Calling all dog lovers, Y’all better be giving your canine friends the exercise they need to stay happy, healthy, and strong. And we hope you are doing it right. Your dog is always the perfect excuse to get out of the house, get some air, and forget the troubles of everyday life.

But of course, walking your dog can also turn into a stressful event if you do not have the proper equipment to control their actions when necessary. If you have ever walked your dog, you would know at least a dozen things that might cause them to dart from your side or stay fixed in one place and bark hysterically. That is why you need a proper harness to stay on top of things. But what exactly constitutes a proper harness? One that is comfortable, durable, and safe to wear for your dog that also affords you the amount of control you need so that both of you can enjoy a nice long stroll for many a day.

The market for these high-quality dog harnesses is booming, but as an owner, you are only going to appreciate the best harness you could possibly find and that would mean going through every single manufacturer out there. Fortunately, you can forego that exhausting task, thanks to our list which we have compiled, featuring 12 of the best dog harnesses that are commercially available right now. All of them meet our standards for overall quality and usability and some even have a few special features to spare. We see your dog’s tail wagging, it is time to get them that harness.

Noxgear LightHound Revolutionary Reflective Harness

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Why we like it: Gives you the confidence to walk your dog when others would not and still maintain a high level of durability and functionality.

Some of us dog owners are a bit apprehensive about taking our dogs for walks in low-light hours. Lots of things could go wrong when you have an extremely limited field of vision. And it does not help matters to have a dog that loves to run around at a moment’s notice and keep your nerves tensed up the whole time. What you need in this case is a harness that is as friendly to your eyes as it is your dog. Welcome to the Noxgear LightHound Revolutionary Reflective Harness.

This state-of-the-art harness contains all of the assets you would expect from its high-quality competitors but with one crucial edge. It employs fluorescent illumination technology to light up your dog for up to 12 hours at a stretch so that you can keep a safe eye on them even in low-light conditions. It even has multi-colored flash modes grounded in visual science and is powered by a micro USB lithium-ion rechargeable battery. As a harness, it easy to wear, lightweight, and incredibly tough.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness with Leash

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Why we like it: A tough harness design with a large choice of different color options.

The freedom no-pull harness design of this particular model eliminates any pulling, neck strain, and even eliminates any chances of escape. It contains a soft swiss velvet lining on the strap that goes behind the legs so you can be sure that your dog will not suffer from any form of rubbing, chaffing, or sores.

This harness is multi-functional – it can be used for discouraging pulling when attached to the front, however, it can also be used for exercise when attached to the back. The dual connections make it incredibly easy to walk your dog.

This harness also benefits from being incredibly durable. The high-quality materials used to manufacture this harness ensure that you are getting a quality product for a great price.

Chai’s Choice Front range Dog Harness

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Why we like it: Highly durable and tough, and features reflective nylon webbing, making your dog easily visible in low light.

For many years, collars have been the most iconic accessory worn by dogs. But they are in fact a whole lot more risky to have on than a harness. Any sudden jerk from your dog will focus a great deal of pressure on their vulnerable neck, enough to injure the spine or windpipe. Chai’s Choice Front range dog harness works better than just about any collar and most other harnesses. It is made to last and feels comfortable whenever worn.

This harness is made from oxford material which is highly resistant to wear and tear as well as scratching. The lightweight mesh lining and sponge padding at the breast and belly area help keep your dog comfortable even during long walks and aptly discourages any unsolicited pulling. There are some real safety features too. This harness uses reflective nylon webbing that makes it clearly visible in the dark. Also, a strong handle on the back enables you to loop the seatbelt through and secure your dog during car rides.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

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Why we like it: Employs a smart design to enhance durability and performance while keeping your dog comfortable and safe.

When we ask how durable a harness is, we are technically asking how many pulls a dog will give before the harness gives way. So do the harnesses need to just keep getting stronger, or is it just possible that they can discourage your dog from tugging away all the time? The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness is durable not only because it is made of tough stuff but also because it manages to keep your dog content with staying in its gentle embrace.

It fits on to your dog with the greatest of ease keeping him comfortable while offering you complete control during the entire walk. No pressure is focused on your dog’s delicate throat at any given time to prevent any choking or gagging that might occur. You can steer your dog in whichever direction you are moving in without much trouble or stress. Never mind how many exciting smells, sounds, or sights cause it to dart in the opposite direction. The gentleness of this harness will work its magic.

Julius-K9 IDC Power Harness

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Why we like it: Ergonomically designed and resourceful, this harness lets you appreciate the finer things about taking a stroll with your canine friend.

The whole point of a dog harness is to distribute pressure more evenly around the body as opposed to a collar which focuses on just the neck. But just covering more body mass will not do. There are specific designs that work better than others. The Julius-K9 IDC Power harness ergonomically designed and offer optimal alignment of the chest strap to distribute pressure as evenly as possible right over the chest area. Its design is also slimmed down as much as possible to allow for more elbow room.

The inner lining is entirely breathable and comfortable on the skin. Your dog’s breathing will not be restricted in any way. Also in the interests of comfort and safety, the straps for the chest and belly are fully adjustable. Also, the patches and chest plates can be interchanged. The chest and strap edges are reflective, making your dog easily visible in the dark, always a reassuring feature to have. An integrated side harness is good for packing small accessories you might need.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness

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Why we like it: Comes with a lifetime warranty and a range of adjustments to help your dog fit in easily and comfortably.

As much as we care about durability and safety when it comes to buying harnesses, we should also care about comfort and practicality. If your dog cannot fit into it or stand it for even five minutes, it would be a total waste. The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness takes comfort and practicality very seriously, thus ensuring its popularity among dog owners. It brings a great design to the forefront with the use of automotive materials like seat belt-webbing as well as a padded chest piece.

