Opening cans with a manual can opener can be messy. Some manual can openers are very stiff and are hard to operate. They can also cause spills. Sometimes the lid falls in and is hard to retrieve. Worst of all, manual can openers can cause sharp edges that could cut fingers by accident. All of these problems can be solved by an electric can opener.

Get the Best Electric Can Opener

Electric can openers can automatically cut the lid of a can, without the user having to manually twist a lever. Most electric can openers have stands where you can place a can underneath for auto cutting. The best electric can openers are placed on the lid itself and it works until the job is done and then automatically shuts off.

Electric can openers are amazingly convenient to have in the kitchen. They can cut smoothly without leaving sharp edges. These devices also work rather fast. Electric can openers can be a necessity for those who have trouble manually operating things because of weak muscles or arthritis. Here is a list of great electric can openers all kitchens should have:

1. Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener

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Why we like it: This electric [amazon link=”B000A7NRV2″ title=”can opener”] has a beautiful silvery housing that is also stainless steel. Not only does this look great, it works great too.

This is one of the most stylish can openers you can buy in the market right now. While the looks are a great perk, this can opener works quite wonderfully too. This can opener comes with a beautiful silver and white body that looks like an expensive coffee machine. The body is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The can opener has a magnetic holder, also coated in silver. You can open cans by gently pressing down on the lever. It works quickly and doesn’t cause spills. You don’t need to press too hard to get the job done.

This can opener has a wide base that ensures stability. If you are trying to open a particularly hard can, you can be assured that this gadget won’t slip off the table. It has auto shut off as an extra convenient perk. The housing is stainless steel as described. You can wipe it with a washcloth and it won’t result in corrosion. This can opener is easy to clean and will literally shine in your kitchen. It’s quite safe to use and is made according to North American electric standards. You can use all types of cans with this gadget.

2. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

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Why we like it: This sleekly designed [amazon link=”B00T4RH8E6″ title=”can opener”] requires only little manual input and works on its own. It also has an automatic shut off.

You can finally say sayonara to wrist stiffness with this hands-free electric can opener. It’s extremely easy to use. It has no wheel or other annoying parts. You just punch a hole in the lid with this can opener, and then take your hand off. The can opener will then automatically cut along the lid. It will shut off when the cutting process is done. No manual input is necessary other than placing the can opener. The top comes off so you can easily wash off food juices. There’s nothing more convenient than this neat little kitchen tool.

Because practically no manual input is necessary, this can opener is ideal for older homemakers with arthritis. Anyone else who finds it hard to grip regular can openers can benefit from this tool. It has a magnetic holder that works rather excellently. This electric can opener is quite sleekly built too. It’s easy to hold when needed and has a knife sharpener in the back as an added perk. The can opener is very sturdy too. It will go well with all other modern kitchen gadgets. Overall, this can opener is convenient to use and offers great value for money.

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3. Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Can Opener

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Why we like it: This [amazon link=”B0000CGQD4″ title=”can opener”] cuts from the top part of the lid without causing liquid spills. It’s also compact and super easy to use.

Most homemakers are not fans of side-cut can openers. If you don’t like getting juices all over your hand and the kitchen counter, then you will love this chrome electric can opener. It provides a higher cut above the rim so nothing spills over. Also, this is a handheld can opener. The can opener comes with a stand to place on the counter. The user has to manually place cans under the cutting section. It’s very easy to use. Place the can correctly and use the pushdown lever to puncture a hole. It depresses quickly and doesn’t require much effort.

The can opener has a magnet that secures the can in place as its cutting. It can open a regular-sized can in a matter of seconds. The cut edge is also smoother and leaves no sharpness that could cut fingers. The lid, once cut, also easily lifts off. This electric can opener requires no batteries so it’s very convenient to use. The overall design is very compact and won’t take too much countertop space. The can opener simply works great on pretty much all cans. It’s designed practically and doesn’t cost too much either.

4. BLACK+DECKER Multi-Purpose Can Opener

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Why we like it: This is a rare [amazon link=”B001QVQ6IM” title=”can opener”] that works with sturdier than usual cans. It has a powerful cutter that works with all sorts of cans easily.

