Tired of having prickly legs and want them to feel as smooth as butter? Disposable razors may be the solution!

Disposable razors are bladed tools of wonder that help you quickly get rid of unwanted hair. Meant for women and men (no genders excluded), these razors can shave off hair on various places of your body. You can use a disposable razor to shave off your beard for a clean cut or to shave your legs for a bare, smooth feel. No matter what hair you want to get rid of, disposable razors can do the trick and additionally, these razors come pretty cheap!

1. Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Disposables

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Why we like it: A high-performing wiper blade that provides a streak-free clean while being affordable!

Let’s start this list off right with one of the most recognizable brands in the shaving industry. Gillette. The Gillette Mach3 Sensitive razor is superiorly designed to provide a clean shave for men (sorry, ladies) with even the most sensitive skin. This product proclaims that all it takes is three strokes for a clean shave and due to that, you won’t receive any skin irritation. This product is well equipped with soft and protective Microfins that gently smooth down the skin so that you can shave evenly and effortlessly. Did we mention this razor’s dynamic material? This disposable razor contains blades that are coated in patented DLC (Diamond Like Coating) so that you can receive strong, sharp blades that cut close.

The Gillette Mach3 razor even comes with a “Lubrastrip” that provides a smooth glide. Not to mention the razor itself, cleans up well with its Open Architecture System that makes the blades easy to rinse. You can purchase this razor in a 3 count or a 6 count pack (for this review, we selected the 6 count pack). This well-made razor is designed with a precision-balanced handle for the ultimate grip and control. The ergonomically-designed elastomer handle provides you with an extremely comfortable hold, meaning you can shave away the hair with ease (and with no hand pain!). Do note that this razor is a bit more expensive than other razor brands. Nevertheless if you want a high-quality razor that is sensitive to your skin and provides a precise cut with no nicks, then this could be the razor for you.

2. BIC Flex 3 Disposable Razor

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Why we like it: An ergonomically designed razor that adjusts to the mold of your skin for an incredible shave.

BIC is another well-known brand in the shaving industry (and also other industries). The BIC Flex disposable razor highlights the importance of a comfortable shave with its supreme features. The razor sports an ergonomic handle and rubber grip for a secure hold. The razor is also designed with 3 flexible blades that individually adjust to the shape of your skin to provide a smooth and close shave. Men will get a kick out of using this razor, as it provides you with optimum control while you shave. Additionally, these handsome, disposable razors come in a cool, blue color so you can shave those hairs away in style.

Tired of shaving with a razor that leaves you with unwanted cuts and knicks? You won’t have to worry about that with the BIC razor as it comes with a lubricating strip and pivoting head, providing the ultimate glide. With this razor, you can shave that beard effortlessly without the worry of marking your face red. The package contains a total of 8 razors. Do note that the pivot head is not also flex-capable as pointed out by some customers. Nevertheless, if you’re fine with your razor head not being able to flex, then this product may just be the product for you.

3. Bump Fighter’s Disposable Razors

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Why we like it: A quality razor designed to specifically prevent razor bumps and skin irritation.

Although not a well established brand like Gillette and BIC, the Bump Fighter’s brand has quickly proven itself to be a trusted and respectable brand with its quality products. The Bump Fighter’s disposable razors work specifically to provide you with a great shave without the bumps. Targeted at African-American men, these razors will work for practically any male looking to get a clean shave without the irritation. The product combines razor bump technology with a soothing conditioner for a sleek, painless shave. These disposable razors will have you saying goodbye to pesky ingrown hairs as these razors effectively work to stop them.

The Bump Fighter’s brand shows it is increasingly growing in popularity with this razor. Many customers have positively reviewed this razor for how sensitive it treats their skin. When using these razors, customers have expressed great pleasure in having long-lasting smooth skin without any breakout or irritation. The razors are also available in various pack counts (including a 4, 32, and 48 count). For this review we selected the 48 count. We’ll also note some downsides to the product such as it only having a single blade and not coming with a lubricating strip for extra protection. Some customers have also said that using just this razors will not get rid of all of the hairs, so you may want to use a stronger razor (i.e. electrical) first before using this razor. If you want a skin protecting razor at a good value, this could be the razor for you.

4. Gillette Sensor3 Men’s Disposable Razor

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An easy to use razor with tremendous glide and an incredible build.

You can already expect to see the Gillette brand make multiple appearances on our list. After all, the Gillette brand is one of the best there is in the shaving industry. Gillette continues to prove that with their Sensor3 Men’s disposable razor. Similar to the previous Gillette razor we reviewed, this razor contains 3 independent spring mounted blades, for a precise shave and features a pivoting head that adjusts to the contours of your face so you can get a quality shave. Additionally, this razor comes equipped with an anti-slip rubber handle for control. You can easily shave during your time in the shower now with this secure razor.

