When it is time to party, it is also time to put your crazy face on. And what better way to do it than with a proper face painting set. All you have to do is sit still in the beginning while the brush goes all over your face and then all hell can break loose.

Face painting is a relevant source of fun at many different events. It could be birthdays, baby showers, cultural festivals, stadium matches, comic-con or an actual face painting contest. It is just a fun way to express yourself and take things a lot less seriously. However, before all that, choosing the right face paints is key to making sure you get the thrills without the spills. You do not want to apply paint on yourself and realize it takes forever to dry up. You also do not want to find it takes ages to come off. Worst of all, you do not want to incur any nasty effects on your skin. How will you face people again?

By choosing a high-quality face painting set, you can avoid all those risks and let your imagination take it from there. We have compiled a list of some of the best face paints we have come across that are currently featured on the market. Have fun…

1. Snazaroo Face Paint

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Why we like it: It has got variety and safety in the perfect combo.

With this set, you get a selection of 12 pretty colors, 2 bottles of glitter gel, 2 brushes and 4 sponges. The tools are ample for making your kid look like anything they want. It could be their favorite animal or superhero. The paints themselves are made of a formula that is non-toxic to the skin and odorless. They have come off spot free after being reviewed by renowned experts. The water-based formula makes them come off the skin just as easy as they went on it.

The color selections are vibrant and varied which makes so many different designs possible. There are 8 base colors and 12 in total. They dry up in just a few minutes too. Your kid will not have to resist scratching any itches that might arise from the tickle of the brush for very long. But perhaps most importantly of all, these paints are regulated and approved by FDA and its policies on toys and cosmetic products. Our ultimate kit for any occasion.

2. Blue Squid Face Paint for Kids

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Why we like it: You get the superior quality and texture associated with Blue Squid along with high usability and a complete money-back guarantee.

This set of face paints makes the coloring process fun for professionals as it does for amateurs. But safety first, the magical formula is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and paraben-free. It is also fully approved by the FDA. So chances are it will not irritate many sensitive skin types. Being water-based, it comes off easily with some soap and warm water. Certainly, that makes it a lot more accessible to a lot more parties and a lot more eager kiddies.

The paints themselves have a rich, thick quality about them and the colors are oh so vibrant and beautiful. Painting with them is enjoyable for both beginners and professionals alike. There is great quantity as well. You get at least 10 milliliters of paint with each color and that could be enough for over a hundred facial canvases. You also get the added convenience of a total money-back guarantee with customer support being the number one priority for the manufacturer. Fancy that?

3. Artiparty Face & Body Paint Kit

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Why we like it: Resonates high-quality and safety and feel exquisitely natural on the skin.

Just looking at it makes it difficult to resist: 10 colors to choose from, 2 bottles of glitter (one gold and one silver), and 2 brushes. The paint looks and feels more like some kind of lotion. Applying it certainly does not feel like wearing a sticker as it does with lower quality products. The brushes are in opposite sizes. One large for coloring substantial areas quickly and the other slim and fine for more precision based work and minute details.

And yet, high safety standards have not been averted. This set is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, paraben-free and consistent with FDA regulations. It is a simply detailed set overall but the attention to detail is what gets you. Each paint lid slightly differs in size and dimension so no two lids can get mixed up and spoil the paint. The paint itself comes in a generous 10 milliliters for each color, good for at least a hundred faces. We are certain this would be for the win in any party or contest.

4. Create a Face Face Paint Kit

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Why we like it: It is totally safe to use and extremely kind to beginners.

This face paint kit is very generous even to inexperienced painters. It comes with a complimentary eBook as well as over 30 stencils to help a first timer look like an all-timer. That is perhaps its greatest strength. However, what is just as important is it maintains a high standard on safety. The formula behind it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It has been tested in laboratories and approved by the FDA completely. However, it is always advisable that you try a little on first and test it before letting your imagination take over.

After, a few drops of water added, you will be ready to start painting. The E-book that is included with the purchase has up to 18 different designs to choose from. The designs contain simple instructions and have been selected based on how easy they are to do. Once on, the paint dries quickly and lasts for a considerable period. But it can be wiped clean with a simple wet towel or tissue without a fuss. However, if you have outdone yourself, you may have to use a make-up remover.

5. Bo Buggles Face Paint Kit

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Why we like it: It has the quality expected by professionals but is user-friendly even to beginners.

This is a favorite for professionals in the field that is also just as easily accessible to any amateur who would like to have a go. It has the quality, usability and color selections that make face painting the absolute joy that it is. None more than a few drops of water is needed to get you started. As ever, safety is an important concern with any formula. This one is hypoallergenic and delicate even on very sensitive skin type.

However, you can never be too careful. Make sure to give it a test run first on a tiny area before indulging yourself fully. The stencils included in the set are sticky and not at all brittle. You can also use them more often before their adhesiveness declines. Even so, it is not that hard to hold them in place and continue painting. However, be careful not use a sponge with the stencil. Also, it only takes a little more than a drop of water to turn the paint a bit runny.

6. Mosaiz Face Paint Set

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Why we like it: Simply detailed and arranged but above par with safety and quality.

What you are looking at here are 12 colors, a brush and that is about it. But again, that is all you need really. The Mosaiz face painting set checks off all the boxes you can expect from a high-quality product. It is user-friendly to both beginners and professionals. The formula for the paint is non-toxic, provides complete coverage over an applied area and can be easily removed being water-based. They are an ideal accessory for festivals, birthday parties, baby showers, and even belly paintings.