This is a heavy-duty can opener that is considered one of the best on the market right now. It doesn’t look much. Rather, it looks like a black plastic box. Regardless, it’s more than well suited to cut the lids off of many different types of cans. It has a powerful piercer cutter that works with even the toughest cans. This can opener is particularly suited to open extra large cans that regular cutters can’t handle. It leaves a smooth edge after cutting and gets the work done in a jiffy. In fact, we were quite impressed by how fast this can opener is.

The housing has its own lid, so the cutting parts are not exposed to the outside. This protects the cutter from moisture in the air, and will also keep little kids from sticking their fingers near the cutter. You can use this can opener alternatively as a bottle opener, a knife sharper, or a bag cutter. Hence, the multi-purpose part in the title. This can opener has a wide base, but it’s compact enough to store without wasting space. This is a must-have kitchen gadget for busy homes. We recommend this for offices too.

5. Oster 3126 Tall Can Opener

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Why we like it: This peculiarly shaped [amazon link=”B0000CFQLE” title=”can opener”] can accommodate cans of many different sizes. It’s convenient and has a reliable and sturdy housing that is easy to clean.

There are several things to really like about this Oster can opener. It’s very sleekly designed with a matte plastic housing, for starters. Yes, it’s plastic, but it’s the sturdy type of plastic that never breaks. You won’t have to worry about corrosion because there’s no metal except for the cutter. But that’s not the best part. What we really liked about this can opener is the extra tall accommodating design. This can opener will accommodate many different sizes of cans. Whether the can is extra small, extra tall, or extra wide, this can opener will get the job done.

The ingenious design is useful for many different reasons. The cutter is a sharp power piercer that can work through pretty much everything. The device only requires minimal input, so this can opener will be very useful for those with weak hands. The can opener also has a knife sharper inside too. There’s a magnetic holder to remove the lid without causing a spill. This can opener automatically shuts off too. You can reliably use this product for a long period of time. It comes in many different colors to choose from as well.

6. Ankuwa Chef’s Best Choice Electric Can Opener

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Why we like it: This [amazon link=”B07S3V21SM” title=”can opener”] is inexpensive and can be easily stored in a small space all while providing quick clean cuts at the push of a button.

If you’re tired of using bulkier electric can openers, this smaller electric can opener is perfect for you. The Ankuwa electric can opener is sleek with a black finish that gives you the ability to open any can with the push of a single button, making it particularly helpful to people with arthritis and other hand pains. A magnet holds the metal lid in place during cutting so you don’t have to worry about a mess, and cuts the lid with rounded edges, thus reducing the risk of potential injury. In addition, the lid remains intact so it can be used to close the can just in case you don’t want to empty it all at once.

The blade is even designed with safety in mind because it is recessed within the machine. Weighing in at a whole seven ounces, this will be one of the handiest tools in your kitchen. This product also comes with a one year guarantee and has a price tag that will make you smile with delight when you compare it to the cost of other models. And as the name suggests, this electric can opener is often used in restaurants by chefs. If it’s good enough for their kitchens, it’s definitely good enough for your own.9.

7. BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener

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Why we like it: This [amazon link=”B07Q24WV2G” title=”unique”] electric can opener can be placed on the lid of a can of any size. It will hold the lid with magnets and leave a smooth cut with zero spillage.

This is a rare no-stand can opener that is super convenient to have in the kitchen. You need to place the can opener on the can and then it works on its own. It’s battery operated and has an automatic shut off. The only manual input this can opener requires is the placement. After that, the function is completely electric. The biggest advantage you get is that this can opener works with all can sizes. If you have an extra large can that you can’t use with a standing can opener, this gadget will come in very handy.

The body of the can opener has magnets to hold the lid in place when cutting. Afterwards, you can simply lift the can opener and the lid will be stuck to the underside. You won’t have to use kitchen utensils to get the lid out and end up spilling things over. Plus, this can opener uniquely has a soft cutting edge. Indeed, the main perk is that it leaves a smooth cut that won’t accidentally pierce your skin. So you can even reuse opened cans without worrying about sharp edges. What’s more, it comes in bright colors that look hip.