While a good quality DSLR is going to be a fundamental part of your filming equipment, it is not enough to achieve the most endearing images you can shoot. Almost as important as the camera itself is the stabilizer that goes with it.

How do stabilizers make the footage look better? They simply stabilize the camera. We have all at least once attempted to record a video without cameras and while doing so, it is easy to think the footage will come through nicely. But what we have not been noticing all along is how shaky our hands can be. Eventually the footage is going to be just too irritating to watch. Getting rid of this is the primary function of a stabilizer. If you want to make your film look good, your shots have to come through smoothly, and the stabilizer was invented for that.

However, it is not as though everyone buys the same product, and so the ingenuity of stabilizers varies with each manufacturer. As a customer, you are obviously intent on owning the best stabilizer you could possibly have. That is why we have put together this list of 9 DSLR camera stabilizers which we think do the job better than others. They are lighter, stronger, and offer a wealth of customization and performance options that together help you achieve precisely the shot you are looking for, with relative ease. So let us get right into it.