It has probably been taught to you that your leftovers from the cutting board as well as the dinner table are bio-degradable and would make excellent plant food. But you might still be in the habit of throwing that all away in a traditional trash can. So do yourself a favor and replace it with a proper compost bin.

Now of course, when we say proper, we mean proper. Not one of those spare plastic pails you have hanging around. No, we are talking about purpose built bins here that were designed from the ground up to dissolve your unwanted fruits and veggies into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. In fact, some compost bins can cope with a few more ingredients than those. There is really no reason why this would not be a good idea.

So we have been on the market as it currently stands and separated 10 of what we believe to be the best compost bins that are currently on sale. They have proven to be thoroughly efficient at facilitatingm the production of compost and ergonomic for users to live with on a daily basis. They are an ideal eco-friendly way of encouraging plant life in and around your household and reaping the benefits thereof.

Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin

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  • CONTROL ODORS NATURALLY: The airtight lid and replaceable activated-charcoal filter work together to trap and control…
  • SIMPLE CLEANING PROCESS: The stylish stainless steel bin is molded in one piece and resists rust and leaks, unlike other…
  • PUT IT ANYWHERE: The 1.3 gallon size is big enough to hold several days’ worth of compostable organic kitchen waste…

Why we like it: 

Looks and serves a lot better than the plastic pail it replaces.

Editor’s rating:

Perhaps you have already gotten into the practice of saving up your leftovers to make compost. But maybe you have been using one of those non-degradable cheap looking plastic pails to do it. How about replacing that with something that is much more efficient and not an ugly thing to look at? The Epica compost bin is one that you can proudly have displayed on your kitchen counter and see how it adds more beauty to the whole place.

One obvious reason why it will look infinitely better than the plastic pail it replaces is that it is made from stainless steel. In addition to giving it a premium-quality feel, it also ensures that the bin will be highly resistant to the elements and will prove its durability year in and year out. It only has a maximum capacity of a gallon but can accommodate a lot of ingredients from fruit and vegetable peelings to eggshells, and ground coffee, among other things.

OXO Good Grips Compost Bin

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  • Convenient size and design for everyday counter-top use
  • Lid flips up for easy filling and flips down to lock in odors
  • Smooth interior walls prevent foods and liquids from building up

Why we like it: 

Perfect for hoarding the kitchen leftovers until they are ready to be converted to compost and thoroughly ergonomic to live with every day.

Editor’s rating:

If you have ever thrown the leftovers on your plate into the trash and thought they could do better elsewhere than in the trash can, consider investing in one of these. Not only will they put your un-edibles to good use, they will also be a nice addition to have on your kitchen counter. The OXO Good Grips compost bin is perfect for storing away kitchen leftovers before moving them to an outdoor composter. Every effort has been made to make it as efficient and ergonomic as possible.

The lid is a simple flip-up design that you can close and open with one hand. The lid is also removable so emptying the bin is easy-peasy. The walls on the inside of the bin are quite smooth so as to keep anything from sticking to them and making the cleaning process a lot less tedious than it otherwise would be. This bin is made from plastic, not steel, which is just as well since you may prefer plastic to steel if it serves you better.

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bin

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  • This compost bin having capacity of 1.3 gallon is manufactured with high-quality grade 201 stainless steel for optimal…
  • You can let the scraps build up during the week without worrying about attracting flies, pests or bad smells into your…
  • The charcoal filters trap and control odors naturally in the bin so you can keep the compost bin in a handy place on…

Why we like it: 

Stainless steel construction makes it durable and better looking than a plastic unit.

Editor’s rating:

While the standard total capacity for a compost bin that fits well in the kitchen is 1 to 1.2 gallons, the Utopia compost bin pushes the envelope ever so slightly and accommodates 1.3. So there goes a few more leftovers just when you thought you could not possibly fit anymore in there. Funnily enough, we still expect you will need to empty it after 7 days on average. But let us now move on to more serious specs, ones that matter more than the 0.1 worth of gallon space.

This bin is constructed from stainless steel which is one of the more common materials used by for high-quality composters and there are some good reasons for that. First off, it is steel after all so it will be quite tough. Secondly, it is stainless so you can use it for several years on end and not have to worry about rusting. What’s more, it is easily washable, only requiring soap and water. There is also a charcoal filter in place to eliminate any unpleasant smells surfacing from the compost.4.

Envirocycle Mini Composting Tumbler Bin

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  • The cutest composter in the world. Produces solid and liquid compost.
  • Solid like a tank. Made of food safe, BPA and rust free, UV and antioxidant protected materials.
  • Made in the USA. Let’s bring jobs back to America.

Why we like it: 

Sports the brands own unique design and looks good enough to stand proud and alone in your backyard.

Editor’s rating:

Unlike most bins which tend to look like – well, bins, the Envirocycle Mini composter is actually one that you can proudly display without it ruining the general aesthetics of your property. After all, how could you shun it when it wears the American continent on its side? Plus, it will not take up too much space either in your home or garden. There are plenty of other goodies to talk about as well. This is not a bin that is all face and no trousers.

The compost tea collecting base on this thing is an innovative design and is not a common occurrence among other compost bins. It serves to make the job of composting clean and convenient on your patio as well as your balcony, deck, or porch, just as long as you keep it outdoors. Also, this system brings a compost tumbler drum together with its compost tea base. By rotating on top of the tea base, the drum will create solid compost and it can also collect excess liquid which can be used as fertilizer.6.

Envirocycle The Most Beautiful Composter in The World

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  • The most beautiful composter in the world. Produces solid and liquid compost.
  • Solid like a tank. Made of food safe, BPA and rust free, UV and antioxidant protected materials.
  • Made in the USA. Let’s bring jobs back to America.

