Glue in one form or another is a must have at home. You may be the sort of person who likes to do handwork all the time or you might be the sort that gets to do a lot of repair work. Either way you are going to find adhesives to be quite useful.

But watch out, not all glues are created equal. Some stick well and some do not. And even those that do may be lacking in other areas such as cleanliness and range of applicable surfaces. If you are in the market for the best craft glue you can find, you want to make sure that it sticks well onto things, can be used on a wide range of materials, and is easy to work with. But with so many products to choose from, how can you tell a good one from a not so good one without gambling on your own funds?

Well, that is where we come in. After taking a long hard look at the market and reviewing its most in demand items, we have complied the following list featuring what we believe to be the best craft glues that are currently on sale. All of them are made to very high industrial standards, have a diverse range of uses and offer great value for money.

1. E6000 Craft Adhesive

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Why we like it: Applies a colossal amount of durable sticking power to wide range of materials and is immune to water and high temperatures.

Are you looking for uniquely formulated adhesive that lives up to the highest standard of industrial performance? Enter the [amazon link=”B004BPHQWU” title=”E6000 Craft”] adhesive. If you are wondering why its developers could not think of a better way to name it, it was probably because they were too busy perfecting its insane formula. The E6000 has phenomenal sticking power on a variety of different materials from wood to plastics, concrete, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, and metals. Additionally, it will also stick on to vinyl, leather, and rubber just as well.

Once dry, consider it waterproof and safe even for photographs. This glue is certainly more resilient compared to many other competitors in the market. However, it does take slightly longer to dry up which may work in your favor if you suddenly have second thoughts about the gluing stuff together. But once stuck, always stuck. The fact that it sticks on to materials that are traditionally resistant to adhesives is a real bonus. And it keeps things together even when struck by water or extreme temperatures.

2. CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

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Why we like it: A reliable and sturdy glue gun that is eco-friendly and can apply adhesive to a wide range of surfaces.

[amazon link=”B01178RVI2″ title=”CCbetter”] makes adhesives look very easy. Their Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun is effective on a wide array of materials including wood, plastic, ceramics, fabrics, metals, glass and cards. There are not many surfaces to which this adhesive could not grip on to. That makes it a handy tool not just for DIY projects home repairs as well. Moreover, the glue is actually eco-friendly and easy to clean when the glued pieces are forced apart. With other adhesives, the pieces would just have to be discarded.

The gun itself is made of plastic and aluminum and punches out some 20W of power. It does come with a cable that stretches for a handy 47 inches. Trigger propulsion helps it expel glue at a conservative rate to help save up on glue sticks. The nozzle is well made and does not lose its form over time. Once applied, the glue with take roughly 3 to 5 minutes to dry. It will be coming out hot at somewhere between 356 and 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

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3. Mod Podge Craft Glue

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Why we like it: Works primarily as craft glue but is actually handy for some other uses that you may not see coming.

If it is craft glue that you are looking for specifically, few can hold a candle to the one from [amazon link=”B001IKES5O” title=”Mod Podge”]. This water-based formula soars ahead of the competition for a multitude of reasons. First off, it is very easy to use. It spreads out easily without a fuss and helps give your project a professional appearance – a good idea if you intend to present it to someone important. What’s more, its uses are not limited to that of any other glue.

This craft glue also works as an efficient sealer even on clothing like a top coat. It works just as well with paper and fabric too. Even wood is not out of sticking bonds for this formula. Once applied, it dries up rather quickly so make sure that the two things you want to stick really are the two things you want to stick. No pressure though, because even in the event of an accident, it will clean off easily.4.

4. Tombow Liquid Glue

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Why we like it: With two tips for two very different applications and the option of switching between temporary and permanent, no way was this one going to be left off our list.

The [amazon link=”B000XAOSHS” title=”Tombow”] liquid glue is a highly versatile addition to our list. It has 2 different tips – a pen tip and a broad tip. The latter is a thick brush that helps you cover a larger surface area swiftly and more evenly while the pen tip allows you to blot a thin, fine line for less substantial stick-ons. However, there is one special feature about this glue that we believe to be its main selling point. You get to choose whether to use it as a permanent adhesive or a repositionable.

So this glue can be applied differently according to what your needs are. That makes it all the more convenient to use. There are not many materials that would resist or be harmed by it. Also, it is free of acid, non-toxic, washable, and safe to use on photographs. The list of materials it can be applied to even covers miscellaneous items like fibers, buttons, and cardstock. It will certainly be a very useful addition to your stationery set and that is why it goes on the list.

