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If you fancy the outdoors better than most but figure it’s too cold or dark to make smores, what you need is a good fire pit. But what exactly constitutes a good fire pit? We have been sticking our heads in the market to find out.

A good fire pit is essentially one that you can rely on to keep you warm when you are spending some time outdoors either camping, partying, or having a BBQ. Not only should it warm up the surrounding environment but also provide ample ambient lighting. And being a high-quality product, it should also be able to do those things year after year.

When it came to compiling our list of the best available fire pits currently on sale, we set the bar quite high so only the very best options would escape being filtered out. We have selected the items below based on their strength, durability, ergonomics, and eco-friendliness. On top of that, some of them also feature extras in the way of style and customer service that you might also find appealing and necessary.

Landmann 26364 Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

Why we like it: Uses a timeless design to set it apart from the rest and really comes into its own during special occasions.

Editor’s rating:

This fire pit by Landmann is one of the current bestsellers on the market and it is not hard to see why. At first glance, it looks remarkably simple and classic even. Those simple square shaped cutouts look like they were borrowed from a bygone age and yet seem like they could remain a relevant fashion choice for centuries more to come. And that is not the only feature about it that is known for lasting a long time.

Yes, this fire pit is also made from steel which means it has a lifespan that is almost as long as its cutout design. It is also a simple thing to assemble and provides handles for easy lifting. A spark screen keeps any misbehaving flaming fragments at bay and 4 decorative legs keep the whole structure steady and well-balanced. It is best used for BBQs, bonfires, and parties as it can illuminate a large area with a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Solo Stove Backyard & Patio Fire Pit

Why we like it: A fire pit that stands out not just for its looks but also for durability, efficiency, and simplicity.

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Solo Stove follows a minimalist design concept for the outdoors and it is one of a kind. Just by looking at it, it would not be hard to imagine how all the other fire pits look basically the same. This however, looks like it dropped out from outer space. But it is all in the interests of heightening overall efficiency for the outdoors. It delivers unrivaled combustion and air flow efficiency thanks to the patented design and no expense being spared on its development.

The design has, in fact, earned its own patent and it is not hard to see why. Not only is this one of the more unusual fire pits we have come across, it is also one of the most beautiful. And it is a beauty that is built to last. It is fashioned out of grade 304 and 430 stainless steel. To get the most out of it, use hard and dry wood. Anything from oak to maple to hickory or birch will do.

Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit

Why we like it: Customer service is fantastic with this fire pit. Also, it is ergonomically designed and very reliable.

Editor’s rating:

Fire Sense has gone to great lengths to encourage families to extend the joy of spending time together outdoors. The fire pit has been configured to be usable all year round so that it will be ready whenever you are. And because it is from fire sense, you can bet that the central focus will be on build quality and innovative design. Another key detail that has been held in no small regard is how this fire pit would complement its surroundings.

There is not much to worry about if you buy this fire pit. It has been known to come with outstanding customer service and a warranty period which is valid for a year. The painted steel construction is of a very high quality and heat resistant as well. Also, the assembly process is ridiculously easy and requires no tools whatsoever. That says it is quite portable so you can take it along with you to camping sites and other homes.


Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Patio Fire Pit

Why we like it: You know the product is good when it is well functioning and can still uphold a sense of style.

Editor’s rating:

Sunnydaze puts together elements that are both stylish and functional in their outdoor patio fire pit which has a cute looking cosmic theme to it. We recommend this one especially for evenings out with the family as it generates that sort of ambiance that you would need for spending quality time with your loved ones. But of course, the good news does not just stop there. The design provides functions that even the most a-romantic customer can appreciate, and we are not even counting the year-long warranty there.

The first thing to note with this fire pit is the paint, which is actually high-temperature rustic patina type which is not only an aesthetic looking spec to have but is also efficiently heat-resistant. And those celestial shapes that have been cut into it do more than inspiring those cheesy stardust lines. They also offer great visibility into the actual fire and brings in ample ventilation to keep it alight. Finally, the overall steel construction has proven to be quite durable and reliable.


Uniflame Endless Summer WAD1377SP

Why we like it: Designed to be universally suitable for any location and reliable during those particularly chilly nights.

Editor’s rating:

Have you ever browsed through a selection of fire pits, seen one that you really like and then realize it would not really mix well with the rest of its new environment? Make no mistake, aesthetics are a key factor to consider so long as we are not living in a post-apocalyptic society. This fire pit by Uniflame follows a simple hexagonal design that is appealing to most customers as much as it will compliment most locations you can set it in.

