If you enjoy classic game of frisbee, then you probably like Disc Golf–a new game that takes the frisbee concept to a whole new level. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll be thrilled to find how fun it can be!

This game can be played individually, as a hobby, or competitively in a league or association. Disc Golf is essentially the purest blending of frisbee and golf (totally different sports, I know) imaginable. The objective of the game is to throw a plastic disc into a small metal basket. Like golf, there are usually 18 baskets on the course. Easy peasy, right? Well, like any sport, success at the game requires two things: adequate practice, and adequate tools. Unfortunately, perfecting practice is up to the player. But fear not! Others have taken the time to be sure you have the tools you need to be at your best. We’ve compiled three categories of disc: Putters (for short range shots), Mid-range Drivers (for medium distance shots), and Distance Drivers (for long range shots).

1. Gateway S Super Stupid SOFT VOODOO

Gateway S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo
  • Plastic: Gateway "Sure Grip" S Series
  • Stiffness: Super Stupid Soft
  • Weight Range: 165-175g

Why we like it: This disc has a lot of good reviews on Amazon; it is inexpensive, durable, and as the name suggests… ahem… quite soft.

Bearing a ghoulish visage that looks like it came straight out of “The Babadook,” Gateway’s Super Stupid Soft Voodoo is a great putter. Enjoyed for its “super stupid” softness, users say that this disc feels great in the hand. While not quite soft enough to use as just a regular frisbee (yes, someone asked), the disc is very accurate; but due to the disc’s higher elasticity, a missed shot can cause quite a roll. Additionally, the disk does not respond well to headwinds. With weight options of 150g – 176g, the SSS Voodoo can be purchased to the weight desires of the customer.

Constructed of Gateway’s “Sure Grip” S series plastic, the disc provides players with good durability, while still maintaining good flexibility. Some players submit that the disc is not quite as soft as they expected, based on the sound of the name, but in general they come to like the disk. Due to it’s construction, the disk is faster and more accurate than its precursor, the Wizard. The biggest complaint people seem to have, as with many of the discs on this list, is that colors are random when ordering from Amazon.

2. Discraft Titanium

Discraft Titanium Golf Disc, Colors May Vary
  • Maximum distance golf driver
  • Recommended for all skill levels
  • Best for newer players who want maximum distance

Why we like it: This disc is good for a number of reasons. Amazon offers a number of variations of this driver for the same budget, including a mid-range version. It’s durable, and versatile.

Another Discraft? Yes indeed! The Discraft Titanium comes with the option of which model customers would like. There is a regular distance driver, as well as a super soft version, and a mid-range driver. The disc is fast, and under stable. The Titanium model flies straight, rarely turning over due to wind. It does not require a lot arm speed to get this disc where you want it to go. And, as is true of many discs on this list, it is forgiving for beginners, while still being versatile enough to appeal to more advanced players. Whether you want a straight shot, or a slick hyzer, this disc has your back.

Made from “Titanium” plastic, this disc is incredibly sturdy. Reviewers described a whole array of brutalities perpetrated against this disc (from heavy impacts on trees and rocks, to use as a frisbee with a german shepherd and all said that it just kept on flying as well as ever. The color does not seem to be very popular though. People seem to absolutely hate the color of these discs, and they rated the disc accordingly. A few complained of receiving discs in poor condition upon arrival. But the overwhelming positive reviews of the disc’s performance more than warrant its place on this list.

3. Discraft Nuke SS Elite

Discraft Nuke SS Elite Z Golf Disc
  • Maximum distance golf driver
  • Recommended for all skill levels
  • Best for newer players who want maximum distance

Why we like it: This disc is very fast, with an unusually wide rim. While it has a bit of a learning curve, experienced players can send the disc wherever they want it, and it will go.

Discraft seems to be another fine company in the world of disc-golf. Their distance driver, the Nuke SS Elite is a great disc for more experienced players to add to their collection. Described as a “maximum distance” driver, this disc is very popular among players. Better and more stable than other discs with the exact same performance stats, this disc can out-perform similar discs when thrown into a headwind. That said, this disc isn’t recommended for everyone; while the product description offers it as a great disc for beginners, players seem to agree that this product is better suited for more intermediate/advanced players.

