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It doesn’t matter what magazine you look through or which website you are on, when it comes to skincare, your utmost priority will be the same – hydration. Although it is easy to think so, all of these sources aren’t actually trying to trick you when it comes to urging you to buy moisturizers. If you want healthy, clear, and youthful looking skin, you do need to moisturize.

In case you think you can skip out on this part of your beauty regime, you should know the repercussions of failing to slather on some moisturizer. Wrinkles, dry skin, itchiness, and a poor complexion are just some of the problems you will have to deal with. Needless to say, you really need to invest in some good moisturizer.

Of course, this is where an entirely new set of problems can begin. While there are thousands of facial moisturizers on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are your best options. Well, fortunately for you, we have done our homework and figured this out. Here are the top contenders:

LilyAna Naturals Face Cream

Why we like it: The LilyAna Naturals face cream uses wholesome ingredients to target dryness and the signs of aging on your face.

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Unfortunately, sometimes your face begins to age before you do. A poor diet, bad genes, or continuous exposure to the elements and harsh chemicals can cause the skin on your face to look older. Wrinkles, lines, and dry skin are just a few of the problems you will need to deal with. Luckily, this LilyAna Naturals cream will help you fight all of these issues. Armed with natural and nourishing ingredients, you can be certain that this moisturizer is going to have your skin restored in no time at all.

What’s great about this face cream is that it is wonderful for sensitive skin. Since it contains natural ingredients, most of which are organic, it is unlikely that you will suffer any side effects or breakouts. In fact, it is so mild that you can even use it on the delicate skin around your eyes. Not to mention, if you are not getting enough vitamins in your diet, you can be sure that this cream is going to inject a healthy dose into your face. This is along with various other hydrating oils.

Amara Organics Retinol Cream

Why we like it: The Amara Organics cream helps to deal with some of the most common signs of aging on your face and provide results quickly.

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When you first start noticing the signs of aging, there really is no time to waste. Not only do you need a cream that is going to work, you also need one that is going to take effect quickly. Well, the good news is that this Amara Organics cream ticks all of the boxes. It helps to boost the collagen in your face, a substance that tends to decrease the older that you get. When the collagen is activated, it helps to restore the elasticity to your skin, adding plumpness and a youthfulness to it.

Anti-aging is not the only benefit offered up by this cream, though. It can help your face to overcome many different issues. The increased amount of collagen that helps to fight lines and wrinkles, for instance, is just as good at minimizing acne scars. Overall, you can expect a more even and exquisite skin tone. Also, the cream is fantastic at unclogging pores which result in fewer blemishes and pimples. Last but not least, the hydrating qualities in this cream are sure to leave your face looking soft, smooth, and glowing.

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Why we like it: The CeraVe facial lotion is the perfect nighttime skincare treatment, hydrating and repairing your skin while you are sleeping.

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Do you have a skincare routine that you go through before you go to sleep? Well, if you don’t, you certainly better start straight away. You should also make it a point to include this CeraVe lotion. This cream is specifically designed to be used during the night. This lotion works to make sure that your natural oils and moisture are activated to keep your face hydrated at all times. It also has niacinamide which calms inflamed or irritated skin for a more even complexion.

This formula has been designed to be hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any fragrances or irritating ingredients. Due to this, it can actually be applied to a variety of skin types. Anything from normal to dry skin will respond well to this lotion. The main secret behind this CeraVe cream is that it really does work all night. It uses a technology known as MVE to make sure that your skin is being supplied with nourishing components all night long. This means that you get non-stop treatment until you wake up.


Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer

Why we like it: The Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer can be used on a daily basis to provide protection as well as hydration to your skin.

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It’s always nice to find one moisturizer that you can stick to, especially since you need to hydrate your face at least once a day. If you are looking for such a moisturizer, then you should consider being a loyal follower of this Aveeno moisturizer. One of the main benefits that this cream provides to you is sun protection. It has SPF 15 which can help to combat many of the problems caused by too much sun exposure including sunburn, dry skin, and uneven skin tone.

This Aveeno cream, although acting as a barrier, is quite light on the skin. It is an oil-free formula and doesn’t create a sheen on your skin. Because of this, you don’t have to worry that it is going to clog up your pores, which is good news for anyone who is prone to breakouts. The lotion is also excellent at improving your overall complexion. It helps to even out the skin tone, get rid of dark spots, and introduce a radiant, healthy glow.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer

Why we like it: This Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer is well suited to effectively treating the skin of people with oily or acne-prone skin.

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While it may sound really weird, if you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize your face. This is for two reasons. First, if you use the right lotion, you can help to stop that overproduction of oil. Also, although your skin may have enough of oil content, it could be seriously lacking in water content. Of course, with oily skin, you can’t just use any old lotion. This is why this Neutrogena lotion is the best option for the job.

The lotion is water based and has been specifically designed not to be greasy. It also goes on incredibly lightly and will not block or congest your pores, causing acne. Instead, it will soothe, soften, and hydrate your skin. You will then be able to see how plump and supple your skin looks instead of having thick, oily residue. Since this formula doesn’t contain any alcohol, doesn’t have any fragrance, and is also hypoallergenic, it is great for sensitive skin.

Foxbrim Ocean Mineral Lotion

Why we like it: The Foxbrim Ocean Mineral lotion tackles sun damage, signs of aging, and the root of dull looking skin all at once.

