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If there is one thing that seems to have caught our attention as of late, it is the need to exercise. Given our sedentary and increasingly unhealthy lifestyles, it is about time too. However, whilst some of us are fitness junkies, the other half have absolutely no clue about where they should start. Of course, a certified fitness instructor can work wonders; but so can the right equipment. Yet again, knowledge on the matter is a subjective thing though you could rely on simple stuff to get you started. Exercise balls have been all the rage for some time now and with good reason too. They are not at all complicated to use, and frankly are not only a lot of fun, but also effective. Do remember though to follow instructions and use it accordingly to avoid injury; especially if you are new to it. Here are some options.

1. Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball


This exercise ball by Black Mountain is first of all a professional grade option so you have no worries there. It comes complete with a ball pump to inflate it, along with an instruction manual that tells you how to do it. Plus, you can also find out how to take care of it for maximum use and durability. All exercise balls from Black Mountain come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty too which makes them quite reliable. You can choose from a range of different sizes such as 45 cm, 55 cm and 75 cm with 85 cm being the biggest. Although this one is blue, they have options in black, purple and red too. It has been specifically designed to work all your core muscles and build stability. The prices range from $15- $37 so it is also reasonably affordable so no more excuses on pushing back the fitness!

2. Live Infinitely Professional Grade Exercise Ball


Live infinitely offers an exercise ball that is both reliable and effective for your fitness needs. It has been anti-burst tested and is built out of professional grade PVC material. You can reach up to a 2cm cut without the risk of it deflating explosively. It can also be used for a range of exercises from yoga to CrossFit or Pilates along with much more. Plus, it is able to support up to 2200lbs of weight which mean that even if you are overweight, you can use it without a problem. In fact, it is durable enough even for everyday use. With every purchase of a Live Infinitely exercise ball, you also get a hand pump, extra air plug as well as a valve remover tool. Furthermore, you also gain access to their vast online database of workout routines and training guides to help you achieve your goal. Best of all, you can enjoy a full year’s warranty for peace of mind.

3. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball


If you are looking for an exercise ball to use occasionally as opposed to regularly, then this might do the trick. Although it is not professional grade, it is still high-quality and is effective. You can choose from different weights; this one is a 10-pound ball, however, there is also 12, 4, 6 and 8. It can be used for typical exercise ball workouts so you can still improve your balance and core strength. Whilst most others are built out of PVC material, this one is made out of sturdy rubber and is able to easily bounce. You will notice that its finish is textured, which helps it maintain a secure grip whilst you are working out so it is stable. It should cost you around $30 which is not bad at all for an economical fitness regime. Definitely an option for someone who is not looking to get into full-time fitness, but would like to work out now and then.

4. Dynapro Gym Quality Exercise Ball


This gym quality exercise ball by Dynapro is able to support up to 2000lbs of weight and boasts both anti-burst and anti-slip qualities. Though this one is pink, you can opt for silver, black or blue depending on your preferences. With every purchase, you get a pump, plug and a plug remover tool for your convenience. Most impressively, even if you happened to puncture this ball, it does not explode instead slowly deflates which is great if you have kids since they are likely to try it! So far, the brand had enjoyed a 5-star rating from its customers which ranks them up top. Suitable for use by both men and women, no matter how rigorous your exercise is, it is able to withstand it. Choose from 55cm, 65 cm and 75 cm based on your needs. You can even take it with you to work or to your yoga class since you can use the hand pump provided to inflate it.

5. Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs


This is a different exercise ball to what you would have seen so far. It is actually more of a balance ball chair than a ball in itself. It also happens to be pricier than the regular exercise balls you see on the market. There is a whole heap of colors to choose from so you can pick your favorite. When setting it up, if the ball seems to be too big for the chair do not worry. After around 42-48 hours, the ball will settle and automatically sink into it. It has been designed by health and fitness professionals so as to provide you with the best service. Basically, there is no difference between this and any other exercise ball in case you were wondering. It also comes with an adjustable support bar, easy-glide casters, and a pump for your convenience and versatile use. It does have a limited weight capacity of 300lbs though which is a lot lower than other options out there so do take that into consideration.

6. Wacces Exercise Stability and Yoga Ball


Available in a range of bright colors, the Wacces exercise ball comes with anti-burst technology and is quite flexible. This also happens to be one of the cheaper options out there, so if you are on a budget it is perfect. Those of you starting out with fitness, you need not invest in equipment that is too expensive until you know for sure you want to continue so this will do quite nicely till then. Improve your overall health, tone muscles, increase flexibility and strengthen your back in particular with it. It is also portable so you can exercise anywhere you need to. Safe, easy-to-use and durable, it really is quite the bargain so snap it up. There is a pump that comes included, however it might take some time to inflate because it is not as good as other pumps; you may have to look for one separately if you find it does not work for you.

7. URBNFit Stability, Balance & Yoga Exercise Ball


URBNFit also offers a range of options with their exercise balls in terms of color. It is suitable for use when it comes to stability, balance, overall fitness and yoga too. This comes with an anti-burst design too and has a professional design. Built out of quality PVC material, it is gym quality and therefore extremely durable and able to withstand a weight of up to 2000lbs. It also comes with a pump included which allows for quick and easy setup wherever you are. No excess effort required. Investing in an exercise ball such as this is not just an investment in the right equipment, but also your life. If you wish, you can also gift it to someone a fitness enthusiast for instance, since it comes in a neatly packaged delivery complete with instructions on how to use it. Furthermore, it also includes a workout guide and 2 air stoppers.

8. UR Superior Fitness Exercise Ball


The first thing you should know about this exercise ball by UR Superior Fitness is that it can only support a weight of up to 600lbs. However, it is 65cm in size and consists of anti-burst PVC which makes it durable. It is also resistant to static so you need not worry about particles attaching to it while you are working out. You can use it anywhere you want, to build muscle tone and strength. Even better, it comes with resistance bands which are highly effective in toning and building your body. There is also a stability ring which keeps the ball in place and prevents it from moving about which is extremely useful. It has a pump too, which you can use to easily inflate your exercise ball with minimal hassle. Suitable for use by both men and women, it is more expensive than others so that might be something you want to take into account.

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