Due to its accommodating features and light weight, the Gillette Sensor3 razor is great to use anywhere, whether you’re at home or at a gym in the locker room. This well-equipped razor also comes with a lubrastrip with aloe that comforts your skin while shaving and provides a smooth feel. The razor also has 2x better rinsing power than a few other Gillette products (such as the Gillette Sensor2 Plus). There are different size packs and 4 different styles of the Sensor3 razor, but for this review we chose the original style with an 8 count pack. We should note that some customers have expressed minor concern about how short-lived the razors are, but do keep in mind they’re called disposable for a reason. If you can handle the shorter lifespan, these reliable razors are quite affordable!

5. Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razor with Flip Beard Trimmer

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Why we like it: The brand Schick is one of the leading names in the shaving industry. With the Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razor with Flip Beard Trimmer, users will not be disappointed at the level of power and precision they will experience.

Having smooth and soft skin is easier than ever with the new Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razor with Flip Beard Trimmer. This model is more advanced than its previous model because it comes with a flip timmer that enables you to get into those super hard to reach places. With a simple flick of your thumb, you can get precise trimming with little effort. With the Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razor with Flip Beard Trimmer, you can look forward to five lutra glide blades that give you a smooth shave each time. The blades also feature skin guards which help to reduce the friction so that you do not have an irritating shave. The unique gel reservoir that is used will alst up to two times longer than many of the other competitive shavers. Lastly, the ergonomic grip allows you to have total control over your razor when you are shaving.

6. Schick Hydro Silk

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Why we like it: A moisturizing razor that shaves according to the contours of your skin.

Now let’s start reviewing the razors specifically meant for women (sorry men!). We’ll kick this section off with a top brand mentioned before on our list. Schick. The Schick Hydro Silk Women’s razor is packed with awesome features and is indeed shower ready. The product proclaims that it hydrates skin longer than any other razor, and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Speaking of hydration, this powerful razor comes equipped with a water-activated moisturizing serum that helps replenish your skin’s natural moisture for up to two hours after shaving. With this razor’s serum, your legs will be kept nourished and smooth.

Now let’s move on to this product’s other features. The Schick Hydro razor features five curve sensing blades with unique skin guards to smooth skin throughout every stroke. It also helps to reduce irritation while providing the ultimate, close shave. Tired of stepping out of the shower to go grab a new razor head to switch out your old one? This Schick razor contains a refill hook that allows women to seamlessly hang the blades in their shower so they don’t have to get out of the shower to change a blade. How’s that for convenience? Even the package is convenient as it is designed to be waterproof to protect blades until they’re ready to be used. The only downsides about this product include that it’s a bit expensive and that the handle is prone to breakage, as expressed by a few customers. However, for its moisturizing abilities and sleek features, we happily recommend this product!

7. Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor

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Why we like it: A razor designed for sensitive skin with skin soothing and healing effects.

We told you the Gillette brand would make multiple appearances on our list. Now it makes a comeback in our section dedicated to women’s razors. The Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor takes center stage with its supreme features. The razor sports 5-razor blades that are spaced closer together, to provide a closer shave and reduced pressure per blade. The razor also features a protective ribbon of moisture that includes a touch of aloe, for a smooth and soothing glide. The Gillette Venus razor makes it known that it cares about your shaving experience as it is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. Women with sensitive skin who are prone to nicks and cuts can be worry-free when using this product.

As we said, this product cares about your skin as it aims to prevent skin irritation during your shave. You practically don’t need anything else with this razor, besides water, to begin your shave. This product offers advance features even for a disposable razor. A setback of this product includes that it only comes in a pack of two and is a bit expensive. Besides that, customers have stated that for this product to be a disposable razor it certainly lasts long and is perfect for usage during a shower. If you don’t mind that you’ll only get two razors for this purchase, then you’ll definitely want to give this product a try for its superb features!

8. Schick Quattro for Women

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Why we like it: A quality razor infused with Vitamin E and aloe for an ultra-soothing shave.

Schick makes a reappearance on our list again, proving its a leading brand for both men and women’s razors. The Schick Quattro Women’s disposable razor is a must-have for our list due to its powerful abilities. This hi-tech razor contains the power of a man’s razor, but is designed for a woman’s skin. The razor ultimately features men’s shaving technology made for a woman. This razor is the first razor to have 4 blades, made for women. Looking for a comfortable and moisturizing shave? The razor comes equipped with large lubricating strips with aloe and Vitamin E that will leave your skin feeling sleek and extremely soft.

