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Just like the world can be divided into dog people and cat people, it can also be categorised based on tea and coffee lovers. And since we’re going to be evaluating coffee makers here, we’ll be focusing on the latter.

Though nobody really knows exactly who stumbled upon coffee the first time or how it came to be, one thing is for sure: it’s here to stay. Discovered in the far-flung terrains of Ethiopia way back in the 11th century, coffee rapidly grew to become a worldwide phenomenon, and probably didn’t expect to be such a hit among the masses. But of course, weary humans immediately cottoned onto its invigorating effects, and haven’t looked back since.

Needless to say, coffee has come a long way since then, and 10 centuries later we’ve got a barrage of cafes and coffee houses of all shapes, sizes, and styles in our midst offering aromatic and indulgent coffees all around the world. Over time, companies specialising in the creation of coffee machines popped up, and now you can choose one that’s right for you. So let’s take a look at some of the best coffee makers around.

Cuisinart Coffee Plus 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Plus Hot Water System


Product Info
  • 12-Cup Carafe with a drip-free pour spout and a comfortable handle. Cord length : 36 Inches
Why we like it: This is an extremely versatile coffee maker, and includes a hot water system.

Editor’s rating:

If you’re looking for a coffee maker that does it all, this is the option for you. This coffee maker from Cuisinart is one of the leaders in the industry. It features a 12-cup carafe along with a drip-free pouring spout. The handle is comfortable, so you can worry less about spills.

The coffee maker itself is entirely automatic and has an auto-on and auto shutoff feature. It has a self-cleaning function, along with a one to four cup setting.

The Coffee Plus system features carafe temperature control. There is a heater plate underneath that has high, medium, and low settings. This way, you can keep your coffee at the temperature you like it to be at.

Plus, it features Hot Water On Demand. You can instantly get hot water from this system to use in soup, oatmeal, hot chocolate, tea, and more. You simply press the lever, and it will dispense hot water. It can operate independently or at the same time as the coffee maker.

Finally, there’s a removable drip tray that gives you the space you need for tall travel mugs.

Wilbur Curtis Commercial Airpot Coffee Brewer


Product Info
  • Precise Gourmet Control Over All Critical Functions -The G3 Digital Control Module provides you the expertise to brew...
  • Built-In Fine Tuning Brewing Modes -Pre-infusion or pulse brew enhances extraction of gourmet coffee flavor. Cold water...
  • The Digital Control Module is encapsulated in high-tech polymer and is impervious to heat, steam and moisture. This...
Why we like it: Precise control over main functions for the best coffee brews

Editor’s rating:

Honestly, you only realize just how far this world has come when you see items like this floating about for sale. Who would’ve ever thought that coffee makers would one day come with all of these traits and facilities? Take the Wilbur Curtis here for instance. At around $1,000, this one packs in a punch. It has what they call a G3 Digital Control Module, which basically means that it helps facilitate precise control over the machine’s functionality. Additionally, it even has built-in fine-tuning brewing modes, which makes it so easy even for beginners to use.

We were particularly blown away by their ‘cold water brew lock-out’ feature, which means that if the water level is below the ideal brewing temperature, it won’t brew at all. You can also effortlessly adjust functions such as time, temperature, volume and brew modes accordingly. The large, bright display helps show all these functions as well. This coffee maker may be used at home of course, but we think it’s better suited in commercial environments, including airports and restaurants for instance.


Large French Press Coffee Maker


Product Info
  • Premium, double-walled stainless steel insulation
  • Hate boring, cold coffee? Us too. Our huge capacity kit is vacuum-layered and double-filtered for flavor fuller than a...
  • Keep coffee (or tea) warm for 60 minutes longer than glass. 304 stainless steel is 33% thicker and 20% heavier than the...
Why we like it: Stainless steel build, triple filter and comes in 3 unique colours

Editor’s rating:

With a capacity of 34floz, this handy French press coffee maker will help you get your daily coffee fix without a problem. Choose from Gray, Orange, and Stainless Steel depending on what catches your eye, and get to work! It’s super easy and simple to use, which means that you needn’t waste time fiddling about with it on those mornings you’re running late. Best of all, aside from capturing all of the coffee flavors you have come to know and love, this coffee maker even traps the heat, so your brew stays hotter for longer as well: one hour more than in glass to be precise.