And we did not forget about safety. The Mosaiz face painting set is hypoallergenic and meets the safety standards of not only the FDA but EU as well. The 12 assorted colors come in enough quantity to be painted on up to a hundred faces. There are 4 milliliters of each color. It is highly concentrated and needs just a drop or two of water to activate. There will be plenty of fun events to go through before you will need to fetch a replacement. It also comes at good value for money.

7. Colorful Art Co Face Paint Kit for Kids

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Why we like it: It is as fun for adults as it is for kids, easy to use and very safe.

We like a face paint set that cares about the grown-ups applying it as it does about the kids who are getting it on their faces. And this certainly does care about grownups. Activating the colors takes a drop or two of water, and that is all. Once applied, the paint takes minimal time to dry off and stays fresh on the face for several hours or as long as the party lasts. And when it is time to come off, a wet towel or baby wipe will do the trick.

But what if you literally have no experience with face paints before? No problem! This set comes equipped with a comfortable variety of stencils that help you pull of attractive designs with absolute precision. Of course, the more you do face painting, the lesser you will need them. FDA safety standards are comfortably met. The formula is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, paraben-free and vegan. You also get a lifetime money-back guarantee. It really goes to show how confident the manufacturer is on the product and how much you can rely on it.

8. Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids

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Why we like it: Great value for money while keeping up all the necessary safety standards and user-friendliness.

One of the best activity sets to get for a child who loves to get in touch with their artistic side is the Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids. This is the perfect paint kit for kids who enjoy face paint but need a little bit of guidance. If you are an adult and want to host a great party, this is an ideal kit to have on hand as well. This kit comes included with everything you need in order to have loads of artistic fun. There are 24 different face paint stencils that your child can choose from when they come up with their face paint ideas. Each stencil is washable so that you can save it and use it time and time again. There are also 2 hair chalk pens that allow you to craft neat designs into your hair as well. When it comes to the face paints, there are 14 different washable face paint colors that simply pop with their vibrancy. Two of the most popular face paint colors, black and white are also included however they are a bit larger than the other color options. All pain colors are opaque and you do not have to worry about packing it on for it to show. For a little bit of shimmer and shine, there are two different body glitter set you can use as well. There is a fine gold glitter and a chunky silver glitter that will allow your little one to bring a little shimmer and shine to their face paint creations. There are also two makeup kit sponges to blend or wipe away blemishes and 168 different colored gems that really allow the different face paint creations to shine.

What makes the Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids one of the best kids to invest in is the fact that it can be used on a wide range of skin types. Even the most sensitive of skin can handle the smooth and luxurious feel of this face paint. This is primarily because this face paint was created with natural and organic FDA compliant ingredients that are not toxic, vegan, hypoallergenic, and are free of any harmful parabens. When your little one is done creating wonders of art, you can wipe away all the face paint safely with a simple wet wipe or a soapy washcloth.

9. TAG Split Cakes

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Why we like it: Perhaps the most colorful inedible cake you have ever come across. Perfect for lighter themed events and totally safe on the skin.

TAG comes in this delectable looking package of six colors made to look like they are all part of a cake. We like it. The colors being featured are pink, purple, blue, green, yellow and red. It certainly would not cut the mustard if your kid wants to be Batman but there is a world of other characters that are possible. This pack is generally intended to be used for lightly themed parties. The colors are best applied with a sponge for painting things like butterfly wings or flower petals.

The paint itself is wax based so it does not crack from movement of facial muscles or peel off. While most high-quality face paints need a minimal amount of water to be activated, TAG face paint requires even less than that. The paint feels creamy and gentle on the skin but it is also quite safe. The formula is hypoallergenic and totally non-toxic. The bright colors maintain their shade even when they are undercoated by dark colors. And the supply is sufficient enough for up to 250 designs.

10. Wolfe Novelties – 6 Color Metallic Pallet

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Why we like it: The best metallic shades you can find for your face.

The Wolfe brand has made a name for itself for being the best producer of Metallix colors that are commercially available. Their pigmentation is dense, colors are lively and cover their applied areas entirely. This face paint palette comes with 6 Metallix colors in quantities of up to 5 grams each. Also included is a brush for face painting and a travel case. The latter is particularly resourceful for professionals who get hired all the time to do face painting at parties and other events.

The paints are of the highest quality and are very easy to apply as well as be applied upon. The colors you get are metallic shades of black, blue, forest green, white, gold and rose. They can be applied evenly along the skin and are not prone to cracking one they have dried. The secret to that is a wax base that flexes with the facial muscles and holds the paint together all the while. So you can keep your look fresh for a long time and not feel imprisoned by your own face!

11. Dress up America Fun Stix Safe & Non-Toxic Face and Body Paint

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Why we like it: Treats you with a selection of up to 32 colors and remains fun and easy to use and totally safe.

As if 12 colors was not enough, you can now further satisfy your appetite with 32 from the Dress up America Fun Stix set of face paints. The creative possibilities are virtually limitless. The colors you can play with are: purple bright, plum, medium orchid, dark shades of violet and magenta, eggplant, cerise, magenta, rose pink, ruby, red-orange, orange, red, yellow, grey, copper, sepia, maroon, apricot, black, sienna, silver, white, cerulean, sky blue, azure, baby blue, emerald, jade, lime, pear and forest green.

Plenty of supplies then for a very colorful day. You can use them for parties year around whether its birthdays, Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas etc. this one set can handle them all. But what about safety and usability? Well, the crayons do not come with any further complications. The whole set remains entirely non-toxic. The application is easy for professionals and amateurs alike and removal can be done with soap, warm water and a bit of tissue paper. This is definitely a must-have party piece.