Why we like it: 

You heard the name! This is the most beautiful composter in the world. What more is there to love?

Editor’s rating:

Jet black or bright pink, both versions of this composter are beautiful. They will be a great staple in your kitchen or wherever else you choose to have this machine sit. This is a great addition to your home. Though it is it is rather quite compact. So users will not get too frustrated with deciding where to place it and still enjoy the benefits of getting your compost prepared in perfect time.

Each chamber is separated from the other, has a maximum capacity of 35 gallons, and can compost independently. The compost tea collecting base will retain extra liquid from the compost so you can store it away for future use. The plastic parts are free of BPA. The set-up is not at all difficult since it will be fully assembled on delivery. All that is left to do is place it in a sunshine frequented location.7.

PriorityChef Compost Bin

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  • SLEEK, STYLISH, AND DISCREET. With its stainless steel look and soft silicone handle, this fantastic composter is sleek…
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN AND STURDY CONSTRUCTION. Made of 100% stainless steel, this product is one of the premium composters…
  • EFFECTIVELY CONTROLS ODOR. It is designed with a double filtration system and an airtight lid that effectively contains…

Why we like it: 

A bin that looks right at home thanks to a simple stainless steel construction that keeps all those nasty odors well hidden from your nose.

Editor’s rating:

The Priority Chef Compost bin is not one that you will like concealing from visitors. It actually does add more value to its surroundings thanks to its stylish design that will complement your interior. There is no plastic involved here either, just sleek, stainless, and timeless shine of metal. It may only work as a compost bin but how satisfying is it when even your compost bin is a work of art? And let us not forget, it has not traded any functional assets for its pretty construction.

A silicone handle makes gripping the bin firm and easy. For cleaning, all you need is some soap and warm water. It will clean easily and quickly. Apart from the premium style looks, the stainless steel construction is very simple and durable, certainly not susceptible to rust. It also eliminates the common risks with plastic bins which include cracking or splintering. When sealed, the lid is fully airtight, so there will be no foul odors escaping outside and rendering the surrounding area to be uninhabitable.8.

Misc Home Stainless Steel Compost Bin

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  • STAINLESS STEEL – Durable and will not rust, perfect to put your scraps after every meal. You can let the scraps build…
  • ODOR ABSORBING DUEL FILTER – Two activated charcoal odor absorbing filters allows you to store your scraps in easily but…
  • EASY CLEANING- Bin is easy washable with warm soapy water. For cleaning of filter, place your dirty charcoal filter in…

Why we like it: 

Stainless steel construction gives it a premium look and it can accommodate a diverse array of kitchen waste.

Editor’s rating:

If you are the sort of person who loves to cook, then you are going to have a lot of food waste to dispose of. So why not put them in this, the Misc Home compost bin? After all, it was designed precisely to turn your vegetable peelings, stems and all into nutrient-rich compost that could feed your plants quite well. It will fit perfectly on top of the kitchen counter or under the kitchen sink.

It is another bin that benefits from the elemental, polished look of stainless steel so there is no doubt that it will complement any urban kitchen. The lid on it is smarter than most, featuring a carbon filter that catches any undesirable odors so you can use it just as you would an ordinary waste bin. Maximum capacity is a decent 1.2 gallons. The list of items you can store in it is not limited to discarded fruits and vegetables. You can also add flowers, tea leaves, and torn up newspapers too.

Vremi 1.2 Gallon Kitchen Compost Bin

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  • COMPOST BIN FOR KITCHEN COUNTER – Perfectly-sized indoor compost bin for kitchen countertop also fits under sink so you…
  • CHARCOAL FILTER FOR NATURAL ODOR CONTROL – Organic activated charcoal filter traps odors naturally so kitchen compost…
  • LEAK PROOF STAINLESS STEEL – Metal compost bin bucket is constructed with one piece of durable, rust-resistant stainless…

Why we like it: 

Reliable stainless steel construction and easy maintenance.

Editor’s rating:

The Vremi Kitchen compost bin is designed specifically to turn your biodegradable leftovers into plant food. Also, it can do that and spare you from the yucky smell of rotting food thanks to a charcoal filter located in its vented lid. It is reusable too. It only needs a wash every 6 months or so and that can be done easily with soap and water. You also get a spare charcoal filter included in case anything happens to the old one.

Stainless steel is the main component used to produce this bin and it does a very good job of keeping up appearances while remaining heavily durable and efficient. It will also prevent any sort of leakage and resists bacterial interference. The maximum capacity of this bin is 1.2 gallons which is about as big as it can be if it is to fit comfortably in the kitchen. On average, it will be holding a week’s volume of food waste including fruit and vegetable peelings, and pits.

Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin

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  • High Impact Plastic With Uv Protectant; 4 door access; Product Dimensions 31 x 26.5 x 5 inches; Item Weight 15 pounds;…
  • Rugged, weather-resistant plastic resin
  • 65 gallons 8.6 cubic feet

Why we like it: 

Easy to assemble and turns your kitchen and garden waste into rich compost.

Editor’s rating:

The main talking point with this bin is that it offers a convenient method of getting rid of waste material both from the kitchen and lawn and converting it into rich compost. It has a fairly large capacity of 65 gallons and is manufactured out of tough plastic resin. That means that you can leave it outdoors all year round without any fear of it deteriorating. Accessing it is a simple matter thanks to the provision of 4 doors and so is the assembly with a clear instruction guide.

To add more and more substance to the mix, all you have to do is pop the lid. Ventilation holes are scattered all over the lid to further aid the compost production. The main advantage of having this bin is that it recycles a significant amount of your household waste that would otherwise pile up somewhere else and not be of any use at all. You can have the bin with two options, one where all you get is the bin and the other where you can have the bin as well as an aerator.