What’s more, the design allows it to be easily portable as well. It comes with an easy lifting mesh spark guard and is great for keeping a good fire going and roasting a few marshmallows along with it. The lattice and oil-rubbed bronze exterior allow for the safe burning of firewood outdoors. The bowl is rather deep so it can contain a fire for a long time, a handy asset to have during winter and summer nights, or when there is not much dry wood to go around.

CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit

Why we like it: Uses a deeper tub than most for prolonged burning sessions and is about as durable as a house.

Editor’s rating:

If yours is a garden or patio that needs some warm loving, this is one of the best fire pits you can place in it. The CobraCo fire pit will actually burn for longer hours than many others because of a relatively deeper tub. You can count on it to keep a fire going nice and strong through the whole night. For safety reasons, that tub retains a mesh protective screen and vinyl storage cover to protect it from debris and water.

As you may have already gathered from the title, the tub is made from copper so the more heat you expose it to, the closer you are to achieving that rustic, weathered look on it. The stand that supports the tub is made from iron. The overall size does not make portability a hardship. In addition to setting it up in your backyard, you can take it along with you for camping too. The overall construction quality is enough for you to enjoy it year in and year out.

AmazonBasics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit

Why we like it: Beautiful to look at with all its stone and copper, and extremely safe and practical to use.

Editor’s rating:

AmazonBasics does it old-school with its natural stone fire pit which also contains copper accents making it one of the prettiest fire pits around. It is a great fire pit for doing what fire pits do best; bringing the family together and being the centerpiece for happy memories that will be cherished for an entire lifetime. But let us not forget that before the romance sets in, there are some key details to take care of. Thankfully, the people who designed this fire pit clearly have not forgotten.

Thanks to the dome-shaped fire screen sitting over the top of the bowl, you get a charming 360-degree view of the flames without catching any nasty sparks. The screen also contains a wide handle that makes it safe and easy to shift without the risk of exposing yourself to the heat. The whole fire pit is quite portable and contains stabilizing feet that work even on an uneven surface. You also get a warranty package that is valid for one year.

DeckMate Kay Home Product’s Avondale Steel Fire Bowl

Why we like it: It will compliment any home environment that you place it in and is built well enough to last a very long time.

Editor’s rating:

Once it is set, you can get a nice warm fire going in a matter minutes using either natural wood or artificial logs as fuel. A wire mesh spark screen will contain the more unruly fires from sending stingy sparks onto your skin. Moreover, it offers you a better view of the fire. And you do not have to worry about it mismatching your home surroundings. It has a copper finish that is resistant to high temperatures and works with anyone’s backyard or garden.

The bowl measures 29 inches in diameter and contains log rests that allow ample circulation of air. So customers will not be constantly irritated like they would be with lower quality products that suddenly burn out due to a lack of oxygen. The overall construction is out of steel which gives it valuable properties such as durability and sturdiness. It is all held steady on 4 legs containing a steel base. It will stand relatively firm even on an unstable surface.

Sunjoy L-FT629PST Steel Fire Pit

Why we like it: Not only does it look great at first sight, but will keep up a good profile for years to come, all the while affording night after night of toasty sleepovers and warm ambient lighting.

Editor’s rating:

Just about any fire pit looks great when new, but how many of them age well? Not so many, that’s for sure. Well, the Sunjoy does not have that problem it is finished in natural rust patina so it ages elegantly through the years without disclosing any ugliness. And yes, we do mean years because it has a safe and sturdy steel construction which is there in the name of durability and very little else.

Nevermind if you have been considering a fire pit that has an easy assembly process because this one requires no assembly at all. And it will complement any kind of modern architecture you care to place it in. it is one product that is bound to keeping you outdoors on most nights of the year even when it is a little chilly outside. To make sure all of those nights pass through without so much as a troublesome spark, you get a fine mesh cover included in the package.

Best Choice Products Home Garden Fireplace

Why we like it: Ergonomically designed and long-lasting, you can rely on this fire pit to keep you and your marshmallows toasty for years to come.

Editor’s rating:

Here is another hexagonal fire pit that looks great and is splendid for keeping warm on a cold night and roasting marshmallows in the process. The bowl containing the fire is deeper and wider than most so it can keep itself alight for longer and with minimal input. The exterior features a lattice design that is finished in bronze which works well with any backyard or garden. The main fuel source is dried wood which is always best for the surrounding environment.

You can also use charcoal or wood pellets if you prefer but those options are considered less safe than normal dried wood. This fire pit is made from steel, a highly durable material to go with. You also get a lid that is fire-retardant so it will nicely contain any sparks or flames that start acting up too much. Additionally, the lid also helps control ash build-up in the bowl. Finally, despite the steel construction, this fire pit is remarkably easy to shift around.


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