Dumbbells can be a great tool in allowing you to perform various exercises for your body. One of the most popular uses of dumbbells would have to be for performing bicep curls, but this is just one of many exercises that you can do with dumbbells. Other exercises include doing lunges, triceps extensions, sit-ups, squats, push-ups and much more. When purchasing a set of dumbbells, there are two main types out there. One type is the fixed weight dumbbell sets, which have dumbbells of a fixed weight and cannot be changed. The other type of dumbbell will use plates on the sides, so you can adjust the weight of the dumbbell by adding more weight plates. Depending on your workout frequency and your strength, you should decide which is more suitable to you. Here are some of the best dumbbell sets out there.

1. j/fit Solid Iron Steel Design Dumbbells Set

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This is another affordable dumbbell set which comes in fixed-weight dumbbells. However, you do get the option of choosing the weights of the dumbbells before you purchase the set. The minimum weight for the total weight you can select is the 18lbs set and the maximum is the 32lbs set. The weights will be split into three sets of dumbbells depending on the set that you are purchasing. The dumbbells are all made of high-quality material so you can expect them to last for a long period without deteriorating. The weights may not be the most suitable if you plan on doing intense strength training, but they may be quite sufficient if you are doing endurance training. There is a Neoprene coating on the dumbbells which allows for a comfortable grip when holding them. Apart from this, they serve a dual purpose in protecting the dumbbells themselves from chipping or flaking. The weights come with a stand as well so you can keep the weights on the stand when you are done.

2. CAP Barbell 40-pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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This dumbbell set is another great option for adjustable dumbbells. The dumbbells set is inexpensive, so it is quite cheap for adjustable dumbbells. The main drawback is that you do not get to choose the weight of the set like you to get with some of the others on our list. The set allows for a maximum weight of forty pounds. There are two handles that come with the set, four collars, four 2.5lbs plates and four 5lbs plates. As a bonus, you will receive a plastic case which you can use to store the weights when you are done using them. The grips are quite comfortable to hold, however, not as comfortable as the Neoprene coated dumbbells. The collars and handles are both threaded to allow them to be screwed securely into place. The dumbbells are made of high-quality metal, which will not rust or flake overtime. Considering its affordability, this is one of the best adjustable dumbbell sets out there.

3. AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell Pairs and Sets with Stands

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AmazonBasics seems to always give you the best value for money with their products, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this is one of the best dumbbell sets out there. The weights may not be suitable for strength training as the weights are quite low. You can choose either a set of three, or one set. The weight sets are two pounds, three pounds and five pounds is the highest weight. This makes the dumbbells more suited to resistance training rather than strength training unless you are an absolute beginner. The dumbbells are all made of high quality and are accurate in their rated weights. There is a neoprene coating on the weights which allows for a more comfortable grip when carrying the weights. The set comes included with a stand as well so you can simply keep the weights on the stand after you are done using them. The set is one of the cheaper dumbbell sets out there.

4. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

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If the Bowflex dumbbells are too expensive for you, but you wish to purchase adjustable dumbbells, the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells is another great option. When purchasing the dumbbells, you have a choice of selecting the maximum weight of the dumbbell set, with the lowest being forty pounds and the maximum being two hundred pounds. Since the weights are not fixed, even if you purchase the two-hundred-pound set, you can still remove the plates to perform a lesser weight. This makes it the ideal choice if you are intense strength trainer as you will require larger weights as well. The dumbbells are made of high-quality cast iron, which offers durability and quality. The plates will be split amongst 5lbs, 2.5lbs, and 1.25lbs, but the quantity of each will vary based on the weight of the dumbbell that you are purchasing. The package will include the handles and four collars as well to allow you to adjust the weight and secure them in place when working out.

5. Tone Fitness Neoprene Dumbbell Set

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This is another dumbbell set that is suited for endurance training and toning. The dumbbell set includes fixed weight dumbbells and has a total weight of 32 lbs. The dumbbells all have a coating of Neoprene, which allows for comfortable gripping and also to give the weights added durability. The set is suitable for using both indoors and outdoors, without having to worry about the weights being damaged. There are three different weights that come in the set. There is a three-pound pair, five-pound pair, and eight-pound pair. There is no option of selecting different weight sets so you should make sure you don’t plan on incrementing the weight in future. The set comes with a rack as well, which you can use to keep the weights and prevent them from rolling. The only drawback we found was that this set is a bit expensive.

6. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

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If you are willing to invest a fair bit of money on your dumbbells, this is probably the best out there. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells comes in a single pair; however, the dumbbell is adjustable so you can remove or add more weights depending on the level of resistance you require. The minimum weight will be five pounds and you can increase this weight in increments of two and a half pounds until the first twenty-five pounds. From there on you can increase the weight to a maximum of fifty-two and a half pounds. Switching between weights is quite simple as there is a dial which you can unscrew to change the weights. The dial can then be screwed tight again to hold the weights securely in place and prevent them from falling out. The main advantage will be that you can save a lot of space in having plenty of dumbbells lying around. The only drawback is the expense.

7. SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells

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The SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells is quite cheap to purchase, however, they only come in a set of two. The dumbbells are not adjustable so they come in fixed weights. You can choose the weight of the dumbbells that you need before you purchase them. There are plenty of weight options to choose from with the lowest being one pound and the highest being twenty pounds. Apart from just choosing the weights, each weight comes in different colors, allowing you to distinguish them easily if you are purchasing multiple weights. The dumbbells have a vinyl coating on them which can prevent them from slipping out when you are using them. The dumbbells are suitable for resistance training or as strength training for the absolute beginner. The set does not come included with a dumbbell rack so you should purchase the rack separately or look for an alternate storage option for the dumbbells.

8. Unipack Adjustable Dumbbells

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If you want a pair of dumbbells for strength training, adjustable dumbbells may be the best option for you. The Unipack dumbbells are fully adjustable offering a maximum weight of 52.5lbs. This weight is fixed, so you don’t have the option of choosing a different maximum weight for the dumbbells. The set will include two handles and four collars for securing the weights in plates. There are also the weight plates, eight five-pound weights, two 2.5lbs plates and two 1.25lbs plates. The plates are all made of high-quality cast iron which is quite durable. This gives you great flexibility in adjusting the weights to your preferred level when using them for training. There are no tools required to set up the weights so you can easily use them to perform supersets or drop set exercises. The set is quite affordable. The handles of the dumbbells are made of chrome to allow for easy grip and prevent the weights from slipping.