It does not seem to matter how digitized life becomes, you are always going to need somewhere to store your papers and documents. Invariably, you will find yourself turning to files as a means to store all of your important paperwork. Now, the question remains, what do you do with those files? Simply stacking them on top of each other in a designated area will only result in everything falling over. Not to mention, you will find it incredibly difficult to find what you need when the files are arranged in that manner. The only feasible solution to such a conundrum is a file organizer. Using these wonderful pieces of equipment, you will be able to neatly and carefully store all of your files. Here are some that are worth your investment:

Amazon Basics File Organizer

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In an innovative twist, the pockets from this organizer are hanging from a rod, giving you easier access to your documents. It also makes it ideal for placing in desk drawers or cabinets, although it will function well in most locations. While you can place your files inside the pockets, the pockets themselves function just like files. Therefore, you will actually not require any additional supplies or materials. There are twenty-five different sections, all divided by lovely colors. You will not even have to read the labels as the individual colors will help you differentiate between them. However, there are clear plastic tabs where you can place labels of your choice, just to make things easier. These are placed at regular intervals to allow all of the files to be clearly marked. As an added bonus, most of this organizer is made of recycled materials. Therefore, you can feel extra good about getting it.

DecoBros File Organizer

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This file organizer is about making the most of the space that you have to work with. It is also a great feature to have if you require your files to be on close hand. This can be neatly kept on any flat surface. Not only is it functional, it looks incredibly professional making it ideal for the workplace as well. There are two horizontal levels that you can use to keep the papers that you do not always need. This can also function as an area to keep printer paper if you wish. On top, there are segregated areas to keep your files. One of the advantages of each of these sections is that they are quite large. Not only will you be able to fit in more files, you can even place a binder there! The DecoBros organizer is also quite durable and is capable of holding a great many files in its structure.

Fellowes File Organizer

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This might be reminiscent of your drying rack at home but the design is incredibly smart and versatile, however. This Fellowes file organizer manages to offer up a great deal of storage space while taking up minimal space on your desk. This is due to the wonderful “Vari-spaced” wire components on the structure. It also serves another purpose. Thanks to the open view of the organizer, you will be able to clearly see all of the files. This way, there will be no need to peruse through each one of them. You will be able to quickly identify the one that you need. One of the reasons why this organizer is great for the office is because there is very little maintenance involved. The wire design ensures that it will not trap any dust. As a further measure, the file organizer has small rubber tips at the bottom to ensure that your desk is protected from scratches.

Globe Weis File Organizer

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If you are looking for a bit of style in your file organizer than this Globe Weis organizer will certainly hit the spot. The beautiful brown patterned covering looks very sophisticated. However, it is the inside of this organizer that is truly impressive. It contains twenty-one separate pockets. Due to the sectioning of the pockets, you can forego your own files and just slip the documents in. Each pocket can be opened incredibly widely. This allows you to easily look through all of the files and documents stored. It also means that you can store a greater number of papers as well. The company has taken great care to ensure that this organizer is very durable. This means that your documents will remain well-protected. Each of the pockets already contains alphabetic labels to make organization easier but you can fit your own label as well. It is also equipped with a protective flap that can be secured with a cord.

Pendaflex File Organizer

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This is an incredibly versatile file organizer. You can choose to set it by itself on a desk, or you can use it in a drawer or cabinet. It will work well in either of these places. This file organizer consists of a perforated box. It has been designed to be incredibly portable and so you will have no problem moving it from place to another. This box is equipped with five hanging folders. You can place your files in these slots or simply choose to fit papers in the pockets instead. You can easily widen the pockets, making it easier to find the document you are looking for. Of course, to make this even simpler, there are clear tabs where you can place inserts to identify the documents. This file organizer is available in four different, elegant colors. This file organizer really will help to revolutionize your current filing system.

Safco Products File Organizer

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Are you looking for something that can be placed on your desk as well as help you save on space? If these are your requirements, then you will not need to look any further than this file organizer. It works well on your desk, particularly due to its compact dimensions. However, there are plenty of sections to ensure that you will still find room for all of your files and documents. Unlike many other designs, however, the separators have been carefully constructed to ensure that your files remain upright at all times. This is due to a presence of mesh. This way, you can still see and discern between your files but there is no danger of them falling over. There are also two other levels below the upright file storage. These can also be used to keep files over. Nonetheless, it also functions well as an in-tray, should you require one.

Smead File Organizer

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Storing files can take up quite a lot of space. If you have a small home or workspace and only a limited amount of storage, you may be despairing. Well, you will not have to do this anymore with this Smead file organizer. For one thing, it can be easily mounted on the wall. The pockets cascade downwards, allowing you to store the files as you wish. There are six different pockets. One of the best things about this wall organizer is that you don’t even need your own files. There are already plastic pockets provided for you. You can get them in bright colors or more somber tones for a professional environment. Each of the pockets can be removed, allowing you easy access to all of your documents. Each pocket is able to store up to twenty-five sheets of paper. If you want to take these files with you, it easily folds up to resemble a file and can be tied with the cord that is provided.


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Keep your document safe and secure with the IRIS WEATHERTIGHT File Box.  This clear file box allows you to store a variety of documents ranging from letter size to legal size. And with measurements as roomy as 17.7 inches in length by 14.6 inches in width and 10.9 inches in height, you can conveniently store a wide range of files including your important documents, your bills, and other artifacts of importance. With the hanging files storage folders, you can keep your documents safe and secure. 

What makes the IRIS WEATHERTIGHT File Box one of the best file boxes to invest in is the fact that it features a secure weather tight tote seal. This weather tight seal keeps everything inside your file box safe from dust and moisture. This gives you peace of mind that the documents you store away will not be damaged so long as to top says put. Storing away your documents is easier than ever too thanks to the four heavy-duty buckles. These buckles keep the lid of your IRIS WEATHERTIGHT File Box in place so that documents never get lost. If the IRIS WEATHERTIGHT File Box offers too much space for you to use, then there are other smaller size options to go with. Currently, the IRIS WEATHERTIGHT File Box is available in a 12 quart size, and 19 quart size, and a 32 quart size like the one reviewed above.