Best Compression Socks

Compression socks are a specially designed type of clothing that serves a very functional purpose. In fact, they are ideal for relieving those who suffer from venous issues such as deep-vein thrombosis. Vein complications can be difficult to deal with and painful. Apart from regular doctor’s consultations, patients can also opt for these socks. There are also compression stockings available for more serious cases and these reach up to the thigh. Though compression socks are exactly that… socks, they are different to the regular sock. They have strong elastics that are quite durable that make not only effective, but also long-lasting. These socks are great for promoting blood circulation and preventing clots that can form. Compression socks typically come in two forms: Gradient as well as Anti-embolism. Which you get, is entirely dependent on your requirements. These are the best compression socks for 2017.

1. Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks


Suitable for use by both men and women, Physix Gear Sport offers a highly convenient and functional product as far as best compression socks go. They are incredibly strong and durable, so no matter how often you want to use it, or how rigorous the activity, they will hold up. Best of all, it manages to do this without compromising on comfort. They are especially great for running or other sports, as well as on flights, especially with long-distance travelling. Can be used during pregnancy too without an issue. These socks have been double-stitched, and are made of anti-bacterial material which makes them safe and hygienic for continuous use. They can be washed as normal, without stretching out the material which can reduce compression. If you have been suffering from varicose veins or other similar blood circulation issues, then you should look at investing in this. Use it during the day or night, or both.

2. A-Swift Below Knee High Compression Socks


At around $20, A-Swift offers 1 pair of socks per purchase. They can be used by men and women. Best suited for running, athletics, flight travel and so much more, they are incredibly versatile and convenient. Though this pair is medium in size, you can choose from small and large too depending on your requirements; they also reach just below your knee in height. They encourage better blood circulation and promote quick muscle recovery. Since improved blood circulation means more distribution of oxygen around the body, formation of lactic acid is reduced which makes these perfect for working out in. It has a random e-book on tennis included as well, so if you are interested in the sport then you might be intrigued. The anti-bacterial fabric is excellent at ensuring optimal hygiene and even adjusts temperature accordingly so you are never uncomfortable. Both anti-odor and anti-static, it is great even for everyday use.

3. Dr. Motion Women Graduated Compression Socks


Dr. Motion has some interestingly patterned compression socks available which prompted us to include it on our best compression socks list. Though they are designed to be highly effective in promoting better circulation and relieving aches and pains, they are comfortable and non-binding. Aside from energizing your leg, it also features seamless toes that helps towards a more comfortable fit. Made out of microfiber nylon that is quite soft and therefore does not irritate the skin, they are anti-odor too. You can look forward to wearing them even on a daily basis without an issue. If you are active and like to job or go for walks but are having problems with your legs, just put these on and continue ahead. Though this pack is just over $32, there are 6 pairs of socks, which by the way are suitable for women. You can choose from a range of other patterns too if you prefer.

4. Sooverki Knee High Graduated Compression Socks


For around $28, you will be able to acquire 6 pairs of all-black compression socks, although you can browse through their other options as well which include nude, white and an assortment of these 3. They have them in a range of sizes as well: small, medium, large and extra-large. Appropriate for use by both men and women, these socks are ideal for travelling and fitness purposes. The fibers in the material which includes nylon, polyester and elastane, dry out quickly so there is no moisture retained. They have been tested for superior circulation abilities, enabling quick movement and reaction. These socks vary in tightness, from moderate to firm. This allows different parts of your leg to obtain just the right amount of compression. The small and medium sizes will suit men with shoe sizes 5-9 and women with shoes sizes 5-10. The large and extra-large sizes are for men with shoe sizes 10-13 and women with shoe sizes 11-15.5. This should make it easier to choose the right one for you.

5. Nurse Mates Compression Trouser Sock


These compression socks by Nurse Mates are all one size, so there is no hassle there. It will cost you around $10, which is quite affordable and is great if you are on a budget. They also have them in a wide range of colors which you can choose from. The toe and heel pockets have been designed to be snug, so you can wear them with comfort for long periods of time. The material features a combination of microfiber that is quite soft. They are knee-length, so if you want something that reaches further up to your thigh, you should look for something else. You can use these socks on long flights, and even when doing sports. They help relieve pain and instability that can occur due to poor blood circulation, and can potentially prevent the onslaught of a host of other issues as well. Given the price, this is a good option to consider.

