The Best Disability Insurance For Parents

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Many people underestimate the need disability insurance, especially when most employers offer a minimal amount of coverage for their disability insurance if they even offer it at all. You can think that you don't need it, but the reality is that it's straightforward to find yourself in a situation where you will need it, and it's best to get it before you get to that point.

Finding out what kind of disability insurance will meet your needs if you did suddenly become disabled is an important task especially when you're starting a family. In this article will be taking a look at some of the best disability insurance for parents and what qualities stand out the most it makes them the best choice for you.

How We Rate Our Choices

They're different factors that determine how high are products rate in our lists, and you could come assured that the most top rated product is the one that is most likely to fit your needs.

Coverage:  Will this plan covers what you need to pay the bills and recover? This question is one that we ask when we're looking over coverage options what age individual insurance company. The one with the most coverage options available to you will be right at the highest.

Cost:  Cost is an important factor especially for those who are trying to keep to their budgets. Affordable coverage options will be rated higher than those that aren't.

Financial Rating: A company with an excellent Financial rating is more likely to pay out a claim that one that suffers in their financial ratings. Only the highest rated companies will be on our list, but the ones with the best score overall will be at its highest.

Availability: Will this insurance company cover your state? Not all insurance companies cover every state in the United States, but those that operate Nationwide are going to rate higher than those that don't.

The Best Disability Insurance for Parents

Mutual Of Omaha

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6/6 stars

The Mutual of Omaha is another familiar name in the form of disability insurance, they've been featured on Good Financial cents several times, and it makes sense that this would be a good choice for anyone who's looking to keep their disability insurance plan as customizable as possible.

Most of their plans already come pre-equipped with a lot of different benefits, but you can always add more as you feel that you will need to protect you and your family if you're disabled.  

They have a long term disability insurance that comes with the following already installed in their plan:

  • Total disability income benefit
  • Proportionate disability benefit,
  • Waivers for premium riders
  • Renewable policy up until you turn 67 years old.

If you find yourself working full-time and you've gotten past the age of 67, Mutual of Omaha will allow you to extend your coverage up until your 75 if you feel you need the added coverage. This policy is excellent, mostly because not a lot of insurance companies will do similar for their policyholders which put  Mutual of Omaha up there in credibility.

Other built-in features that Mutual of Omaha provides  are things like:

  • Survivor benefit
  • Cost of living adjustment writer
  • Critical illness benefit
  • Rehabilitation benefit
  • Terminal illness benefit
  • Return of Premium


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5/6 stars

When it comes to your disability insurance, Assurity is usually one of the top choices for people who are looking into the prospect of getting a policy. They typically have a couple of different opportunities available for disability insurance, such as an individual disability insurance policy or a clear disability insurance policy.

This company is excellent to choose if you're self-employed, they offer disability insurance that covers those who are self-employed or are starting a small business which is great considering there's not much Financial leeway given for those who are working on their own.

What's even better about a charity is that their simplified disability income makes it easy to get disability insurance without going through a bunch of hassles and waiting for results when you need it. You merely have to do a phone interview, and then they will work with a prescription database check as well as a MIB check.

These plans aren't exclusive either, anyone between the ages of 18 to 59 can apply, and you'll get protection up to $3,000. Usually, this is a good average to work with for most people who are dealing with disability problems, but if you need more than that, you will likely have to find a more in-depth policy to work.

Mass Mutual

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4/6 stars

MassMutual is another old company that's been around since 1851, so they know a thing or two about selling insurance. With having over a hundred years of experience, they also have high quality ratings with both A.M. Best and from the Better Business Bureau; This gives you peace of mind that you always have a company that will pay out its claims.

In the bare basics of their coverage, they do have an elimination period present that goes anywhere between 60 days to 730 days and their benefit periods range from two years up to ten years with your maximum age disqualifying you at 70.

You only qualify for their disability claims if you find yourself to be too injured to do your job. As this company defines disability as own occupation, which means as long as you cannot do your job, then you qualify regardless of if you can do other tasks or not.

You can also add a rider to your insurance policy known as a True Own Occupation which will change the qualifications needed to pay out on your plan. MassMutual is also a good company thanks to its recurrent disability feature.

In this feature, if you find that you've developed a new disability that was related to your previous claim, the elimination period that was present on your application is then waived.


