If you have a dog at home, you probably love them a lot. Dogs and people just have a way with each other that leads to the most amazing friendships. We have all heard at least one story of a heroic canine that saved the day and their masters from certain peril.

But of course, including a dog in the household does come with certain practicalities. They have got to get their annual shots, weekly baths and grooming sessions, daily food, and daily oral care. The latter is rather an understated responsibility within pet circles. Why on earth would an animal need to brush their teeth anyway? Well, ask yourself the same thing next time your dog gives you a licking session after wolfing down a plateful of meat. Yes, it is time for you to get a dental care kit and scrub those teeth white again.

While we can certainly love our dogs and understand that their tongue is their best means of communicating affection, we have got to acknowledge that it also visits some pretty icky places. Plus, without regular oral cleanups, your dog will be susceptible to plaque and tartar build-up as well as bad breath and other, more serious hazards. So check out this list we have made featuring 9 of the best dog dental care kits we have managed to filter out from a highly populated market.

1. Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit

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Why we like it: A dental kit that is safe and convenient for you as it is for your pet; recommended without reservation.

No matter what size pet you have, you can trust that Virbac C.E.T Oral Hygiene Kit is going to be just right. It consists of a finger toothbrush and CET poultry toothpaste. You will not really be in want of anything more if you buy it. It is about as complete a kit as you can expect to properly maintain your pet’s oral hygiene. Just make sure to give them a brush at least once every day to give their teeth long-lasting strength and beauty.

The toothbrush is actually dual ended and uses soft bristles. It is just about tough enough to take out plaque of the surface of each tooth but also gentle enough to provide a soothing massage for the gums. There is no harm at all in swallowing the toothpaste. We realize of course that it will take a while if at all to train your pet to spit out the toothpaste. So it may as well be digestible. Also, this kit is considered to be totally safe for all pets.

2. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit

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Why we like it: Peanut flavored and intuitively designed to leave no spaces unclean, recommended by vets all over the world.

Oral diseases can be a serious hazard, especially for dogs who rely on their teeth for many essential activities. Any damage caused to them could, therefore, put their lives on the line and leave owners at a loss regarding what to do. So it is best that your dog is suited very early on to regular dental care and by that, we mean on a daily basis. To that end, the Nylabone Advanced Oral Care dental kit is highly recommended by veterinarians, globally.

It is equipped with just about everything you and your dog will need – a toothbrush, finger brush, and 2 and a half ounces of toothpaste complete with peanut flavoring. However, this is only recommended for use on adult dogs. The angled neck toothbrush makes those hard to reach areas much more accessible and the rubber massages help reduce plaque and tartar deposits. The nylon bristle tips are super soft to feel yet tremendous when they are cleaning teeth.

3. Duke’s Pet Products Dog Toothbrush Set 

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Why we like it: This dental toothbrush is easy to use.

With extra soft brushes on both ends Long, 8.5 inch handles for easy makes it reach back teeth. A small head and a large head for those hard to reach places. The directions are included for best use to help maintain healthy teeth and a happy lifestyle for your pet. It will provide valuable protection for their teeth and gums. Dukes brushes are super affordable and long lasting.
Duke’s double-sided toothbrush for dogs is one of the makes it a more accessible brush you can get. This double-sided toothbrush is extremely useful to dog owners because it enables them to reach the inner parts of the dog’s mouth, which are usually inaccessible to standard brushes.

4. RoundPaw Cat & Dog Toothbrush Set

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Why we like it: Well-equipped with high-quality bristles that effectively clean teeth without causing any pain or irritation.

It is not hard to see why the RoundPaw Cat & Dog toothbrush set takes dental cleaning very seriously. It has not one, not two, but four 4 dual-sided toothbrushes, as well as 4 finger brushes to make the cleaning process quick and easy. It uses soft bristles that are not at all harsh on your pet but are more than a match for getting rid of that irritable plaque. And at 8 and a half inches long, it can reach those difficult areas in the back of the mouth and give them a thorough cleaning.

Meanwhile, the finger brushes really come in handy when you are working with the smaller breeds. They are amazingly gentle but also precise with what they do and give you full control. With this whole set in your hands, you will be able to alleviate the risk of a whole host of dental hazards such as cavities, gum recession, and tooth decay. There are plenty of brushes to go around and gentle bristles that do an excellent job each time.

5. Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit for Adult Dogs

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Why we like it: Fantastically well-equipped to afford multiple oral benefits for your dog.

The Sentry Petrodex dental kit for adult dogs uses a combination of solid gel and whitening paste to make your dog’s teeth look the business as well feel like it. The gel contains mint and chlorophyll while making their breath smell fresh. Meanwhile, the whitening paste contains micro-polishing agents that will make those pearly whites look cleaner and shinier than ever. Now even the most hygienic people will not mind at least the occasional friendly lick.

What’s more, this kit actually has a 360-degree toothbrush. Its ergonomic design features a dual tecture handle for a more secure grip. Then there is the 360-degree brush head with soft bristles, a tiny conventional toothbrush head, and finally a plaque scraper made from rubber to clean out those hard-to-reach places. That sure sounds like a lot of features to include in a single brush but fear not because actually using it is not at all hectic as it turns out.

6. Pro-Sense Dental Starter Kit, Fresh Flavor

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Why we like it: There will be no problem getting your dog to love the taste of this thing but what is even more impressive is the way it cleans.

Giving your dog the best oral cleansing treatment on a daily basis is very important. However, that is not to say that you could not spare a thought for additional benefits like a nice flavored one, eh? After all, it will make the cleaning job so much easier for you if your dog is willing to accept the toothpaste in their mouth. Thankfully, the people behind the Pro-Sense dental starter kit knew exactly what they were doing when they made it.

This kit comes with a freshly flavored toothpaste made from premium quality ingredients bound to taste really good for your dog. But of course, what it does even better than that is keep those teeth and gums healthy and a delight to look at. No more plaque and tartar build-up to worry about once this kit comes into your daily routine. The toothbrush is gentle on your dog but also a proper lawn mower when it comes to cleaning teeth.

7. Nutri-Vet Dental Hygiene Kit for Dogs

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Why we like it: Promotes a goodly amount of oral hygiene so your dog’s mouth is ready to munch on steak as it is to lick you all over… your face.

With the Nutri-Vet Dental Hygiene Kit, you get a toothpaste, a toothbrush, and also a finger brush to use on your dog every day. The main point of it is to maintain oral hygiene of course but it does give you the added benefit of eliminating bad breath, which is inevitable given a dog’s largely carnivorous diet. But with the dental kit put to good use, your dog’s licks will be a lot more enjoyable. They will be a lot cleaner too.

Also on the subject of dog food, one of the major banes of eating meat is that a lot of pieces tend to get stuck inside your teeth and they can prove to be quite irritable while they are there and tricky to remove. It is only a matter of time before that leads to nasty plaque and tartar build-up. So make good use of the toothbrush as well as the finger brush because they are specifically designed to leave every crevice untouched.

8. QUMY Dog Dental Care Kit

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Why we like it: The taste will take some getting used to but after that, its pearly white teeth for little minty breath.

The QUMY dog dental care kit is better-equipped than most of its competitors, featuring 2 finger brushes along with toothpaste and a dual-sided toothbrush. It will give your dog a full oral clean up – teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks. It is especially good at taking out the bacteria responsible for bad breath. Additionally, it brightens the teeth makes your dog look even sweeter. That said, however, there may just be just this one colossal problem with it.

We certainly hope your dog likes mint because that is exactly what this tastes like. There is a bit of vanilla flavoring and tea tree oil to help out. However, you will likely have to get your dog to deal with it one way or another. Yet for all, the formula it uses in your dog’s mouth is so effective that it will only need to be applied 2 to 3 times a week. We reckon that makes up for the lack of a good taste.

9. TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit for Puppies

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Why we like it: Promotes periodontal wellness and soothes those minor gum irritations.

Did you know that periodontal disease is among the most common diseases among dogs? It affects almost 80% of them before the age of three. As disturbing as that statistic is, you will not have to worry about it if you choose the TropiClean Fresh Breath oral care kit for your pooch at a very early age. It contains a rich blend of natural ingredients that keep the dental problems in check as well as supports periodontal wellness.

The most common irritations to good teeth are plaque and tartar deposits. This oral care kit disposes of them rather well. Furthermore, it will also manage those minor gum irritations that may aggravate into bigger problems. While it is generally applicable to puppies, that only counts for those above 16 weeks old. It is also not recommended for use on adult dogs. But really, all you have to do for an adult is to switch the toothpaste.