Back in the day, cordless phones were like smartphones to flip phones. They were the coolest thing in the nineties when people could suddenly talk on the phone without being tethered to a booth. What magic! Cordless phones, of course, have now given way to cell phones. Yet, these phones are still a useful gadget to have in homes or offices with landlines.

Cordless phones are a necessity for homes or offices with complex telephone networks. These phones allow the convenience of being cord-free with all the features needed to set up a voicemail and answering system. Cordless phones may not have cords, but they are still rooted to a place. If you ever lose your smartphone, you can use a cordless phone at home to ring the smartphone.

Cordless phones still have many useful applications that smartphones don’t. Smartphones are highly personal, while a whole family or an office can share a cordless phone without compromising privacy. Here is a list of excellent cordless phone choices for both home and work:

1. Panasonic KX-TGE475S Link2Cell Cordless Phone

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Why we like it: Not only does this 5-handset cordless phone set look stunning, you can use it without connecting to a landline thanks to the Bluetooth technology.

If you hate carrying a cell phone at home, then this is the best cordless phone system you can have at home. It’s best suited for a small office or a large home. This phone system comes with 5 handsets! That’s like getting five phones in one. Each smartphone can be linked via Bluetooth. So when you get a call on one phone, all other phones start ringing as well. You can answer the call whether you are upstairs, downstairs, or enjoying a bubble bath in the bathroom. Setting up a landline will never be more convenient than with this cordless phone set.

The phone set comes with an answering machine that has a dual keypad. You can actually make calls using the Link2Cell Bluetooth connection, so you don’t even need a landline. You can just use your cell phone number! The handset has a nifty feature called Talking Caller ID. The phone can loudly announce who’s calling so you don’t need to bother with checking caller ID. The phone set can be converted to a baby monitor as well. Better yet, you can block unwanted numbers like telemarketing calls or robo calls directly from the set. There’s even an eco power-saving mode.

2. Panasonic KX-TGE433B Cordless Phone

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Why we like it: This three handset system is perfect for homes and home offices. It’s highly affordable but comes packed to the hilt with various features.

This cordless phone set comes with three handsets, and it isn’t even expensive. The phones are stylishly designed to suit modern design sensibilities. There are a number of features that everyone can benefit from, especially cool settings like blocking robo callers and voiceover Caller ID. The phone can be used in both English and Spanish. Plus, we love the fact that all buttons are large with big letters. If you are one of those people annoyed by how small the numbers and buttons on smartphones are, you’ll love this cordless phone set. The plastic buttons are also highly durable.

This handset comes with a built-in feature that allows users to block up to 250 unwanted numbers. There’s also a voice paging system installed to set announcements, even when no one answers the phone. The speakerphone is full duplex. All the phones can be programmed to work simultaneously and as the family members desire. This system is just perfect for a home office. We were impressed by the number of features that came in packed, such as the silent mode and the noise reduction mode. It has a useful troubleshooting guide as well. It’s hard to be disappointed by this cordless phone set.

3. VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0

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Why we like it: This cordless phone is one of the most affordable on the market. It comes with a super-duper speakerphone far better than the hands-free option you get with smartphones.

This cordless phone set is so affordable, it more affordable than a family meal at a fast food restaurant! It has only 2 handsets, but that’s more than enough for a family of four. It’s the perfect landline solution when you don’t want to rely on smartphones at home. There are just so many things you can do with the phones. It has voicemail waiting, conference call with an outgoing number, intercom between handset, and even trilingual support in English, Spanish and French. You can even program up to 50 names in the phone set. Oh, and it has a power saving mode too.

If you love calling friends or family for hours on end, then this cordless phone set would be much more useful than a smartphone. It has a better speakerphone system than what you get with most smartphones. The speakerphone is actually optimized to make conversation clear and more true to life on both ends. You can engage in conversations with your BFF using the speakerphone while doing other things, like chopping vegetables. There are other perks like the backlit keypad that has large fonts. It only requires one phone jack and can be expanded up to 5 handsets if desired.

