You cannot put a number on the amount of times you would find yourself wishing you had a compact cutting device to lighten the workload or get yourself out of a sticky situation. That is the purpose served by the modern range of EDC knives.

What is an EDC knife? Disappointingly, it is not some military-style acronym. It just means ‘Everyday carry…’ alright then. But anyway, the products that come under it, especially the knives, are not disappointing. There is a lot to choose from and frankly, we enjoyed going through all of them. Some of them have simplicity as their main selling point. Others boast futuristic designs and features that take the industry to the next level. Either way, there truly is something for everyone in the list of knives we have compiled below.

Yes, unless you are a literal killer, we highly recommend that you take the time to go through our elite list of EDC knives. They have been carefully selected based on their capability both in fashion as well as function. Keep a sharp eye out for your favorite.