6. Danish Endurance Graduated Compression Socks


Danish Endurance offers some great compression socks as well, and their price varies depending on the size you get so it is more tailored that way. They come in a selection of bright, athletic-friendly colors that make an otherwise drab piece of clothing actually look like fun. It is made out of polyamide, elastane and lycra, so it is quite flexible and easy to wear. Best of all, these are made in Europe itself, and not anywhere else so you are assured of authenticity. The compression graduation varies along the length of the sock, so it fits well from the ankle up without any uncomfortable spots. The foot is also padded, which not only helps absorb shock, but also keeps nasty blisters away. There is ample ventilation too, ensuring sweat does not congest. Not only do they offer immediate relief from pain and swelling, with continuous use you can enjoy long-term benefits.

7. Vitalsox Graduated Compression Socks


This is probably one of the most colorful options on our list of best compression socks. Made in Italy, they are made of a bunch of different materials, including silver drystat, lycra, spandex and nylon. The silver drystat has been especially included to prevent the development of fungus and other bacteria. Keep moisture at bay too. Most impressively, they have a patent on their compression as being the most ideal. So as far as effectiveness and quality goes, this one ranks up there. They are great for helping you heal from injuries, whilst also working to ease any existing discomforts. Providing excellent support whilst stimulating blood flow, you can look forward to a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle. Additionally, they have around 2 decades of experience, having started the business in 1998 so they know a thing or two about it. Their prices vary between around $20-$35 depending on the size you go for.

8. SB SOX Graduated Compression Socks


These are probably some of the coolest looking compression socks, as far as compression socks go. Coming in 3 two-toned shades that are fun and light, they definitely make you forget all about your aches and pains. Suitable for use by both genders, they have been designed for everyday use without hassle. Even safe for use during pregnancy. The heel and toe areas have been cushioned and reinforced for extra comfort and stability. The fabric is light, but quite sturdy in that it remains the exact same way when removed, no matter how vigorous the activity. Having said that, these socks are not just for those with health complications. Any athlete or sports person will love them. It will help them keep building up their endurance safely. These socks definitely make for great gift ideas, especially for those who tend to be on their feet all day and need some added relief.

9. MoJo Recovery & Performance Compression Socks


These pale pink, medium-sized compression socks by MoJo are as cute as they are functional. They are firm, and stretch well to offering maximum comfort. They are also quite flexible, so you can easily put them on and take them off. They have been designed to be thin, yet effective in enhancing blood circulation and aiding in quick recovery. The compression used is in fact medical grade, so you have a guarantee there as well. It is the tightest at the ankle, gradually working its way upward decreasing compression as it does so, to offer your leg the full support it needs. This allows for an even distribution throughout. You can use it in the midst of activities too, and let it do its job. Actually, wearing this during workout is great because it really keeps lactic-acid buildup low. These socks have also been made according to the natural contours of the foot, so it should fit well.

10. Sockwell Chevron Moderate Compression Socks


Ranging in price from around $16-$25 depending on size, Sockwell does an array of colorful and vibrant compression socks. Including merino wool, stretch nylon, bamboo rayon and spandex in the fabric means that you can enjoy improved agility, better stability and all round comfort. They are made in the US too, so you assured of utmost quality. This is best suited for those with need for moderate compression though, so if you are looking for something stronger, then you will have to opt for something else. These can withstand prolonged wear throughout the day, even everyday. Wear them whilst sitting or standing equally well. If you experience frequent problems with swelling, this will be reduced as well. There is a special technology integrated into the socks known as Accu-fit, which ensures that the socks retain the fit they had at the start of the day. The toe area is seamless, so it feels better too.

