Cleaning up after a normal dinner or a full blown party has never been easier than it has with dishwashers. They can really take the hassle out of drowning elbow-deep in suds, so it’s worth investing in one.

Whoever invented dishwashers was definitely sick to the throat of washing mountains of dirty cutlery and crockery, and spent so long this way, they dreamed up a machine that could do it for them. And humanity was never quite the same again. No need to be stuck washing up for hours after dinner, missing hang-out time with your guests (unless they’re really boring), nor have one mind on the pile in the sink while you socialize. Just a quick rinse before popping the dishes in is enough. Once you set it up, you can do whatsoever you please.

Naturally, there’ve been a fair few best dishwashers that have made their way over the years, so if you’re in the market for one, what better way to make a selection than by comparing each of them in a simple, easy guide?