This advanced razor also features a pivoting head that is expertly designed to shave along your curves to effectively get rid of unwanted hair. Want the power of a man’s razor but an attractively designed razor as well? Not to worry! This high-performing razor comes with an easy-to-grip, stylish rubber handle and is featured in a sleek, fuchsia color. The power of this razor will render you hairless for a good while, meaning you don’t need to considering shaving again for the next few days. Do note that these razors are a bit expensive. Fortunately, this updated version features an additional two razors, so instead of the standard 4, you’ll get a total of 6 razors! We certainly recommend that you try this great product out!

9. BIC Soleil Bella Sun-Twist Scented Disposable Razor

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Why we like it: A moisturizing, flexible razor that comes with a pleasant scent

The BIC brand makes a return to our list with this razor they made for women. The BIC Soleil Scented disposable razor comes with an assortment of features made to enhance the feel of your skin after a quality shave. The razor features 4 flexible easy-rinse blades that effortlessly adjust to all the curves on your skin. This product is here to ensure that you receive the best shaving experience with its pivoting head and rubber grip that provides the ultimate comfort. You’ll be able to maneuver your razor with ease to shave the hard to reach areas. To ensure you have a great shave, this product features a soothing moisture strip enriched with shea butter so that your skin feels sleek and rejuvenated.

There’s one significant thing that makes this product stand out from all the others we’ve reviewed thus far. It’s scented. This razor features scented handles in a fragrance called “sun-twist.” Ladies we’ll have the benefit of smelling a pleasant aroma during their shave. Though the product only comes with 3 razors, it is affordable. Not only that, each razor is a different color, so you’ll have fun shaving the hair away with these stylish, colorful razors. One downside we’d like to note is that the razor doesn’t prevent razor bumps very well and some customers have actually expressed getting razor bumps after a few shaves. Nevertheless, if you like a pleasant scent and want a razor that’s flexible and comfortable, this could be the product for you.

10. Pure Silk Premium Disposable Razor

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Why we like it: A comfortable-to-hold razor with great features and a long-lasting blade life.

The Pure Silk brand is known for making great shaving cream. This brand is also good at making razors too. The Pure Silk Premium disposable razor contains a number of great features that we know you’ll love. First off, this razor features three ultra thin blades that ensure you get a close and comfortable shave. To further ensure that you get the ultimate close shave, the razor features a pivoting razor head. Users will truly get the most out of this blade with its open flow blades that allow for easy cleaning. Because the blades are so easy to clean, you can continue to reuse the razor for as long as possible and enjoy the razor’s long blade life.

Did we mention the ergonomic-type design of the razor? The razor is designed with a comfort grip that allows you to securely hold your razor with ease, even during your most intense shave. The razor nicely features a lubricating strip with chamomile to moisturize your skin and leave it feeling nice and smooth. Many customers have positively praised this product for not leaving their skin irritated after a shave. Although you’ll only get 4 razors out of your purchase, it’s certainly worth it for its affordability. Do note that this product works best when paired with Pure Silk shaving cream. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a razor that provides smoothness and a great shave while being inexpensive, we certainly recommend this product!

Best Disposable Razor – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re ready to take the dive and try a new set of disposable razors, you’ll need to know what to look for. Every razor is not the same, and disposable razors have their own, unique traits that you should be aware of before you make your purchase.

Number of Blades

The days of the single bladed razor are, for the most part, over. Now, most companies are competing to see how many blades they can stick on one razor without creating an intense gravitational pull. While no scientific studies exist, consumer review testing has determined that more blades does equate to a closer shave.

Number of Disposables Per Pack

Look for value when buying your disposable razors. Determine how many razors you get per pack, and determine how much each disposable razor, or disposable razor head costs individually. Some razor systems may offer you 5 blades, but will also charge you extra money, when you could easily utilize a 3 or 4 bladed system for the same purposes.

Lubricating Strips

Unlike non-disposable razors, disposable razors now come with lubricating strips standard. The general reason is to eliminate the need for shaving cream, but it’s also to help with skin irritation. Most of these razors fail to mention what is actually in these strips. Many of them have chemicals that might actually cause irritation to your skin. Meanwhile, some offer certain chemicals and additives, such as vitamin E and aloe, that can help your skin. Be sure to do some research on the lubricant if you aren’t 100% sure, or if you know you have extra-sensitive skin.

Pivoting Heads

Few disposables come with pivoting heads, but most come with some form of curve-attentive design. Look for a disposable razor that has some apparatus that will adjust to your body’s curves in some manner. Whether it’s spring-loaded blades or a pivoting head, make sure you’re purchasing a bladed system that includes a method for adjusting to your body.