4. Panasonic Dect 6.0

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Why we like it: We love this cordless phone for the enhanced voice clarity it provides. There’s a cool tone equalizer feature installed so you can hear the other end much better.

This two-handset cordless phone has long been a favorite in homes. It’s a truly great addition to homes with people who love engaging in long and frequent phone conversations. It’s quite beautifully designed as well. But what you really get for your money is a wonderful set of features that you won’t find on any cell phone. First of all, we want to praise the wonderful long range of the cordless phones. You can take the cordless phone away from the base mount even as far as the backyard. Adding to the long range is excellent 6.1 clarity in voice.

The Bilingual talking caller ID is a great asset to have. It will audibly announce callers information in either English or Spanish from the telephone’s base unit and cordless handsets when you can’t view the screen. The Panasonic phone saves up to 250 numbers with one-touch.

It is Compatible with Hearing Aid T-Coil (TIA-1083 Compliant). This cordless phone has excellent sound quality giving optimal noise reduction it automatically suppresses background interference for a more transparent conversation on the base unit & cordless handsets. The phones have an automatic tone equalizer feature. Expect to hear much less white noise when you call using these phones. And the answering system is completely digital so there’s no annoying messing around with keys. The mounts have an intelligent eco-mode, which basically means that the phones know when to consume less power. There’s a power backup operation too. The set comes with only 2 handsets, but you can add four more handsets (for a total of six) if needed. Phone is light weight at 11.2 oz.Also will bring 3 AAA batteries.

5. Motorola DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

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Why we like it: You won’t find a cheaper cordless phone than this Motorola. You probably won’t find a more durable and reliable option either.

Motorola Dect 6.0 has a well-earned reputation. The brand is known for building highly durable and sturdy phones. You can drop a Motorola handset once, twice or six times and the phone will still very likely survive. Enhanced durability is not the only reason to get one of these cool phones. This cordless phone definitely sports a nineties throwback style, but the features included are undoubtedly modern. The handset only has one phone, so it’s best suited for smaller homes that don’t have multiple stories. But you can buy additional handsets to expand it up to 5.

The single handset purchase is also super affordable. You can buy this cordless phone for the same expense as a pair of earbuds. It’s that cheap. The phone has useful features like a backlit LCD display. You can see the dial and screen even at night without turning on the lights. It’s supported by DECT 6.0 tech, which reduces interference. The phones have 10 different ringtones you can select between. You can store up to 30 names on each handset. It has Caller ID of course. This is a highly affordable and reliable option for homes that we highly recommend.

6. AT&T EL51203 DECT 6.0 Phone

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Why we like it: This amazing cordless phone comes directly from AT&T. The hardware is durable and optimized for ease of use. Better yet, you can get two handsets for surprisingly cheap.

This cordless phone is manufactured directly by AT&T. We know what you are thinking, but stay with us. You can definitely use the handsets with other networks as well. Regardless of what you think about AT&T, this cordless phone is one of the best out there. The budget is surprisingly super cheap too. You won’t have to spend a lot on the hardware, especially if you are buying a landline package at the same time. This cordless phone comes with two handsets, more than enough for a small home. You can easily extend a single phone line to multiple rooms with this cordless phone.

The hardware is sturdy and durable, so you can expect this cordless phone to last years in your home. The call clarity we experienced was quite exceptional, and leagues above the typical AT&T reception you get on cell phones. It has a very clear LCD screen that displays things like date, time, Caller ID, signal reception, battery and so on. You can access call logs with date and time information. The button keys are wonderfully large as well. The keys are also backlit for easy dialing even in low-light conditions. Overall, this is a great product for cash-strapped homes.

7. Uniden D1760-3 DECT 6.0

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Why we like it: This super cheap cordless phone has a stylish and modern look. Uniquely enough, the LCD displays are orange! You can definitely enjoy more with this cordless phone.