Additionally, we thought that the triple filter system was particularly ingenious, as it means you get to enjoy really refined coffee. The military-grade 304 stainless steel is an incredibly sturdy and hardy option for a coffee maker, making it durable and long-lasting. Family heirloom perhaps? Plus, with vacuumed- layered double walls that are statistically proven to be better than the competition, this is undoubtedly a steal. The cool-touch handle also helps ensure user safety at all times. Oh, did we also mention its rust-proof?

BUNN VPR-APS Pourover Airpot Coffee Brewer


Product Info
  • 2. 2L airpot included
  • Brews 3. 8 gallons of coffee per hour
  • Pour over brewer requires no plumbing and is completely portable
Why we like it: Completely portable, which means coffee anytime, anywhere. What more could one want?

Editor’s rating:

This one is the most expensive coffee maker featured so far. In fact, it’d set you back around $360 approximately, so if you’re planning on spending that much, then that means you really must like your coffee! Naturally, such ardent coffee fans only want the best possible brews, which is exactly what this one does. The Bunn Pourover coffee brewer doesn’t seem all that revolutionary at first glance, but remember that the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ came around for a reason. And it rings very true here as well. In other words, this is quite funky.

To begin with, we loved that this was so convenient to set up. No wiring and plumbing or any other paraphernalia required. This also makes it portable, which sent us into fits of delight; because, well… on-the-go coffee! Furthermore, the machine is accompanied by what they call Bunn ‘airpots’, which are responsible for basically keeping your brew fresh and hot for consumption. Not only is this great for home use, but also in the office. You can look forward to brewing around 14.4 liters of coffee with ease.


Kendal Balance Syphon Siphon Coffee Maker


Why we like it: Astoundingly unique, and a collection piece as much as a coffee maker there.

Editor’s rating:

Quite frankly, the minute we set our eyes on this one we were transported through several different books in the span of a few tumultuous minutes. From Dr. Seuss to Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice and more, this coffee maker looks like it belongs in a whole other era. You’d actually need a little convincing before you accept that this indeed is a coffee maker in the first place! It looks so delicate, dainty and out-of-this-world, we just had to feature it. Though it’d set you back around $110, we think this is not only useful but will someday be a great vintage item.

Weighing 4.8 pounds, this gold colored Kendal coffee maker is a unique piece of work. It’s actually more a work of art. Though it may not look it, it can also brew around 3-5 espresso cups quite easily. This is around 500ml of coffee to be exact. Both the water retainer and plug are made of stainless steel for quality and durability. What’s more, the glass is also heat-resistant so there’s no worry of it breaking into smithereens mid-brew, while the shaft, handle, measuring spoon and cup are all plated as well. If you ask us, we think this makes a great gift for any coffee lover.

Keurig K250 Single Serve Coffee Maker


Product Info
  • A sleek and slim single-serve coffee maker. Includes 4 K-Cup pods, a water filter handle + 2 water filters, and a...
  • 40 oz. water reservoir allows you to brew 4+ cups before having to refill, saving you time and simplifying your morning...
  • Brews multiple K-Cup pod brew sizes (4, 6, 8, 10 oz.) and brews a Carafe (22, 26, or 30oz) using K-Carafe pods to give...
Why we like it: Would you take a look at this range of colors? Amazing!

Editor’s rating:

Yet another known brand, Keurig’s coffee maker is a definite candidate on our list. Not only is it sleek and sophisticated fitting very well into a modern-day kitchen, they’ve also included a generous number of variations to choose from. You could even most likely find something to go with your individual kitchen theme. Choose from Black, Imperial Red, Oasis, Peacock Blue, Plum Grey and more. This also takes K-Cups and comes with 4 K-Cup pods. Additionally, they also give you 2 water filters and a descaling solution to help with longevity.

We love that it has a water capacity of 40oz, which means that you can easily brew around 4 steaming cups of coffee before needing to re-fill. Since the water reservoir itself is removable as well, filling up isn’t complicated. What’s more, if you want more coffee with each brew, you can even opt for a carafe no problem. The strength-control setting also helps you control the strength of your brews, while the monochrome touch-screen operation makes everything that much easier, and incredibly efficient.

Bloomfield 8572D3F Koffee King Automatic Coffee Brewer


Product Info
  • A high level of commonality of parts with other Bloomfield models will significantly reduce the inventory of spare parts...
  • Exclusive design provides easy access to components for quick service and cleaning
  • Water volume adjustments can be made with ease; no panels to remove or tools required
Why we like it: An absolute monster of a coffee maker

Editor’s rating:

Honestly, that’s the best way we can describe it in one sentence. It really is a monster. First of all, this is a whole setup, not just a coffee maker. It comes with a pour-over option which is mess-free and convenient, 3-warmer, is right-stepped and made out of stainless steel. It’s also 17” deep, 16 ¼” wide and is now the new most expensive coffee maker featured on this least, at $519. Though for general coffee brewers this may seem rather exorbitant, zealous coffee lovers will consider it a great addition to their lifestyle.

