Best Earphone Organizers

Most people spend a great deal of time with earphones in their ears. Whether you are working, traveling, working out, or just dancing in your room, earphones play a large role in your life. This is why it is so frustrating whenever your earphones get tangled up together. Unfortunately, this seems to occur every time that you put your earphones down for more than a couple of moments. You then have to spend a considerable amount of time, untying the stubborn knots. Not only is this incredibly annoying, it can also be damaging to your earphones, particularly in the long run. If you do not want to deal with this hassle anymore, earphone organizers are the way to go. Here are the top ones that will always keep you untangled:

1. eBoot Earphone Case


If you like your accessories then this eBoot earphone case is certainly going to be a welcome addition to your collection. These little round cases are more than just pretty, colorful little items, however. There are actually composed of a material that is known as EVA. In this particular form, it is actually quite durable, forming a protective cover over your earphones. Therefore, it offers added protection, making sure that it will not get easily damaged. There is also a partial mesh wall to ensure that your earphone stays snugly in one place and will not get tangled up. Another great feature is that this case is actually quite compact. It can easily fit in your pockets or even a really small bag. Despite its small size, you can actually fit other small items in there as well. There are five different cases in white, blue, purple, orange, and red. This makes it great for the whole family.

2. Grapperz Earbud Holder


Oftentimes, the simplest design is the best and the Grapperz earphone holder really does win out. This holder is made up of pliable yet durable silicone. This ensures that your earphones can be twisted around without being damaged. However, it also ensures that the holder will last for quite a while. You can start by snuggly fitting the earbuds into their little flower-like feature. This can easily accommodate earbuds that are either soft or hard without a problem. Then, it is simply a matter of wrapping the wires around the holder, making sure that it is fitted into the thin opening. You can get this in a variety of fun, bright colors. It is also equipped with a hook so that you can clip it on your pants to make sure that you do not lose your earphones. This holder is quite small so it is easily stored in any space, including pockets.

3. The Nest Earphone Case


This earphone case is undeniably cool looking – quite futuristic, in fact. Its function is equally as innovative as its design. Not to mention, it is just fun to use! This holder is made from silicone and thus is incredibly strong and flexible. It not only ensures that your earphones are kept untangled, it also keeps them safe. To use it, you simply have to unfold the case, you then put the earbuds in the ‘nest’ and wrap the wires around the neck of the case. You then just fold it back once you are done. It actually takes just moments to do because of the structure of the case. If you are worried about the time it will take to get the earphones out, you don’t need to worry. With a gentle pull, your earphones will be released from the nest and are ready to be used. You can find these cases in pink, blue, and green.

4. Curvyman Earphone Organizer


This is definitely a conversation starter! What is original about this Curvyman earphone organizer is that you can utilize it while you have your earphones in. This means that you do not have to go through the hassle of wrapping and unwrapping the earphones every time that you want to use them. While the earphones are still plugged in, you can simply wrap them around the Curvyman and then leave them alone. When you want to use the earphones, simply unravel the cord a bit and you are good to go. This is the perfect option if you are someone who is always on the go or who likes to work out. The Curvyman also comes with a little hook. This way, you can clip it onto a zipper, your belt loop, or a bag. This is made of light plastic and comes in six different colors that are great for daily wear.

5. Gwee Sport Guppy Earphone Storage


If you are the active type or are always on the move with your earphones in, then you are going to absolute adore this carrier. It is certainly small and inconspicuous looking but packs quite a punch. It simply looks like a small piece of fabric. You just have to open the Sport Guppy up, wrap your earphones in and then close it up again. It has a magnetic clip that ensures that your earphones will not unravel or get tangled up. It is also this feature that allows you to exercise with this holder. Due to the magnetic clip, you can easily clip it to your shirt, even while you are moving around. Almost as great is that it has antimicrobial technology inside of the pouch. This means that even if you are sweating while wearing it, the interior stays clean and fresh for future use. It comes in several different colors.

6. Cord-On Earphone Holder


If you are looking for a holder that is incredibly compact yet secure, then look no further than this Cord-on earphone holder. It is so small that it can easily fit in the palm of your hand. However, it has been designed to make sure that your earphones and the attached wires do not budge an inch. By making sure that all of the important parts are tucked in, there is no wear and tear with your earbuds or the wires. Your earphones are encased inside a small holder while the wires are wrapped around on the outside. Then, it is all clipped into place to ensure that there is no movement or dislodging of the wires. This case is created from Santoprene. This way, you can be sure that your earphones are well protected and will not be prone to damage. There are eight, bright colors that you can choose from.

7. Budsband Earphone Organizer


The Budsband is so much more than a mere earphone organizer. You may have noticed with several of your earphones that a great deal of damage is done near the earphone jack. Unfortunately once this gets ruined, it is quite likely that your earphones will stop working or will be less efficient. Well, the Budsband has taken care of this. You snugly fit the jack into the provided position. Then, you wrap up the wires into a bundle, place it near the jack and then slip the rest of the Budsband over the whole arrangement. Presto, your earphones are all taken care of and protected. The Budsband is made of silicone and is very pliable, making sure that your earphones are not punctured or damaged in anyway. It is definitely a great addition to your mobile accessory collection. You can also get the Budsband in a variety of different colors.

8. Drhob Cable Winder


The Drhob cable winder is shaped like a dog’s bone and incredibly cute. It is made from eco-friendly and despite being quite durable, it is actually really lightweight. This means that you do not really feel it as you wear it. This is certainly one of the best parts of Drhob winder – you can wrap your earphones up and use them at the same time. It is also really easy to use. You simply slip in the earphones at one end, wrap them up, and pull them out of the other end. Depending on how much your wrap the cord up, you can still use the earphones. This means that you do not have to concern yourself with constantly winding and unwinding your earphones. There is a place at the back where your earbuds can snugly fit in when you are not using them. You will not have to worry about your earbuds dangling about anymore.

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