool set is not so difficult. Once you have understood how exactly they are meant to assist you, you can then pick which one suits your personal taste more than the others.

Speaking of mandatory features, any toolset worth buying should be first and foremost a well-functioning, durable apparatus that can efficiently help maintain a fire while keeping you out of harm’s way. Aside from that, it should also be a thing of beauty that adds aesthetic value to the rest of its surroundings, most of all, the fireplace. Our list of the best fireplace tools on the market today takes all that criteria into account and so, here they are, 9 of the most elegant, efficient and long-lasting fireplace tool sets you can possibly hope to bring home and use for many winters to come.

Amagabeli Rustic Wrought Iron Tool Set

Why we like it: One of the more practical items to be included on the list but it also has a great sense of style and longevity.

Editor’s rating:

First, there are the basic requirements every customer wants from their fireplace tool set. After that, we start branching out into individual preferences and subjective tastes. The really cool thing about this fireplace tool set from Amagabeli is that it is perfectly compatible with anything from fire screens to outdoor fire pit tools to log holders and racks. The overall verdict on the design is that it is robust as well as stylish. No concerns about setting it inside any modern household.

The construction is pretty solid with this toolset. The building material being used here is black wrought iron, which is notably stronger than cast iron but maintains a similar weight. Theoretically, it is expected to last for several years. Each of the tools have a strong handle and are quite easy to maneuver. Altogether, there are 5 of them: a shovel, brush, tongs, poker and a heavy duty stand. The assembly process is a simple matter as well, taking no more than 5 minutes.

ShelterLogic 90390 5-Piece Fireplace Toolset

Why we like it: Another fantastic looking toolset with an elementary sense of style that matches any fireplace you place it against.

Editor’s rating:

We have long since argued that black is probably the best color to choose for a fireplace tool set. And we are delighted to report that ShelterLogic has a similar opinion. Their 90390 fireplace tool set just looks fantastic, a perfect suitor to pretty much any fireplace you care to place it near. But it is not all about looks. It is a pretty strong and functional set that makes no compromises on performance. It is cast iron solid.

Altogether, this set is comprised of 5 pieces: the poker, shovel, brush, tongs and heavy duty stand. The stand is made of black cast iron and fits in with the rest of the tools in a simple and organized fashion. Also, being black, it will not have any trouble complimenting whatever fireplace you have at home. The handles are super comfortable to grip and super safe as well, even if you may be having a clumsy time lighting and maintaining the fire.

Uniflame 5-Piece Antique Copper Toolset

Why we like it: A fireplace that will last for ages with its wrought iron construction and copper finish.

Editor’s rating:

Most fireplace tool sets feature around 3 to 4 pieces. The toolset from Uniflame has 5 pieces. A twisty design theme runs through the whole set and the finish is in antique copper, which works well with many home interiors. While it is far from being a bargain, we still think that beauty and skill outweigh the cost with this one. It is not even particularly light, but being made from black wrought iron, it is incredibly strong.

The other benefit you can get from using black wrought iron is that the whole set is incredibly resistant to heat, able to withstand up to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit of exposure. Realistically speaking, it is unlikely that the fireplace temperature will get so intense, but what it does confirm is how durable the material is for this kind of task. The 5 components included in the set are a poker, long tongs, shovel, broom and the stand, which is about 30 inches high.

Panacea 15008 Fireplace Toolset

Why we like it: A refreshingly modern design executed with high-quality metal and appealing color scheme.

Editor’s rating:

Generally, when we consider the aesthetics we want from a food fireplace tool set, it is easy to get hung up on the retro designs that have been around for centuries. But some of us appreciate a more contemporary look just as well. For all you folks looking up something fresh, you have got to check this one out: the Panacea 15008. It will certainly make the hearth look a lot closer to the century you are living in.

While it maintains a generally organized profile, it does not seem to take itself too seriously with its nickel and black color scheme. Each of the tools feature a rounded handle and an orb on top as well as nickel accents that reflect light coming from the fire. A full metal construction all-round gives the whole set great durability. Altogether, the set features 5 components. It is decently sized as well, measuring 11 inches in width, 29 and a half inches in height and 7 and a quarter inches in depth.

Pinty Heavy Duty Firewood Log Rack Firewood Storage Fireplace Tool Set

Why we like it: Comes with all the perks of a high-quality toolset and the additional benefit of a firewood rack, right on.