This was one of the grooviest looking cordless phones we have tested. The hardware has silvery casings while the LCD displays are bright orange. It definitely looks cool. However, looks are not the only things that made us love this cordless phone set. You get three handsets in one package. Each handset comes with its own charging base. The charging bases are sleekly designed to go well with modern home interiors. The operation was as easy as pie. Everything has large keys and large letters, so even your grandma can use this cordless phone without asking for instructions every five minutes.

It comes with the usual features like caller ID display, voicemail indicator, battery notification and so on. But we also found other features that are not so typical, such as the ability to transfer calls between each handset. It’s a cool feature that home users will love. When you answer a call downstairs, you can conveniently transfer the call to your mother upstairs without having to resort to yelling. There’s, of course, a fully-equipped answering machine that all home users definitely desire. We really liked how durable the handsets are as well. Each is made from plastic, so they are easy to clean as well.

8. VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0

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Why we like it: This is the perfect cordless phone for budget users for personal use. It’s dirt cheap but is supported with DECT 6.0 technology.

If you are on a seriously frugal budget, but still want a cordless phone, then you have found the product made just for you. This cordless phone is so cheap, you’ll find happy meals more expensive. There’s only one handset, so it’s best suited for personal use at home. If you want to turn off your smartphone and let it charge at home, but still want to answer calls, then this is the cordless phone you need. You can get far more uninterrupted talking time on this cordless phone than what you will get with a typical smartphone.

We also really loved the white on mint green color scheme, which makes the handset look quite cute. The phone is supported by DECT 6.0 tech so you get greater call clarity and volume. You can store up to 30 contacts on the handset. It has a voicemail indicator and caller ID history. You can use DSL with a DSL filter on this cordless phone. The keypad and display both are backlit, so it’s very convenient for nighttime usage. We found this handset to be a great budget product suited for tiny homes. It offers just what you need.

9. Panasonic KX-TG7875S

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Why we like it: This slightly expensive cordless phone has five handsets and offers amazing features you don’t usually find in most cordless phone models.

Some of you might be unsatisfied with the cheap, two or three handset cordless phones on this list. They offer great features, but it might not be exactly what you need. If you are looking for a more expensive cordless phone with more handsets, then this Panasonic model may just be what you are looking for. It’s a bit more expensive but you get five handsets with each purchase. So it’s quite perfect for larger homes or small businesses. There are also additional features that you rarely find with cordless phones. Needless to say, we were quite impressed.

You can expect up to 10 hours of uninterrupted talk time on each handset with a single charge. That’s definitely more talk time that you want for a single call. You can sync a handset to your smartphone thanks to Link2Cell technology. That’s right; you can answer calls you get to your smartphone number on a cordless handset when you are at home. You also get text notifications and talking caller ID. There’s a noise reduction feature to use in noisy places. You can also get up to 18 minutes of call recording. What more could you possibly want?

10. AT&T CRL82312 DECT 6.0

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Why we like it: This cordless phone model is made especially for the visually impaired. The phones have extra large keypads and displays. The set comes with a massive storage capacity too.

This AT&T cordless phone comes with a super large display. The keys are so big, you can definitely see them from a distance. If you are myopic or elderly, then you will definitely appreciate the ergonomics of this cordless phone. It comes with three handsets and a bulky base mount that has a large speaker. We want to emphasize that this cordless phone will best benefit those with limited vision. The phone set has a visual ringing indicator, so it’s wonderful for people with limited hearing as well. There are some audible features like voice caller ID that blind users will particularly benefit from.

The ergonomics are wonderful for the elderly or everyone else with limited hearing or eyesight. There are plenty of other perks that practically everyone can enjoy, like the extra large backlit LCD display. The cordless phone set has a massive phone directory that can hold up to 50 names. Also, the cordless phones come with only three handsets, but you can expand up to a dozen. This model is one of the few that supports this many handsets. The phones are made from metal and plastic, so you can rely on them to be durable.