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A drill is an important household tool to have if you tend to do a lot of household repairs by yourself. Although it is mainly used for carpentry, their uses may extend to other uses such as drilling a hole in a wall to hang a picture frame or wall clock. With everything becoming wireless now, these drills also come in the wireless forms which offer a lot more convenience than the wired drills as you do not have to search for a wall outlet to power them up. When purchasing a drill set, it could be a lot more beneficial to purchase a set that comes with a variety of drill bits and other tools. We have put together a list of some of the best drills out there to help make the process of purchasing a drill set that much easier. They are as listed below.

1. Bosch Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Driver


If you want to purchase a high-quality drill set, one of the best options that you can go for is the Bosch CLPK232A-181. This drill set costs almost $200, but it does go on sale every now and then so you might be able to find it for a lot less as well. This is one of the most favored drill sets by customers as there is very little shortcomings with the set. The drill itself uses and 18 Volt motor which can efficiently function to give you great power with the drill. The size of the drill is compact and it operates on batteries so there is no need to find a plug point. The drill uses two slim batteries which comes included when you purchase the set. The charging dock is also provided so you can recharge the batteries whenever it is drained. The set also includes a driver drill which is quite powerful as well.

2. DEWALT DC970K-2 Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit


Dewalt is one of the more popular names in drills and other electronic equipment. The DEWALT DC970K-2 is one of the more cheaper drill sets out there as it costs well below $100. You have three different options when purchasing the drill set. You can either purchase just the drill and driver or go for the sets that include the pieces as well. There is a 45-piece set and a 14-piece set which do costs with the $100 price range as well. The drill can deliver a power of 1500 rpm which can be optimum for any type of task that you may require. The package includes two batteries so you don’t have to purchase them separately. There is also a charging dock which you can use to recharge the batteries once they are drained. The bag that comes with the set is also quite handy as it is made of a very durable quality and is spacious enough to keep all the equipment in.

3. Black & Decker BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set


This is one of the best-selling drill sets on Amazon and for very good reason. The kit costs only $16 when it is not on sale, however this is just the accessory set. Even the set which includes the drill is quite cheap, costing only $70. The set is of very high quality as Black & Decker are quite well reputed for the quality of their products. The drill is quite light which makes holding it with one hand quite easy. The set includes various drill bits which can be used in metal, plastic and wood. There are also screw driving bits which makes this quite a versatile set to have. Another good feature of this set is the case that it comes in. The case is mad of a hard plastic, which has the storage segments for storing all the components and keeping them well organized. The case itself is quite light, so carrying it around wouldn’t be a problem.

4. RYOBI P883 18V Super Tool Combo Kit


Ryobi may not be as popular as some of the other brands that we have featured, but this drill set is one of the best out there. The drill set costs more than $150, which makes it a tad bit on the expensive side, but it does come with a variety of accessories. The drill is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery which are rechargeable. The charger also comes included with the package allowing you to charge the batteries when they are drained from usage. There is also a tool bag which offers a convenient way to carry the tools, if you need to carry them someplace else. A circular saw is also included along with a reciprocating saw. This makes it quite a versatile drill set to have for all purposes relating to household repairs and construction. The work light that is included is also quite handy as it can help illuminate your workspace without the need to have a wall power outlet.

5. Makita Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit


This is another cordless drill set which gives you great value for your money. The set typically costs more than $150, but you may be able to find it for a lot less when it goes on sale. There is an option to purchase the set with 70 pieces for slightly more than the price of the combo kit. The drill itself is quite light in weight and offers max torque of more than 1400lbs. The drill uses a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. Charging the batteries take less than half an hour so you don’t have to worry about long waiting times when the batteries are drained. The batteries can deliver much more operating time than most other drill sets out there. The set also includes a driver drill which you can use for all types of screws. This is also battery operated so there really is no reason to get tangled up with wires when using this set.

6. Dewalt Lithium-Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit


The Dewalt DCD771C2 is a much cheaper drill set than the model we reviewed earlier under the same brand. This is a slightly older version of the drill set than the DC970K, but is still one of the best-sellers for drills. What we really liked about this set is that you get to choose the accessories and types of drill that you need. You can choose between the drill with the brush or brush-less. The brush-less does cost a few dollars more than the model with the brush, but is still a lot cheaper than most other brush-less drill sets. You can even choose if you only want the drill or if you want either the 14 piece or 45-piece accessory set. The drill bits are all made of Titanium, so you can be well assured of its quality. The set is quite compact and is light in weight, giving it great portability. The pilot point of the drill is also made of Titanium, making this set one of the most durable out there.

7. Black & Decker Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit


Black & Decker makes another appearance on our list, this time with the LDX120PK Drill Set. This drill set is one of the cheaper options out there as the set with the 109 piece accessories costs less than $100. The drill uses 20V which is higher than some of the other drills on our list. This drill set is also cordless so it uses rechargeable batteries to operate. The set with the accessories has 109 pieces in total, giving you great value for your money. The drill can hold a charge for up to 18 months when it is not being used as well. The kit includes a convenient carry bag which you can use to carry the drill set. The drill bits that are included can be used for all applications, whether wood, plastic or metal. There is a wide variety of drill bits which makes it suitable for all applications.

8. Bosch MS4091 91-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set


The Bosch drill set offers you a wide variety of choices in the type of set that you want to get. There is a 91-piece set, 65-piece set, 41-piece set and a 34-piece set. The difference in this set is that it does not come included with the drill or driver, rather just the drill bits. This makes it quite cheap, as the 91-piece set costs less than $50. This is a great purchase option if you already own a drill and driver and just want the drill bits. The set comes with a convenient hard case which lets you keep everything organized while you carry it around. The case is quite tough as it is made of a high-quality plastic. The bits are compatible with most of the drills and drivers and is not restricted to being used only by Bosch products.

9. PORTER-CABLE Lithium Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit


This is a drill set which comes included with a drill and driver as well. Just like the other drill sets on our list, this one is also cordless, which gives you complete freedom in using the drill without having to plug it up first. The drill and driver uses Lithium-Ion batteries which are rechargeable. The charger is also included with the kit so you can easily charge up the batteries when you need to. The drill can deliver a power of 283 Units of power. The design is quite compact, making it suitable for using in tight spaces as well. The driver is also quite powerful, having a torque of 1450in/lbs which is higher than most other drills and drivers out there. The set costs less than $130 which makes this another one of the top picks for drill sets.

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