Earphones are a necessity in the modern life. They are lightweight and easy to work with, but can really be a pain to store. Shoving your earphones in a backpack or drawer is a surefire way to end up with a tangled mess. If the wires accidentally bend, then you will have to buy a new pair of earphones. An earphone organizer is the best solution to not only keeping your many earphones well organized but to prevent them from getting physically damaged as well.

Earphone organizers are rather affordable, therefore there’s no good reason why everyone can’t benefit from having one. Many earphone organizers are made for traveling. You can keep one in your purse or pocket when on the go to store your earphones once you are done using them. Some earphone organizers act as cord shorteners or tethers as well.

You can find many different types of earphones in multiple shapes and sizes in the market today. Here is a list of some of the best:

1. TOPHOME Cord Organizer

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Why we like it: This beautiful wallet-shaped earphone organizer is affordable and simple to use. Amazingly enough, it supports earphone cords with volume control.

This wallet shaped earphone organizer is made from leather! That’s not the only reason to love it. It has a super secure clasp that will not let out easily. You can wind the cord of your earphones around this little card-shaped organizer in a matter of seconds. Then clasp it shut and you are done. Unwinding is a breeze. This earphone organizer is highly compact. You can easily carry it in your bag, pencil case, or a pocket. The material is really soft and compact as well. Besides, it looks quite cool and expensive, despite not costing much at all.

We really liked it because it supports earphones even with volume control. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to wrap earphones with column control units around anything. This organizer has a square shape that perfectly accommodates even the volume control. And once you have it wrapped up, the securing part is easy. The flexible clasp can accommodate any level of bulk without coming loose. This classy gadget is very well built. You can expect it to last a long time with proper care. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient earphone organizer.

2. ELFRhino Cord Organizer & Earbuds Holder

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Why we like it: The ELFRhino Cord Organizer & Earbuds Holder allows you to keep your earbuds and chords nice, neat, and organized.

Perhaps one of the most annoying things you have to deal with is tangled wires of earbuds or earbuds that have way too much cordage. One nifty tool to help keep all your wires including your earbuds in order is the ELFRhino Cord Organizer & Earbuds Holder. This nifty little tool was designed specifically to keep your earbuds nice and detangled. By simply wrapping your earbuds around the base and then snapping it in place with a metallic snap, you never have to worry about your earbuds being stored improperly or bending and breaking. The ELFRhino Cord Organizer Earbuds Holder features a high quality silicone that allows it to stay sturdy and durable. And with the metallic snap, you can easily open and close up your earbud organizer so that you can free up your earbuds when you are ready to use them.

The small size of the ELFRhino Cord Organizer Earbuds Holder makes it ideal for slipping into pants pockets or small zippers in purses and backpacks. What makes the ELFRhino Cord Organizer Earbuds Holder great is the fact that you can use them for more than just your earbuds. If you have phone chargers or other cords that you need to keep organized, then the hey ELFRhino Cord Organizer Earbuds Holder can come in handy as well. Lastly, you will find that the ELFRhino Cord Organizer Earbuds Holder comes in a range of color options so that you can find the right one to meet your style needs.

3. The Nest Earphone Case

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Why we like it: This innovative earphone organizer is sturdy and will eliminate wire tangle messes from your drawer. It’s great for traveling too.

It’s hard not to want this undeniably cool looking earphone organizer. It looks like some futuristic gadget, even though in reality it’s just a hard silicone earphone organizer. The case unfolds or stretches out so you can place your earphones inside and wrap the wire around the nest-shaped neck to prevent tangling. Then you just have to press it shut and your earphones will be safe inside. The case is incredibly strong and also flexible thanks to the silicone material. You can wash it and dry it whenever you need to keep it clean.

Once you have placed the earphones inside, retrieving them is quite easy as well. You only have to pull the case open and then unwrap the wire and take out the earphones. You can do this on the go without a hassle. This earphone organizer will make sure your earphones remain untangled and undamaged. It’s great for traveling with, but you can also store your earphones in one of these and lock it in a drawer. It will make drawer organization easy too. Overall, this is a really neat gadget that you won’t regret spending money on.

4. Curvyman Earphone Organizer

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Why we like it: This cute little gadget lets you keep earphones untangled while they are still plugged in. This earphone organizer is well suited for people always on the go.

This is truly one of a kind earphone organizer. You can use this organizer even while the earphone is in use! The main purpose of this neat little gadget is to keep the wires neatly in place. If your earphone wires are getting tangled up in your clothing, backpack or anything else while you are plugged in, you can get rid of such hassles with this earphone organizer. It’s a “curvy man”-shaped device with little grooves on sides so that you can wrap the wire around it. The wires will stay secure the way you wrapped it, and won’t come off.

The Curvyman is perfect when you don’t want earphone wires getting everywhere or getting tangled. If you still work out with wired earphones, then this organizer would be perfect to prevent the wires from getting everywhere as you move. The Curvyman also comes with a little hook. This way, you can clip it onto a zipper, your belt loop, a bag, or anything else when you are on the go. It’s really neat to have when you use the earphone on public transport during rush hour. It’s made from very light plastic that won’t break easily.

