Almost every modern home today has an entertainment center. It’s in fact, a key feature and perhaps even a necessity today than a luxury.

Much as you might fantasize about living off the grid and setting up camp in a treehouse somewhere in the Himalayas, the truth is technology has too tight a grip on you to let you get away that easily. We’d give you 2 days tops without access to WIFI or music, after which you’d come tumbling back home vowing never to try that ever again. Hence, it’s no surprise that almost every home today is equipped with a full-blown entertainment center. People care very deeply about the quality of their entertainment, especially both sight and sound, and movies and shows these days are also shot in very high quality, so you must do them justice.

As you might expect, the sheer volume of options out there is confuddling, so a little push in the right direction is in order, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Take a look at some of the best entertainment centers we managed to fish out.

Sauder 420471 Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza

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Why we like it: The Sauder 420471 Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza gives you a beautiful and practical solution to upgrading the overall look of your living space.

Kick up your living room style with a Sauder 420471 Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza. This spacious entertainment center is one of the best to incorporate in your home if you are looking for something started, durable, stylish, and practical. There are four different finishes you can find the Sauder 420471 Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza in. These finishes include a Curado Cherry, An Antique Paint Finish, and Antique White Finish and a gorgeous Salt Oak Finish. Each of these color schemes can help eliminate clutter in your living space so that your entertainment center becomes the statement piece instead. 

The measurements of this entertainment center come out to 61 inches in length, by 19 inches in width and 27 inches in height. These measurements allow the Sauder 420471 Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza to be the perfect option for TVs that are 60 inches and smaller.

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If you have got several different entertainment pieces like a video game console and sound system, then you will love the practicality of the two adjustable shelves that allow you to hold a variety of audio and video equipment. There are also two adjustable shelves on the corner display for additional storage. For more space, you can take advantage of the two drawers that let you put away things that you do not want visible. On the back of the Sauder 420471 Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza, you can funnel your wires and chords through the Grommet holes so that you do not have any unsightly wires in your way. 

While the Sauder 420471 Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza is super sturdy and durable, the brand does offer a 5 year limited warranty to help protect your purchase. Everything from the design to the warranty to the price point makes the Sauder 420471 Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza an ideal option to go with if you are looking for a sturdy and visible entertainment center peace. 

Rustic Log Pine Entertainment Center

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Why we like it: As the title says, rustic log pine and cedar which intrigues us no end.

We immediately fell in love with this gorgeous, rustic log pine and cedar stand, mainly because of how vintage and unique it looked. Truth be told, we were a little bored during our search because almost all the entertainment centers we came across looked the same. Don’t get us wrong, they didn’t look bad, but there wasn’t much that made us sit up and take notice looks-wise. Seeing as how entertainment centers are a new-age invention perhaps this is to be expected, but still.

If you’re looking for something that’s along the lines of the previous one price-wise, it may not be for you. If you want to get it though, they’ve also got it in clear lacquer and unfinished. What really got us was that this is also handcrafted, which we think makes the price completely worth it as well. It’s a unique piece, and given how almost every person has a conventional entertainment center, it wouldn’t hurt to break out of the norm. Besides, no two are alike. Need we say more?

Comfort Smart Wrangler Sliding Barn Door TV Stand

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Why we like it: Another unique option available in 3 variations, and easy to set up.

Here too we’ve featured an entertainment center that’s not your average entertainment center, but an entertainment center nonetheless. If you like the things in your home to be one of a kind and draw attention as a focal piece, then we highly recommend this one. Plus, it also comes in 3 different types: Ashland Pine (which is this), Sargent Oak and Sawcut Espresso.

The farmhouse-inspired design gives the entire piece an element of difference and is great for homes with earthy, rustic themes and tones in particular. TVs that are up to 60 inches or 75 lbs in weight can easily be supported on this as well. It’s very sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about it crashing down at any point. You can also choose from both open and closed storage depending on your needs. Best of all, we love that you can now hide away those pesky cables and cords thanks to their integrated cord management channels at the back.

Home Styles Modern Gaming Entertainment Center

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Why we like it: Super sophisticated and ideal as a centerpiece itself.

Entertainment centers are now also a means of elevating the look of any given space as much as they’re all about storing your entertainment paraphernalia. And this one happens to do both those things equally well. It’s a tall, strapping stand, with plenty of room to store a whole bunch of things without being bulky which is what we really liked. It has open shelves so it’s quite airy, and four well-designed drawers. We also love the timber effect this stand comes with, which they call the ‘Distressed Oak Finish’.

