Chances are, you already have a dry erase board at home. After all, it is considered to be a mandatory piece of stationary to have not only at home but also at school and in the workplace. Life is a lot less stressful when you do not have to remember every single detail of it and instead can note it down somewhere that you can easily refer to later on.

For most people, that somewhere happens to be a dry erase board, and why not? It is very convenient to write on, just as convenient to erase, and configured to be displayed in places where it is highly noticeable. Plus, it omits a great deal of dependency on papers which can only be used once and then disposed of. Better to save those more important, longer-lasting information and record the short-term, superficial stuff on your dry erase board. Choosing one may not appear to be a difficult task but the fact is you could not really tell a good board from a not-so-good board merely by looking at it. You can only find that out by using it every day.

So allow us to introduce you to our list of the best dry erase boards that are commercially available right now. They have all been picked from the market as it was at the time when we were conducting reviews. And they have been made to a very high standard of durability, reliability, and usability. There is not much left to say besides diving headfirst and finding out which you will like to have delivered to your home.

OfficePro Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board

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Why we like it: Ultra-slim design and low weight make it a convenient and user-friendly choice. Plus, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

There are a couple of particularly striking details about this dry erase board from OfficePro. First off, it is remarkably slim, ultra-slim in fact. That makes it more convenient to use as well as to store away and also, it fits modern times where less is more. With that said, the second most striking detail will not really come as a surprise to you. This board is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to carry around with you with little to no effort.

However, the ergonomics of the design do not stop there. The actual writing surface of the board has a high level of clarity and scratch-resistance. Also, it will not retain any ghosting or stains. A built-in mounting hit enables you to set it up in your room almost immediately. And finally, you get a lifetime replacement guarantee so any shortcomings of your board will entitle you to a brand new replacement.

Lockways Magnetic Dry Erase Board

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Why we like it: Ideally configured for home use and pays attention to the finer details as well.

This dry erase board delivers excellent writing and dry erase performance. It is 35.8 inches by 24 inches, which is an ideal size for just about anything that you need to use it for. It can be used in offices, universities, dorm rooms, and homes. Just about any brand of dry erase markers can be used with this board.

The surface is smooth and scratch-resistant. It has a clean wipe-off surface and can last five years without stains under normal usage. It is constructed to be incredibly durable. It won’t warp, crease, or bubble, even after years of use. It even comes with a detachable aluminum marker tray!

Charles Leonard Dry Erase Lapboard Class Pack

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Why we like it: Brought to you by a family business that is dedicated to producing nothing but high quality and value for its customers.

Charles Leonard Inc. is a family business that has been ongoing for over 70 years now and its order of priorities since the very beginning has been about quality and value. Their Dry Erase Lapboard Class Pack promises to be perfect for learning inside the classroom. Upon reviewing it, we certainly thought so. The pack consists of 12 plain white Masonite lap boards measuring 12inches long and 9 inches across, one box of 12 dry erase markers, and a pack of 12 2-inch multi-functioning erases.

Using it is easy. You can wipe it off just as easily as you wrote on it. The markers are impressive in their own right, low-odor, non-toxic, AP Certified and conforming to ATSM D4236. Having a dozen erase boards is very resourceful considering that you might need a different board for each project or subject. The dimensions of each board are just the right size for you to fit a substantial amount of information in without being too large and cumbersome.

U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board

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Why we like it: A dry erase board that will work for you at home as well as any place outdoors.

The U Brands Contempo magnetic dry erase board is a real jack-of-all-trades, able to work in your home as well as the classroom, or in fact any commercial workspace. It is remarkably simple to maintain, needing only very minimal regular cleaning activity to keep it in good working condition. You can feel free to use any dry erase marker to write on it. This board is resistant to ink staining as well as ghosting.

It also comes with a U point black dry erase marker that has its own eraser and also a Pin-It cork magnet. And being a board with a magnetic surface, it works as well for a bulletin board as it does for writing. You can use it to pin your pictures, post-it notes, memos, menus, reminders, and calendars so that anyone in the room can see what a busy person you are. U Brands also offers its very own range of Gruv snap-in frame accessories to help you customize your board.