5. eBoot Earphone Case

Why we like it: You can totally forget about the days when you had to untangle earphones when you buy one or two of these multicolored cases.

Life with more than one earphone can be tough. eBoot earphone case is one of the simplest solutions for having to spend hours untangling the wires of your three earphones. Each little round case comes with a mesh pouch to hold a single earphone. You can place the cord neatly without causing tangles. Of course, no two earphones will ever get into an ungodly tangle when you have one of these. Each case is made from EVA anti-shock material. You may think why an earphone case needs to be made of such sturdy material. It’s so that your earphones will be protected from getting crushed.

You can carry this in a backpack or a messy case and not worry about extra weight and pressure, such as from books or a laptop, crushing the plastic of your earphones. These little round cases are the best solution to keep your earphones untangled and safe from physical harm. The cases are perfect for storing earphones for a prolonged period too. The case is spacious enough to hold any type of earphone save for headphones with ear cups. This organizer is really compact, so you can carry one in your pocket or handbag. The cases come in an array of colors.

6. Budsband Earphone Organizer

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Why we like it: This is the ultimate earphone organizer that requires no unwinding, wrapping or complicated folding. It’s simple, easy, and super fast to use.

This is one of the neatest earphone organizers we have come across. It’s less of a bulky organizer and more of an earbud wrap. If you have ever tried to use rubber bands to keep your earphones tangle-free and organized, then this is the upgraded, tech-minded version of that. This is the simplest earphone organizer to use. Just fold your earphones in the way they came in the box, and then use this organizer band to wrap around the secure. There, and it’s done. It’s as simple as that. Then you can just quickly unclasp the band to release the earphones.

If you loathe those earphone organizers that require a lot of wrapping up and unwinding, then this would be the perfect solution. You can just fold and clasp, then repeat. The wrap is also so small and lightweight, barely even feels being there. The budget is also quite negligible so getting one won’t set you back. The earphone clasp, however, is more than just using a rubber bank. It comes with a hole to make sure the AV plug is kept secure. You can use one of these to tether or shorten your earphones as well.

7. Cord-On Earphone Holder

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Why we like it: This simple earphone organizer is incredibly effective for safely storing your precious earphones. These are great for budget-strapped buyers too.

This rad looking earphone holders may be exactly what you need when you need to store your earphones. These triangle-shaped organizers are incredibly compact. One or two of these might even fit inside a pencil holder. They are simple enough to use too. You just need to wrap the earphone inside one of these little gadgets. The wires will stay secure and without any tangles. Also, the exterior triangular cover will protect your earphones from any type of impact damage. The earphones will be kept tightly secure without anything spilling out. There will be no wear and tear afterward.

These earphone organizers are great when you want a simple but surefire method to keep your earphones stored without consuming too much space. You can keep one or two in your bag, purse, or back pocket for traveling as well. These things weight next to nothing, and doesn’t take up much space, so they are perfectly made for traveling. Once you use one of these to store your earphones, you can untangle them easily as well. Each organizer is dirt cheap so you can buy several for future use. There are eight bright colors to choose from as well.

8. Gwee Sport Guppy Earphone Storage

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Why we like it: This small but superbly designed earphone organizer clips onto clothing and secures earphone wires preventing tangled messes. It’s great for workout enthusiasts and travelers.

This is definitely not your typical earphone organizer. For starters, it doesn’t come with a case or a keychain-style hook. It looks like a tiny shoe sole really. Despite looks, this is one of the most smartly designed earphone organizers we found. It’s made for portability and convenience. This earphone organizer may not come with a case, but it clips onto clothing. You can clip this onto your top, jeans, or an armband while you jog, commute, or work out. The organizer will keep the wires from thrashing about or getting tangled up in everything.

You can wrap the wires of your headphones around the organizer as tightly or as loosely as you like. It will secure the wires either way. When you use this organizer, you won’t have to worry about the earphone wires bending, kinking or otherwise getting damaged. You know how difficult it is to keep some earphone wires from getting loose at the earpiece. Bent wires can lose sound too. If those are major concerns for you, then this earphone organizer will definitely solve those problems. It’s affordable and has some multifunctional use as well. You can use it to secure sunglasses, if not earphones.

9. Drhob Cable Winder

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Why we like it: This doggie bone shaped earphone organizer is definitely not for your dog. It has perfectly sized grooves to secure the earphone wires.

This is definitely the most adorable earphone organizer we have come across so far. This is shaped like a small toy dog bone and has holes and slits to secure your earphones. Plus, it’s made from eco-friendly rubber. So the organizer is super lightweight. The rubber surface is soft but doesn’t slide off easily. You will find this organizer very easy to place on a table. You can use this cute winder to tether or shorten your earphones. You can wrap your earphones and stow away for long-term storage too. There are slits made to secure the earbuds as well as the AV plug.

It’s easy enough to wrap an earphone around and snap it into place. Unwrapping is easy and completely hassle-free. We highly recommend this earphone organizer if you want a tether when traveling and working out. It comes in a number of cute colors as well. Each package comes with three organizers so your money will be well spent. It works regardless of the size and length of the earphones you are using. You can even use this earphone organizer with other wired things as well. This is one useful earphone organizer that dog lovers and everyone else can come to love.