When you want to grill yourself some meat and make a warm, home-cooked meal on a cold night when you can’t fire up the barbecue, you want to fire up the best electric griddle to fulfill your desires. If you don’t have space for a barbecue machine and the summer weather is calling for an outdoor barbecue party, or just want to cook up a mess of pancakes, french toast, and eggs and need a pancake griddle to do the job, these electric griddles can be a lifesaver.

No matter what the scenario is, these electric griddles can come in handy, due to their size and simple mechanics. The fact that they are powered by electricity means that you never have to worry about having either gas or coal on hand. Simply plug the griddle in, and you’re good to go. These products are also much safer than using a coal or gas based grill. You can cook delicious and healthy meals with no inconvenience whatsoever. In accordance, below is a list of the best electric griddles as of 2018.

Features to Consider When Seeking the Best Electric Griddle

  • Size
    There are many sizes of electric griddles on the market. The smaller models with a limited cooking area can usually serve 2-3 people, whereas a large electric griddle or commercial griddle commonly have enough cooking surface to adequately cook for a large family.
  • Cooking Surface
    Electric griddles can be constructed in numerous ways, whether of stainless steel, cast aluminum, or copper. Most electric griddles have non-stick surfaces or non-stick surface coatings on the griddle plate to prevent food from sticking. Non-stick coatings include Teflon, while other electric griddles might be equipped with standard cooking surfaces like ceramic non-stick coatings, copper, or even electric griddles without a non-stick coating (with cast iron griddle plates). Look for surfaces that allow for easy cleaning.
  • Grill Inserts
    Some electric griddles have grill plates or grill inserts, enabling the unit to function both as a grill and griddle combination. Such plates and slide-in ranges increase a user’s cooking options, even allowing the electric griddle to serve as an indoor grill, electric skillet, or frying pan.
  • Heat Controls
    These are the means whereby the user can manage the unit’s temperature control. Simpler electric griddles may use a temperature dial to regulate heat, whereas more expensive appliances may have indicator lights and more complex heat controls (even programmable digital ones).
  • Dual Thermostats
    Electric griddles commonly come with the single thermostat for temperature control, but some have dual thermostats enabling a user to heat each side of the grill independently from the other side, for multiple heats and uses.
  • Drip Tray
    Electric griddles commonly have drip trays to allow excess fat/grease to run off while cooking. These come in different styles and with different draining methods.
  • Warming Tray
    Warming trays are optional elements on an electric griddle; therefore they aren’t always present. Such trays keep cooked food warm while the user continues to use the main cooking area to prepare more food. Some electric griddles have dual thermostats for temperature control, so half of the cooking surface can be shut down and used in this capacity.
  • Tiltability 
    Some electric griddles are designed to allow the cooking griddle surface to be tilted and drained of grease without having to pick up the entire griddle unit itself.
  • Power Cord
    The standard voltage on most U.S.A produced electric griddles is 120V, the most common voltage for household kitchen appliances. It isn’t recommended that you use an extension cord in conjunction with an electric griddle, but if it cannot be avoided be sure to use a heavy duty extension cord for the job.
  • Easy Cleaning
    The non-stick surface of electric griddles makes cleaning the griddle a pretty simple job. Most easy to clean electric griddles will have detachable heat controls which can be removed so the entire griddle unit can be safely soaked in soapy water or even washed in the dishwasher.

Secura GR-1503XL Electric Reversible Griddle

[amazon box=”B00MF55AAI”]

This non-stick griddle measures 15.5×11.5 inches in size, making it small enough to store without inconvenience, but large enough to cook a meal for a family. The 180 square inch grilling surface means you can grill multiple types of meat or sandwiches in one go. The grill has cool to touch handles, ensuring that both adults and children will not burn themselves whilst using this cooker. The actual grilling surface is a removable tri-ply plate. With this grill, you can remove the plate and switch it around.

One side features a smooth surface and the other side is a ribbed surface. You can choose which side you want to cook on based on whether you want grill marks on your food or not. The product also comes with a removable glass lid, which ensures that the food will not leak anywhere whilst cook. It also helps contain the heat and make your food extra crispy and cooked through. Further, the grill also features a removable drip tray, which collects excess grease from the food, keeping the cooking process healthy. The 2-in-1 nature of this grill along with its advanced cooking features make this product one of the best electric griddles in the market.

Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

[amazon box=”B005FYF3OY”]

The Presto electric griddle comes with removable handles, which makes it incredibly easy to store. You can simply detach the handles and fit the griddle in tight spaces in your kitchen cabinets. The cooker also has a premium-grade non-stick cooking surface and a detachable drip tray, for easy cleaning. In addition, the grill has a control master heat feature, which helps temperature control enabling the user to sustain the correct cooking temperature automatically, based on the food. This means that anyone can cook with grill; you don’t need any cooking experience.

The Presto grill does most of the work for you. It guarantees that your food will not get burnt or be under-cooked. With a 1500-watt capacity, this grill can cook at a high heat with efficiency. The cooker is made from heavy-duty aluminum, ensuring that it will not dent or be damaged easily. The automatic heat control coupled with the durable and sturdy housing of the Presto grill makes this griddle a valuable purchase and a serious contender for best electric griddle in this price range.

Black+Decker GD2011B Electric Griddle

[amazon box=”B00CI51RS4″]

This griddle measures 12×22 inches, giving it a large cooking surface. This non-stick surface can hold up to eight servings of food, helping the user grill large quantities simultaneously. That’s a lot of eggs, pancakes, and french toast! This means that this griddle is perfect not only for families but also for big group gatherings. You can cook quickly and efficiently. The non-stick nature of the platter and the drip tray which strains extra grease make this product very easy to clean. In addition, it is dishwasher safe, which means you will never have to scrub it by hand, unlike most other electric devices on the market.

These features maximize efficiency. The temperature control mechanism on this device is easy to handle. Barely any user instructions are necessary for anyone to get the hang of how to use this cooker. You can cook anything from meat, burgers, sandwiches, paninis, to pancakes and crepes. It is a versatile tool, which can cook large quantities, and be cleaned with minimal effort. Possibly the best electric pancake griddle on the market today.

Presto 07046 Tilt ‘n Drain Griddle

[amazon box=”B00066XROO”]

This product comes in an aluminum housing, with a non-stick surface that is easy to both cooks on and clean. The main feature of this device is the “tilt ‘n drain.” This means you can adjust the surface and tilt it when cooking foods with excess fat, such as meats. All you have to do is pull the handles of the grill outward, and the griddle plate will incline. When slanted, the grill drains the extra grease and ensures that your meat will be free of unnecessary fats. Then, you can simply push the handles back in and make the grill level again, ready to cook any other food item.

This special feature goes above and beyond the normal role of a grill when considering how to keep your meals healthy. Further, the cooker has a control master, which automatically controls the level of heat while you are cooking. This ensures that your food will not be either under-cooked or burnt. In addition, if you remove the heat control master, the grill becomes totally immersable in water. The device also comes with a built-in backstop ledge, which makes it easy to handle the food on the grill.

Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

[amazon box=”B00006IUWL”]

This is a small and compact griddle. It measures 8.5 x 10.5 inches in size, making it storable in any small space you can spare in the kitchen. Due to its size, this is most suitable for small families, couples, and those who cook only for themselves. It is created from cast aluminum, which promises to be durable and always heat up evenly. This guarantees that all food placed on the cooking surface will be grilled evenly and perfectly. The controls within this product automatically control the heat of the cooking plate, managing it between slightly warm and 400 Fahrenheit.

This device is made in accordance to North American Electrical standards and is certified. The Liddle Griddle also has built-in paths to catch drops of excess grease and oil from your food. This makes for easy cleanup and overall healthier food. The capacity of this griddle is 1000 watts, which makes it a high performing, yet sleek and compact design. This efficiency makes this griddle truly perfect for households of just one or two people, especially if those people lead busy lives.

Hamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Griddle

[amazon box=”B015AGPOKO”]

Due to the Durathon ceramic coating on the surface of this grill, this device is four times more durable than a normal griddle. It assures the user that it will not crack or flake when used regularly. This coating is also free of PTFE and PFOA, which are dangerous chemicals often found in similar devices. This fairly simple and classic grill has 200 square inches of cooking surface, making it one of the largest in the market.

It also comes with easy to use heat controls, through which you can change the temperature levels based on what you are cooking. It is also fully immersible in water once the cord is removed. It features a small drip tray, which promises to catch excess grease. The handles are always cool, despite the temperature level, ensuring that you won’t get burnt. Cleanup is also very easy, owing to the fact that all parts of this griddle are dishwasher safe.

This grill is very minimalistic and simple. It is large in size, has a plain design, and isn’t flashy. If you are looking for a classic model that does not have any unnecessary, complicated features, and prepares your food efficiently, then this griddle is perfect for you. This unit is not only the best ceramic electric griddle for the price, but it also may well be the best non-Teflon electric griddle available, period.

