It’s the holidays and your kids are getting bored and anxious at home with nothing much to do. At the same time, you are getting even more anxious wondering how to keep your child occupied and make him do something constructive at the same time. Something that is not only fun for him, but also an educational experience! Yes there are summer camps and craft camps that crop up every time the holidays hit the town, but some are not really worth the while and others are a big dig into the pockets.

It is best to invest this money into a craft kit that will keep your child occupied and also help him get creative. Some of these kits are simple, but the simpler they are, more room for getting inventive and let the imagination go wild. Not only so these kits help the child to grow his imagination, but these also last long so he can play with it and be creative whenever he feels like, and not only during the holidays.

Here we give you a list of the best craft kits in the market today.