If you have not taken aim at a dartboard before, it is certainly something you have to do some time in your life. Dartboards are some of the most commonplace gaming accessories to be found in any home. They engage us mentally as well as physically, without requiring a lot more than a few dozen pointy things.

You may be someone who has given up on playing darts because of what it did to your wall, or you may have had an unfortunate experience jabbing someone with a dart (or being jabbed yourself). The good news is that the market has not been idle, and has since produced some dartboards that drastically reduce both those risks. So now you can return to the game and enjoy it free of any worry. And who knows, with time, you might get pretty good at it.

But before that, you need to make sure you have the right board. There are some dartboards designed more for practice, some for tournaments, and others that are suitable for both. But what all the modern boards have in common are enhanced properties of safety, durability, and performance. We have listed our top picks for the best commercially available dartboards below.

Why we like it: Expertly handcrafted and kind to whichever wall you place it on, how can you not enjoy throwing darts at it?

How irritating is it when your aim goes way off and the dart ends up piercing the wall. The sight could be an OCD nightmare for some people. But the Dart-Stop takes care of this nuisance with a selection of backboards that cover much of the surrounding area of the dartboard. You can choose from five colors, three shapes, and two sizes. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of the dartboard, a special fabric finish is also included so no holes created can be visible.

The dartboard comes with an integrated mounting bracket to prevent it from being too wobbly. It also means you can set the dartboard without fidgeting around with wedges or shims. The board is held firmly to the wall by mounting points that are reinforced by steel. The overall construction is exquisitely detailed and long lasting. The wood backing is three quarters of an inch thick, and overall thickness is up to an inch. And to think that it is all handcrafted!

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

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Why we like it: Incredibly durable dartboard with carbon diffusion technology in the bullseye for stronger steel.

This professional bristle dartboard has an exclusive British Darts Organization (BDO) endorsement. The increased scoring area has a 14% thinner wiring system compared to the previous generation. This allows for much higher scoring potential.

The reduced bounce-outs and improved dart refelction makes playing darts a much smoother and more enjoyable experience. It is also incredibly durable and it features carbon diffusion technology in the bullseye ring for stronger steel.

There is a triple wheel lock-and-level system which allows you to easily secure the dartboard to almost any surface. This means that you can use your dartboard without having to worry about it falling off the wall at all.

If you are looking for a strong, durable, and reliable dart board then this particular board is definitely a great option for you.

Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board

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Why we like it: Perfect for grown-ups and children alike, this board serves up an extra helping of safety, thanks to its use of magnetic darts.

Darts are traditionally rather pointy on one end and have the potential to do some serious harm if someone happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That risk, however, has been eliminated greatly by this, the Marky Sparky Doinkit dart set. It is as user-friendly for kids as it sounds. While it sticks to the board using magnets instead of a pointy tip, it maintains all of the other features you can expect to find on a professional board.

The set includes a dartboard which can be hung on the wall by a hook on its back, 6 darts that are light and magnetic, and certainly much safer for your kids and property. It is a great way to get in some safe and solid individual practice or just have an all-out fun time with the family, throwing caution to the wind. So this set appeals to a wide range of customers, from six-year-olds to – well, as old as you can possibly get, we suppose.

ActionDart Soft Tip Darts and Dart Board Set

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Why we like it: Easy to set up and good for players of all ages over six, thanks to its use of safety darts.

This unique, 16-inch stipple dartboard is a favorite for all ages, thanks to its use of soft-tip darts, making it safe entertainment for pretty much anyone. It is very easy to set up. It has an integrated metal bracket and hole from which it can be mounted on a nail driven into the wall. The darts have a soft tip that causes no damage should they encounter some skin or precious ornament, and are therefore safe to use around and by children.

And speaking of children, we also feel this board would make a pretty neat gift for your little one for their birthday. It is simple and safe enough for anyone over six years of age. It would be a great way of bonding with friends as well improving concentration and hand-eye coordination at an early age. Plus, what’s not to love about it, especially when it comes with a 100% money back guarantee? If you are not satisfied, simply get in touch with customer services and get yourself a full replacement or refund.

Loveiscool Dartboard

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Why we like it: It comes with the benefit of practicing on two boards for the price of one, and legit overall build quality.

