Best External Hard Drives

Although you might miss the age of floppy disks you cannot help but admit that the new age technology we have been bestowed with is ridiculously far more convenient. Advancements over the past few years have been rising at quite a rate and is continuing to do so. Along with improved connectivity and super powerful systems, the world has rapidly turned digital. Among all of these inventions, the hard drive is without a doubt one we are immensely grateful for. Whether you want to back up and store all your favorite television shows, movies and photographs or simply carry your work around with you, they have proven to be useful. Needless to say, today they are preferred method of storage although yes they can be damaged if you are not careful. They have expanded in capacity as well. If you are in the market for one, this should help.

1. Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive


If you happen to ask anyone for their input on what hard drive you should buy, they will more often than not suggest Seagate. The tech pioneers have built a sturdy reputation for themselves over the years and their hard drives live up to it. This Seagate hard drive is no exception. With a sizeable 1 TB of space and USB 3.0 port, it is ideal for anyone who wants to store a large amount of data. By using an external storage device, you can free up memory on laptops especially which in turn helps them run faster and for longer. Though it mentions the use of a 3.0 USB port, it is also compatible with USB 2.0 ports though there is a difference in transfer speeds between the two. You can store up to 1000 hours of digital video, DVD films that add up to 250 hours and over 16,000 hours of music. What more could you possibly want?

2. Transcend External Hard Drive


Transcend is another name that is often dropped when hard drives come into question. That is because apart from their superior performance, they are also incredibly resistant. This one in particular, has been military drop tested which means it has pretty powerful shock resistance. So if you are the type of person who is prone to dropping things or slinging your bag around without thinking, this hard drive can handle it. Hard drives for all their superiority, are generally quite delicate hence they cannot bear harsh treatment for a long time. Not so with Transcend. It also comes with a rubber casing that is shock-proof ensuring durability. And if you thought you had to unplug the hard drive and reinsert it after safely removing it, think again. The Quick Reconnect Button that comes with it allows you to well… reconnect with just a push. It also enables you to backup easily with the One Touch backup system.

3. WD My Book Desktop External Hard Drive


Yet another impressive contender in the hard drives stakes. This 4TB WD hard drive provides an expansive amount of storage. It is particularly great for those who might be in design fields such as graphic design, architecture, and art and so on. Since these people would need to backup and store their work all the time, it is quite convenient. Especially seeing as how it can be downright annoying to keep track of a stack of hard drives accumulated over the years. Although it does cost more than 1TB hard drives (obviously), in the long-run you would actually be saving. The backup software included with it ensures you can backup the most important information first followed by the rest. You’re also rest assured of security since there is password protection included so you can maintain privacy. Best used with USB 3.0 ports for higher efficiency. Definitely an option worth looking into.

4. PNY CS1311 Solid State Drive


This particular hard drive offers much less storage and is more suited to those who are likely to store documents and similar items. Basically, data that does not take up much room unlike videos and photographs. If you are looking for something that can hold onto your assignments, projects or work related stuff, this should do the trick. With 120GB, it is slim and sophisticated in appearance which is important to some. Since it is not clunky, you can easily take it around with you. If 120GB is not enough, you can pick between higher capacities such as 240GB and 480GB. It also comes with data transfer software included. Not only does it comes with a three-year warranty you can make use of, you can also depend on 24/7 technical support from the U.S. Price wise, it is quite affordable (mainly because the capacity is lower) so if you are on a budget, it fits the bill.

5. Hectron HEC-P1 Portable Hard Drive


Although this brand is lesser known than some others out there, it is still pretty good on performance. Again, this one is not for those who are looking for significantly higher storage space since this only has 120GB. At 2.5”, it is portable allowing you to use it wherever you wish. Black in color, if you feel like you need a bit more than 120GB, you can also opt for 320GB and 750GB. Powered by a USB 3.0 port, it is not only compact but also resistant to smudges. So it will always look good. You can also fit it in your pocket given its compact size, and it comes with a USB cable and instruction manual as well. If you are looking for storage that is more dependable than a pen drive at a reasonable cost, this is definitely worth your while. Easy to use, and keeps your data completely safe.

6. Silicon Power Portable External Hard Drive


This 1TB hard drive from Silicon Power is not only great in terms of performance but comes in an eclectic lime green cover which heightens its appeal. It is shockproof and is compatible with US Military drop-protection Standards. Not only that, it is also waterproof. So if you are ever caught out in a torrential downpour and are worried it might get wet, well there is no need to. If you want to increase capacity, you can look to either the 2TB or 4TB options as well. You can enjoy super-fast transfer speeds with the USB 3.0 compatibility whilst it is also backward compatible with USB 2.0. Furthermore, its transfer rate clocks in as 5GB per second which is a lot. Even the cable has been given a lot of thought as you can conveniently wrap it around for easy storage. It also works with both PCs and MACs. With a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, it is a very good option to look into.

7. Sony External Hard Disk Drive


Sony does not need any introduction per se. They have long been a trusted and reputed brand in the tech world and it is no different today. This 1TB hard drive is minimal in looks yet powerful in functionality. You might find the casing rather thick, however, this is so that the hard drive is as protected as possible. So you can easily take it around with you wherever you go without much worry. The durable silicone cover ensures that you can use for a long time to come since it is shock-resistant. Both the Thunderbolt and USB ports are unique in that they are dust and splash resistant as well. It has a transfer speed of 120MB per second which is reasonably fast. There is a formatting software that has been pre-installed to help it enhance its capabilities. Compatible with both PC and MAC users, it is versatile in that sense. Although it is more expensive than others out there, it is quite worth it.

8. Bipra Portable 2.5 External Hard Drive


With 160GB of storage space, this Bipra hard drive is worth looking into. As it includes a One-Touch software for backup, it is efficient and thereby saves time. It also comes in a range of capacities for you to choose from based on your requirements. A USB 2.0 port would suffice. It is also quite simple to setup and use since it does not require any drivers to function. Simply plug and play. Complete with a one year warranty, it works with PCs, Macs and PS3s as well so if you are into playing games, you could find this useful. Although not as profound as some of the others mentioned, for someone who is strapped for cash, this is suitable. Compact in size and in a sleek black color, it is modern and very much in line with the tech aesthetics of the 21st century. Do have a look at it if you are shopping around for a hard drive.

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