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Want to cozy up next to a warm fire on a winter night? Want to try camping in the backyard with kids? Then buying a fire pit is a must. Most modern fire pits are stylishly designed to suit outdoor and indoor themes. Plus, they are also safer than ever before. Buying a fire pit is definitely safer and more convenient than actually designing a fire pit at home. These handy items can keep the fire burning all night, and embers glowing into the early morning. You will only need to spend several minutes to assemble a good-quality fire pit. Read ahead for a list of excellent fire pits to complement your home or garden this season:

1. Landmann 26364 Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit


This is a very stylish outdoor fire put with a black finish. The 23-1/2-Inch fire bowl has decorative cutouts on the side that create gorgeous shadows and light shapes when in use. The material used is sturdy steel. It’s very easy to assemble right out of the package. The handles make the fire pit easy to carry. Plus, the handles are decoratively carved. The fire pit includes a charming spark screen, four decorative legs and an ember poker for support. The fire bowl provides 360-degree views of the fire. It’s perfect for summer night barbecues, bonfires, and parties. The fire pit can illuminate a large area in warm, ambient light. It’s also easy to clean and store away when not needed. Be aware that this pit can create a significantly large fire. Flames and embers may escape through the spark screen. Therefore, it’s recommended to use the pit well away from porches or tents that might go up in flames.

2. AZ Patio Heaters Propane Fire Pit


This is charming antique style fire pit with a bronze finish suitable for outdoor areas and safe indoor places. The tall 28-inch fire pit has a 38-inch square tabletop with a lid. It works only with propane gas or butane, not firewood. The pulse ignition is battery operated. The generous flame is perfect for cold nights when the heat output could be as much as 40,000BTUs. This fire pit can warm up a 15-feet radium area. Unlike most fire pits, the flames do not get out of hand thanks to thermocouple flame failure device. The fire pit also provides easy access to the propane tank door. The exterior includes fire glass. The pit includes lovely glass beads that shine when the put is in use. This fire pit has been certified by the CSA as safe. You can use it as a patio heater or as a bonfire substitute. This is the perfect addition to outdoor areas to entertain guests.

3. Uniflame Endless Summer WAD1377SP


This fire pit comes with a bowl uniquely shaped like a hex. The fire blows with lattice and oil-rubbed bronze exterior is designed specially to burn firewood safely outdoors. The 24-inch diameter fire bowl can burn up a generous bonfire without throwing off sparks and flames. There’s a wire mesh that will prevent sparks from flying out. This fire pit is very convenient for winter nights and summer night bonfires. The deep bowl can also keep the fire burning for a long time with minimal input. The fire pit will come in parts when ordered. It’s very easy to assemble and can be done in a matter of minutes. The mesh spark guard is easy to lift and clean. The entire unit weighs about 35 pounds, so it’s not very hard to lift without breaking your back. Also, the retail price for the fire pit includes a 1-year warranty.

4. Sun Joe SJFP35-STN Cast Stone Fire Pit


This is a breathtaking fire pit made out of cast stone that will be the ideal outdoor accessory all year round. The entire unit is not made out of cast stone. The fire bowl is made from metal, and it is enclosed in a circular cast stone exterior 35 inches in diameter. You can burn coal or wood in the fire bowl. It’s easy to light up a large fire in the bowl, which is heat resistant up to 1,112 degrees. You can put hardwood logs about 21 inches long in the bowl. The unit includes a wire mesh screen to keep the fire covered and prevent sparks from flying everywhere. The wire mesh is also permeable enough to allow a lovely view of the burning fire. The cover has a 14-inch screen hook to facilitate safe removal even when the fire is burning. The cast stone base is durable and long lasting.

5. Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit


This is a handsome fire pit with a bronze painted steel fire bowl and a hammered lip. The fire put is 35 inches in diameter and can accommodate very high temperatures. The stylish exterior also includes steel legs that are brush painted. This fire pit will be the perfect accessory for patios and similar outdoor areas. The unit includes a wood grate to make placing firewood easy. The grate is also removable to make cleaning easy. The grade is designed to elevate logs, so they get enough airflow to keep the fire burning all night long. The unit includes a one piece mesh screen for the fire with paint that won’t peel off in high temperatures. The mesh cover will keep the flames contained when the fire is burning furiously. The fire screen and be placed or removed using the wooden screen lift tool that will protect the hands.

6. Best Choice Products Home Garden Fireplace


This gorgeous, hex-shaped fire pit is perfect for keeping warm on cold nights and roasting marshmallows. The exterior has a lattice design with a bronze finish that will look great in a garden or a backyard. The fire bowl is deep and wide to keep a large fire burning for hours. This fire pit is suitable for burning wood. While it’s possible to burn wood pellets or charcoal, it might not necessarily be safe. The construction is steel, which makes the unit highly durable. The unit includes a flame retardant lid that will prevent sparks and flames from escaping the bowl. The lid can also limit how much ashes the bowl generates. Despite the steel construction, this fire pit is easy to remove and carry around when needed. You can pack it in a car and take it camping or to a friend’s house. The packaging with come in parts but the unit is very easy to assemble.

7. Zeny 32″ Outdoor Square Metal Firepit


This is a very functional and long lasting fire pit that offers excellent value for money spent. Each of these fire pits are built to last. The exterior is repeatedly coated in anti-rust acid pickling and a pre-paint coat to prevent corrosion. The unit is painted with high-temperature primers so it will look as good as new even after several uses. The exterior is made from stainless tell with a woven wire mesh base. The surface of the fire pit doubles as a barbecue grill. You can alternate between an environmentally friendly grill or a safety wire mesh cover as a surface covering. The safety cover will prevent sparks and debris from escaping when the fire is blazing. The unit includes a charcoal rack, a poker and a cloth cover for the grill to protect it when not in use. When the fire bowl is not being used to burn anything, you can fill it up with ice and use as an ice bucket.

8. DeckMate Kay Avondale Steel Fire Bowl


This is a simple but very beautiful fire pit with a shiny, antique copper finish bowl. With a 29-inch diameter, the bowl is generously spacious for holding wood for burning. You can burn real or synthetic logs. The unit comes with a wire mesh spark protectant cover that also provides a less hindered view of the fire burning inside. The bowl has built in log rests to allow for free air circulation so the fire burns bright and long. The sleek finish is resistant to high temperatures and will not easily discolor. Keep in mind that acidic or very basic chemicals might ruin the finish. The exterior is made from steel, including steel base legs that provide excellent stability. This fire pit will not wobble even when you add heavy logs. When fully assembled, the pit will stand at 21 inches tall. It’s perfect for summer and winter seasons, and to keep indoors as a decoration.

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