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Taking care of man’s best friend can really bring a lot of joy and happy memories into your life. The intimate connection between humans and dogs has existed for hundreds of years and today, it is still as strong as ever. As a proud owner, you want to give the best care you possibly can to your beloved canine and a fundamental step in that regard is getting exactly the right kind of dog food.

The right kind of dog food? Easier said than done, is it not? The problem is the market for dog food is simply immense, so immense that customers could not possibly be expected to sift through every single available item before making a decision. Moreover, you would also have to factor what breed your dog is, the precise level of nutrition that it requires, and what tickles its taste buds and arouses its sense of smell the most. Indeed, picking the right dog food now is starting to look like a case of eenie meenie miney mo.

However, we have thoroughly researched the market ourselves so that you do not have to. And in doing so, we have managed to put together the following list featuring the 10 best dog foods that are commercially available right now. All of them contain the essential nutrients your dog needs to survive and thrive and all of them are made according to carefully planned recipes to give your dog maximum nutrition and a whopping good taste.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

Why we like it: Made from a wealth of highly nutritious ingredients – meat, fruits and vegetables – and supplies your dog with energy and a strong immune system.

Editor’s rating:

Kicking off the list is a dog food that you can have in a wide range of flavors including boar, bison & venison, lamb, salmon, venison, and wildfowl. But there is more than flavor to it. It is actually produced out of real roasted meats to give it the best amount of nutrients and taste. There is a healthy amount of fruits and veggies in the mix as well. The most common packaging weighs a full 30 pounds to go with your dog’s enormous appetite.

The formula is grain-free and can be ingested by dogs of all ages. The health benefits it offers are immense. A rich supply of antioxidants help your dog maintain a kickass immune system. Meanwhile, the calorie concentration is 370 kcal per cup. That says that this is not a formula that does the work all on its own. To get the best out of it, you need to allow plenty for your dog to burn off a fair bit of those calories and maintain a healthy body mass.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

Why we like it: A truly omnivorous load of goodies including all the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals your dog needs to survive and thrive.

Editor’s rating:

We know that not all dog breeds take kindly to eating fruits and vegetables. So getting the formula exactly right taste-wise is key if they are to be persuaded. Fortunately, this dog food from Blue Buffalo pulls it off splendidly. Included in the recipe is a healthy and delectable combination of meat, fruits, and vegetables that will do your dog’s health a world of good. It will not take very long for the results to become apparent.

The main ingredients include deboned chicken, garden fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. That makes for a healthy combination of protein, vitamins and minerals that is exclusive to this manufacturer. But perhaps what is just as important are the ingredients that are not present in the formula such as by-products of chicken or poultry, corn, soy, wheat, and artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The formula is recommended only for adult dogs and each sample comes in a 30-pound bag.


Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

Why we like it: As a pet owner, you ought to be a complete sucker for fresh and naturally made recipes. This is one of them.

Editor’s rating:

When you buy the Rachel Ray Nutrish, you getting nothing but a high-quality recipe made from the simplest natural ingredients. The main ingredient here is farm-raised chicken and the rest are wholesome vegetables to add in those vital vitamins and minerals. But just because it is all natural does not mean it has had to stay minimalistic. Knowing your dog, you can choose from a range of flavors, all of which are both delicious and highly nutritious.

The one we have selected to be on the list is made using real chicken and vegetables but like we said, you have the option of choosing differently. You can also go for the turkey brown rice and the venison and real beef plus brown rice. A single pack contains a hefty 28 pounds of food which you will notice is slightly less than what similarly priced and rated dog foods offer. We suppose we could live with a 2- pound discrepancy since this formula is simply too good to overlook on a basis of quantity.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Why we like it: A recipe that cares about your dog’s looks both inside and out, stocked with industry-leading levels of nutrition.

Editor’s rating:

We know Merrick to be a brand that settles for nothing short of the best ingredients and production methods when it comes to their dog foods. So it is no surprise really that they have an item featured on our list. The main ingredient for their grain-free dog food is real meat that has been deboned, and either fish or poultry to give your dog masses of protein. There is also a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables straight from the farm.

What fruits and vegetables exactly? Well, blueberries, peas and sweet potatoes. The result is a recipe containing some of the highest levels of Omega 6 as well as Omega 3 fatty acids that will give your dog healthy skin and a drop dead gorgeous coat of fur. The recipe also contains ideal amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin that helps maintain healthy joints and hips. There is no corn, gluten, soy, or wheat to worry about, just a brilliant combination of nutritional goodness.


Why we like it: A scrumptious combination of pasture-fed lamb and rice for those pooches that prefer smaller kibble.

Editor’s rating:

Is yours a dog that fancies smaller kibble? Try the NUTRO WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS package of pasture-fed lamb and rice. If it sounds like an all-natural recipe, that is because it is. And the main benefit of an all-natural recipe is a high nutrient content. The natural fiber in this recipe helps maintain healthy digestion. It will certainly save you from more than a few emergency visits to the vet and keep your heart at ease. And there is more.