The front-mounted water faucet allows for utmost efficiency and uninterrupted brewing cycles, whilst it also ensures to make maximum use of the best electrical components which in turn means that it has the lowest service cost around. If you’re a rookie at brewing coffee don’t worry. They’ve included a Ready-to-Brew feature which takes all of the guesswork out of brewing and shows you the proper water temperature accordingly. The parts are also made in such a way that they’re easy to service and clean as well.

Mpow French Press Double Wall Stainless Steel Press Coffee Maker


Product Info
  • 【Solid and Durable French Press】Bothered by fragile glass French press? This tough stainless steel French press will...
  • 【Reliable Food Grade Stainless Steel】KICH French Press is made of high quality 18/10 shatter-proof & rusty-proof...
  • 【Vacuum Insulated Double-Wall Construction】The double-wall construction is 33% thicker and 20% heavier. It ensures...
Why we like it: It also makes tea, is super cheap, and comes with a host of handy gadgets

Editor’s rating:

This one comes in a sleek silver, and it is actually also quite streamlined which means that you can pretty much prop this up anywhere you please without it being a hindrance. That said, tea lovers can also rejoice because this one handles both types of beverages. The 3-layered filter system and fine-mesh filter allow you to pour a refreshing brew every single time. The mesh filter helps trap the finest coffee grounds, so you can enjoy a flavorful cuppa.

If you’re pondering about all the cleaning and are feeling a little discouraged, well we’ve got good news. Any and all filters can be disassembled for cleaning, plus its dishwasher-safe. Its reliable double-wall construction also helps keep your beverage hot for a long time, so even if you’ve missed out on your coffee before heading out of the house, you needn’t worry about heating it up all over again. Avoid corrosion and rust thanks to the superior stainless steel used as well.


AmoVee French Press Coffee Maker


Product Info
  • ☕What French Press Gives You? - AmoVee Glass French Press is an evolution of the classic french press, perfectly...
  • ☕How Top the Quality Is? - 3 parts of 304 grade stainless steel plunger, heat resistant 2.0mm extra thick borosilicate...
  • ☕Why So Special? - AmoVee french press maker comes with comfortable handle and knob making it safe to pour. Crafted...
Why we like it: Comes in 2 varieties, includes a bonus screen and is quite affordable

Editor’s rating:

Many of us can’t really afford to buy sprawling espresso machines while the rest of us don’t really see the point especially since they do take up some room. And then there’s a percentage of us who’re wondering how they can brew their cuppa Joe with minimal hassle on the regular. We’re convinced it was one such person who came up with the concept of coffee makers in the first place. On that note, allow us to introduce the AmoVee French press coffee maker. Not only does it look rather chic and stately, it also comes with extra accessories like a screen.

The exterior mirror finish is what’s particularly eye-catching, whilst the inside features a brushed finish and double-layer mesh, the latter of which is essential to a clear, fresh cup of coffee. All you need to do is add your coffee grounds and press. Or if you’re brewing tea, then tea leaves of course. The parts are also, of course, all removable and dishwashable, which makes life that much easier as well. Though this one has a capacity of 350ml if you want something bigger you can opt for their 1000ml one.

Stainless Steel Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker by Hamilton Beach


No products found.

Why we like it: Affordable, reputed household name

Editor’s rating:

Hamilton Beach is no stranger in the world of electronics and appliances, and their coffee maker featured here is another of their many contraptions. As a name that’s known and trusted amongst households all over the world, you do have some degree of assurance, however, we all know better as 21st-century consumers, so let’s really dig into it. For starters, it only costs around $50, which is easy on your wallet. Secondly, you can brew your own ground coffee simply with a single-serve scoop filter that’s included.

You can also look forward to brewing around 14oz of coffee into a travel mug or your coffee mug, as they’ve made it in such a way that you can really personalize the experience. Plus, their durable stainless steel construction ensures longevity for more use. The built-in stand (which flips accordingly) is a particularly nice touch, but what’s especially impressive at least to us, is the fact that its single-scoop facility allows it to brew an 8oz cup within 90 seconds. That’s super fast!

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