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It does not matter how old you are, face painting is always a fun pastime. You will find that at one time or another, you are going to be in need of a face painting kit. It may be for a children’s birthday party, a play, for some Halloween fun, or perhaps you just like dressing up. It’s important to remember, however, that not all face paints are created the same. Fortunately, there are some truly superior options on the market that could make all the difference to your face painting endeavors. If you want high-quality results, here are some of the really great options that you can choose from:

1. Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit


This Bo Buggles face paint kit is the perfect pack to have at a children’s party. One of the reasons is because there is plenty of paint to go around. There are sixteen different colors, and about 4 grams of each color! This means that you can easily paint over a hundred faces. All of the paints have been created to be the same quality as professional grade face paints. You will not have to worry about the paints cracking or peeling once they have been applied to the skin. You can expect more than just paint with this kit, however. You will also get glitter gels, stencils, brushes, and sponges. It is ideal for face paint beginners as the stencils mean that you want to have to master the brushwork by yourself. The company will even throw in a free e-book with designs so that you can improve your painting even more.

2. Blue Squid Face Painting Kit


You can certainly be guaranteed of safety when using the Blue Squid face paints. This is because all of the paints are water-based and hypoallergenic. They also only use products that have been approved by the FDA. Therefore, you will not have to worry about using on the delicate skin of children. You get twelve different colors with this kit, including a silver glitter gel as an added bonus. There is about 10ml of each of these paints. You will be able to paint at least a hundred faces without being concerned about running out! Each of the pockets of paint can be individually removed, making them much easier to use, especially at large events. Along with the paints, you also get three different brushes and stencils. All of these tools help to produce better, more professional looking designs. Due to the protective covering, these paints will be able to last for a much longer period of time.

3. Create A Face – Face Painting Kit


This is definitely one of the best face painting kits for children, especially if you are planning on painting faces at a party. First, these paints are incredibly safe to use on the skin. They are non-toxic and have been approved by the FDA. There are also hypoallergenic. One of the greatest perks of using these face paints, however, comes from the fact that they dry incredibly quickly on the skin. In just a minute or two, the paint will have dried. Not only that, these paints will last longer on the skin as well. Despite this, they can also be easily be removed once they have applied to the face. There are eight different colors as well as two glitter powders included in the kit. Altogether, they can be used on at least fifty different people, depending on how much you use per person. You also get sponges and paint brushes as well.

4. Beetastic Face Painting Kit


The Beetastic brand prides itself on producing some of the safest face paints in the industry. They go that extra mile to ensure that the water-based paints are completely safe, particularly for small children. That’s not all as they also pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the face. These face paints will go on the skin smoothly and easily. These makes the designs look that much better. You get choose from eight different colors and two glitter powders as well. It does not matter if you don’t have a lot of experience with face painting, there are stencils provided to help you along. There are also brushes and sponges that will aid you in creating the perfect designs. You also don’t have to worry about scrubbing away at your child’s face to get this paint to come. It will easily be washed or wiped away with some water.

5. Awesome Fun Face Painting Kit


The name of the company says it all – this face paint is incredibly fun to use! With twelve color options, you can go crazy with your imagination and also cater to a larger number of requests. As there is more than one shade, you will not have to muddy up the paint pots, try to mix several colors together. There is also a glitter pot that lets you add a dash of shimmer and magic to your creations. This is a great kit for novices as well. This is because it comes equipped with thirty stencils! If you don’t have a steady hand, it’s no problem at all! There are plenty of popular children’s stencils to choose from. There is also an online guide that you can follow if you would like to get a little more creative. The options with this kit really are endless and will afford you and the kids a lot of fun.

6. Snazaroo Face Paint Pack


Snazaroo has made a name for itself when it comes to kid’s face paints and it is not difficult to see how. One of the more admirable features of the Snazaroo kit is that it really is incredibly safe for sensitive skin. It has been reviewed by dermatologists and toxicologists. It is also fragrance-free which means that it is not likely to irritate delicate skin. The another great thing about this kit is that you have twelve different, high-grade colors to decide from. You also get two glitter paints that along with these colors so you can add some sparkle to your designs. All of the face paints are water-based which means two things. First, goes on the face or skin without smearing or smudging. Also, it comes off just as easily. With just a little bit of water, the paint can easily be washed off the skin.

7. CCBeauty Face Paint


Do you need face paint that will allow you a little bit more of a professional look? If so, then the CCBeauty paints will definitely afford you this. These paints are cosmetic grade and are oil-based. This means that they look incredibly professional when applied to your face. This works well for both adults as well as children. You can also expect the paint to last a lot longer on your face too. This means that you can use it for plays or other large events where you will need the paint to look good and last. You can use ten creamy colors as well as two glitter paints as well. The colors are vivid and are easy to apply onto the skin. As an added bonus, these CCBeauty paints can be used all over the body as well to create whatever look you want. You will certainly be thrilled with the results.

8. LoveArts Crafts Face Paint Sticks


Are you not looking forward to messing around with paint brushes? Or perhaps, the kids want to be able to join in on the painting fun. Well, whatever the situation, these face paint sticks are definitely the solution. All you have to do is to uncap the pens and you can get started painting immediately. There are twelve different, fun colors and they are all completely non-toxic. The paints are water-based which means that you do not have to worry about staining anything. It also means that the face paints will be easy to remove off the skin. Are you still looking for some guidance on how to produce the perfect designs? Well, you can either choose to use the stencils that come along with the kit or go through the e-book. After just a short while, you will become an absolute professional at this. This is a really great product for children to use.

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