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Darts is one of the most popular recreational games that does not require more than one person to play. This is the biggest difference compared to other recreational board games as playing a game of darts can be as fun even playing solo. Dart boards aren’t so expensive to buy, so this is another advantage of getting a darts board. The game of darts involves throwing darts at a board and trying to hit the center of the target, referred to as the bull’s eye. Dart Boards usually come with the darts as well, so you don’t have to purchase them separately. You still do have the option of purchasing them separately in case you require additional darts to play with. The darts may be either magnetic or needle-based, depending on the board that is used. Here are some of the best dartboards out there.

1. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard


The Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard is one of the best dartboards that we could find, due to its price and quality. The dartboard costs only $60 to purchase and offers a high-quality gaming experience. The board is stable free so it can be hung up on your wall with ease and without having to damage the wall or the board. What makes this dartboard a lot more special than most other dartboards out there is the fact that it has a much thinner wire reducing the chance of the darts from bouncing out. It uses a triangular wiring system to allow the darts to be deflected to the target area to increase the chance of scoring potential. The board does not come included with the darts, so you should purchase them separately. The steel frame that is used in the construction of the board gives it superior durability over most of the other dartboards.

2. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board


The Donkit Dartboard is a much cheaper dartboard than the one we reviewed previously by Winmau. The board would cost only around $30, even if you are purchasing it brand new. The board spans sixteen inches in diameter which makes it easy to enjoy a challenging game of darts. The dartboard has six magnetized darts which ensure proper safety compared to the needle based darts. The darts are split evenly between two different colors, so you can easily enjoy a game of darts with one other person, as each person can pick a color. The magnets work reasonably well and there is very little chance of the darts bouncing out. The dartboard can be used by anyone at the age of 6 and above. The darts are quite flexible in nature and quite strong in terms of its durability. The board can be a great way to hone your targeting skills as it requires a fair bit of skill to hit the center target.

3. Magnetic Roll-up Dart Board and Bullseye


If you want an even cheaper option for a dartboard, then this dartboard by TG is probably one of the best you can get for its price. The dartboard costs less than $20, making it one of the cheaper dartboards out there. The board comes included with darts and uses a rather different technique compared to most of the darts out there in that the darts do not have a point but rather a special magnetized tip which makes it stick to the board. The board is cloth covered and does not damage the wall behind it. The other special feature of the board is that it can be rolled up when it is not being used, to conveniently store it away. The board comes with six darts, three of each color so that you can conveniently play with a partner as well. The board will require being hung up before you can use it to play.

4. Hathaway Centerpoint Dartboard and Cabinet Set


The Hathaway Dartboard and Cabinet Set is a complete dart board set which is quite significantly more expensive than the other boards we featured. The board costs more than $100, but you can be guaranteed of durability with this dartboard. The board is made of wood which measures about half an inch in thickness. There is also a dark cherry finish which gives this board a very classy look. The outer ring of the dart board is removable, so you have some versatility in the type of games you want to play. The frame ring is rounded so that there is little chance of bounce outs. The board includes a scoreboard on the sides of the cabinet doors. The scoreboard is erasable so you don’t have to replace it after each game. The hinges used in the cabinet is made of high-quality steel. The build quality really justifies its high price point, so if you can afford it, it is a good purchase.

5. Viper Razorback Sisal/Bristle Dartboard


The Viper Razorback Sisal/Bristle Dartboard is quite similar in design to the Winmau Blade 4 dartboard which was featured on the top of our list. The board is slightly more expensive as it is priced at around $60 when it is not on sale. The board is made of sisal fibers which can self-heal when the darts are removed. The board is staple-free and makes use of galvanized steel wires to increase the surface area. This can prevent any bounce outs which can spoil the fun in the game. The only real drawback with this board is that it does not come included with the darts so you must purchase them separately. The movable number ring of the board provides great flexibility for the board as it can extend the life of the dartboard. The board is compatible with both steel tip and soft tip darts, so finding the darts for the board is not much of a problem.

6. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board


The unicorn eclipse pro dartboard is another one of the high-end dartboards which are suited to both professional plays and for the casual recreation. The board costs around the $50 price mark and is made of a high-quality bristle board. The wiring design of the board uses the Unicorn technology to ensure quality for the board and to prevent the darts from bouncing out. The construction of the board is entirely staple-free, as you would expect in a high-quality dartboard. The bullseye is also staple-free so the entire dartboard is free of any staples. There is a checkout chart that is provided free of charge with the board as well. The board does not come included with the darts, so you should purchase them separately. Purchasing the darts that are compatible with the board shouldn’t be a problem since it is compatible with most of the darts out there which are needle-based.

7. ActionDart – Soft Tip Safety Darts and Dart Board


This is another one of the cheaper dartboards out there which also comes with darts. The board itself measures sixteen inches in diameter which is the standard with most dartboards out there. When purchasing the dartboards, you have the option to either purchase the dartboard with the darts or just the darts for less than $10. The set with the board will cost less than $40. The dartboard is quite simple to set up and gives you versatility as you can either set up the board on the tablet or wall using the holes on the board. The board is quite safe to use as the darts that come with it feature a soft tip. This makes it suitable for everyone six years and older. The board comes with a money back guarantee as well in case you are not satisfied with the product. This makes it another one of the best on our list.

8. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard


This is another high-quality dartboard which is suitable for both professional plays and for leisure. The board has been used in the 1999 official world cup, so you can be guaranteed of its quality. The board is a bit more expensive than some of the other top quality dartboards on our list as it costs close to $80. The board is made of high-quality sisal fibers which have self-healing properties when the darts are removed. The board does not come included with the darts, but you can use any type of pin darts which should not be hard to find. The board is eighteen inches in diameter and features a staple-free design so there will not be any bounce outs when you shoot the darts on the board. The durability of the board makes it well worth its price since it uses steel segment dividers for increased strength. The only reason that this board isn’t featured higher than some of the others on our list is because there are similar boards which are slightly cheaper.

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