Presto 7072, Black Slimline Griddle

[amazon box=”B01CEAH57E”]

This Presto electric griddle features a 13×22 inch surface. This large area allows users to grill a large amount of food at one time. The flat surface is large enough to keep the cooked food on, for serving purposes. The non-stick surface and the removable drip tray make for easy post-grilling cleanup. The griddle is made from heavy cast aluminum, which is known to be sturdy and warp-proof.

There are heat controls in place, which can be used to adjust the temperature as per your preference. The cooker can be fully submerged in water when the heat control is removed. You can choose to adjust the heat to reflect your liking, or you can allow the heat master control to automatically adjust the heat. A notable feature of this grill is its incredibly slim and compact design. You can easily slide this sleek device into any extra space or crevice in your cupboards. The product won’t cause any inconvenience at all.

Wolfgang Puck Electric Reversible Griddle

[amazon box=”B001ANXQQ6″]

Boasting a very high capacity of 1800-watts, this griddle comes with a 207 square inch cooking surface. This is one of the largest surface areas available in the current market, and it allows for multiple meals to be cooked at the same time. If you wish, you can cook separate meals for family members, or make different components of a large dinner for your guests.

Another feature that contributes to this versatility is the reversible nature of the grill. You can user either the smooth side or the ribbed side of the platter, depending on how you want your food to look and feel. The grease draining channels and the drip tray promote healthy eating, whilst the inbuilt safety system ensures that you will not get burnt whilst using this device. The adaptability and advanced features of this grill put it on the list of the best electric griddles.

Tilt ‘n Drain Big Griddle

[amazon box=”B00C7NAWFG”]

This griddle is exactly what its name says. It’s big and it’s popular for its “tilt ‘n drain” feature. Unlike your average griddle, this device has a square shaped cooking surface. This design is to allow for more space to hold pancakes, eggs, meats, and sandwiches. This design can supposedly cook more items of food than a traditional rectangular grill. Another advanced feature of this product is the cool-touch buffer that surrounds the grill. This guarantees that you will not suffer any burns whilst cooking.

For grease-catching purposes, this heavy-cast aluminum grill also has a drip tray that slides out. Another thing that the Tilt ‘n Drain Big Griddle sticks to in terms of what is the norm for electric griddles, is control master, which automatically controls the temperature of the cooker. The size of this grill makes it ideal for cooking large quantities of food, especially for big families and house guests.

Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle

[amazon box=”B00G2TVNCC”]

This sleek electric griddle features a cooking surface with the dimensions 19×12.5 inches. This size, along with temperature controls that allow you to vary the heat between 176 and 425 Fahrenheit, make this grill perfect for efficiently grilling multiple items of food. A special feature of this cooker is that it comes with a cover that seals your food in whilst cooking. Unlike other griddles, this speeds up the cooking process and makes sure that your food is cooked thoroughly.

The housing of this device is very durable, owing to the fact that it is made out of titanium. This quality material will not scratch or wear out easily. This product values the safety of its users above all. For this reason, it is designed in such a way that the actual cooking plate sits inside the housing, at a low level. This ensures that you will not get burnt, and that excess grease will not drip out of the griddle. These simple features completely elevate the quality of this product and explain why it is on the list of the best electric griddles.

Swissmar KF-77081 Party Griddle

[amazon box=”B000RWJ2W8″]

This is known as the eight-person grill because it is designed in such a way that it can cater to eight people simultaneously. There are two layers to this griddle. The top hovering layer is made out of granite and is ideal for grilling all your meat, vegetables, and seafood. The bottom layer features eight separate raclette dishes. The raclette dishes are built to melt all your favorite cheeses, whilst the other ingredients are cooking on the top layer. These dishes can also be used to cook other ingredients as well.

This is perfect for house parties, when your friends come over, or for a big family dinner. Everyone can melt his or her preferred cheese in individual dishes, with individual spatulas, and combine it with the other food items. This device promotes this fun activity, which can also be a source of entertainment at a party. The granite grill, spatulas, and hot dishes are dishwasher safe, which helps with cleanup, especially after a large gathering.

Oster DuraCeramic Griddle

[amazon box=”B00FR6RCA8″]

This novel and fresh device feature a non-stick ceramic coating, which is known to be at least four times more durable than any other griddle in the market. This ceramic coating is natural and takes almost no effort to clean. This coating makes the grill free of harsh chemicals, such as PTFE and PFOA. It also allows the grill to heat up fast, allowing you to cook up your meals 20% faster than on an average griddle.