The Board Dudes Magnetic Dry-Erase Calendar Board

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Why we like it: Ideally configured to be useful in any environment and record your plans for the immediate future.

These days, it is not enough that we only get a dry-erase board for our money. Most of us expect more than that. The Board Dudes know this as well as anyone and so, their dry-erase board works as a bulletin board, just as it does a writing board. Also included in the price are a dry-erase marker (black) and a couple of black-striped button magnets for sticking additional notes and things. It really is a working calendar for all of its customers.

If you are a person who ends up signing up for more engagements than you can keep track of, use this board to make your life much more organized and simpler. It has fairly sizeable area – 16 inches by 20 inches, enough space to note down your upcoming events regardless of how many there are. The aluminum frame gives it a much need level of rigidity and makes it great to work with whether you are at home, school, or at the office.

Customize Right Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

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Why we like it: An ingenious, cost-efficient alternative to suspending your board on the wall, also comes with a full lifetime replacement guarantee.

Are you lacking the space you need to accommodate a large dry erase board? Perhaps, you should try this one, the Customize Right Magnetic dry-erase whiteboard, a quick and efficient solution to the problem. It is actually a whiteboard paper but that does not take away anything from its durability.

Other benefits include a full money back guarantee and great value for money. You really are paying a low price for a product that occupies the bare minimum amount of space and stays with you for a very long time. It is a great way to keep members of the household and visiting friends updated on your plans and engagements. You will not have to worry about losing scraps of paper anymore. Whenever you need to remind yourself, gaze upon the fridge and be reminded.

Viz-Pro Melamine Dry Erase Board

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Why we like it: Durable and sturdy construction backed by a host of other features that make it reliable and user-friendly.

Welcome to a fashionable, melamine-made whiteboard. The Viz-Pro measures 48 inches by 36 inches so it is nothing small. However, it will still fit just fine within a home, office, or school. Of course, it is too big for something a student can take in and out of the classroom. But hey, even the teacher needs a board that everyone else can see. Being fixed means that it is not portable.

The aluminum frame has been finished in silver with ABS plastic corners that allow you to screw it into place. The silver also the gives the board a noticeable sense of style. The construction overall is durable and highly functional. The melamine writing surface is also durable and smooth making it easy to write on and wipe away. There is real cost-efficiency too. Included in the price are fixing kits which help you install the board and a pen tray where you can place all of your markers.

Kedudes Magnetic Dry Erase Board

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Why we like it: A cost-efficient and minimalistic choice that gives you plenty of usability options.

If you are looking for something simple and cost-efficient, this may just be your best bet. It is a great board for writing out your notes as well as attaching additional items like reminders or photographs thanks to its magnet accessories. The markers are magnetic as well so that they stay put on a metal surface. That takes care of the age-old fear of losing your marker when you need it the most. It is just one more detail that makes this board fit so well into any situation.

The magnetic markers produce a very low odor. Their ink wipes away from the board surface with a simple wipe. The erase tip on the cap of each marker can be used to make those split-second corrections without making a lot of fuss. And the medium pointed tip of each marker lets you bring in a little more detail into what you are writing with it.

Jade Active Dry Erase Lapboards

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Why we like it: Well-equipped, reliable, this is one of the most user-friendly lapboards you will find.

Were you looking to buy a single durable lapboard pad? How about 30? Specifically of the Jade Active dry-erase lapboards, one of the best there is in the industry as you shall see. Each lapboard measures 9 inches by 12 inches. That is lap size alright. And with 30, you would easily have enough for an entire classroom. But that is not all you get with this pack. You also get 30 dry-erase markers (pocket style) as well as 30 2-inch multi-functioning erases.

With all of these accessories at your disposal, your job is made as simple: write, wipe away, reuse. Easy. The boards are erased seamlessly producing a clean surface looking brand new each time. The erasers promise cleanliness to the board as well as your hands. The Masonite lapboards are compatible with all kinds of whiteboard marker pens, and their size dimensions are perfect for getting a substantial amount of work done on your lap.