Made of durable plastic, the Nuke SS Elite can withstand plenty of abuse. One reviewer remarked that they got this disc because it was the only one their dog couldn’t destroy… well, ok then. The wider rim on this disc gives it a unique feel that many players enjoy. Its construction allows this disc to make a gentle “S” flight. It is super stable. Amazon offers a range of weight options, from 160g – 174g. Colors are picked at random. Summarily, the overall quality of this disc and its usefulness for experienced players make this a sure-fire winner.

Like MVP Proton Ion putter seen previously in this list, the Insanity is made of “Proton” plastic. This material is very durable, able to withstand impacts with trees and other course obstacles without any serious damage. The disc can be ordered at a weight anywhere from 150g to 175g. Colors are picked at random; a notable complaint about this disc is that sometimes the color is “clear.” As you can imagine, it could be very hard to find a disc that has no color at all… Still, the usefulness of this disc for average players, and its ability to perform for players of all skill levels make this disc a great choice disc-golf enthusiasts.

4. Innova Champion Blizzard Boss

Innova - Champion Discs Blizzard Champion Boss Golf Disc
  • Lighter weights = More distance with less effort and Blizzard Champion offers Superior durability in light weight...
  • The Blizzard Champion Line has been adding distance for both pros and ams; The Blizzard Champion Boss currently holds...
  • Colors may vary

Why we like it: This disc has good reviews. It holds the distance record for a drive (at 255 meters). It is fast, has excellent range, and good durability for a lighter material.

For starters, if it holds the Distance World Record, chances are it is gonna be a good distance driver. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can move on. The Champion Blizzard Boss is not a disc for beginners. Users said it was too much for an amateur to control. But, for those with the experience, this disc has excellent usability. It is very fast. It is stable. It can even handle moderate headwinds. This disc does have a strong fade, which players can use to their advantage if they know how.

The Champion Blizzard Boss is made of “Blizzard” plastic. Weight options for this disc range from 130g – 158g; it is much lighter than most of the other distance drivers on this list. This plastic, Even though it is a lighter weight material, is extremely durable. Some of the credit for that durability goes to the unique design of the plastic, which incorporates “microbubbles” into the material. What are microbubbles? Heck if we know… but since it works, we’re all for it. Color is random, as always. Overall, this disc seems to be a great product, if players are experienced enough to handle it.

5. Discraft Buzzz Elite

Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc
  • Mid-range golf driver
  • Recommended for all skill levels
  • Best for accuracy in all conditions

Why we like it: This disc is a great midrange driver for beginners, due to its predictable, straight flight path. It performs well in bad conditions.

This is another disc that appears in discussions of other discs. Discraft’s Buzzz Elite is a solid midrange driver with a lot going for it. It is affordable. Its consistency in flight makes it a good disc for players of various skill levels. However, that doesn’t mean that this disc’s use is limited. The Buzzz Elite is a versatile disc, with some more experienced players using it for distance, midrange drives, and even putts. The disc performs well in different conditions, and seems to have a good ability to cut through headwinds.

The Buzzz Elite is made from a plastic, similar to Innova’s “Champion” series. While the harder plastic does increase durability, some found that it caused the disc to be less likely to hold onto the chains upon entry. The weight options offered range from 167g to over 177g. Heavier discs perform better in windy conditions. As to users objections to the disk, there is the standard complaint of random colors, and an additional complaint of questionable quality control (the disc was a little roughed up upon delivery, etc…). However, the consistent, top-notch performance of this disc more than warrants its place on this list.

6. Innova DX Shark

Why we like it: Light, fast, and accurate, the Shark is a great disc for beginners. The disc feels good in the hand, and has a clean release.

The second Innova product on our list, the DX Shark is a good midrange driver for early level disc-golf players. While more advanced players tend to gravitate to the Roc3 or Mako 3, even those people recommended this disc to other players. Its predictable, consistent flight patterns make it an easy-to-learn-with disc. Many users found this disc to be a good multi-purpose item, showing usefulness as a putter in addition to its standard mid-range uses. The Shark is inexpensive as well, making it a good investment choice for someone looking to explore the sport without pouring loads of money into it.