5. Aleene’s All Purpose Glue

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Why we like it: Applicable to wide range of materials while remaining entirely non-toxic and quick drying.

Why would you buy the [amazon link=”B00178KLEY” title=”Aleene’s”] all-purpose glue… apart from it being featured on our list of course? Well, if you want a glue that works exceedingly well on fabric, burlap, paper, trimming, jewelry, and all kinds of other delicate and miniature items, this is the one to do it. But do not worry, it is just as effective on other surfaces like wood, glass, ceramic, china, plastics, metals, and Styrofoam. They do not call this an all-purpose glue for nothing.

It would seem that it does not really matter what your art or craft may be, you are still going to find this glue highly resourceful. It is a quick drying glue as well so you will not have to wait for several hours till you can proceed. If you are new to it, it may prove to be a bit messy. However, it is non-toxic and once you do get the hang of it – which will not take long – you will be able to take full advantage of it.SEE MORE

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6. Glue Dots Craft Roll

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Why we like it: Configured to stick on many different surfaces as well as remain non-toxic and cause no mess at all while being used.

[amazon link=”B0011N832C” title=”Craft Glue Dots”] really bring a great deal of versatility to the table. They are a favorite for those that do art, craft, hobby and school projects but they also work well with heavier materials like metals, wood, dense cardstock as well as handmade paper. The dots are free of any acid or lignin, non-toxic and safe to use on photographs. They are also highly sensitive to pressure and super sticky, and their design makes them dry almost instantly and cause no mess at all.

You get 200 of these resourceful dots with each package, each measuring half an inch in diameter. It does not matter if you’re decorating a card or forming a large scale layout, you can depend on this glue to keep everything together. It adheres to a high standard of quality, safety, and usability that makes it such a popular choice among customers. And even with a couple hundred dots included in the package, it is not at all what you would call expensive.

7. Mont Marte PVA Glue

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Why we like it: [amazon link=”B071VZ5KPQ” title=”Mont Marte”] glue is designed for safe and secure usage, and applicable to many different surfaces such as wood, many types of fabric, and paper.

It dries fast and can be used on many craft projects also leaves a clear finish. Wash from clothes in warm soapy water glue has dried. Replace cap after use. Use with construction paper to create unique collages and papercraft. After the Mont Marte glue dries, it will not affect the overall appearance of artistic work.

The bottleneck is sealed with a foam stick, to prevent the glue from spilling out. The fine tip has a transparent cap, replace it after use to avoid the gluefrom drying out. The Mont Marte PVA Craft Glue is made withsafe and reliable materials, acid-free and non-toxic, strong adhesive. An excellent glue for filling up the small gap. Using it is quite simple.

8. Beacon 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue

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Why we like it: Acid-free, waterproof, quick drying, and leaves absolutely no evidence where it has been applied.

Raise your standards with a craft glue that has not one, but three functions – the [amazon link=”B008O5WVBE” title=”Beacon”] 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue. You do not have to apply a lot of it to ensure that things stick. The glue sets in pretty quickly saving you precious time to do other things. It is also free of acid and completely waterproof. Each plastic bottle contains 4 ounces of it but since you do not have to use a lot of it in one session, it will last for quite a while.

One very real concern with it, however, is that it is both flammable and releases a harmful vapor. But if you have used glue in the past, you will know how to get around that hazard. What’s more, most other craft glues, while quick-drying, tend to be quite noticeable where they have been applied and sort of spoil the aesthetic. This though does not have that. It dries amazingly clearly so even when you are simply putting together a broken item, it will be looking good as new.

9. Elmer’s Craft Bond Glue

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Why we like it: The ideal glue for fabric and paper craft, contains no acid and dries quickly and clearly after being applied.

There are not many projects the [amazon link=”B004BPHQWU” title=”Elmer’s Craft Bond”] glue cannot handle. Anything from scrapbooking to fabric work and wood projects are all go. The glue is very convenient to use. It contains no acid, does not run, dries quickly and clearly, and remains flexible afterward. Any fabric that it is used on can even be laundered provided that you give it a week at least and do not send it for dry cleaning. The bond stays permanent even with the use of soap and water.

In the eyes of many, this is the ideal glue for fabric and paper craft. It comes in an easy to hold bottle complete with a spout that allows for carefully measured delivery. And if any of it goes astray, it is entirely cleanable so long as it is still wet. So you will not have any unseemly marks to put up with on your hard work. All you will need to get rid of it is a little soap and water.