Best Dog Food


Just as much as we humans need ample nutrition to sustain ourselves and develop properly, so do animals. Dogs in particular (especially purebreds) require a balanced diet to keep them in optimal health and stave off diseases. If you are a seasoned dog owner, then you probably know your salt however if you are a first-time dog owner, you are probably stressed about what products you should consider. Do not worry, it is quite normal. After all, there are just so many out there in the market so it can be tough. However, if your dog has any deficiencies from birth then you need to first consult a vet for advice and follow those instructions accordingly. Quality, nutritious dog food is one of the best gifts you can give your pet so make sure it is good. Here are a few.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs


This bag of dog food should last you for some time considering it is 40 pounds. However, this food is especially suited for large dogs so it really depends on the quantity that they consume. Different breeds require different nutrition so feed accordingly making sure not to overdo it. This is beef flavored dry food, and you can also choose from chicken and lamb if you wish. It also consists of an antioxidant formulation which is incredibly good for health. Not only does it provide all the necessary benefits for your dog’s development, it also includes omega fatty acids which are integral to maintaining good skin and a shiny coat. What is more, it has crunchy kibble which is necessary for cleaning teeth and getting rid of plaque. Dental care is also an important part of owning a dog so this too is something to consider when selecting your dog food.


Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food


Aside from the interesting choice of name for a dog food brand, this one is an incredibly wholesome choice for your furry friend. This is most suited to adult dogs, not puppies and is dry. The chicken and rice flavor should prevent your dog rejecting it. Though this is a 30-pound bag, it is more expensive than other options out there so do bear that in mind. However, it contains a healthy mix of vitamins, mineral and antioxidants, all of which are critical for your dog’s well-being. Large dogs, in particular, require a lot of energy which is met thanks to the combination of wholesome grains and vegetables. Made in the USA, it is natural and healthy dog food. Plus, it has its own exclusive seal of protection LifeSource® Bits. It also comes in a sleek blue and silvery-white pack which is visually appealing although it is not something your dog would be too interested in!

Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food


The first thing you notice about this dog food pack is its unique, beautiful packaging. Needless to say, it is enough to tempt you to buy it even if you do not have a dog! Purina presents its Pro Plan dog food range which incorporates a blend of shredded chicken & rice. You can choose from different sizes which affect the price, though this one happens to be 35lb. It offers your dog ample protein thanks to the use of real chicken. It also contains hard kibble which is essential for maintaining your dog’s dental health. Kibble helps to remove particles, removing plaque and tartar effectively. Your dog is sure to love both the taste and texture. They source natural prebiotic fiber from wheat bran which is specifically useful for maintaining positive digestive health. The balanced protein and fat levels mean that your dog can maintain an ideal body structure provided of course you give them plenty of exercises as well.


Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food


The Rachael Ray Nutrish brand of dry dog food offers a range of flavors. This one is made out of real chicken and vegetables, although you can also pick from indulgent options such as turkey brown rice & venison and real beef and brown rice. This pack contains 28 pounds of food; it offers less compared to some other dog food brands for the same price. The best part about it is that the main ingredient includes US farm-raised chicken which means it is as fresh as can be. Help your dog maintain healthy digestion with its natural prebiotics, and it also does not contain any artificial flavors or additives. It does, however, have plenty of vitamins and minerals and is especially great for growing dogs. Having said that, fully-grown dogs can also benefit with this one. So whichever you might have, it still a worthwhile purchase seeing as how it is as natural as can be.

SportDogFood Canine Athlete Formula Dog Food


This particular dog food happens to be specific to athletic dogs. Police dogs or professionally trained guard dogs are examples. Since they exert themselves in their line of work on a daily basis, they require a lot more energy and nutrition than your average house dog. Which is why this particular brand will fit the bill. It contributes towards superior muscle tone whilst offering easy digestion and great taste. It also guarantees regular stools which are also important. Made in the USA, it includes omega-3 fatty acids for maintaining healthy skin and coat which is obtained from salmon oil. They also use ground flaxseed to make up the omega-3. It is specially infused with Glucosamine & Chondroitin which are two elements integral for the reparation and healing of tissue and muscles. Furthermore, it provides plenty of energy which can even be used up immediately. Make sure you only use it for dogs who are always on the run and have strenuous regimes.


Newman’s Own Organic Dog Food


If you are someone who prefers to head down the organic path even when it comes to your dog’s food, then look no further than Newman’s Own. Although it is only a 7-pound bag, it is incredibly good for your dog since it is completely organic and natural. A balanced combination of grains and vegetables ensures that your dog received all the nutrients it needs. Plus, it is devoid of antibiotics, artificial colors, preservatives, hormones, and other chemically manufactured ingredients. This helps your dog digest well and pass healthy stools. It also ensures the proper growth of your dog. Remember though that this is an adult formula so you cannot feed it to puppies. You should also know that this happens to be ridiculously expensive so do bear that in mind; large dogs consume a lot of food and you will need to keep re-stocking so you need to know whether it is a financially viable option. Aside from that, it is quite effective.

Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food


How can you ever talk about dog food without talking about Pedigree? The brand has been a long-trusted and well-reputed one amongst dog owners everywhere. Their high-quality dog food and responsible business practices are contributors to this reputation. This one is chicken flavored though steak is also an option. It is a 40-pound bag, consisting of rice and vegetables too which provide a host of nutrients necessary for your canine buddy. Since it is dry, you just need to pour some into a bowl. It leaves no mess and is hassle-free. Infused with omega 6 fatty acids which are important for your dog’s skin and coat, it is a good buy. Plus, it has plenty of whole grain and protein which help dogs maintain their health. Furthermore, it has crunchy kibble which cleans out their teeth effectively preventing the formation of plaque and tartar. Best of all, this is the bonus size pack so you get more for your money.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food


You can choose from a range of flavors for your dog with Taste of the Wild. They have Bison & Venison, Boar, Lamb, Salmon, Venison, and Wildfowl. This pack is a 30-pound pack although they have varieties in size too depending on your requirements. Best of all, it is manufactured from real roasted meats so your dog is getting premium nutrition and taste. Not only that, the meat is well-balanced with the inclusion of fruits and vegetables too. Plus, it contains plenty of antioxidants which offer protection. Unlike other dog food, this is grain free and is suitable for dogs of any age. It is also easily digestible so there is no strain on their digestive system. Your dog can also enjoy good health as it supports the immune system preventing illnesses. Just remember that when you feed your dog plenty of rich food, you need to also exercise them so they maintain an even weight.