Best Exercise Video Programs

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Exercise routines can get boring quite quick. Most of us need that extra boost and motivation to keep going. For decades, exercise videos have been the prime format to seek motivation to get that summer beach ready bod. Fitness instruction videos can make workouts fun, interesting and informative.

The below list includes a number of exercise videos that instruct how to perform certain activities in an exciting manner. The videos are conducted by professional fitness experts. Each focus on a certain type of exercise, for example cardio, stretching or strength training. Some also includes comprehensive nutrition plans to accompany the exercise routine.

Best Resistance Bands Exercise Kit


This is a full workout kit that includes a “mini gym” and an accompanying DVD with video instructions. This program is marketed as a “low impact, versatile resistance” exercise routine. This program is best suited for beginners who want to start slow before moving onto more strenuous exercises. The Gwee kit includes 1.5lbs resistance band, the workout DVD with more than 50 routines explained, a travel bag and an e-book about healthy eating (this book is intended for both beginners and experts). The low impact nature of the routine makes it suitable for people with joint pain and flexibility issues. The routine includes instructions for cardio, seated exercises and strength building routines for arms, legs, back and shoulders. The DVD guides participants through each. The program is recommended for those undergoing physical therapy or have lower leg movement issues. Following the program will improve your strength and flexibility. You can follow this video routine while doing other types of exercise like aerobics or yoga.

Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System


If you want to try something new and different from instruction-only videos, then follow this total body dance workout. This is a high-energy program that will get your adrenaline rushing and the body ready to burn fat with cardio and interval training. Each routine is said to burn about 1,000 calories. There are five DVDs included in the kit with an exercise planner and healthy eating recipe book. You will also get sole control wraps to slip into sneakers to make it easy to dance and execute routine demanded by the program. The highlight of this program is a slim down cardio dance routine. Each routine is designed to get the body to burn fat fast in 30 seconds and then relax. The program combines cardio, interval training, and muscle conditioning. The first DVD has a quick start routine to teach newbies the basics of zumba. Subsequent DVDs contain routines for more hardcore zumba dancing.


Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout


This is another heavy dance-based workout program designed to get you in good shape within 30 days. If you don’t like regular exercising like doing sit-ups and pushups, then this program hopes to make working out more find for you. The video instructions are given by Shaun T, a professional fitness guru and a dancer. He provides step by step instructions that are easy to follow so you can master moves quickly. The routines are designed for both beginners and experienced exercisers. You won’t need additional hardware to follow this routine, except perhaps a TV and a DVD player. The dance routines are intended to substitute for a fat burning cardio routine. The DVD contains seven workouts as following: 13 minute ab exercise, 30 minutes cardio, 25 minutes ab sculpting, 45 minutes total body cardio, 25 minute lower body workout, a 5 minute final ab workout and another 5 minute lower body workout. All steps are dance based and do not include routine exercises.

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond


This training video kit exclusively focuses on yoga. It’s intended for beginners and the program being following is very light. You will not be required to learn anything in the original Sanskrit. The video is shot outdoors in the warm scenery of Miami, so you can relax and enjoy an immersive experience right at home. The package contains two complete 30-minute video guides for morning energizing training and evening relaxing yoga. You will be able to develop a strong routine that improves your body’s ability to stretch, be flexible and be strong by following this video guide. The morning routine includes moves that will help you build strength and get the blood rushing to start your day. The evening poses are intended to stretch tense muscles so you can relax after a rough day. Doing yoga will greatly improve your flexibility and reduce certain joint or muscle pains, especially the ones experienced in the morning.

RIPT90: Complete Home Fitness


This kit includes video routines for a high-intense workout program to burn fat, build muscle and tone your body overall. The package includes 14 DVDs intended to whole body conditioning. The program is intended to last 90 days. If you combining the physical exercise with the nutrition plan provided, you will be able to get the toned body you dream of in three months. The program is suited for beginners. By the end of the program, you will be well trained in cardio and lean muscle building moves. The kit also comes with a training guide and a calendar to plan your workouts. Some routines in the DVDs will require dumbbells or resistance bands that you will have to buy separately. A pull up bar is recommended, but is not necessary if you can’t install one at home. You can follow the program even without the equipment if desired.


Focus T25 Shaun T’s NEW Workout DVD Program


This is an adrenaline-pumping video guide to a hardcore workout program. The packaged includes 9 DVDs containing 11 workouts each lasting 25 minutes, a “quick start guide”, a nutrition guide, workout calendars for each program, material for a 5-day “fast track” option and a 15lbs B-Lines resistance band. The workouts are separated into “alpha” and “beta” programs. The alpha routine starts first and consists of a 5-week basic fitness program. The alpha program videos include routines for cardio, building strength and resistance, midsection exercises and lower body muscle building. The beta program comes afterwards and focuses on building up the core. The videos for this section contain workouts for core cardio, core drills, muscle building and many other core-focused routines. The final segment is a “bonus workout” where the video instructor teaches the watcher how to stretch after a hard workout. It should be noted that the resistance band is made of latex.

Body Beast DVD Workout


This workout DVD kit is intended for those who want to lost fat and add muscle. The packaged contains four workout DVDs for a total of 12 routines. In addition, a nutrition guide and a print exercise scheduler is presented. The overall program is broken down into “huge” and lean. The workouts are based on the Dynamic Set Training theory, which indicates that exercise should increase the tension exerted on the muscle to generate creation of more muscle fiber, which makes it stronger. The DVD says that the training program will “enhance” testosterone production in the body. Despite seemingly exaggerated claims, this kit includes 12 powerful workout routines that will increase your body’s strength and flexibility over time. The programs are designed to start slow and then gradually increased in tempo, power, resistance and volume lead. The program starts with the chest and triceps area, and then covers lower parts of the body as well.

Insanity Base Kit


This kit contains 10 DVDs, a workout calendar, and a nutrition guide for a full and comprehensive 60 day muscle building program. You won’t need any equipment, but it’s recommended to create a workout space in front of the TV set. This program focuses on interval training. This type of routine intensifies the workout for short bouts of time to build muscle rather to burn fat. Be warned in advance that this workout program is not easy. It’s tough, but the results are reportedly very effective. The DVDs contain rigorous routines for cardio and plyometric drills. Muscle building will focus on the core as well. You can start the program without being in good shape. But if you are overweight, you should follow the accompanying nutrition guide to get the best results. A fitness guide is also provided that elaborates on the routines you will be following.