Best Dry Erase Boards


A dry erase board is something that all students need. Whether you are in high school or college or even doing your doctorate degree, you will need a dry erase board to study. After all, not all of us are allowed to solve algebra on windows like geniuses usually does in movies. Of course, you can write and practice on notebooks. But think about the amount of paper you will be wasting. Think about how it will affect the environment. So, buying a dry erase board is a sensible option. Through this board, you will be able to do your sums, test your theories and do so much more over and over again. Since this is a cost-effective way of studying, it is important for all students to possess a dry erase board in their dorm/bedroom. The following are some of the best dry erase boards in the current market.

Charles Leonard Dry Erase Lapboard Class Pack


With this pack, you will get a dozen dry erase boards. If you require a different board for all your subjects, then you might want to consider a package deal such as this one. These 9×12” inch boards have plenty space for you to practice your math sums and improve your handwriting. Since these boards have rounded edges, it is ideal for young children. One of the best features of these boards is that it does release a strong odor like most dry erase boards in the market. The package comes with 12 markets that enable you to write smoothly and comfortably without leaving any odor on the board. Also, thanks to the 12 erasers, you will be able to clean your board to perfection. This an environmentally-friendly way to improve your learning since you can reuse these boards over and over again. Moreover thanks to the convenient storage box, you can easily store these boards away after using them.

Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Board


This dry erase board not only enables you to write and study as you please, it works as a bulletin board as well. Since the product is magnetic, you can use it to display your notes, charts, graphs, etc. This way, you will not have to keep all the important notes separately. You can hang the dry erase board in either portrait or landscape orientation. Since it has a 17×23 measurement, there is plenty of space for you to write in either position. Regardless of the position you pick, you will be able to write comfortably. Moreover, since this product comes with sufficient mounting hardware and dry-erase accessories, you can make maximum use of this board.


U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board


This magnetic dry erase board has one of the most durable and stain-resistant surfaces in the market. This surface area resists ghosting as well. This means that your dry erase board will look brand new even after years of use. It is very easy to clean the surface of this board. This is mainly due to the fact that this board is compatible with all kinds of erasers and markers. Also, since it deals as a bulletin board, you can use it to pin notices and posters too. The board comes along with a dry erase marker, eraser, and Pin-it cork magnet. The innovative market cap design prevents the market from rolling off any flat surface. Also, the product has a convenient and hassle-free mounting system. Thanks to this feature, it is possible for you to hang this board on any flat surface of your choice. Furthermore, for an additional price, it is possible for you to modify the dry erase board in any way you want.

Quartet Silver Aluminum Frame Whiteboard


This product of Quartet has the right dimensions for a student. The 24×18” inches offer more than enough space for you to practice on. Also, thanks to these excellent dimensions, it is possible for you to mount the board horizontally and vertically. The writing surface of this dry erase board is not only smooth, but it is also incredibly easy to clean. Once you are done writing, you can erase the board with a single wipe. The silver aluminum frame not only offers the board stylish looks but also increases the overall dependability of the product. The silver finish and the aluminum frame will definitely completely the interior of your study room. You can simply extend the surface life and quality of this product by cleaning it regularly. Since the product comes with a market tray and one dry erase marker, you have got nothing to worry about.


Mead Classic Aluminum Frame Whiteboard


If you are looking for something simple and cost-effective, you should opt for this particular dry erase board. This 3×2 feet board has plenty of space for you to study. It is highly suitable for messaging and organization as well. The silver finish and the aluminum frame are important features of this product as they enhance the sturdiness of the product. They also add a certain level style to your studying room. One of the best features of this product is that it can be hung either vertically or horizontally. Since the board possesses easy pass-through mounting hardware, you can hang it on your wall or any flat surface without facing any inconvenience. Moreover, the dry erase board comes with an attachable tray in which you can store all the accessories you need. This includes the magnets, markers, and eraser. It is important to note that you must regularly clean the surface of the board to experience good results.


OfficePro Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board


This particular dry erase board has two strong features. Firstly, it has an ultra-slim design. This means that you can place the board in any place of your choice without facing unnecessary hassle. Secondly, it is extremely lightweight. This means that you carry around the dry erase board without any strain. Moreover, you can be assured that it will not fall off the wall or any other surface you hang it on. The surface of the dry erase board is noteworthy too. It has high clarity and is scratch-resistant. You can write over and over on this board without leaving any stains or ghosting. The product comes with a mounting hit that will enable you to install this dry erase board in your studying room in no time. Finally, this product comes with a lifetime replace guarantee. So, if you have any issues with the board, you can get a free replacement immediately.

Customize Right Magnetic Dry Erase White Board


This magnetic dry erase board is ideal for students who do not have a study room of their own. If you do not have enough space at your home to hang a large dry erase board, you can opt for this one. This product will enable you to use your refrigerator as your own whiteboard! Although this is only a white board paper, this product will last for a long period of time. Once you paste it on your refrigerator, you can ensure that it will stay in its place. This product is not only easy to use, but it is also affordable as well. Moreover, you can use this board to inform everyone in your family about the house chores and duties. Since everyone at home uses the refrigerator, you can use it as a message board as well.

Viz-Pro Melamine Dry Erase Board


The writing surface of this dry erase board is made out of melamine. Therefore, it is smooth, durable and easy to erase. After using the board for hours, you can simply clean it with a single swipe. Since the board is compatible with all types of dry-erase markers, you have got nothing to worry about. The dry erase board has a silver finished frame, which not only adds more style to your study room interior, it increases the dependability of the product as well. Thanks to the fixing kits, it is possible for you to install this white board easily. You can mount this board on any flat surface in a horizontal or vertical position. Apart from the fixing kit, you will also get a pen tray in which you can keep all the markers. This way, you can make sure that you will not lose any of your markers.

The Board Dudes Magnetic Dry-Erase Calendar Board


The best feature of this particular board is that it acts as a calendar as well. If you are a highly organized person and have many appointments then having this event planner/dry erase board will come in handy. Since this dry erase board has an area of 16”x20”, you will have plenty of space to write down your events. This erasable metal calendar board comes with an aluminum frame. Therefore, you need not worry about the durability of the product. You will also get 1 black dry erase marker and 2 magnets during the purchase. This particular product can lead a number of advantages. You can use it as an event planner, put up study notes and post-its or even leave messages at home. This board will definitely be useful in for a student in both home and school environments. If you are looking for something to study and keep track of your schedule, you definitely should get one of these.