Editor’s rating:

The first thing to appreciate about this fireplace is the construction, which is hardened steel finished in black. It is made to last with a supreme resistance to corrosion and over-heating. At over 21 pounds, it is not exactly the lightest toolset out there. That said, there are other things to like about the design. For instance, there is a sense of organization about it. Hooks on the side from which you can suspend your tongs, brooms, and pokers.

You get an assortment of 4 tools with this toolset: a tong, a poker, a broom, and a trowel. The purchase also includes a firewood rack, specifically a double tier log rack with a holding capacity of up to 221 pounds. That is a lot of firewood. What’s more, it also stores the firewood 1.8 inches above the ground for proper air circulation and prevention of dampness, thus keeping your firewood ready to burn at any time.

Tall 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set

Why we like it: A timeless design made strong and durable with a fantastic display of craftsmanship.

Editor’s rating:

It is a universal rule with any commercially available product that its value is magnified immensely when it is produced by hand. So already, things are looking good for the forged iron fireplace tool set from Plow & Hearth. Indeed, it is handmade but retains the durability to work for years on end with no let-up at all. While the designers have made every effort to ensure that functionality remains super-efficient and durable, they have not forgotten the styling by any means.

The overall styling principle displayed in the forged iron tools and the stand features a classic shepherd’s crook styling, finished with groovy beavertail ends. We have to say it looks quite handsome and even classic. It would look best standing next to a large fireplace or woodstove. But it would also stand quite nicely with an outdoor firepit, chimney, or hearth. The tools included in the set are a poker, shovel, 3-prong tongs and a broom, all fitting inside a four-foot tall stand.

Tangkula 5 pcs Fireplace Tool Set

Why we like it: Another fireplace with a great sense of style and ergonomics to keep your fireplace burning bright and warm.

Editor’s rating:

It is one thing to get a fire going and quite another to maintain it. That is to say that there is more to it than simply adding more wood. The 5 piece fireplace tool set from Tangkula gives you everything you need to keep your fireplace alight and warming the surrounding area to a decent temperature. But none of this means that it will stick out in the room like a sore thumb.

This fireplace tool set has a sense of style that will add more value to the fireplace and the rest of the room. It has been crafted from heavy-duty metal, so we know that it is built to last. All the tools have been designed to afford maximum safety and convenience. Their length maintains a good distance between you and the fire and a carved round handle design enables you to grip them firmly and comfortably. And finally, a powder coated finish gives them that lovely rustic effect which is very satisfying.

Enclume 3-Piece Fireplace Tool Set

Why we like it: Brings immense styling and functional elements to the forefront, along with a sturdy steel construction.

Editor’s rating:

This is a device that beautifully combines style with function. Everything from the broom to the poker just looks fantastic and does its job impeccably. Even the stand is special in this set, fashioned entirely by hand from a lone piece of metal. The entire apparatus weighs in at a very manageable 13 pounds. And it covers all of the elementary tools you would expect from a fireplace tool set including a brush, shovel and poker featuring an intuitive and practical design.

The poker, in particular, has a hooked design which will allow you to pull the logs toward you in addition to pushing them into the fireplace. Any experienced user of fireplaces will tell you how important that function is to keep a fire going. All the components are made from a single metal, hammered steel, which provides a great deal of strength and durability. All this premium quality stuff does come at a premium cost but you really cannot ask for anything better if you want a toolset that not only works but also complements your home interior so well.

Boone Hearth Antique Handle Fireplace Tool Set

Why we like it: The stainless steel construction makes it durable for several years and is immensely practical for daily use.

Editor’s rating:

Nothing like stainless steel to compliment an already elegant looking fireplace. The Boone Hearth fireplace tool set is an all stainless steel pack that can be put to good use right on delivery. It is a five piece set featuring a poker, brush, tongs, shovel and stand. All have been crafted with the greatest attention to detail and a few very valuable design touches that make the fires warmer and yourself happier. It even comes with its own tool rack.

Use the poker to adjust the wood however you like, to keep the fire alive and well. Use the tongs in lieu of your bare hands to add more fuel to the fire. Use the brush and shovel to dust away at the ashes left in the wake of the flames. The stand enables you to place the tools upright so they do not occupy too much space. What’s more, you can easily shift the stand with all the components in it, thanks to its central lifting handle.

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