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Cocktail shakers offer a cheap and easy solution to making your favorite cocktails even at home. They are commonly used in bars, to make popular cocktails such as Long Island Ice Tea, AK-47 and various other cocktails you would commonly find at a bar. They specialize in being able to allow you to mix your drinks with ease, as all you have to do is to give it a good shake once all the drinks are added to the shaker. Cocktail shakers usually come in a stainless-steel form, however, there are various other materials used as well, with the steel models being the most durable of them. They are usually cheap to purchase as they cost less than $100 and can even cost as low as $20. We’ve put together a list of some of the best cocktail shakers out there in helping you getting the best one.

NEX Whiskey Decanter Set


Product Info
  • 【World Globe Design】The NEX Whiskey Decanter is made with a world globe design. The diameter of the globe decanter...
  • 【Crafted Glass Sailing Ship】Integrated with place in the middle of the globe is a crafted glass sailing ship. The...
  • 【Fiberboard Stand】 Holding up the NEX Whiskey Decanter is a fiberboard stand that provides stability and durability...

If you’re not a cocktail person but still want to impress guests with elegant, delicious drinks, this eye-grabbing whiskey decanter will surely come in handy. Posh and impressive, the set comes with the decanter, able to hold 1000ml of liquor, but also includes some fun bonus accessories –an ice tong, a fiberboard stand, four whiskey stones, two etched globe glasses, one easy pour funnel, and one glass stopper. The decanter’s design boasts an etched world globe look along with an integrated ship in the middle. The glass sailing ship will slowly ship up as the liquor within is being finished. Besides its glam appearance, the decanter is stable, durable, and built to keep the liquor fresh and the aroma intact. More than functional, the NEX whiskey decanter is exquisite, making for a great conversational piece and enabling you to impress guests and keep the compliments coming.


Barware Styles Martini and Cocktail Shaker Set


This is another product that we really liked as it comes in the form of a set as well. The set includes a stainless-steel shaker, which will not leave any unpleasant tastes and will not rust over time. The equipment is all safe to be washed in a dishwasher and is approved by the FDA to not have any harmful constituents. The shaker is suitable for using at home or for professional bartender use. The set will include an eBook which contains several recipes which can help you with making some delicious cocktails. The set includes a Martini maker as well, so you won’t have to be limited to just making cocktails when you purchase this. The product has been tested thoroughly and is assured to not have any leaks while shaking or even after. The shaker can be used to hold approximately 24 oz. of liquid so it is large enough to make several drinks at a time.

Stainless Steel Boston Shaker: 2-piece Set


Product Info
  • PROFESSIONAL BARTENDER'S CHOICE: Tough enough for high volume bars and home bars alike, this boston shaker has been...
  • DURABLE: Professional food-grade Stainless Steel 304 and dishwasher safe for home or commercial dishwashers. This...
  • NO DRIPS OR MESSES: Don't take your chances buying shaker tins separately, this set has been selected and tested to...

If you are looking for a more affordable cocktail shaker, then you probably aren’t going to find much cheaper than the Cresimo 24-Ounce Stainless Steel Martini Cocktail Shaker. This cocktail shaker has pretty much the same volume as the other shakers that we featured, as it measured 24 ounces in volume. However, it lacks the design and some of the other items that you get with the other sets that we have featured. The set costs quite less than most others as it only costs around $30 to purchase. Durability wise it does not fall back, as it is made of stainless-steel, which will not rust or leak over time. The shaker has been tested extensively and found to be able to withstand any cracking or dripping. The shaker can be used for a wide variety of drinks as it comes with a jigger as well. Apart from this, you will get a money-back guarantee with the product with a one-year warranty as well.

Shikshook Cocktail Shaker Set


Product Info
  • Martini kit - includes Extra thickness cocktail shaker, double jigger & 2 liquor pourers and E- Book 150 recipes
  • Amazing cocktail shaker - extra thickness stainless steel cocktail shaker with perfect sealing & Built-in Strainer
  • Professional double side measurement jigger - flip for different measurements, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 1.0, 2.0 ounce

This is another cocktail shaker set that we really liked, due to the value for its price. The set costs around $40, which is on par with some of the other shakers we have featured on our list. But the difference lies in the fact that you will get several items along with the shaker when you purchase the set. The cocktail shaker comes in three pieces, so it matches the standards of what you would find in a bar. Apart from this, the set includes a larger 25oz tin which can be used to hold the drinks. The tin has enough volume to typically store up to three drinks. The set includes a large jigger as well, which matches the premium standards. There are two pourers included in the set, something you don’t typically find in most cocktail shaker sets. You get a lot of eBooks as well, which contains hundred different recipes for preparing great cocktails and mocktails.