What is better than having a single dartboard? Having two of them. And the Loveiscool dartboard readily obliges. Yes, what you get with this board is a classic dartboard on one side and a more serious tournament board on the other. So that makes this board an impeccable choice for amateurs as well as professional players. However, you get both boards for the price of one, so it is very good value for money too. But even as a single board, the going rate is still pretty fair.

Some of the finer points of this board include a slimmed down dynamic wire system, greatly reducing the likelihood of darts bouncing off, and improving the scoring rate. The wiring is all galvanized steel and contributes immensely to the durability of the board by deflecting incoming darts into it. The board is quite dense, durable, and has a vibrant display of colors. There is a warranty available as well, for 6 months, and customer service promises to deal with any problems within a few days at most.

Wuudi Dart Board

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Why we like it: Double-sided for double the fun, it also has a dynamic wiring system and a hard-to-reach bullseye.

This board is equally at home in the club as it is in a house. You may come across it as a classic dartboard and, upon flipping it, discover that there is a tournament board on the other side. So it’s ideal for training and for gaming. Also featured on this board is the 50% slimmer dynamic wiring, which is critical in preventing bouncy hits and amplifying the scoring rate. Wuudi has also made the bullseye harder to aim for than normal, to show that they have a sense of humor.

Anyway, back to the wiring – it’s made from galvanized steel to manage high tensile strength and durability. Then there is the high-density flocking, giving the board an adequate amount of density and good visibility. It also helps with maintaining durability and has a vivid display of the colors. Also, the lack of chemical compounds used to make it indicates better safety for use. The warranty for this board lasts up to six months, and customer service is responsive to a few days, tops.

Viper Shot King Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

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Why we like it: Contains self-healing properties and a staple-free bullseye, just the way we like it.

Thanks to a composition of high-density fibers, the Viper Shot King is able to self-heal by closing up every hole made by a dart upon removal. Its bullseye is completely free of any staples, which greatly diminishes the likelihood of a well-aimed dart being bounced off the board and ending up on the floor. A cross-platform suitable for steel as well as soft tip darts makes it that much more accessible and safe to play with.

More durability is achieved by the steel compression ring. Binding the edge of the sisal, it keeps the highly dense fibers tightly pressed together. The color tones and the way they have been used is another thing to appreciate. The three highly visible tones have been intentionally screen printed onto the board so that they show the sisal’s color in certain areas. So the board has four colors altogether. The b radial wiring helps you to hit intended target areas by causing the darts to slide inward.

Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

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Why we like it: It may be electronic but that does not mean it is boring, because it just so isn’t.

So it is electronic, which might cause you to think that it is not going to last very long, and therefore is not a worthy candidate for our list. But it is here after all so that has to mean something right? For starters, it has thermoplastic segments that can manage years of playing. So there is durability all taken care of. Now onto the more fun stuff – are you ready for the gaming list? Here it is: a maximum of eight players, 38 games , with 167 options! What’s more, you can even play with the computer on five difficulty levels.

The target face is encircled by a catching ring, so any shots that go astray will not leave any evidence on the wall. You get 11 buttons to set up the game and some settings. Other functions like deleting scores and keeping track of the bounces are all dealt with using the easy-access buttons. By the way, you also get some backup. You buy the set with six starter darts, six extra tips, an instruction manual, a power adapter, and mounting hardware.

Nodor SupaBull2 Bristle Dartboard

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Why we like it: This is a board that simply says ‘Why so serious?’ and invites you to play without a care in the world about who wins and who loses.

Sometimes it is important to remember that playing darts is not always about acing tournaments and practicing hard at home. Sometimes, it is better to just savor the board rather than attack it. And Nodor SupaBull2 appears to take this very seriously. A couple of features can distract you from that. Firstly, the bullseye is staple free, which is suggestive of trying to suit a competitive player. Secondly, there are self-healing properties via some really dense sisal fiber. So what exactly is the recreational use of that?

Well, the spider happens to be a round metal one. And that makes the board absolutely no good for intense practice sessions, even if the bullseye and self-mending sisal beckon you to have a crack at it. How often can one frustrate themselves with a well-placed shot ending up on the ground, taking some of their confidence along with it? No, this is definitely a recreational board for those who play the game for their own sake. And it comes with one-year warranty. Ease on down the road.