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3/6 stars

Ameritas is the result of three different companies merging, the old line Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska, founded in 1887, Acacia Life and Union Central Mutual Holding Company of Cincinnati.  after these companies merged, they change their name to Ameritas.

Ameritas that sell sells two different types of disability insurance. The DInamic foundation, and then the DInamic fundamental. DInamic Foundation has a few built-in features within the policy that you can utilize.

One of the best features that this plan comes with is being on disability injury feature which means that any medical expenses you incur from your disability will be paid for by the company.

This plan also features something known as the COBRA premiums benefit which enables you to be reimbursed up to $1,000 a month for your premiums if you end up losing your health insurance coverage due to your disability. This payment will happen in addition to your disability payment.

With insurance companies having more power of who they cover due to specific ailments someone would suffer, this is an advantageous benefit to have with your disability plan.

With DInamic fundamental, it serves similarly to the foundation policy, but it has a much more simplified underwriting process which means that you can get approval for that plan and strategy a lot faster than you would with the other one.

To be qualified for the fundamental policy, you have to work at least 30 hours a week, and your job description must not be considered high risk.

Guardian Life

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2/6 stars

Guardian Life is one of the oldest companies in this listing, being founded in 1860 while able to hold the best ratings from both A.M. Best and the Better Business Bureau.

This company is excellent for people who are concerned about their payouts when it comes time to make a claim, as both of these companies ratings indicate that you won't have any trouble receiving your insurance benefits.

The Guardian Life also has a ranking as a fortune 250 Global Financial Services Company. Guardian Life has over 2,750 agents as well as 58 agencies across the United States which increases the chances of an agency located close to you.

What many people don't initially realize, however, is the fact that their life insurance disability plans come offered by one of their subsidiaries which are known as Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America.

Luckily Berkshire offers four different types of Disability insurance that you can choose from which include the following:

  • Group plan
  • Individual plan
  • Supplemental plan
  • Disability insurance for business owners.

They also have something that's called their ProVider Plus plan which is their individual long term disability policy that you can get over to two to ten years of coverage up until you're at least 67 years old.

The reason why this plan is in our spotlight is that this is what is known as an Own True Occupation which means as long as you can't perform the job that you signed up with, you could still claim this plan even if you can do a different position. This policy rider is perfect for Tradesmen who or injured on the job and cannot go back to work in their specific trade.


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1/6 stars

If every time you hear this company's name, you think of a duck, then you know that the ads are working. Unfortunately what the ads don't tell you is that Aflac works as a leader in what's known as supplemental insurance.  

Aflac came included because they do provide short-term disability insurance to help bridge the gap that people experience in the form of wage losses due to their disability. They also help cover medical expenses, deductibles, co-pays, and other expenses that a supplemental insurance company would usually cover.

If you find that you have to travel to see a doctor about a specific ailment, Aflac will have you covered there too. Travel costs, Hotel lodgings, or even overnight stays in the hospital will be covered by Aflac as well, so you don't have to worry about expenses piling up because of your disability, and you can focus on getting better.

If your disability stems from primary Dental or Vision operations, Aflac could even help in that area as well especially if in an employer's insurance doesn't manage to provide coverage. This company's policies could be a good way of rectifying a lot of issues that you've had to deal with for long-term, but didn't necessarily qualify you for full-time disability.

What's also really lovely about Aflac is it promises payment flexibility, so you can take a lump sum if you choose or you can have them disperse your payments over time.

For example, those who are recovering from a stroke may elect to have their benefits paid to them in smaller some so that you can take care of bills that need to get paid while you're going through recovery in therapy.

Aflac is more a supplemental insurance company than it is a disability insurance company. Aflac is an excellent choice if you think you'll be affected by hereditary ailments.

Those who know they have a family history of heart disease or cancer may decide that getting a flag would be a good choice especially when the treatments for these diseases can be expensive to handle on your own.

What We Think

When it comes to choosing disability insurance, the company that stands out the most is Mutual of Omaha thanks to its long list of customizable features that allow you to change your plan around until it fits what you needed to.

Of course, each person has their own needs that need to be met by their insurance company, so make sure that you talk to a representative to determine which disability insurance would work best for you. Overall we feel that Mutual of Omaha is the best disability insurance for parents because it can cater to a broad assortment of different people and situations.

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