This recipe also contains essential antioxidants like Vitamin E, great for a healthy immune system. Also present are the essential vitamins and mineral as well as other nutrients to keep skin healthy and fur coat soft and shiny. Being an all-natural formula, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in the mix. However, there may be minor traces of genetically modified substances carried over from the manufacturing process. That said however, this is still 30 pounds of solid food that is way ahead of many others.


Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

Why we like it: Great stocks of carbs, fats, and vitamins that will keep your dog looking good both inside and out. Plus, it is just delicious.

Editor’s rating:

It does not hurt to stir your dog up a little bit before meal time, and to that, the food would have to be pretty darn delicious. And you can’t get it wrong with a shredded blend of chicken and rice like the one the Purina Pro Plan has done. It puts its main ingredients of real chicken and rice to good use giving your dog masses of carbohydrates that will make for a pretty intense level of activity.

But it is not all about dialing those energy levels up to 11. The formula also contains vital amounts of protein and fat to keep that are good for various functions of the body. Also, there is Vitamin A, linoleic acid, as well as omega 6 fatty acid which keeps the skin in a healthy state and the fur coat looking flawless. And natural prebiotic fiber helps keep the digestive system running smoothly. The tough kibble and tender shredded reputation is going to provide a joyous chewing experience for your dog.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs

Why we like it: Carefully developed to afford just the right amount of nutrition for your dog and comes in a larger quantity than similarly priced products.

Editor’s rating:

Scientists and developers must first go through a painstaking process of perfecting their formula before it is deemed fit for production as Diamond Pet food. This is a brand that takes the health of your dog very seriously and is second to none in that regard. Every ingredient, every nutrient is added to just the right amount to keep your dog happy, healthy, and alive. There was never any real doubt that it would make it onto our list.

So what nutrients exactly are we talking about here? Mainly proteins and fats as well as other essentials that work together to maintain a general state of good health. Antioxidants keep the immune system fully armed while fiber targets the digestive system. A single bag of Diamond Naturals contains up to 40 pounds of dry food. It is a formula best used on larger breeds that really need a lot of food on their plate during each feeding session. No corn, soy, or wheat included.


BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain Adult Dry Dog Food

Why we like it: An irresistible assault of protein-rich meat that is sure to make your dog howl with excitement.

Editor’s rating:

Bring out your dog’s inner wolf with the BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain formula. It is a protein-filled, salivating combo of deboned beef, bison, venison, and lamb. Of course, there are also a few fruits and vegetables thrown in there for the sake of added nutrition. But chances are, their taste will be overpowered by the irresistible variety of meat on offer. Fortunately, this is more than just glutton’s idea of heaven. It does contains some proper health benefits.

With so much meat added to the mix, a high amount of protein is a given. Meanwhile the fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants to keep your dog’s immune system well equipped to fight off disease. There is no chicken, poultry by-products included here. There is no corn, gluten, grains, soy, or wheat either. And at a very modest rate, you can have in a 22 pound bag and take your dog’s carnivorous cravings to the next level.

Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

Why we like it: If you are going to talk about dog food, you have to talk about Pedigree, and this particular product is definitely worth talking about

Editor’s rating:

We finally come to a household name in the business. Pedigree has been around now for as long as we can remember. You may even remember it from those cute televised advertisements they did back in the day. But enough about that, this brand certainly has not stuck around with its ad campaigns alone. It is still a very serious competitor in the market that brings your dog good nutrition in a tasteful package and affordable price. This particular recipe combines roast chicken, rice, and vegetable flavor.

If that has not already peaked your dog’s interest, we do not know what will. The formula is more than just a taste sensation. It is packed full of essential nutrients like B vitamins, omega 6 fatty acid, and zinc, all geared toward making your adult dog look healthy and feel healthy. There are also high levels of antioxidants for a strong immune system as well as a special blend of fiber to keep the digestive system in good nick.

Newman’s Own Organic Dog Food

Why we like it: Try fully organic for a change. Your dog may certainly find it appealing and get a much healthier body as a result.

Editor’s rating:

Are you sticking hard and fast to an organic lifestyle and wish to do the same for your dog? Well, you have finally found a dog food producer that answers your demands. The Newman’s Own organic dog food is actually an underdog in the market, a relatively undiscovered treasure that ought to receive more reviews. It happens to be the perfect solution to maintaining a fully organic diet for your dog. While that may not be a pressing issue, it certainly ticks the healthy box a lot bigger.

Mind you, each bag of dog food only weighs 7 pounds and for companies that Newman is competing with, that does not sound like much. But hey, that is not so surprising given that this is an organic product. A bountiful is not to be expected. But what you do get is highly nutritious blend of grains and vegetables that will supply all the nutrients your dog will need to sustain a happy and healthy life. No artificial colors or preservatives, no antibiotics, no hormones, and no chemicals – just the goodness of raw ingredients.

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