Hence, it retains a huge amount of comfort and durability. It is certainly a worthwhile investment if you take your dog in your vehicle as much as you do on your walks. It is good enough to hold and support a dog’s weight anywhere between 80 to 110 pounds and adjusts in at least 5 different ways to help your dog get the perfect fit. As an owner, you get a lifetime warranty which is always good to have.

Comfort Fit Metric Dog Harness

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Why we like it: Super strong and super lightweight, this harness is a blessed relief from that awful collar your dog had on earlier.

The Comfort Fit Metric Dog harness is an ideal replacement for the standard dog collar. It goes on just as easily as it comes off and is extremely comfortable while on. It is also a proper lightweight, weighing no more than 2 ounces despite the fact that it has a couple of reinforced steel D rings to help you keep control of your dog. You can select yours from a range of 4 sizes as well as a few color options – either black, blue, or red.

As we mentioned earlier, the reinforced steel D rings will stay locked on your leash no matter how good of an escape artist your dog happens to be. However, we do not expect that your dog will really want to run away since the harness is so light and comfortable, that after a while, it will become barely noticeable. And the range of different sizes gives your dog a better chance of fitting into it nicely without much fuss.

Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest Harness

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Why we like it: A harness that looks just as good as it fits, and offers a wealth of other benefits for both man and man’s best friend.

How about a harness made out of heavy-duty jean material? The Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest Harness exudes style just as it does performance. The surface is done in nylon material that is washable, breathable, and long-lasting. Soft padding on the underside ensures a comfortable fit and alleviates the risk of having any respiratory problems. A D ring at the back can be connected to both to a leash as well as a seatbelt and is ideally placed to give maximum control at all times.

But enough about benefits for the owner. What about the dog? We are delighted to report that this vest fits on easily and comfortably, just as advertised. It is amply adjustable and welcoming. And it will be that way for a considerably long time since it is highly resistant to wear and weighs very little. It is time to ditch that old collar that threatened to choke your dog the whole time and use this as a much safer and altogether comfy alternative.

My Pets America Adjustable Harness

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Why we like it: Keeps your dog comfortable, safe, and under control at all times and is highly adjustable wherever necessary.

Often times, you buy a harness only to be disappointed by its appalling inability to adjust and fit your dog comfortably. It may have come cheap but it also came cheaply. The My Pets America Adjustable harness is not one of those harnesses. It is so easily adjustable and easy to manage that we just do not know where to start. Well, let us first talk about sizes. This harness has 2 of them – medium and large. The medium size will fit chests measuring between 19 and 25 inches, and necks measuring 17 to 21 inches.

Meanwhile, the large size supports chest sizes between 22 and 33 inches and neck sizes between 20 and 27 inches. That includes everything from pit bulls to bulldogs, terriers, labradors, huskies, golden retrievers, German shepherds – just about any medium or large-sized dog breed. But comfort is not everything. This harness also has a lot to offer in the area of safety. Thanks to light reflecting elements in the design, you will be able to see your dog in low-light conditions without a problem.

BlueBerry Pet Soft and Comfortable Dog Harness

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Why we like it: A comfortable, well-designed, and well-made harness for your small and medium-sized pooches.

The BlueBerry Pet Soft and Comfortable dog harness is ideal for small and medium-sized dog breeds and it looks pretty classic when you take it out for a stroll. The canvas lining on the outside is very durable while the fleece lining on the inside is incredibly soft and comfortable. This harness is great for supporting crucial areas of your dog’s anatomy such as the chest and shoulders. It is made primarily out of Oxford and polyester material.

That ensures that it is both safe and lightweight. All of the buckles have been made from eco-friendly plastic. A heavy duty D ring has been fixed to the top from which you can connect your leash. The metal coating says it is very durable. The harness itself is available in three attractive colors and features a soft, breathable mesh at the chest area that keeps it amply ventilated and comfortable. Additional collars and leashes will be sold separately.

BINGPET Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

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Why we like it: Relies on nothing short of absolute precision to give your dog the perfect fit.

We should put this out right at the start. When purchasing this harness, please be careful not to go by the same sizes used by other manufacturers. Rely solely on the measurement taken by you personally. The BINGPET Reflective No Pull harness takes the unique qualities of each dog’s anatomy very seriously. It does not rely on broader estimations. However, this insistence on absolute precision does pay off extremely well. It does mean that when your dog finally wears this harness, they will feel right at home.

It is not often that we find a harness committed to fitting your dog as if it was custom-made. But this one really does make the extra effort worthwhile. It is almost as comfortable for the owner too. It uses waterproof fabric along with a high tensile mesh lining with soft, spongy padding inside. That makes it as rugged as it is comfortable. So you will not have to feel apprehensive every time your dog darts into a stream or dirt hole.

Best Pet Supplies All Season Pet Harness

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Why we like it: Easily compatible with the sun and the rain so you and your dog can enjoy walking together regardless.

Step out in the daytime and worry no more about the weather. The Best Pet Supplies Harness is an all-weather harness that will keep you and your pooch happy to be out and about in the sunshine or the rain. Despite being configured to handle both weather situations, the mesh material remains breathable and comfortable to wear. Hence, it keeps your dog feeling cooler on hot days and well insulated on chilly days. And might we add, it will make any pooch look rather precious while they are wearing it.

There is another important function of this harness: weight distribution. Some leashes do end up concentrating all of the strain on the neck area which has the potential to cause injury. However, this harness will distribute any amount force coming from the leash across the chest cavity, a much safe method altogether for controlling your dog. Additionally, the fit is easy and you can count on it to last for many a walk in the rain and in the shine.