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While there is nothing fun about being diagnosed with high or low blood pressure, there is some good news for you:

Electric blood monitors make it a lot easier for you to track your pressure at home.

Of course, this does depend on the actual device that you buy. If you don’t get the best electric blood monitor on the market, then you may be in for a disappointment.

This is why we decided to do the research for you and come up with the devices that will give you the best possible results. Here they are:

Care Touch Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The Care Touch Digital Blood Pressure Monitor provides accurate, consistent readings and has an enormous memory too.

Editor’s rating:

If you are looking for professional-level readings then this is the monitor that you should turn to. It is incredibly accurate and able to give you readings with very little inconsistency. Due to this, you can always trust what you are seeing on this screen. In addition to your blood pressure, this monitor contains an alert for if detecting an irregular heartbeat. Therefore, it comes in quite handy for anyone who has to deal with various heart conditions or has a predisposition to certain conditions.

Do you live with someone who suffers from pressure issues just like you? Well, if so, they can use this machine as well. This is because it is capable of storing up to two hundred and fifty readings from two separate individuals. Not to mention, you can also get the average number of your past three readings as well. So, within seconds you can get a clear picture of what your health looks like. This is precisely why this blood pressure monitor is at the top of our list.

[email protected] Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The [email protected] Digital Blood Pressure Monitor makes it incredibly simple to see if your blood pressure is normal or not.

Editor’s rating:

Now, since there is a good chance that you don’t have a medical degree or training, you need an electric blood monitor that is easy to read. If not, you could end up getting confused about what the results are and misjudge your situation. With this device, though, you will have absolutely no trouble at all. The indicator color codes will immediately warn you if you are either at risk from prehypertension, hypertension, or even a heart arrhythmia. This is just one of the reasons that this was an instant favorite with us.

This is a machine that has been built for two people so that you can easily share this machine. You don’t need to worry about getting the readings mixed up, though, because this monitor stores them separately. It can hold up to sixty readings per person which can be easily called up so that you can stay on top of your health at all times. This monitor has been built to be portable so you will find it quite easy to take it around with you, wherever you go.

Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Blood Pressure Monitor is extremely precise yet simple to use with plenty of automatic functioning.

Editor’s rating:

If this blood pressure monitor looks a bit intimidating, there is a reason. It is because it has been designed to be incredibly sensitive and have excellent pulse wave detection. Therefore, it can track even minute changes in your pressure, making this one of the most accurate machines that you can own. Also, the cuff automatically adjusts itself according to the real-time blood pressure readings that it is receiving. This machine proves that if you aren’t afraid of a high-tech monitor, then this is one of the best devices you can get.

If you have a high risk of developing certain medical conditions, you need a device that is able to pick up warning symptoms. If this is something that you are looking for, then this is the monitor for you. This is because it picks up hypertension readings as well as an irregular heartbeat. So, you can feel at ease knowing that your health is in good hands. Not only can this pressure monitor store readings for up to two people, it also does so in a systematic way. This means that both the date and the time are recorded so that you can track your readings.

1byone Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The 1byone Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is clinically accurate and produces results that are simple to read and understand quickly.

Editor’s rating:

This blood pressure monitor wins its high position because of just how accurate it is. Barring actually going to your doctor on a daily basis, this is one of the most precise ways to measure your blood pressure. Its level of accuracy is proven by the fact that it has been FDA approved. The way in which the results are shown is also quite helpful. For instance, your blood pressure is compared to what is considered to be normal. The monitor also checks for an irregular heartbeat.

What makes this a must-have monitor, though, is just how simple it is to use by practically anyone. This is largely due to the fact that it is mostly automatic. Once the cuff is on, all of the readings are taken with just a press of a button. What more could you want? The sizable LCD display also ensures that you will always be able to clearly see your readings, even in a poorly lit environment. This monitor can be used by two people, with separate storage space for the readings.

Slight Touch ST-401 Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The Slight Touch ST-401 Blood Pressure Monitor is an extremely accurate device that is able to take and store the readings of several people.

Editor’s rating:

Whether you want to keep track of your entire family’s blood pressure or if you simply want to use this device as a communal device, you can. Why? Well, this blood pressure monitor is capable of storing readings of up to 4 people at a time! To top this off, it even takes the average of your last three readings so that you get a general idea of how your blood pressure is behaving. As you can see, this monitor is definitely deserving of its spot on this list.