The cooking surfaces measure 10×18 inches, which means that you can cook multiple items at the same time. One of the most innovative features about the Oster DuraCeramic is that it includes a warming tray. This ensures that after you grill your food, you can keep it fresh and warm, by placing it on this warming tray. You don’t have to eat your meals as you cook them, and you don’t have to put your food in the microwave and let it get soggy. You can cook beforehand for your family or friends, and keep it in the tray until everyone is ready for it. This feature adds convenience to the Oster DuraCeramic, which makes this grill one of the best electric griddles on sale.

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Griddle

[amazon box=”B0083I7TCI”]

This grill is slightly bulkier than the others on this list. However, this device comes with a large number of great features that justify its size. Firstly, it’s made almost entirely of metal. This makes it one of the most durable cookers in the market. Secondly, it comes with two reversible, non-stick, and removable grids.

Together, these grids make up 180 square inches of cooking space. This device is basically an entire cooking stove repackaged to be smaller and more efficient. The two grids have separate heat controls, meaning you can adjust the heat based on what you are cooking on each side. Thus, you can cook multiple foods simultaneously. You can even reverse the grills, and cook new items of food without having to wash up first. These plates can very easily be pushed in and out of place. This is a 3-in-1 cooker because you can use it as a grill, a griddle, or both at the same time. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, based on your preference. It is the most versatile and adaptable product in the market right now.

Further, there is a channel in the middle of the two grills, which catches grease. Lastly, the device is dishwasher safe, making cleanup easy as well. Overall, this is one of the most innovative and efficient grills available, which is why it has made it into the list of the best electric griddles. It is affordable, and definitely a great purchase.

Bella Copper Electric Nonstick Griddle

[amazon box=”B01LZZNGD7″]

The copper titanium coating on this griddle claims to be at least eight times more durable than a normal griddle, and up to 30% faster in terms of cooking speed. This copper titanium coating can handle 850 degrees of heat without experiencing any issues. It is free of the harmful chemicals, PTFE and PFOA. The non-stick power of this coating is so great, that any food item can be easily removed from the cooking surface. Even particularly sticky ingredients like cheese will come off easily.

The large electric griddle cooking surface is metal-safe, which means you can use metal utensils and cutlery on the surface without any damage. If you remove the heating probe, the device can be completely submerged in water, making it very easy to clean. The high heat capacity coupled with the efficiency of the copper titanium coat make this product a valuable purchase. This is hands down the best copper electric griddle we examined.

Brentwood TS-840 Electric Griddle

[amazon box=”B00B8ABYME”]

The Brentwood TS-840 electric griddle has a 1400-watt capacity, which is above average for an electric griddle. It also contains a thermostat controller, through which you can adjust the temperature based on how you want your food cooked. The cooking surface is quite large in size, enabling the user to cook different food items simultaneously. The grill can cook a range of foods, from meats and sandwiches to pancakes and eggs.

It is versatile both in terms of what the cooker can handle and the ability to control the heat. Another great feature of this grill is the fact that it comes with a tray set below the actual grill. The purpose of this tray is to keep your cooked food warm until you are ready to eat it. This is quite useful considering that you can keep your cooked items in the tray until all the food is prepared and ready to serve. The grill is easy to clean and store. All these factors contribute to making this electric griddle a great device to own and use in your kitchen.

Safety Tips

  • Always place your griddle on a dry, level, heat-resistant flat surface. Never use a griddle on the floor, or on any soft surface like a bed.
  • Always be sure the drip tray is properly installed and functioning correctly, to catch any drippings.
  • Never pre-heat the griddle for longer than 5-10 minutes. Never leave a hot griddle unattended.
  • When finished cooking, turn off the unit and unplug it from the power outlet. Let the contents of the grease tray or removable drip tray cool before detaching it to empty it and clean it.
  • Never use metal spatulas or implements on a nonstick griddle surface. When using or cleaning your griddle, take care not to scratch or damage the cooking area or non-stick coating of the griddle surface.
  • The griddle surface itself is for direct contact with food only. Never place pots, pans or other cooking vessels on the griddle surface.
  • Be careful when handling the power cord. Don’t let it hang down over the counter edge or make contact with the hot griddle surface at any time. Never use power cords unless they are specifically intended for use with your griddle appliance model. Never use a power cord that is frayed or damaged.
  • Children should be kept away from a hot electric griddle at all times. Never allow children around an electric griddle without proper adult supervision.