If you fancy the outdoors better than most but figure it’s too cold or dark to make smores, what you need is a good fire pit. But what exactly constitutes a good fire pit? We have been sticking our heads in the market to find out.

A good fire pit is essentially one that you can rely on to keep you warm when you are spending some time outdoors either camping, partying, or having a BBQ. Not only should it warm up the surrounding environment but also provide ample ambient lighting. And being a high-quality product, it should also be able to do those things year after year.

When it came to compiling our list of the best available fire pits currently on sale, we set the bar quite high so only the very best options would escape being filtered out. We have selected the items below based on their strength, durability, ergonomics, and eco-friendliness. On top of that, some of them also feature extras in the way of style and customer service that you might also find appealing and necessary.