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The list of all the things that this moisturizer can’t do is actually incredibly short. In truth, this lotion actually helps to heal as well as prevent a multitude of problems. It is incredibly nourishing because it is chock full of various types of minerals all focused on revitalizing and rejuvenating your skin. Speaking of which, this lotion is incredibly potent at erasing the signs of aging. It can help to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles while also preventing them in the future.

The lotion is also good at treating the signs of sun damage as well as protecting you every time you go outside. What this cream does is balance the pH, oils, and other substances on your skin. This way, there are no skin problems due to an excess or lack of any necessary components. Instead, your skin is left looking healthy, completely hydrated, and glowing. This is definitely a cream that you can use day in and day out, every day.


St. Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer

Why we like it: The St. Ives Timeless Skin works to restore plumpness, elasticity, and softness to your skin in an incredibly short time.

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The St. Ives facial moisturizer really does target all of those incredibly important aspects of your skin. To start with, it is incredibly hydrating. The lotion takes natural ingredients from plants to restore the moisture to your face. As a result, you can have skin that not only looks supple but is also incredibly soft to the touch as well. This lotion manages to moisturize your skin without being too thick or greasy. This way, there is no fear that applying this cream on a daily basis is going to clog up your pores.

This is not all that this lotion is capable of doing, however. it is also incredibly good at helping you fight the early signs of aging. Armed with collagen and elastin, this cream adds plumpness, elasticity, and firmness to your skin. Therefore, it looks better and healthier, with the lines and wrinkles a lot less noticeable. In addition to being effective, this lotion works quite well too. In about a week after you start using it, you will be able to notice just how much better your skin looks.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Plus

Why we like it: This Clinique moisturizing lotion is good for dry and other types of skin, helping to restore hydration and balance.

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It is difficult to go wrong with Clinique skincare products and with this lotion it is easy to see why. It is not easy to label your skin type perfectly. This is mostly because it tends to have various different issues. Well, with this Clinique moisturizer, this isn’t a problem. This lotion has been formulated to work on dry and dry combination skin. So, regardless of what your skin is experiencing, you can be sure that you are going to have soft, glowing skin in no time.

The reason that this Clinique lotion is so good at moisturizing is because it offers up a double dose of hydration. This way, your skin has a constant and steady supply of moisture, ensuring that it doesn’t go dry. Not only that, this lotion also helps the natural barrier on your skin to be more effective. As a result, your skin becomes a lot better at retaining moisture. So, there is a good chance that you don’t have to keep suffering from dry skin.

Andre Lorent Crazy Beautiful Face Crème

Why we like it: Not only does the Andre Lorent Crazy Beautiful face cream help to keep your skin looking soft, it also helps you to turn back the clock.

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What’s really great about the Andre Lorent cream is how fast it begins to work. As long as you dutifully use it twice a day, you are going to start noticing the results quite quickly. Within a short period of time, you will be able to see that your skin is hydrated, that your glow has been restored, and that it is softer than ever. So, what do you have to do for this incredible hydration? Easy, just massage the lotion into your skin for three minutes a day!

Now, this lotion is also incredibly great at getting rid of those pesky skin issues that cause your skin to age so badly. With the help of some pretty powerful ingredients, this lotion helps to minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and anything else that may date your face. In its place, you will be left with firmer, plumper, and younger looking skin. This lotion is non-greasy so it will not clog up your pores or cause you to breakout with frequent use.


Radha Beauty Facial Moisturizer

Why we like it: The Radha Beauty facial moisturizer is a mostly organic formula which helps to soften, soothe, and revitalize your skin.

Editor’s rating:

If you are careful about what you put on your skin, particularly on your face, then you are going to feel quite safe using this Radha Beauty moisturizer. This is because it contains a whole host of natural ingredients, most of which are organic. This allows your skin to be properly hydrated and cared for, without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. So, even if your skin is sensitive or tends to react badly to other moisturizers, it should be fine with this formula.

This Radha Beauty moisturizer has one more amazing property up its sleeve – youthfulness. The older that you get, the more lines, spots, and wrinkles you begin to notice on your face. Before you despair, however, know that this Radha Beauty moisturizer has a solution. It contains active retinol. This retinol works to renew your skin by encouraging it to produce new cells. This way, the lines, wrinkles, and even scars are soon replaced by bright, youthful skin, improving your appearance considerably.

Christina Moss Naturals Facial Moisturizer

Why we like it: The Christina Moss Natural moisturizer is ideal for all types of skin. It is versatile ensuring that all skin types are hydrated and rejuvenated.

Editor’s rating:

It can be tough trying to track down a moisturizer that is just right for your skin. Your job becomes a lot harder if you have very finicky skin such as a dermis that is very sensitive, overly oily, or incredibly dry. Well the good news with the Christina Moss moisturizer is that it doesn’t really matter what your skin is like. This lotion is going to hydrate and care for your skin equally well. It softens, moisturizes, and restores your skin in a very short time.

This lotion is also especially suited for fighting free radicals which is one of the main reasons for premature aging. The ingredients in the cream help to restore your skin to a more youthful appearance. It does this by plumping up your skin, filling out the lines, and easing out the wrinkles. In essence, using this moisturizer is a lot like getting plastic surgery without ever having to go under the knife. Not to mention, it will last you quite a long time since you only have to use trace amounts each time.

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