Made from DX plastic, Innova’s DX Shark has a huge variety of weight options. With ranges of 145g – 180g, the disc’s weight can be easily suited to match the customer’s prefered feel and playing style. The shaping of the disc’s rim gives it a great, smooth feel in the hand, and allows for clean releases. While the material tends to ensure a consistent, straight flight, the drawback is that DX plastic is not the most durable; it is not fragile, but expect it to pick up its share of nicks and scuffs along the way. Color, again, is picked at random. While it may not be the top choice for experienced players, the Shark is great choice for newbies.

7. Axiom Proton Insanity

No products found.

Why we like it: This disc has good reviews on Amazon. It flies straight for players with average throwing power. The disc is easy for beginners as well as more experienced players.

The first Axiom product in our list, the Proton Insanity is a good driver for all disc golf enthusiasts. This is simply a good disc all around. With the accuracy expected of a top-notch driver and the limited effort needed to get it where it is intended to go, the Insanity is a favorite amongst players. One commenter observed that the disc is the most predictable disc in their bag; another advocate claims that using the Insanity added an additional 50 – 75 feet to their drives. Though we said it flies straight for average power throws, this disc holds its consistent good performance even with (as one player described it) “violent” throws. We hope both player and disc made it home safely…

Like MVP Proton Ion putter seen previously in this list, the Insanity is made of “Proton” plastic. This material is very durable, able to withstand impacts with trees and other course obstacles without any serious damage. The disc can be ordered at a weight anywhere from 150g to 175g. Colors are picked at random; a notable complaint about this disc is that sometimes the color is “clear.” As you can imagine, it could be very hard to find a disc that has no color at all… Still, the usefulness of this disc for average players, and its ability to perform for players of all skill levels make this disc a great choice disc-golf enthusiasts.

8. Innova Star Destroyer

Why we like it: Mentioned in the reviews of several other discs, this is a good distance driver. Fast and predictable, this disc is great for experienced players.

Innova has really put in the work to be the best there is. Their Star Destroyer disc is a well loved distance driver. Not really recommended for less experienced players, this disc can get great distance. The Star Destroyer is very fast, and very overstable. Experienced players, pleased with their *ehem* experience with the disc, enjoyed this disc for its consistency in flying. Flying straight for a good distance, the disc finishes its flight with a predictable fade. With a good shape that allows it to cut through headwinds, this disc provides players with options where some other discs would fail.

The Innova Star Destroyer is made from “Star” plastic. This material is a great choice; with the durability of tough, high-dollar plastics like “champion”, and the flexibility (or as one user called it, “gumminess”) of something softer, the Star plastic is a quality blend of performance and functionality. Because it is softer, it is easier to grip and throw than discs of other material. Weight options for the Star Destroyer range from 130g – 175g, so there is a great deal of flexibility for different playing preferences. So, summarily, while this disc is not for beginners, it is an excellent choice for skilled players due to its consistency, functionality, and durability.

9. Innova Champion ROC3

Innova Champion Roc3
  • Diameter: 21.7cm
  • Plastic: Champion
  • Weight Range: 165-180g

Why we like it: This disc is enjoyed for its versatility for more experienced players, and its overall consistency for beginners. It flies far and straight.

Obviously, this disc is a “#1 Best Seller” on Amazon for a reason. Recommendations for Innova’s Champion Roc3 appear in the reviews sections of many discs we looked at. And for good reason. The Roc3 is very consistent, making it easy to use for beginners. It is a slightly heavier disc, making it more stable in windy conditions. It glides well, with some users saying that this disc can be used as for distance drives as well as its intended midrange drives. This kind of versatility gives the disc its advantage for experienced players, who are able to use it however they see fit.

The Roc 3 is made out of “Champion” plastic. This particular material is sturdy enough that, as one review stated, “[the plastic] helps it retain its dead-straight flight path over many months.” Weight options go from 165g – 180g. Innova’s website allows users to choose different kinds of plastic. The ridge on the Roc 3 has been updated a bit, and it sits more comfortably in the hand. The number one complaint about the disc is that the colors are, as always, random. But considering the qualities of the Roc3, this product is obviously a winner.