Not only does this feature a timber finish, but it’s also actually made out of wood too: popular solids and wood veneers to be precise. Each of the shelves has been designed with ample width and height to ensure you can store a range of things, including a few ornamental pieces up top to add a little ‘oomph’.

Simpli Home Solid Wood TV Media Stand

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Why we like it: Comes in 4 different types, handcrafted and hand-finished. We are sold.

Furniture that has an artisan appeal to it is much more valuable than furniture that’s been churned out of a factory, which is why we immediately took to this stand by Simpli Home. Both handcrafted and hand-finished, this also comes in four different options for a wider selection. What’s more, it can easily support TVs that are up to 80” without a problem. There are 2 sizes on offer as well; 53”x53” and this one, which is 72”x 26”.

The stained finish is topped with a protective NC lacquer as well, which not only helps sustain its durability but also helps the wood really shine through. By highlighting and accentuating the grain and uniqueness of the wood which happens to be pine, in this case, the lacquer helps the entertainment center stand out. Of course, as with any handcrafted item, some inconsistencies may be present, but that’s to be expected so do remember that. Enjoy the large open area with two drawers, two tempered glass framed doors, two storage cabinets open to an adjustable shelf, and cord management cut-outs.

WE Furniture Wood TV Stand Storage Console

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Why we like it: Comparatively more affordable, and a basic option for those who want something simple.

This entertainment center is not bad at all. It can accommodate flat-panel TVs of up to 60” effortlessly and is finished off in a beautifully deep espresso. They’ve also got a Corner TV Stand and TV Stand with Mount if you’re interested. What’s more, they’ve even got a whole range of different colors for variety, so if Espresso isn’t your thing, Natural, Charcoal, and White are also some of what’s available.

We did say that this was basic, so don’t expect any closed storage cabinets or drawers or anything, but there are 4 open shelves that are also adjustable. Built out of a high-grade MDF construction complete with a durable laminate, you can be sure that this center will last you for quite some time yet without any issues. They’ve also included cable management holes so you don’t have to worry about tripping over stray wires anymore. Plus, setup is also quite straightforward.

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

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Why we like it: Another affordable option that comes with a unique range of options.

Can we just say how much we love their range? These guys have released a bunch of options into the market that is irresistible. Though they’re all essentially the same thing, the color variations are what makes this stand out in particular. You’ll find both open and closed storage here, which means it’s more versatile as well. Featuring a laminated particleboard-construction, this TV stand is definitely one to consider.

The open area includes two adjustable shelves, which makes this especially great for gamers since you can easily fit a gaming console here, along with a DVD player and speakers as well. There’s also one additional adjustable and one additional fixed shelf behind each of the doors. Make use of the wire management system to keep everything organized. You can fit a TV that’s up to 50” wide and 60 pounds heavy. Oh, we almost forgot… it comes with a 1-year warranty too!

Walker Edison Highboy Wood TV Stand Console

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Why we like it: Stylish, elegant design that’s also different to typical entertainment centers

You can get your hands on this entertainment center that actually looks more like an antique cabinet. This one’s black, but they’ve also got it in brown and espresso. Its unique design makes it ideal for smaller spaces, even dining rooms or smaller rooms for instance. It comes with two side storage cabinets and a bottom storage drawer that helps you keep your clutter discreet at all times.

They’ve also included two open shelves in the middle that you can use for things like DVD players, speakers, books and so on. The high-grade MDF construction ensures absolute quality and long-term durability, and we thought that its ready-to-assemble packing made things so much more convenient. If you’re looking for an entertainment center that’s not too big or complex but still creates an impact, then we highly recommend this, especially since it can also fit all the basic stuff too.

Vintage Dark Brown TV Entertainment Center

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Why we like it: Super simple, affordable, and fits the purpose

Well, what else would you want really? Unless you’re specifically on the lookout for an entertainment center that’s encrusted with diamonds or rubies for instance, in which case we’re sorry we really don’t know what to tell you! This comes in a lovely dark brown finish, though it’s rugged, rustic demeanor may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you like the sleek, polished finish of an entertainment center, we suggest you keep looking.

Aside from a wonderful structure, it also features strong, metal legs and two doors as well as two tiers of shelves to make use of. Mind you, this isn’t exceptionally big, it’s a pretty basic entertainment center, and so if you’re looking for a unit that can house many different things, this may not be it. The neutral color also means you can easily match it to any furniture or theme.