The other thing that puts this monitor ahead of the competition is the level of accuracy that it boasts. It is so efficient at producing precise, consistent readings that it has been approved by the FDA. This means that you never have to doubt the readings that you are receiving with this device. In addition to blood pressure, the monitor is also able to tell if you have an irregular heartbeat as well. It is a great household device because the entire operation is whisper-quiet, ensuring that you will not be disturbing anyone.


Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor is incredibly versatile and can be easily read by practically anyone at all.

Editor’s rating:

If you are suffering from pressure issues, then you need to haul your blood pressure monitor with you wherever it is that you need to go. This is the only real way to ensure that you stay healthy. With this monitor, travel becomes a lot simpler. For one thing, it is the perfect size to carry around with you, without drawing attention to yourself. Also, the device comes with two different power sources. So, depending on your situation you can either switch to batteries or a charger.

Now, its versatility is definitely why this blood pressure monitor is rated so high. Nonetheless, this is not the end of the benefits that this monitor has to offer. The other perk is that the LCD is large and all of the readings are equally prominent and clear. So, even if you happen to glance at the screen without your glasses, you will have no issues noting down the readings. On top of this, up to two people can use this monitor, all while keeping their readings separate and up to date.


Omron BP742N 5 Series Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The Omron BP742N 5 Series Blood Pressure Monitor allows up to two people to take a variety of readings to determine their cardiovascular health.

Editor’s rating:

Despite being a blood pressure monitor that has been designed for home use, this device produces you with meaningful readings each and every time. For instance, while you are measuring your blood pressure, the device also takes note of your heartbeat. So, if there is an irregular beat, you will be notified immediately. Also, the machine compares your reading to what is considered to be normal blood pressure levels so you can form an immediate decision regarding your health. Due to this, it isn’t surprising that the monitor has received a 5.0 rating.

You can easily share this blood pressure monitor with a partner. It is able to store both of your readings – up to 50 readings per person. This way, you don’t have to waste money on two machines to perform the same function. This is a monitor that is incredibly portable and therefore, ideal to take with you as you travel. Since it is run on batteries, you never have to guess whether your pressure is normal or not anymore. You can take this monitor wherever you go.

AlphaMed Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The AlphaMed Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is perfect for anyone who is either on the go or is looking for an easier method to get readings.

Editor’s rating:

If you have to take your blood pressure multiple times a day, it can be frustrating to have to lug around even a portable blood pressure monitor. Not to mention, you have to go through the trouble of setting it all up and only then getting your readings. This can take up some time out of your day. With the AlphaMed monitor, though none of these things will be an issue for you. You simply strap the device onto your wrist and the readings appear a short while later.

Just because this is a more portable version doesn’t mean that it is any less effective at providing you with all of the details that you need. In addition to the typical blood pressure readings, you also get an indicator if your heartbeat is erratic. This comes in handy for people with risks for developing certain conditions. The wrist monitor also has incredible memory storage. Not only can it hold readings for up to two people, it can provide you with data for ninety different readings.

LotFancy Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The LotFancy Blood Pressure Monitor is versatile, simple to use, and provides you with various readings for a more updated health check.

Editor’s rating:

If you are looking for a blood pressure monitor that caters to numerous people at once, then this is the model for you. It is able to store the blood pressure information for up to 4 people at a time! What’s more, it can keep up to thirty readings, complete with day and time. This, however, is not why this monitor is such a great buy, though. The high rating is because the monitor is able to warn you if it detects either hypertension or an irregular heartbeat.

This is also a monitor that can be used by virtually anyone, since most of the operation is automatic. For instance, the cuff inflates and deflates all by itself so all that you really have to do is to wait until you get your readings. You get your readings quickly and in an easy to read manner on a large display screen. This way, you are able to glean all of the information that is necessary for your health. This also cuts down on the number of mistakes that you can make.


Vive Precision Blood Pressure Monitor

Why we like it: The Vive Precision Blood Pressure monitor is a high quality, accurate machine that is able to systematically store readings.

Editor’s rating:

The main reason that the Vive Precision has been given a 4.5 rating is because of its ability to be incredibly exact each and every time. This is possible because every machine is thoroughly tested before it is shipped out. So, you can be confident that the device that you are receiving is of top-notch quality. The dials and settings on this monitor are incredibly intuitive which makes them a simple task for anyone, regardless of age or technological know-how.

While most blood pressure monitors store readings, this one takes things to a whole other level. Now, if you want to share your machine with someone else, you can and the readings will be stored separately. Regardless of how many people are using this machine, you will be able to retrieve the time and date of your readings. This way, you will have a clearer idea of just how well your blood pressure has been in the near past and whether or not you need further intervention.


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