10. Innova Champion DX Polecat

Innova - Champion Discs DX Polecat Golf Disc (Colors may vary)
  • Best choice for: Straight approaches, Distance putter and Placement shots
  • The Polecat flies flat and straight; It is a great choice for pros and beginners alike; A low profile, point and shoot,...
  • DX material offers widest selection of weights

Why we like it: This disc is exceptional for its wide weight selection (140g – 177g), as well as its accuracy, and its usability for players of all skill levels.

Innova makes a lot of discs, for a lot of categories. However, the preferred putter of this brand seems to be their Champion DX Polecat. This disc is versatile, being recommended by the company and by customers alike not only as a putter, but as an approach disc. It was even recommended by some for short drives. The Polecat provides a good amount of glide (or range), making it easy for players to get a good distance, without putting in a lot of work. Once the disc arrives at its destination, it drops very quickly, allowing for a good secure landing in the basket.

This particular disc is made of DX plastic. This material is responsible for the disc’s wide weight selection options. If players prefer much lighter discs, they are available. These weight options, and the overall stability and accuracy of the Polecat, make it an excellent choice for beginners. Reviews from newcomers were positive, and the company recommends it for players of all skill levels. The only really consistent complaint about the disc is the customer’s inability to choose the disc color. That issue aside, these various positive features make the Innova Polecat one of our top picks for disc golf putters.

11. Gateway Supersoft Wizard

Why we like it: This disc received overall good reviews from users. It is stable, even in windy conditions, and it is quite durable.

Gateway’s Supersoft Wizard is a solid putter for disc golf enthusiasts. Users seem very pleased with the discs performance, noting that it operates particularly well as a distance putter. Described as easy to use, beginners enjoy this disc as much as more experienced players. Reviewers seemed especially pleased with the Wizard’s ability to meet its mark even in windy situations. This disc tends to fly straight, with very little fade during descent. Like it’s more recent counterpart, the Gateway Voodoo, this is a softer disc. Interestingly enough, the disc is not quite as soft as people often expect. Some find the softness difficult to play with, but most find it enjoyable.

The SuperSoft Wizard is made from one of Gateway’s softer plastics. Many find that the extra softness of the disc helps it stay in the chains upon entry. The Wizard is quite durable; while not totally impervious to scuffs and scratches, many users find that, despite consistent use and abuse, the disc tends to evade more serious damage caused by standard gameplay. This disc has slightly fewer weight options than most, offering only 165g – 175g. Colors are, per usual, randomized. However, Gateway must have better color selections than most, because there were far fewer objections to the colors received. Overall, the Wizard’s stability and usability in windy conditions make this a great tool for players to have in their bag.

12. MVP Proton Medium Ion Putter

MVP Disc Sports Proton Ion Disc Golf Putter (Colors May Vary)
  • MVP ION - Making its debut in January 2010 the MVP Ion is the first disc from MVP. The Ion's beaded rim design makes it...
  • STABLE-OVERSTABLE PUTTER - Power putters can use the Ion with confidence. The Ion's defining flight characteristic is...
  • 11 MM CLASS - It is capable of holding long powerful lines with a late subtle fade. This makes it a very versatile...

Why we like it: Overall this disc received very good feedback from players. It was noted for its stability and accuracy, as well as its durability.

This disc is inexpensive, durable, and as the name suggests… ehem… quite soft.

Described as stable with a subtle fade, the MVP Ion was recommended in several comments and reviews on various websites as being a good disc for beginners. In general, people find this disc to feel quite weighty, one review even saying, “It almost feels like putting with a driver.” As it does for many of the discs on this list, Amazon provides weight options for this disc. Weight options include anything from 150g – 175g. Another user praised the disc’s versatility, recommending it for a variety of shots, even short drives. This disc’s consistent accuracy keeps it on target, even over long distances.

The Proton Ion is made of “Proton” plastic. The official MVP website describes Proton plastic as being the most durable material available for this disc, though they provide other options for plastics. The disc has a creased rubber edge. The rubber is soft enough that it won’t simply bounce off of the chains on the basket, but firm enough that the disc doesn’t stick to the hand. These sturdy materials allow the disc to perform well enough in all conditions. This amount of durability, as well as its accuracy and affordability, make the MVP Proton Ion a good disc for players of any skill level.