11. CompressionZ Shin Splints – Compression Socks


For one pair of socks with the purchase, this clocks in at a little more than others as far as price is concerned, however it is not too exorbitant. It would cost you a maximum of around $30, and this is another range of socks that come in a variety of bright and cheerful shades. Most definitely suited for all sorts of sports and athletic activities, as well as on flights and for maternity/pregnancy. They can also be worn by men and women. Though they are below-the-knee, they provide ample support; if, however you feel like it is not enough, then maybe opt for something with more coverage. Since they promote increased blood circulation, this means that your blood is better oxygenated too which is great for keeping lactic acid at bay. The anti-bacterial fabric regulates temperature and makes sure to maintain complete hygiene at all times. Comes with both anti-odor and anti-static traits.

12. Thirty48 Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks


These are also known as compression sleeves, though some do refer to them as compression socks. They are ideal for targeted ankle and heel support, for those who might have specific issues or weaknesses in those areas. If the pain or discomfort is contained within that region only, then it does not make sense to get a full compression sock. This too, functions pretty much the same way; it offers consistent support especially in reducing swelling and relieving the arch of the foot. Made out lightweight fabric that is stretchy at the same time as well, they most certainly offer comfort with relief. The fabric itself is made up of nylon and spandex. Both men and women can wear it without a problem, and the elastic nature of it means there will be no hindrance. The pressure on muscles and nerves allows them to successfully lessen inflammation, reducing discomfort for you as a result. Costs under$12.

13. CopperJoint Performance Compression Socks


CopperJoint offers a different look compared to most of the options we have seen so far amongst out best compression socks. They are also unique, in that they are copper infused compression socks. This feature makes them especially suited for either rigorous activity, or even long periods of time sitting at your desk. If you work late and long generally, consider investing in this pair to promote better health, especially with circulation. You can choose between small, medium, large and extra-large so you are sure to find something that fits you best. The nylon fibers which are copper infused, are particularly handy in eliminating odors. You can use these socks over and over again without them losing their power. Designed to be anti-itch, it works to stabilize temperature too. Enjoy maximum mobility, stability and comfort at all times. They cost around $23 too so they are not all that pricey which is good.

14. ABD Athlete Premium Compression Socks


Yet another set of brightly colored compression socks, ABD Athlete is another option to look at. They have been designed to reduce fatigue, conserve energy and prevent the chances of injury. If you already have weak legs or ankles, you will find that these socks will offer reinforcement so to speak. The sole features light padding and the heel has been cushioned extra. The seamless structure ensures that you will not suffer from blisters, chaffing or any other type of irritation. Suited for both genders, they are knee-high and able to prevent a host of issues including spider veins, minor varicose veins and minor edema. To get a pair that suits you best, refer the size chart. The light fabric means they are breathable and allows for plenty of ventilation. This keeps sweat away, not to mention odors. What is more, currently they are on sale, so you might want to snap them up as they normally cost $60.

15. Gmark Unisex Moderate Compression Socks


If you are not a fan of the typically dark and drab compression socks, try these light colored ones by Gmark. These guys are also extremely flexible, since they offer a range of purchasing options in terms of both color and types. You can buy 1 sock, a 2 pair and even 6 at a time. Though the normal listed price is $36, this is currently sold at around $22 so you have a bargain on your hands. Made from a combination of nylon, spandex, bamboo fiber and polyester, it is quite tough and fitting at the same time. They do not slide down your leg either, even through the most vigorous activities. Continue to enjoy your active lifestyle without succumbing to pain and discomfort by wearing these at all times. They help prevent injury too. Wear them after your exercise routine as well, to offer your legs extended support.

16. Dr. Shams Graduated Compression Socks


This is a 6 pack buy, so if you do not need so many, opt for another. Structured to be anti-fatigue with superior compression qualities, these socks are made in the USA. Despite their stronghold, they are non-binding and promote circulation at the same time. There are a variety of fun patterns to choose from as well. Energize your feet and legs whilst enjoying optimal comfort thanks to the meticulous combination of nylon, cotton, lycra and polyester. Make sure you consult the size chart to ensure you purchase the right fit for you. This is probably the most expensive on the list so far though, at almost $50. However, quality wise you are rest assured of superiority. You could even get these as a gift for someone who is battling health issues related to circulation or even for someone who is quite athletic. Though it is more expensive, there are 6 socks included so in the long-run you will not need to buy again as they are durable too.

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