Best Dogs Dental Care Kits


Whilst any kind of pet can be a wonderfully fulfilling addition to your home, there is just something about dogs that sets them apart. They have not earned the moniker ‘Man’s best friend’ for nothing. They are some of the most loyal, loving, and eternally devoted creatures around. Needless to say, it is only fitting that we take utmost care of them ensuring their happiness and well-being. Aside from providing them with a nutritious, well-balanced diet, you need to also take their grooming very seriously. Having a dog is easy, maintaining them is another story altogether. So if you do not have the time to care for one, it is best that you wait till you can. Aside from grooming brushes, clippers and other tools you can use, dental care kits are also an important part of their health. Find out more, here.

Nutri-Vet Dental Hygiene Kit for Dogs


This too classifies as a pretty good buy. The package consists of a toothpaste, toothbrush, and finger toothbrush as well. It is also quite effective in getting rid of bad breath. You can also carry the kit around with you on trips away so your dog’s dental hygiene is never compromised. Since they tend to eat lots of meat, the possibility of food remaining lodged between the teeth crevices is highly likely. Just like humans, if this food is not removed it forms into plaque which eventually forms into tartar. This contributes to tooth decay and loss which is a big problem. Your dog will not be able to eat properly, thus unable to consume the nutrients it should. If you are wondering how to get your dog to accept it, allow him/her to taste a little bit first. The formula has been created bearing these resistances in mind so you should be alright.

Pro-Sense Dental Starter Kit, Fresh Flavor


This dental kit by Pro-Sense comes with a fresh flavor and is great at keeping tartar and plaque under control. The firm yet gentle toothbrush is effective at dislodging stuck food particles between teeth, preventing bad breath. Use on your dog’s cheeks and gums for all-over protection. This allows you to maintain its teeth as well as the entire mouth. The ingredients used are completely safe and tested so you need not worry. It is also quite affordable so you should keep one handy at all times. Make sure you use it regularly, for best results. Keeping your dog happy with dental care is an integral part of the job. Just as much as you need to brush and clean out their coat, you need to keep its mouth free of bacteria as much as possible. The toothpaste incorporates a flavor they will accept so you will not have a problem.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit for Puppies


The first thing you need to know about this is that it is not suitable for puppies under 16 weeks. This is a great dental care starter kit for your dog, especially if you have a puppy. It allows for the optimal control of plaque and tartar from an early age, making brushing teeth a breeze later on. Not only is it great at removing food debris, it also calms and heals minor gum irritations. The formula is a gentle yet effective one consisting of natural ingredients. This might not be beneficial for use on bigger dogs, however, so only use it on puppies. They are also easier to train than fully-grown dogs, so your pup will get used to the routine. As he/she grows, you can simply switch over to a more suitable toothpaste designed for grown dogs. Ensure the healthy growth of your puppy by investing in a reliable dental care kit such as this one.

OxGord Pet Dog Toothpaste Dental Care Kit


You will not have any problems whatsoever in getting your dog to like this toothpaste since it is beef and poultry flavored! Although more expensive than other options out there, it is still worth it. It includes a dual toothbrush and two in a pack. Not only is this suitable for use on dogs, it also works on cats; so if you have both, then you only need to buy just the one kit. Give your pet complete oral protection by getting rid of plaque, tartar, bacteria and bad breath. You can also prevent oral diseases and tooth decay as a result of regular use. Plus, it can also be swallowed so even if your pet does so by accident, you need not worry. The brush consists of soft bristles for gentle yet complete brushing. You can use it to also carefully massage your pet’s gums which are highly beneficial in promoting blood circulation.

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit


This is one of the cheaper options so if you are on a budget, this should do it. You can choose from different varieties; this one happens to be Natural Peanut. This dental care kit has been put together bearing large dogs, especially in mind. Which is why it includes an extra-large toothbrush that helps to both brush and massage teeth and gums. More uniquely, it features an angled head so you can access those hard-to-reach spots. Since it is made of nylon bristles it is firm yet safe for use. The toothpaste includes an element known as Denta-C which is known for its effectiveness against fighting plaque and killing bacteria. The kit also includes a finger brush for your convenience. Seeing as how periodontal disease has been documented to be prevalent amongst 80% of dogs at 2 years of age, their dental care is an integral part of their care.

Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit for Adult Dogs


If you are someone who wants nothing but the best for your canine friend, then consider this dental care kit by Sentry. At less than $10, it is quite the bargain considering its positives. Aside from having twice the power of a regular pet toothpaste, it is also effective at removing plaque and tartar. It also freshens breath thanks to mint and chlorophyll included. Not only that, it whitens teeth since it incorporates micro-polishing ingredients. Plus, it includes a finger toothbrush that makes it incredibly easy to use. What is more, it has a poultry fresh element to it so your dog will accept it without resistance. It is excellent for prying out food debris as well. Ensure the complete care of your dog’s dental hygiene in one go. You need not look for each aspect individually since they all come in once care package. It also works efficiently on gums and cheeks for all-round oral protection.

Mad About Organics All Natural Dog Dental Care


Made in the USA, this one is a little more expensive than others in the market, however, packs in a bunch of benefits. It includes specific treatments which are normally not found in other dental care packs. These include a liquid plaque & tartar remover, a food additive pack for removal of plaque and an herbal gel oral treatment. Best of all, this does not contain any chemical and is completely natural. This ensures the optimal safety and well-being of your dog. Only use it on dogs that are 4 weeks and older. Additionally, this can be used on cats as well. Aside from removing harmful plaque and tartar, it freshens breath, whitens teeth and eliminates bacteria. It also helps encourage healthy gums and prevents oral disease. The food additive product is unique, in that it consists of an element that is activated through saliva. When under work, it breaks down the biofilm that tends to form on teeth, leading to the plaque. Definitely worth it!

QUMY Dog Dental Care Kit


This package includes one double-sided brush, toothpaste, and 2 finger brushes. Not only is this a convenient and efficient dental care kit, it is also economical to use. It cleans your dog’s mouth completely from teeth to gums and cheeks. This ensures the removal of bacteria that can cause bad breath. It also whitens and brightens teeth so your dog can flash a healthy grin at you all the time! The mint flavor might be a challenge, however, get your furry buddy used to it with a little at a time. The toothpaste has been specially formulated for tartar-control and includes vanilla flavoring as well as tea tree oil. You also have the choice between a large and small brush head depending on your needs. Use 2-3 times weekly for optimal results. Most importantly, ensure you make this a positive experience for your dog every time. Be patient and let him/her gradually used to it.