13. Yikun Discs Professional Disc Golf Set

Yikun Disc Golf Starter Set PDGA Approved Beginners Discs Golf Set 3...
  • INCLUDES 3 DISCS |Includes HU (driver),KUI (mid-range),and GUI (putter).
  • Driver|Hu is a typical distance driver with decent turn and fade, which and fit multiple shapes of fairways. Fade 2...
  • Mid-range|KUI has relatively balanced attributes. It flies straight and softly fades in the end. It also has a long...

Why we like it: The Yikun Discs offer controlled drive shots, smooth glide, and a nice roll. Also they are comfortable to hold with easy to control.

Yikuns are professional discs that come in a set of 3 in 1. This set includes a driver, mid-range, and a putter. The driver is an understable distance with a great glide to it. The putter is overstable that has a deep rim and slip resistance zone. The midrange disc helps provide a stable flight. These disks are made of durable material and are flexible in style. Also Approved PDGA built to standard size weight regulation. The Yikun discs feel comfortable in your hand and fly well. I like these bright colors because they will be easy to find if they end up in the bushes.

Since Yikun discs are manufactured in China they decorate each disc with genuine artwork. They also offer different disc golf molds and 3 plastic types. The discs weight 165g-175g when playing near water be careful disc does not go in discs will sink.
The set more affordable than better than buying them separately.

Best Disc Golf Disc – Buyer’s Guide

Let’s be honest here. Buying equipment for any sport can be a very challenging, personal and sometimes frightening experience. As with any competitive activity, you want to make sure that your equipment matches your skill level, and that you aren’t embarrassing yourself or your team with what you’re using. While disc golf is not such a prideful sport that others will judge you for having an older disc (and indeed, in many cases, having older discs is somewhat of a badge of honor), you’re always going to need new discs. With use, every disc loses its integrity. Unless you’re an absolutely perfect player, high speed collisions against immovable objects (read: trees) can result in warping and dents in your disc, which unfortunately are always unalterable and can dramatically change your disc’s flight pattern. When the time does come to purchase a new disc, there are some things you’ll want to make sure you know for sure before making your purchase.

Flight Ratings

While these numbers are important, do not take them as standard. No disc golf disc will ever be exact to the numbers, and every disc’s overall flight pattern is a factor of many different variables, including, but not limited to: wind speed, throw pattern, thrown speed and disc wear and tear. Every new disc that you purchase has been tested and rested to come to some average way of quantifying the most likely flight pattern based on the average right handed back-hand throw. Innova provides the most detailed and well-explained graphic to help understand these numbers. There are 4 categories: Speed, Glide, Turn and Fade. Speed relates to the discs’ ability to cut through the air. Glide relates to the disc’s ability to stay aloft. Turn relates to how hard the disc turns right (as discs tend to do when thrown in a right handed back-hand throw). Fade relates to how hard the disc turns left at slower speeds, as a disc will tend to do at slower speeds.


A disc’s weight has a huge impact on how hard it will turn, how soon it falls, and how straight it can go. Think of your disc like a paper airplane. The more aerodynamically shaped it is, the farther it’s going to go before getting affected by gravity and air. A good balance between design and weight is very important. Discs can vary greatly in weights but are almost always in a range between 100-200 grams, with most in a much narrower range. Distance drivers tend to have a bit of weight to them, but are not too heavy. Fairway drivers are made for straight, flat distance, and tend to be lighter or heavier, depending on the model you purchase. Midrange and putting discs tend to be on the heavier end, as users will want them to fall much sooner and harder.


All discs are made from plastic, but there are different types of plastic and molding patterns that can have dramatic effects on disc flight patterns and weight. Every company that makes discs has their own, unique plastic designs that carry different names. Before you make your purchase, make sure that you are choosing a disc with a plastic that you’re looking for. Typically, the plastic that is used in the disc is also a part of that disc’s name. A disc such as the Latitude 64 Claymore comes with different plastic designs, such as “Opto” and “Frostline”. Every disc maker has discs that are made with PDGA-approved plastics, and some that are not. If you’re going for competition, research which plastic line each company has that is, or is not, rated for professional matches.

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