Mixologist World Premium Cocktail Shaker Set


Product Info
  • PROFESSIONAL BARTENDER KIT - Unique bar accessories kit you need for creating the most delicious cocktail recipes for...
  • HIGH-QUALITY DRINK MIXER SET - One of the best cocktail shaker set on amazon, made from superior stainless steel with a...
  • VERSATILE KIT FOR COCKTAILS - Our professional Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker set is an essential bar tool kit for...

When getting a cocktail shaker, sometimes it might be a lot better to get one that comes in a set, as you will get several other items along with it which can help you with making a good cocktail. The Mixologist World Premium Cocktail Shaker Set is one of the best-selling products on Amazon, as it offers a superior build quality and comes with a set. It is quite affordable to purchase as it typically costs less than $50, but you may be able to get it for slightly cheaper if it goes on sale. The set includes three pieces of stainless steel items. You will get a stainless-steel tin which can hold 700 ml of drinks, which could equivalent to about three servings of drinks. There is a built-in strainer lid on the tin which allows you to remove the seeds from lime and any other residue from the ingredients that you put in. The booklet that comes with the package contains several recipes and serves as a guide to using the shaker.

Innovee Cocktail Shaker


No products found.

This set is quite cheaper compared to most of the other cocktail shaker sets out there. It typically costs less than $40 and includes several other items apart from just the shaker. The shaker is extremely simple and easy to use, allowing you to make all your favorite cocktails with ease. The set includes a free Jigger which can be handy in making several other types of drinks. The shaker has a built-in strainer which can help you remove all unnecessary residue from the drinks that you make. All components in the set offer a superior build quality, as they are all made of high-quality stainless steel. This ensures that you won’t experience any unnecessary leaks or damages to the shaker, such as rusting. The shaker has a volume of 24 oz., which is quite the standard when it comes to cocktail shakers. The set includes a free eBook which contains several recipes to help you make some delicious cocktails.

Cocktail Shaker Set by FC


This cocktail shaker stands out from the rest due to its design. This has been one of the best-selling cocktail shakers on Amazon for quite some time and it is no surprise why. The build quality of the shaker is quite exceptional, as it is made of a high-quality stainless steel which will not crack or leak. There are lines on the sides of the shaker which allows you to grip it easily when using it. Even if you don’t feel the necessity to purchase a shaker, it makes for a great gift as it comes with a gift-wrapped packaging which has an attractive design, even on the packaging. All items in the set are BPA free and they have been approved by the FDA to be safe to use. The shaker has a strainer built into it to allow for smooth drinks without any lemon or lime seeds in them. You will get an eBook as well with the set, which you can use to make delicious cocktails.


Bar Brat Cocktail Shaker


Product Info
  • ★ 24 OZ. COCKTAIL SHAKER MAKES 6 - 10 DRINKS - As a trusted brand with many bar products, Bar Brat provides a...
  • ★ BONUS 2 POUR SPOUTS & CORKSCREW - Made of the strongest stainless steel thus it is very strong. Our premium and...
  • ★ EASY TO CLEAN & RUST FREE - After the party, with this drink shaker set you can simply place both the jigger and...

This 24oz cocktail shaker is yet another shaker which has superior design and builds quality. The shaker itself has a very sleek design and color scheme which makes it stand out from most of the other shakers out there. It is made of stainless steel which will not rust or leak over time. Further, cleaning the shaker is quite simple as you can wash it easily under the sink. The set includes a 24-oz shaker with a built-in strainer, a higher quality 1oz jigger, another 0.5oz jigger and an EBook which contains all the great cocktail recipes which you can prepare using the shaker. All this and the shaker still costs less than $40, which makes it one of the best out there. Bar Brat gives you a money back guarantee with the product as well, so you don’t have to worry if you get a defective or faulty set. There is a seven-piece set as well which you can choose from if you are willing to spend a few extra dollars.


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